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  1. I want to stress that both the idp podcast & premium idp content had successfully identified this situation. I for one was able to take timely action and did not mind paying up with my FA bucks (20% of my cap). Hats off to the IDP team.
  2. They were said to be looking to trade for him. They took on Brian Waters a couple years ago at 34. They won't offer him the most money, but if he wants a shot at a ring maybe he will take less. Other contenders will want him, but who knows how much he wants and who has money to burn at this stage. They may in fact shell out the most money and tie it to performance based incentives. Bill saved the dap for a reason. Mathis may not be the answer to his rationale, but personally I am inclined to think it does if Mathis is believed to sign a say front loaded two year contract with little dead money lurking into season two.
  3. I will choose to look at glass half-full on this one. Though personally I hoped that they released Amendola, keeping him with this structure is much better than what I had expected. I like PFF metrics on defensive players where Sheard scores well. BTW, so does Mathis. Food for thought.
  4. change your av, plz No idea what av means. Anyway, giving up 5.0 ypc to a Pierce-Forsett is just bad - though I love my IDP points as an owner so far.
  5. As an IDP performer, Shazier is getting better. The YPC is alarming to me though: West: 16 carries with 6.3 ypc Tate: 6 carries with 6.8 ypc Crowell: 5 carries with 6.4 ypc CLE Total: 30 carries with 6.1 ypc If I were in charge, I would either focus on the ILBs to step it up, or adjust the DL gap scheme, or make personnel decisions, etc... whatever works to stuff the run.
  6. Follow up on last week: Both Timmons & Shazier with similar stats yet seemingly different roles at preseason game #3: Shazier had no tackles in run plays whereas 3 of 5 of Timmons came from run games with a negative yard average. {I will rewatch the game to see whose assignments it was to stop the play after Timmons stopped the run short of a TD and Tucker ran it in the next play.} This game looks to me more like a mayo-collins analogy than a willis-bowman one. 1-10-PIT49 (13:55) (No Huddle, Shotgun) L.McCoy left end to PHI 46 for -5 yards (L.Timmons). 1-3-PIT3 (8:43) (Shotgun) M.Tucker up the middle to PIT 1 for 2 yards (L.Timmons). 1-1-PIT1 (1:01) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Tucker up the middle to PIT 1 for no gain (L.Timmons).
  7. I am not critical of Shazier. In general, I do like 3-down guys who can stuff the run up front; and I trust Shazier will get much better.
  8. He needs to work on stopping guys earlier on run plays. He averaged four yards a carry this past game (I think Timmons averaged less than a yard and a half). This being his first game and all, I am not worried. Yet it is one of those things I track when targeting ILBs whose bread and butter is stopping runs: (12:04) 3-E.Manuel scrambles left end pushed ob at PIT 35 for 5 yards (50-R.Shazier). (11:39) 28-C.Spiller right guard to PIT 33 for 2 yards (50-R.Shazier). (:35) (Shotgun) 28-C.Spiller right tackle to BUF 50 for 4 yards (50-R.Shazier). (9:20) 22-F.Jackson up the middle to PIT 46 for 5 yards (50-R.Shazier). (6:58) (Shotgun) 26-A.Dixon right guard to PIT 25 for 4 yards (50-R.Shazier).
  9. I usually like how you ration your thoughts and like reading them. So, I will make an attempt on why I like the pick. Dollars: Unless I am mistaken there is about $7.8 million left on the cap this year, and it will take about $5.2 million to sign them rookies according to I shall just take their word for it and deduct that Pats would have had about $2.5 million to work with at the free agent market if they did not draft a QB. 4 QBs went for more than that cap space, That would have left Gabbert, Freeman, Campbell & Kolb if I am not mistaken. Even if we got one, it would have been a very tight cap situation early in May. Why not 2QBs: Which team on NFL has 2 QBs? Not a single one. If FA not possible, I am for it to add one through the draft. I also share BB's concern on TB going down say in 2015 and the back up QB not to have seasoned. That situation would force an extension for Mallett (not that it would have neccessarily be a bad thing). Why not Bridgewater? I liked the Easley pick similar to many others. Why not trade up in the 2nd round? I also like what they did on day 3, and BB would have had to give up a significant portion of that. Why not wait another round for Garropolo? I have this eerie feeling BB knew what O'Brien was thinking, and so did O'Brien that he would not be there at the end of 3. Why Garropolo and not say Savage? That is where I am struggling, but perhaps BB was not.
  10. After listening to the press conferences BB had, my take is that he has lived through 2008 and learnt that he needs to have a QB that he can rely on if anything happens to TB. He is clear that he does not want a team with a 1-15 record if that happens, and feels good to have won 11 games with Cassel. I guess that is how he rolls, and respect that. He says it is better to be early than late. Thus, at the end of this year he will have a QB who will likely leave, and another QB who, from all I can read about him, feels blessed to be in this spot. Also, his contract will stay cheap for a long time. Perhaps, that is why they have not chased after Hoyer or Cassel, since it might have created some wrinkles in cap management. I will not pass judgement on if he did the right thing, but I think I get it. I also think this kid will stay in that film room on his off-days though he would be slotted as third string.
  11. I am happy about recent developments. Whatever comes next will probably be a calculated move and not desperation.
  12. Is there a chance to sign Wendell with remaining cap (I believe it is around $4m right now)? Also, would it be any good for the team now to try to get Mathis for the 3rd round pick (#93 overall)? I would rather them beefing up OL at this point.
  13. On paper, Vick-Jackson-Decker-Hill looks like a dangerous combo. They can always add a RB cheap, say Blount, if not satisfied with the current picture.
  14. Just read this in PFF: "The other thing to keep in mind is the Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome is notorious for picking up veterans who have been cut, partly because it has no impact on the awarding of compensatory draft picks." If they are right, as they usually are, that should put an end to the compensatory pick debate on the top of the page I believe.