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  1. Allen falling that far is nuts. Nice pick for AZ...kept hoping the talk of him rising so far was just that and he could fall. The versatility he would give with Matthews...never know which of them might go inside or come with pressure from the outside would have been fun to watch.
  2. As a Packers seeing these WRs and RBs going.
  3. Exactly...keep taking WRs and RBs.
  4. Was coming to post something similar...wants vs don't wants. Want... Any number of the OLB guys. Watt, Reddick...etc. Id be happy with 3 or 4 different guys that may be ther. Similar with corners. And fine with a drop back into the top of round 2. Dont want agree on Peppers and several of the RBs...that one mock with Kamara from TN was a huge no from me. Also don't want any OL really at that spot right now.
  5. Holy crap...every tweet just Democrats Democrats Democrats!!! FFS...someone just shut down the wifi and data access to him.
  6. I'd hate that pick. Especially if that's a first rounder. Cant see Ted doing that.
  7. Fun game and going to be one hell of a series. Need to be Jarnkrok and Smith back to help offset losing Fiala.
  8. Lions Saints and Packers basically just switched guards.
  9. He wants this president to do it. certainly would have cried bloody murder if the last guy did it.
  10. Fiala down...didn't look good on that leg. also interesting that Fiala first tried to autocorrect to goals.