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  1. Sorry all. Pick is in though. Busy few days...
  2. Our first year of DTV is almost up, so bill starts to creep up. We got a letter in the mail a few months ago saying Sunday Ticket would eventually be auto-billed and to not worry about it. Yeah, auto-billed at like $350 or some crap by the end of it. So I live chatted with them and cancelled it. Guy didn't fight me about it, but also didn't offer anything at all to maybe keep it. So for now, I'm without it. Thinking I should call and see what they can do... but that bill. It's starting to get unmanageable.
  3. Sorry for being MIA everyone. Thanks for filling in for me, David..
  4. Man, I bow out this year and everything goes to hell in a hand basket, eh? So my question is -- why have such a long clock then? Make it 4 hours... 6 hours...? I get what they are saying that if most everyone took the full 12 hours it would take like 3 months to complete each draft. However, it's not like Clash took his sweet ol' time EVERY SINGLE PICK. It was... twice each year? Oh geez... you guys know me, if I got dinged for that in drafts, you'd NEVER let me draft with you! I'm sure if you looked back at my previous IBL drafts I've used the full, or close to the full 12 hours a few times! #### happens. Real life happens sometimes, sorry! Hell, I can guaran-damn-tee that if we REALLY wanted to, we could dissect every person's draft and find 2, 3, 4+ others that pushed the envelope over the years. Also, they are really going to ding Clash for not picking overnight?! Could they not have just put Clash on double secret probation or something and just moved on instead of creating a high school drama over it?
  5. Sorry, was out golfing all day. Didn't know wtf was going on and if I was up or if the 1.06 was my pick.
  6. Errr did I have Elliott queued up and that's why he was taken at 1.06?
  7. Culmination of things... I say 1 game. Possible 2, but appealed down to 1.
  8. Shoot, I'd be HAPPY with a wall of 9th place ribbons in these leagues! I'm HORRIBLE!
  9. League 2 - IN League 5 - IN Bastards - IN
  10. Any kinda meat. Vegetarians need not apply. Whatcha got?
  11. You sir, just won the internets....
  12. Still haven't touched it since the DLC started coming out. Just haven't had much desire yet. Settlement building was a little fun, but I just couldn't get THAT into it like some of you. Reading the DLC, I can't help but find them overall disappointing. Most seem to just be settlement building content. Not much as far as story is concerned...
  13. An eye injury is my biggest fear, injury-wise.... glad you're ok