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  1. If it was just the first game or 2...sure. and i don't think most were saying he just lost it...but that he had not played all that well last year and to start this year.
  2. And now Morris?
  3. Zeke going to hae to bust a long one to not get vulutred tonight?
  4. Insighful stuff guys.
  5. As i said in the game thread...i agree. Lacy was ripping off nice runs. And it wasnt as if they stopped looking downfield. The Rodgers scrambles were some where they were looking to throw it longer. And one of them of them in a 3rd and 20 hole with the Bulaga hold. Drops by the rookie and Cobb hurt other drives too.
  6. You all have been desperate for quite some time.
  7. RIP Arnie
  8. I acknowledge that he played his worst games by far the last two weeks and should be on the bench when Shields comes back.
  9. He isnt a gutless bum. HTH
  10. No, look atvthe game thread, i explained it showing the actual plays. The only questionable or conservative call was in the last drive when Lacy got carries on first and second down.
  11. QB looked at a ton or receivers today. Adams, Perillo,Rodgers, Davis, Lacy, Starks, Cook, Jordy, Cobb....
  12. I will ask anyone that claims they took the foot off the gas to look at the game, flow and actual plays and try to support that statement.
  13. Just stared that down too.
  14. And there is Eli
  15. Again...I still disagree. 1st drive of the 2nd half...4 straight runs sounds conservative...but they went for 8, 6, 7, and 9 resulting in 2 first downs. Then a Perillo catch...another Lacy attempt for nothing. Then incomplete...then the hold where Rodgers looked down the field trying to go longer and ran (Bulaga held). Then another Rodgers run to get back to FG range on 3rd and 20). Is that conservative? 2nd Drive Lacy for 4...Lacy for 14...Lacy for 2...Rodgers escapes late pressure for no gain. Incomplete on the Cobb crossing route with the ball a little behind him. Was it conservative to keep running Lacy after he rattled those runs off? Seems pretty smart to me. Next drive started out with the Davis drop. They looked down field...and whether is great coverage of Rodgers pulling it down with the lead not wanting to give the ball away...I think he may have been more conservative more so than McCarthy