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  1. Hola Bloom, Gotta flex decision- ppr, need 1. Malcolm Brown, Ito Smith, Darwin Thompson, or Justin Jackson? Thank you, sir!
  2. Bloomington! What's up? For a WR3: ppr: Corey Davis, Hilton (matchup), John Brown. Need 1 then for a flex: the 2 wrs left over from above or James White? Also ppr: Baldwin, Goodwin or John Brown? just 1 then just straight production this week, would you say Connor or Burkhead scores more ppr points? thank you, sir!
  3. Tebow better live up to the hype because if we have to replace Orton(and we will) during the season here in Denver - Quinn will not be doing it after this performance.question for you Denver fanswill Tebow be the #3 or #2 once the season startsif he is the #3 he will be the ER QBhe better be the #2, Quinn effin' blows...He has to be the #2 - per the #3 rules he can't come into the game for the Wildcat/Wildhorse stuff most are expecting him to be involved in.
  4. So, politicians follow whatever laws fit their needs? Thats some of the logic I'm getting from this thread....therefore, we (the people) should be able to follow what laws we want......I'm not paying taxes anymore, and I'll just say, "hey the president and all of those jackasses on capitol hill (on the right or left) do what the hell they want, so am I."And good luck funding those illegal activities of "security"(is there a 'tongue in cheek smiley?')
  5. ACLU? Athiests, Communists, Liberals, and Underachievers, correct? I just don't see the good the ACLU does, they try to manipulate whatever they can to get "leftist" judges in the courts, and their definition of liberty is skewed. I understand that no one can make everyone happy, but that group, seriously can only make non-moderate democrats (far left) happy, they're off the graph in my opinion.