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  1. Im not the one spinning...Im the kne saying to accurately discuss what was actually said. Also no hatred or dislike of Trump is blind...its based on his words and actions.
  2. Seem here...seemed like a good man and public servant. RIP
  3. Please don't include me...I have had him on ignore for years and not responded to a thing he has said. Its a completely one sided thing of him trying to get my attention and goes better if people just don't quote his nonsense to me.
  4. Few weeks here with no talk. 5-1 but none of it all that pretty (other than most of the Dallas game). Injuries piling up... Concerned about Davante...turf toe is a female dog. Guessing as long as they keep finding ways to win, they will keep letting him rest and heal. Sternberger back at practice and eligible I think in 2 weeks to return? They need Savage good as King has looked at times this year, he was burnt bad on those deep balls last week and a few other times. Seriously love the how they interview together and both continue to force pressure on the QB every game. Good leaders and they show up on the field. Rodgers has not lost anything with that arm. He was putting some pretty balls out there Monday night. The RB rotation maybe frustrating in fantasy...but its working in reality. Both are bringing something to the table and complimenting each other. When one has been down, the other steps up. Really nice to see. Good for Crosby getting a Lambeau Leap. Hearing him talk about that and how this offseason was...this seems like a farewell season to the guy who has done a lot for this team. Even when other teams may have given up on him...and then he came back better. Hats off to him. A great Packer. Wondering if Gute will be active around the trade deadline. I think the secondary could use more help...really disappointed in what Josh Jackson has been. I said in a game thread I think they would love to have Tramon in more of a hybrid role...but Jackson not able to get and stay on the field with his play has forced him in to playing more traditional CB and slot role. its worked out ok but I think he is a step slower than he should be there. Getting by on veteran moves thus far. The Davante and now Allison they make more of a move at WR than Ryan Grant?
  5. You should probably accurately state what people said in that thread. Just about every answer was because they believed any recession would be temporary and the permanent things Trump was doing would be worse for the country.
  6. Sternberger practicing now and eligible to return in 2 weeks...Jimmy looking slow and dropping balls.
  7. And his actions with these generals and how he goes against what they advise and they leave or are all part of his disrespect.
  8. I was involved in a conversation....the poster posted that while talking to several people. Its on a public message board where I and others post. How is it not all of our business when it gets posted publicly like that? Now...this post of yours is just at me...not about what I said...but me...and is an example of something you should stay out of. Run along now little alias.
  9. No...a known conflict of interest is if his father was doing things to influence the company. Bidens son or the Trump's just having business over seas is a potential conflict and why they should be avoided. Nobody will argue that.
  10. This is then ridiculous stuff...people disagree with you, clearly state why...and you throw this crap out there over and over again.
  11. Actually its a possible conflict of interest not an actual known one.
  12. point is, what pressure not to investigate a company (that was investigated and no wrongdoing found) was there? Was Joe Biden in charge of decisions that affected this company?
  13. Has any wrongdoing been found about the company? Or Biden working for them?