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  1. They were said to be looking to trade for him. They took on Brian Waters a couple years ago at 34. They won't offer him the most money, but if he wants a shot at a ring maybe he will take less. Other contenders will want him, but who knows how much he wants and who has money to burn at this stage. They may in fact shell out the most money and tie it to performance based incentives. Bill saved the dap for a reason. Mathis may not be the answer to his rationale, but personally I am inclined to think it does if Mathis is believed to sign a say front loaded two year contract with little dead money lurking into season two.
  2. I will choose to look at glass half-full on this one. Though personally I hoped that they released Amendola, keeping him with this structure is much better than what I had expected. I like PFF metrics on defensive players where Sheard scores well. BTW, so does Mathis. Food for thought.
  3. I usually like how you ration your thoughts and like reading them. So, I will make an attempt on why I like the pick. Dollars: Unless I am mistaken there is about $7.8 million left on the cap this year, and it will take about $5.2 million to sign them rookies according to I shall just take their word for it and deduct that Pats would have had about $2.5 million to work with at the free agent market if they did not draft a QB. 4 QBs went for more than that cap space, That would have left Gabbert, Freeman, Campbell & Kolb if I am not mistaken. Even if we got one, it would have been a very tight cap situation early in May. Why not 2QBs: Which team on NFL has 2 QBs? Not a single one. If FA not possible, I am for it to add one through the draft. I also share BB's concern on TB going down say in 2015 and the back up QB not to have seasoned. That situation would force an extension for Mallett (not that it would have neccessarily be a bad thing). Why not Bridgewater? I liked the Easley pick similar to many others. Why not trade up in the 2nd round? I also like what they did on day 3, and BB would have had to give up a significant portion of that. Why not wait another round for Garropolo? I have this eerie feeling BB knew what O'Brien was thinking, and so did O'Brien that he would not be there at the end of 3. Why Garropolo and not say Savage? That is where I am struggling, but perhaps BB was not.
  4. After listening to the press conferences BB had, my take is that he has lived through 2008 and learnt that he needs to have a QB that he can rely on if anything happens to TB. He is clear that he does not want a team with a 1-15 record if that happens, and feels good to have won 11 games with Cassel. I guess that is how he rolls, and respect that. He says it is better to be early than late. Thus, at the end of this year he will have a QB who will likely leave, and another QB who, from all I can read about him, feels blessed to be in this spot. Also, his contract will stay cheap for a long time. Perhaps, that is why they have not chased after Hoyer or Cassel, since it might have created some wrinkles in cap management. I will not pass judgement on if he did the right thing, but I think I get it. I also think this kid will stay in that film room on his off-days though he would be slotted as third string.
  5. I am happy about recent developments. Whatever comes next will probably be a calculated move and not desperation.
  6. Is there a chance to sign Wendell with remaining cap (I believe it is around $4m right now)? Also, would it be any good for the team now to try to get Mathis for the 3rd round pick (#93 overall)? I would rather them beefing up OL at this point.
  7. On paper, Vick-Jackson-Decker-Hill looks like a dangerous combo. They can always add a RB cheap, say Blount, if not satisfied with the current picture.
  8. Just read this in PFF: "The other thing to keep in mind is the Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome is notorious for picking up veterans who have been cut, partly because it has no impact on the awarding of compensatory draft picks." If they are right, as they usually are, that should put an end to the compensatory pick debate on the top of the page I believe.
  9. 2013 AFC Championship game: 2nd Quarter Denver: 3 New England: 0 (13:36) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass incomplete short middle to 88-D.Thomas. NE-31-A.Talib was injured during the play. 2012 AFC Championship game: 1st Quarter Baltimore:0 New England: 3 (5:15) (Shotgun) 5-J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to 81-A.Boldin (31-A.Talib). NE-31-A.Talib was injured during the play. I like Talib and have always thought the Patriots struck a golden deal to get and retain him. These two games marred his status for me - and perhaps BB as well.
  10. This thread has apparently moved on from its original topic. The one point I would like to make about GordonGekko's recent post is that he promotes diversity of opinion and mercy for those opinions even if they they prove to be wrong. I will give a personal example. I have read what EBF had to say about rookies through the years. To this day, even with all the injuries, I beg to differ with his love of Jonathan Stewart and Rashard Mendenhall over Darren McFadden. Still, he has come up with some of the best rookie analyses. Have I discounted those analyses? Have I not put them in my mosaic of info to make a decision? The answer is no to both those rhetorical questions. I like what he has to say and how he bases his assessment. I mix it in and with others, watch some tape and make my own conclusions. He usually is not very brief about it either.
  11. I will go out on a limb to say that if Mallett were to be traded, Tim Tebow may be back with the Patriots. I will reitereate my expectation of 600-800 point range on the trade value chart as the asking price for Mallett.
  12. And where has the pursuit of that 1st got them? Mallett is now on the last year of his contract, meaning whoever trades for him now will need to give him a long-term deal. The ship has sailed on any chance of getting a 1st or close to it in value. Please do not get me wrong. I agree with many of the personal statements put forth here both on the pro and on the con side. With that disclaimer, I would like to step away from the world where I think or you think is credit worthy. What I am trying to put forth is historical basis on intent (like beat writer reports from old) and trade values (like trades that have actually taken place). The part where you say the ship sailing from the first round value reads very much a gut feeling on your side and I respect that, although I am sure we would be in agreement that what your gut is telling you may not neccessarily hold true for at least some NFL front offices. I will now step into my personal view here and step away from those things I stated in the initial post. I would very much want the Pats to hold onto Mallett personally. I happen to believe Tom Brady is an outlier, and it would be tough for the Patriots to immediately find a replacement on the day he fails to be on the team for the long run for whatever the reason it happens to be. Without a long-term injury, I feel it is unlikely for a team with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etc. to land a top 10 pick in a year where the class of great franchise quarterbacks is deep. I would rather my Patriots take chances on Mallett who has eaten so much of that humble pie and held on to that clipboard for so long. Now, that is just me. I would be very fine if this last paragraph was argued against and respect those arumentative views since I provided nothing but my gut.
  13. I don't believe in assigning points to draft picks. I think on average you need to find one impact player in the draft per year. I don't care if that player is found in the 1st or 7th. What you believe is close to what I believe, thus I made the effort not to pass judgement on what I believe. On the other hand, there is ample evidence that the front offices use this. Even though, I would personally agree with you, I would put those practices over (y)our beliefs.
  14. I believe that the trade value chart is a good stick measure for NFL trades. (I do not want to pass judgement on its mechanics and what I think about it.) Couple that with the fact that the Patriots have long pursued a 1st round pick for Ryan Mallett, I come to the conclusion that the floor for their asking price is 600 points on that chart. A modest ceiling would be around 800 points which is around pick 21. Vikings hold #40 & #72 which account for 500 points and 230 points respectively. Thus, it would rationally make sense to me if the Vikings kept their 8th pick overall, see if there is a QB of choice there, then decide other options in trading down. If they need to pull the trigger on the pick, then do it. Only after that time, call the Pats around say pick 15 to inquire about Mallett and dangle #40 & #72 - which I believe BB would take.
  15. I am interested in FFPC ADPs.