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  1. You talk about being honest...yet you bring untrue things about my personal life and edit my quote to change the whole meaning? about being a little less obvious with your trolling?
  2. You stated you half listened(only after you tried mocking someone for directly quoting Trump)...after stating it was and impressive speech. The only thing I did was point out your own words Max. Kudos? I couldn't give two craps about kudos. I didn't lie about a thing. Unlike you who went after my personal life and were dead wrong about me. What was I not honest about Max? These are your exact words...after you called it impressive. "I see that you are correct. That's my bad for half-listening to the speech while trying to work."
  3. There is a whole thread where many of us that you call hysterical....give him praise. So, once again, you are wrong in your generalization.
  4. Going personal and being dead wrong about me. All to excuse you praising something...then turning around and admitting you hadn't really seen it or paid attention. Working or not...why first act like you had seen it in the first place?
  5. Which...while a bad claim...isn't the same as being called a racist simply for not voting for her.
  6. Only to say he didn't actually pay attention to much of it. (Seriously...after praising it he admitted he hadn't paid attention to much of it...)
  7. If you are the type of person to buy and wear those are likely the type of person who thinks Trump is innocent and are willing to fund his defense.
  8. Lacy...JHill is next...Eiffert may be soon as well.
  9. In over Ingram and Crowell until further notice...Id rather go with a guy who looks like he may do something than those two.
  10. here is the breakdown on it...there wasn't really much contact if any at all. And all within one yard...allison actually breaks into his route moving out of the way of the player.
  11. Thoughts on this game. Too many damn mistakes...and Capers inability to plan for Atlanta offense. On the mistakes... -Rodgers has to be better. He was not good. No way around it. The int, the fumble...the passes that were nowhere close to a WR. All of this with what was a game plan for short drop quick short passes. That can't happen if you are as talented as Rodgers is. -Capers/coaching has to be better. Randall will get bashed...and he wasn't great...but not nearly as bad as some will say. Why do I say that? He was basically beat while trying to cover Julio one on one. WTF is anyone thinking trying to do that with Randall? -This one out of the team's control. 2 pick penalties that were not picks. Im not going to blame refs for the loss. The Packers lost that with their play. I think the first penalty was a big change in the game though. late in the half...a big gain and its taken away pushing the packers back...and then Rodgers throws the INT. The second cost a TD...but who knows how things would have been played at that point had the game been closer and Atlanta not softened up a bit (and I think they did...which was shocking after their SB performance). McCarren had a good breakdown of those. The league has got to figure out that penalty...I see what looks like actual picks not being called (the Coleman TD seemed just as much of a pick if not more so than Cobbs...where Allison didn't even really make contact)...then these two get called at big big times. -Marty Bennett better get his head out of his ###. -Is it me or do our outside linebackers always jump inside giving up those outside runs? Injuries...starting out with 2 backup tackles was bad, losing Daniels really sucked. As much as Nelson going down hurts...they still have other offensive weapons. Losing Daniels just hurts this D so much. They have to have the beef in the middle either causing havoc or taking up bodies. There was not a consistent bit of pressure again and that exposes the secondary. Bright spots? -Ty Montgomery looks pretty good as an RB. YPC isn't good...but I don't give a crap about that. His cuts and decisions have been good and good out of the backfield. -Cobb...before the injury...again he looked more like his old self. Hoping it is truely a minor thing. -Kevin King...looked pretty good as well. -Clay had some old Clay moments...still not enough. Have got to get healthy...have got to start better.
  12. More of those broad generalizations you hate? BTW. Who has ever been called a racist for not voting for Clinton? This is yet another false claim. and no...people have been called racist here for saying racist things. Its quite simple.
  13. A. That the person has a history with them and has come to that conclusion over time...not because that person disagreed one time aboutvsomethjng? You know...a rational and logical reason rather than making something up to play the victim. B. You called them out and likely violated the terms of service of your account...that is not responding in an appropriate way sir. HTH
  14. Concerned? Not at all...