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  1. I have a problem with us using or forcing others to use capital punishment especially with little or no due process.
  2. I have a sense of wasnt funny. Silverman wasnt funny. Franken was. Terribel attemots at humor that have been already done about the wall multiple times...not funny.
  3. There is zero humor or irony to what was said.
  4. So, we should institute the death penalty overseas now and run it for these other countries?
  5. Hillary and DWS walking on a beach hand in hand talking? Or Bernie instead of DWS?
  6. Yeah...go figure there may be agencies that require security at both conventions
  7. Yeah...cant be all shrieky...and wear her best pants suit.
  8. Yeah, she is going to have to bring it. Maybe the DNC should have lined up Joni and some dude who came in 2nd on Survivor for the final night leading up to her.
  9. Also what is the obsession with the right and calling everyone "cucks"?
  10. You always seem to think others are melting down. Its an interesting dynamic.
  11. Are you still trying to excuse the behavior of a presidential candidate because Michael Brown was a bully?
  12. I think that is more of a job for Charles.
  13. Apparently and Franken (who most seemed to like...typical crowd thinks he was awful).