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  1. A. Sure he could...and watch the deficit explode. B. What savings?
  2. It does...but again from the usual places that will not get that bipartisan support. Those cuts are a far right wing dream of cutting programs of people that need it the most...while the tax cuts are mostly targeted to those at the very top. Between that and the healthcare proposal...its again screw the lower and middle class to give to the upper class.
  3. He can't. It all was intertwined and one can't work without the other. In addition, it also revolved around the need for growth that just wasn't going to happen. He can't cut the programs he wants to...with increases to others he wants...while cutting taxes as well. The plans thus far will explode the deficit even more (and yes...Obama was not good on controlling the budget deficit fact, he was very bad as I have said many times was a huge issue for me with him).
  4. Agree...and before the few start complaining about enjoying our echo chamber...if the people being discussed to be ignored would engage in rational discussion, they wouldn't be ignored. These people are few and far between when it comes to Trump supporters. Even those who have been historically conservative on this board don't really back him. So, what we have left are the trolling types who have never attempted to have a reasonable discussion (this going back to the campaign and primaries). Ive been just as guilty as any as far as engaging those types and getting into the same back and forth crap. Its just not worth it (but at least its been in here lately and not as much in the investigation thread which has been great for information).
  5. Healthcare...his proposal that looks as if it may be ev worse than ACA? Tax cuts that benefit the highest incomes with a budget that adds to the deficit? Trade policy? Free trade is...or at least was...a conservative policy.
  6. You shut your mouth...she's a very bad girl...very bad.
  7. Orrin certainly adds more to topics than
  8. Yay...a new alias ...just what this thread needed.
  9. Over your head huh? Trump released classified info to our enemies (Russia)..also quite possibly talked about our nuclear subs to the Duterte
  10. They told him the check is in the mail...he believed it.