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  1. sho nuff

    2018 Elections Thread back to FFT with you and stop sending me messages...pretty creepy.
  2. sho nuff

    2018 Elections Thread

    Build a firewall.
  3. sho nuff

    2018 Elections Thread

    What was funny about it?
  4. Freedom of the Press and 1st Amendment? Nice title.
  5. sho nuff

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    He isn’t and you know what the point was...yet you keep defending a guy like Assamge. It’s kaughable.
  6. sho nuff

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Well, one is a criminal and the other is not.
  7. Had to come back to yesterday I get an email from my Step Mom...forwarding some things my Uncle (my Dad’s twin and a Vietnam vet) had written for a local memorial and ceremony...detailing how my great grandfather was at the battle of the Argonne Forest. Had to come back to look at those pictures and see that stuff. And know my great grandfather was there. And thankfully survived.
  8. He is the epitome of fake otntil you make it...but insults people while doing it and it’s hard to figure out how so many think that sounds good.
  9. It’s already telling the Trump fans have stayed away...I’m sure they will make excuses for Trumps actions in regard to this as well. And then will complain when the next president has to fix the crap screws up and will call it an apology tour.
  10. sho nuff

    Indefinite Green Bay Packers Thread

    Yeah D has kept them in games like yesterday and against the rams and patriots. They run out of a gas a bit at the end...not unexpected woth the patchwork bunch he is working with. Amd whether it’s Gute now or TT...that we have gotten rid of all of our safeties has been a failure. Hyde, Burnett, and HaHa...that position needs serious attention.
  11. sho nuff

    ***Where's Melania? ***

    No, you explained it fine for any reasonable person to understand. Otuers want to find hypocrisy and double standards where they don’t exist.
  12. sho nuff

    ***Where's Melania? ***

    Yes he sure did...they and these people specifically referring to those who judge her based on looks and Trumo on his money. Its all there in black and white Jon.
  13. sho nuff

    ***Where's Melania? ***

    There was no double standard...he specifically mentioned people that judge Melania by her looks as far as First Lady. Just as Hillary specifically said who she considered the deplorables.