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  1. I am? Link to me doing gate was blatantly false. Thus far the OSU investigation is not and I have not been pushing it.
  2. What half stories and rumors have I done this with. Or are you making an assertion you can’t back up?
  3. 1. Neither I, nor squis have stated he was. Irrelevant. 2. And he has plenty of witnesses saying otherwise. And the investigation is ongoing. You can talk about allegedly and the semantics of child abuse...fine. But your complaints have been pretty hollow presenting it as a unsubstantiated well as even bringing up your own bad taste in jokes.
  4. You called people liars as much as I Falsely accusing? So he has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the investigation? I stated they weren’t comparable actually.
  5. As for the game the other night. KUMEROW!!! How can someone not root for this guy right now? Nice seeing Tramon and Jackson jumping those routes...HaHa and Brice need tackling work and that is particularly concerning for HaHa right now. Gilbert is a beast...and why Fackrell keeps getting the nod over him going back to last year is strange from the outside looking in. TEs got some work done...and all the QBs smartly putting it high for those big guys in mismatches. Is that Philbin working to get those mismatches where McCarthy didn't always play them like that? Davante is damn good...just got to keep him from missing concussion time. We are going to cut some good WR talent...Allison should not be kept due to being a veteran. He doesn't have the upside of Kumerow or St James. While Hundley looks better and more comfortable...its hard to get past last year with him. Will be interesting seeing if they keep 3QBs this year...obviously going to depend on the numbers elsewhere with talent at TE and WR.
  6. Id definitely pay that for Mack.
  7. A. Lying? There is a whole thread about whether telling the story told to you is really lying or not. B. You think telling stereotypical jokes about feathers in the cap, scalping, and other racial stereotypes of native americans isn't racist?
  8. A. You of all people complaining about unsubstantiated lies is interesting on its own. B. Even with the point you make...that is not comparable to the jokes you have been again I ask how is it equivalent?
  9. How is his post equivalent to tasteless/borderline racist jokes?
  10. Guy whom plagiarizes from free republic probably shouldn’t be on any high horse about other sources.
  11. They weren’t and you didn’t show they were fake news. And opinion piece by definition isn’t news...hence, it cannot be defined as fake news.
  12. TEs for GB doing a lot of work in this one.
  13. If the general public was smarter...Trump would have never sniffed the GOP nomination...much less the Oval.