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  1. Going to be getting DirecTV in the next few weeks when we move into our new house. Best deals out there?
  2. I likely will need one of the early ones. The late ones are definitely out for me.
  3. I should be able to. Aug. 18-21 is not good for me for drafting, so I will try and avoid those days.
  4. True, but jurors are also expected to not bring into the courtroom any prejudices or preconceived notions. One juror, that old lady (juror #8 or #9 I think) admitted that her reason for acquittal was "pay back" for the Rodney King verdict a few years earlier. And another, after the verdict was read and they were being filed out of the courtroom, throws up the "black power" salute to OJ, and come to find out he's a "former" Black Panther.
  5. Took the kids Friday. Pixar films lately seem to be pretty dark at parts, including this one. But overall it was decent.
  6. Starks win the Battle of the Bastards, with the Vale swooping in at the end to turn the tide. Ramsay is captured and dies gloriously, possibly by Sansa. Greyjoys (Theon and his sister) flee to seek out Daenarys and give her their ships. White Walkers finally make it to the wall and bring it down, thus ending season 6 with them climbing over the crumbled wall and going south to wreak havoc. Just my 2 cents...
  7. I must say I was disappointed with what direction the Arya story went. I really thought she would go through with training and end up back in Westeros, and take Cersei out herself, maybe even The Mountain (last two on her "list"?), while in someone else's face.
  8. Fantastic. Now I just need to find a friend with a Sam's Club membership.
  9. Going to mount it on the living room wall. Will likely have surround sound connected. DirecTV. Looking for decent brands, not cheap-o ones that will break on me within a year.
  10. Hoping the pool will keep eyes out while I search for a reasonably-priced 70+" TV. Price range? Hard to say, as I haven't decided yet whether I want to make the plunge into a 4k TV or not. Not looking to spend $3k+, how's that?
  11. No way a team touches this guy...