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  1. Are you ever right about anything? To the rest of, just a beat up team that took more hits tonight. Hope you all can turn it around some. And glad color rush wemt Navy vs White rather than Orange vs Yellow.
  2. Ok...tonight. First off...always good to beat the Bears even being them being depleted. Good... -I will qualify this as the Bears really suck. But all around a better performance from several areas. Play calling, utilizing players, Adams, Montgomery, Cobb (really the last several games), -Adams...sure, the Bears are deplted too and looked to take away Jordy....but Adams has looked pretty good lately and really some of the catches tonight. Nice to see. They need it. -Cobb...again, last few weeks he is back to showing that he is a very good WR out of the slot. -Montgomery...impressed with being able to have the dual role -LBs...lots of talk before the year on the ILBs...Martinez and Ryan have played really well. -CBs...I will give them positive tonight. Sure, terrible QB play on the Bears...but the dbs stepped up and were all over the WRs tonight. It wasn't just bad QB play or pass rush. Gunter was on Alshon well and they contained Meredith (much to my chagrin FF wise). -MM play calling, utilization of players, aggressiveness. Nice job. -Rodgers...accuracy was much better tonight and could have had some more TDs with those Cobb plays if he could have held on or got the foot down. -Health...other than Jackson...did anyone leave hurt? Bad -no real pass rush at times...disappointing though they were dropping a lot to help the secondary out. -WRs from the standpoint of nothing deep still. Jordy was almost invisibile and we just can't get the long ball going. -Should have destroyed that Bears team and put up 30+ -My one criticism of Rodgers was early on holding the ball even on 3 step drops and not feeling the rush.
  3. Just a feeling. I had gone back and forth all night and was basically a coun flip in my mind. Wish i had pulled Meredith instead of Fitz. But that was unexpected
  4. One reporter said Adams claimed after that game that he didn't have a concussion. Of course he may have said that while concussed. Apparently passed the protocol today. Not sure how much time he gets tonight.
  5. And Ian R saying Jackson will. Nobody knows
  6. Confidence level fell greatly. Likely not risking it and flexing Fitz again.
  7. Adams being active is a surprise on the short week. I dont think both wrs active is a big concern.
  8. Green, Grant had a nice 3 year stretch (middle year was not as good with some injuries) 2007, 2008 and 2009 Now...2010, 2011, and 2012 right before Lacy...yeah, it was a mess of Brandon Jackson, Starks, Grant, and Alex Green
  9. Not really. I knew some back would get 10-15 touches with Ty getting 3rd down work, some carries and mostly receptions out of the backfield.
  10. Agreed...maybe a couple of easy carries for Davis to spell Jackson as well to get him into the game.
  11. Id probably stick with Baldwin. Fitz seems very dependent on TDs...Atl did well against them, but Larry at his age is not Julio (QB situation also a bit different).
  12. Just did...wish this had come out earlier today. I would have held on to Knile and dropped Lacy for Gillislee to cover if McCoy is out. Instead I dropped Knile and can't get him back til waivers clear (Says Saturday, but once he plays tonight plus Jackson, Id be in a weird spot to be able to do so). Ended up dropping Lacy for Jackson as a speculative add tonight. Being the Packer fan in this league...perhaps the others will be dumb enough to think I have some inside scoop and won't touch Davis.
  13. As seen elsewhere now...yes, with the move of Lacy to the IR, Jackson promoted and at least according to Ian Rap, he will be in line for the most work tonight.
  14. I have a big feeling about Monty tonight...tempted to flex him over Fitz against seattle...though, Fitz did well agaisnt them last season (OBJr and Cam Meredith starting at WR)