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  1. What is left wing about mocking Trump's flaws? You tell us its a Trump thread, but we shouldn't post about things Trump says? Yeah, thats some poor argument you are making.
  2. You mean like you all hanging on to people's posts in here so you can go ballistic with faux outrage?
  3. Really...his tweet is someone was killed...hey, these people will vote for me. WTabsoluteF
  4. Well, to be fair, the first man isn't some prude either.
  5. -4 even on Rasmussen. Yeah, not so much.
  6. Obviously no more wife or mom stuff
  7. No...those of us who think trump sucks are dead on accurate about that.
  8. Ive got to wait til i crack one open...Friday night soccer practice sucks.
  9. That makes you pretty rare among the Trump guys in here.
  10. I didt claim you wemt after family. I claimed you all complain about trolling and attacks...yet do it all the time yourselves. That none of us has any high ground here He made a joke...and again its laughable amd sad that you all want to hold message posters to a higher standard than the guy you want to be President.
  11. Since when have they not been? You all need your safe space again some the meanies wont make mom jokes?
  12. Nobody has high ground is the point. And your only comeback was to basically say the same thing i said to you. How creative. Buh bye now.
  13. Says the guy who just likes to go after snarky posters and trolling and being snarky to everyone for years. You have zero high ground here...neither does HT or MOP or any other.
  14. Oh bull. Moms, legal sisters and wives have never been out of bounds. You all seem like you want message board posters to somehow act better than the idiot candidate you support.