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  1. LMAO Despite getting 140 this week, I will be 6-1.
  2. Oh, and let me add... the "appraisal" is what the city says...? Around where I am, city and county appraisals aren't always that accurate. Perhaps consider an appraisal via a lender (if you're using one), and make it pending the appraisal, too?
  3. Any offer should be pending inspection. Never know what will be found! Not to mention... no bathroom in the basement?! Odd. I would find that to be a pain in the ### having to trek my ### upstairs everytime to take a piss.
  4. Reed is having bad concussion issues. No idea how long he will be out, or if he'll even come back!
  5. Where again is the link to see ALL of your weekly matchups?
  6. Unless Rashad Jennings doesn't play at all, I likely will go 0-7. If Jennings gets nothing, I might win one!
  7. I will be out of the loop this weekend, so if someone sees a player of mine like Delanie Walker not playing, can you sub in someone else?
  8. 0-7 last week, 7-0 this week.
  9. Ugh... my screwup cost me. Went 0-7.
  10. Man, why the hell did I bench Bernard and start Garcon!? WTF?
  11. Think I should put Winston or Luck on the block? Two hot QBs. Could use some help in other areas, I'm sure...
  12. S'all good. Luck ended up netting me 7 more points than Jameis. But it's nice to see them both do well. Outside of Luck, however, Baldwin was about my only other decent showing. Even the KC DEF let me down!
  13. Ok that's a pretty compelling reason. So I switched him.................................... hope my gut is wrong!
  14. Hehe tough decision. I love both Luck and Winston's matchups this week. But gut instinct tells me to go with Winston. I can, however, be swayed...........
  15. Very happy with this. Got Garcon in the 13th round, which is a steal in what I think will be a pass-heavy offense. Good depth, but will be hard to decide who to start each week until injuries start taking their toll.