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  1. If you are out at this point...not sure how much is protest right now.
  2. I may be based on the totality of what he has said...but the call to dogs got me when i think of the history of civil rights. I think itsan awful image to portray...and said this earlier in the day. As well as anyone who is waiting for action or loving it. And we can add in that he lied about DC cops being involved...Secret Service confirmed DC PD was there too. Ill leave at that because you are always willing to engage without the usual BS.
  3. I did notice so many last night and in the midst of the worst tonight have trended in the young side.
  4. Civil disobedience...peaceful...and those not being peaceful and civil don’t care about curfew.
  5. Did you read the rest of it? And previous tweets? Do you really think the call to vicious dogs was not intentional?
  6. Nobody crossed that fence...his tweet did not mention the fence. Its not assuming the worst...its seeing phrases that he has used that do nothing but fan the flame. Its not all about him...I know this and have not even inferred that. But i disagree with claims that he has simply called for peace. All of his words show a different story
  7. Enough...ignore me of you wish, but enough of the personal crap please.
  8. My crap has been posting about the words that have been said by POTUS. Unlike some, I have not made posts about other people...some of you should try to do the same.
  9. not sure the alternative...but the “when the looting starts the shooting starts” was the first call back to racism...the dogs? Do you think that was not something that would enrage people woth an knowledge of the history of civil rights?
  10. So he didn't talk about vicious dogs? it was not about jumping any can read it in the Trump Tweets thread...he most certainly did bring up that image.
  11. Protesting and jumping the fence are two different things. Do you not see the issue with the image of vicious dogs and the history of civil rights?
  12. Except my post was the truth, and no need for the personal crap...enough of it...its not needed.
  13. The image of attack dogs when talking about what are crowds of black people...that isn't a call for peace...that was historically a call for crap against was clear, it was a terrible choice of words. And he wasn't just talking about hopping fences there.
  14. He called for the use of deadly force...for sicking dogs on people...that isn't a call for peace.
  15. The problem is...over and over...its not just makes a nice scapegoat for those on the right, but we have seen its not just them right now.