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  1. I think if he let himself do it...I’m they would end up like the fool that kept going after Buzz Aldrin.
  2. And Trump tweeting about it again today. They are scared of what the democrats might ask him...and maybe even more scared of how well he answers the Republicans bogus deflection.
  3. Try with them just once. I responded to their posts. And what topic? What discussion? I tried with McConnell, you gave me one non answer (after accusing me of trolling) and then you disappeared. Id love to have an actual discussion any time. Trump supporters seem reluctant to actually do so.
  4. Yeah you two do nothing but have good solid discussion.
  5. So people don't receive a benefit from insurance?
  6. But you do receive a benefit from healthcare
  7. By you mean not actually discuss anything?
  8. Because he actually does alot of that. Well nit necessarily all the brown and black deported. But a history of very racist statements and a muslim ban
  9. Ordered a couple different magnet mounts. Wifes car has a perfect soot on the console to stick just a circular magnet and then the vent mount won’t block things. Trying a dash mount and a vent mount for mine...the vents seemed not great for it as they move side to side a lot, but found one that has two little stabilizer legs that should keep it straight
  10. Ive had no problem with the directv side...the att wireless side can piss off.
  11. I agree, we definitely should not have our elected officials making things up to further an agenda.
  12. A bit many other policies we have already.
  13. Pre ACA your premiums were rising and services dwindling as well.
  14. Your first group you actually describe socialism. And your characterization of ACA...have any link to back that up as a real description? How does it do what you claim?