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  1. Not at all. But offdee managed to work his way past mockery and if you have a certain question or want the occasional nugget of stylish information this is a great thread.It's slow moving for sure, but I'm a big fan of this thread.
  2. I only wear black socks with dress slacks/suitsMe too, but I hate it. Any solutions or am I stuck?It's definitely not for everyone but if you're known to be a little more eccentric already, you can wear colored socks with dark suits when at a more informal type of event. I wouldn't try to pull it off in a business meeting or interview though.But, for New Year's or a wedding or something of that sort it can work if you're confident and comfortable with it. Awesome. Thanks for this.
  3. I only wear black socks with dress slacks/suitsMe too, but I hate it. Any solutions or am I stuck?
  4. Got it. I've always been considered crazy, which is just a poor version of being eccentric. Colored socks it is. Just make sure it's a different color than my shirt. I just despise the fact socks are almost always supposed to be black. It's so...bland. I like a lot of color.
  5. yes.unless your shirt is the same color as your pants.:lmao:It'll be in style...someday....Then vengeance will be mine!
  6. I like wearing colored socks that match my shirt. My girlfriend has told me she will kill me if I ever do that. Is she justified?
  7. There's nothing wrong with dressing up a bit. I mean, if you're really going to be fashionable, you might as well give off the air of class, money, and style.
  8. Out of all the queer things I've seen in this thread, I was least prepared for this one. This takes me back to the first time I saw a chick with a #####. They've been somewhat popular for a little while in the LA area but now they're starting to gain steam. I hope it dies out but it's not looking likely.
  9. Roman-style sandals seem to be coming into style. Instead of flip-flops or other sandals. The older I get, the more I realize I'm okay not being stylish. Because, frankly, a lot of styles flat out suck.
  10. Are there no women closer that would sleep with the guy? He's a governor and he has to go to Argentina? She'd better be hot...
  11. I'd move those guys for Calvin. You'd still have great wr's...
  12. FWIW, the 5 seasons from 2002-2006, Warner threw 27 TDs and had 47 turnovers (30 INTs, 17 lost fumbles of 43 total fumbles). I just don't recall a lot of discussion referring to him as a savvy vet who took care of the ball. Sure, he's that now. That's somewhat my point.This is a great point. While I believe Culpepper is garbage, he's still worthy of a very late round flier. He's got as much upside as anybody else you can get at his price.
  13. Unless Switz is in your league, you wont get much for Addai. :goodposting:Turner got 2 receptions last night...anybody else think this is a possible sign of things to come? He didn't look amazing catching the ball but he looked as though it's something he's entirely capable of. If this team starts throwing him a few catches per game he should surely be jumping into the top tier of these rankings or darn close to it.