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  1. Agreed...both are on my wire. I have Gallman...right now my add is for Darkwa, then Lewis to drop Gallman.
  2. A. I know quite a few cops who get a kick out of the pig thing. Donut jokes too. Hard to believe...but some cops don't have sticks up their.... B. He didn't refer to the entire armed forces as a propaganda machine. He referred to the DOD paying the NFL for patriotic displays as the propaganda machine. Its really not a difficult concept. It has been explained to you...yet you repeat it. Hence another poster saying you have trouble with reading comprehension.
  3. May take a flyer on him if I miss out on Marquise Lee (may even rank him over Lee on upside). Looks like I may have Hill this week...which makes me less desperate. Next week there is more desperation with Jordy on a bye.
  4. Sorry...that is a piss poor attitude. He should do better...being that he is the president. its not up to us to lower the bar to make him feel better.
  5. What he was trying to say is people were not giving him credit for doing what all presidents do. Why should we pay attention to that point? Do we need to praise him for every thing he does that is simply expected of the office?
  6. It’s a fact the department of defense has spent big money on this. He wasn’t badmouthing the military.
  7. What does this have to do with his post? Other than trying to take a shot at him?
  8. War in the Middle East has been going on for many years. Obama inherited it too...I suspect you didn’t feel the same for him. Iran deal that has been agreed upon by a near consensus of nuclear experts (that’s not a mess...he has made it a mess) 8 years of unchecked global warming? Yeah, hard to take you seriously when you say something to ridiculous. Your post is basically a big talking point full of falsehoods and excuses. Have fun
  9. Exactly what mess did he inherit?
  10. So you’re telling me there’s a chance?
  11. Its a moment of silence...kneeling for it is not disrespectful.
  12. I like Fitz for a week if Winston is out...guy will chuck the ball around and has the weapons. McCown after that. Hundley is a wait and see...I don't think it will be nearly as bad as this past week from him. (at least I sure hope not)
  13. Not quite...if you defend Trump and complain about people who criticize are labeled a Trumper...and rightfully so. If you say racist things or support racist are labeled a racist. If you are labeled a troll. It is not a very difficult concept.
  14. Wait...kneeling during a moment of silence is now bad?
  15. Yes...Marquise Lee is out there...and Cooper Kupp...then its crap. And even they are hit or miss. Hoping I get Lee (lost Sanders yesterday and Hill dinged on the short Nelson now without Rodgers...I need WR bad)