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  1. Biden is anti-american now. I what point is any of this anything more than just complete biased BS to try and get people to react. has not been that "yuge" nor was it the best...probably the worst overall 4 years of leadership (or lack thereof) and that was before his pathetic response to the global pandemic.
  2. Biden's team...not anonymous.
  3. So being impeached once about trying to mess with Biden's kid wasn't enough?
  4. Just requesting the moderator doesn't mention the number of covid deaths. Yeah...lets worry about ear pieces and breaks not wanting actual information to be omitted.
  5. Yet...some are more worried about Biden being on drugs or wearing an ear piece. POTUS wishes to keep his record during a pandemic quiet.
  6. Not really was one post where he showed where you were dead wrong multiple times in predicting Biden wouldn't debate...paired with your latest post speculating they were trying to pull out.
  7. Then better check him for thing is clearly obvious...Biden is in far better physical shape than Trump. Its not even close. The guy can't walk down a ramp, needs to take golf carts everywhere when normal people are walking...
  8. The beef base was 2 cups water and probably 2 spoonfuls of paste. Im not much on measuring . Garlic i finely chopped up 5-6 cloves and it was about half an onion just quartered an onion...half went into salsa the rest in the crock pot. This is how I make shredded roast beef sandwiches for big crowds two with that type of recipe in the crock pot.
  9. Because there is zero reason to believe he is doing anything wrong in the first place. Why would Trump not consent to releasing his tax returns to take away the ammunition against him? Or does it only work for things that Biden is accused first drugs and now this? Id ignore the ridiculous requests from Trump rather than legitimize his behavior. It will drive him mad...
  10. I grew up thinking everyone was Catholic or Lutheran (til I then realized my step mom and then my dad went to a Methodist Church). Didn't really know Baptists existed til I moved to Tennessee as a 15 year old...and was questioned if I believed in Christ after I told someone i was Catholic. Anyway...none of which has much to do with the thread. Just a little sticking point I have when people try and separate Catholic and Christian. Its like...who do people think we are referring to when we do the sign of the cross. Some other Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
  11. Sure it is...because he is making bogus requests that he knows nobody will really submit he can later say...oh, Biden was on something or had and earpiece for help. Its all a freakin circus which is what Trump wants.
  12. Exactly...and his supporters will claim Biden was terrible, lost, looked unfit, mentally not there. The narratives are already written. I hope there are undecideds who won't be swayed by such propaganda.