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  1. Didn’t we know that already? That he wasn’t currently a target?
  2. Trump wants the Hillary card though. He doesn’t really want to push to do anything because once it’s responsible over he can’t play the “but Hillary” card. If she is busted...and he says but Hillary the answer will be yes...she did it to and got busted. If she’s not...then saying Hillary did something but was investigated loses all its strength too. Having her to blame or deflect about is all he really wants.
  3. So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me?
  4. Also...this is the Trump years thread...not the investigation, why wouldn't it be about jokes rather than someone's lack of understanding of what "evidence" is?
  5. Be easy on that crew...they only know what someone tweeted and haven’t actually researched whether anything n the tweet was real before they copied it (this includes the President)
  6. Jayson Stark was on radio talking about her love for baseball. And that any time he was at an Astros game there she and George were on their seats and she already kept score. Would be cool to see if they kept the scoresheets for the Bush library or something.
  7. Care to list who are the MSNBC shills? Im sure you can also link to where they have cited MSNBC often enough to be considered a shill. Im positive someone who has complained multiple times recently about others getting personal wouldn’t be doing that now himself.
  8. spokesperson announced...breaking on the AP app.