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  1. That could all be true and it not be liberal though. Anti Trump does not equal liberal. This isn’t saying they don’t skew left as I have already said
  2. Well he did mention the Muslim ban, and his push to limit legal immigration (specifically Mexicans but I’d add pretty much all of South America). I could also add pushing to limit resources to fight domestic terrorism. And to, Obama wasn’t a race baiter and Indint think the party was thatbof black identity politics and would ask you to show your work there with any specific policy or proposal.
  3. Didn’t know they were in Green Bay now. Had alsways gone in Neenah (well and years ago when it was still Frank and Pats in Appleton...and sad when I saw Franks was closing) Thats my second favorite to Butchs in Kimberly which I love. Both in that Wisconsin bar style...super thing, sliver thin mushrooms great Italian sausage. Toppings all the way to the edge. Honorable mention for me to Chef Fresh a take and bake in Menasha. Great ingredients and crust. I’d guess though my true third is a Chicago style favorite was always Giardanos. Sausage Mushroom. The opposite end of the spectrum from those Wisconsin pizzas but man it’s tasty.
  4. sho nuff

    2020: The Race For the White House

    Yes and’s also up to those supporters to not get so whipped into a Bernie frenzy that they get let down and don’t vote against someone like Trump this time.
  5. sho nuff

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    And he is tweeting about this a lot again...something about to drop? I mean it’s totally how an innocent person acts. Dont investigate those supposed illegal acts...just complain about it on Twitter.
  6. sho nuff


    Great song... Sorry, the situation isn’t funny...and yes the world needs real leadership right now.
  7. What I said and what Joe said haven’t been deleted. You claimed he was banned for being correct...but that was not his issue. also if it was who I think it was (same poster from the infamous nazi haircut thread...he was lucky he was even posting at the time).
  8. That isn’t why he was banned or suspended. Maybe you should read it again. Unless you and others want to call Joe a liar.
  9. And as Joe explained it was because at that point thenOP had called it a hoax with nothing to back it up and it was from a poster that had been warned many times over.
  10. They aren’t neutral Tim
  11. Even your study backs up what I’m saying...that it isn’t a huge liberal slant. That it leans left...which is again not what was being argued. In addition where a journalist donated or voted or how they pwersonallh view things isn’t indicative of how their reporting is...HTH
  12. Because he is once again jealous of Obama (and that is without sayin my whether Obama deserved it or not)
  13. Even in that introduction he (amen im sure by Trumps foimg) has to mention building Erocan military. Again as of the military wasn’t built before him. Just downright stupid and also disrespectful towards such an audience.