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  1. And his supporters cheer for this kind of thing.
  2. Exactly
  3. Their pay does...technically. Though, like in 2013, congress would likely pass a waiver to continue their pay through any shutdown.
  4. Amd there are more stories that this guy has been working in getting legal status for years. Paid his criminal record...had he not been working towards legal status for years and paying taxes...he likely wouldn’t be deported as they wouldn’t know about him. This doesn’t help legal only encourages those here illegally to not seek legal status. Guy came when he was 10 and we are sending him back to a place he doesn’t even know. Pure stupidity.
  5. Every damn one of them deserves...well...bad stuff.
  6. Damn...if true (I say that believing it’s very possible and have no reason to doubt him)...then #### Fox and their viewers threatening him. Attempt on his life? Not seeing what happened with that.
  7. Likes like one of those storm troopers in the bike speeder things from Star Wars.
  8. You missed finding a way to blame it on Democrats, Obama, Hillary, the liberal media, and the corrupt FBI/DOJ.
  9. It’s really not. Being against Trump does not make someone a Hillary voter.
  10. Love Patton Oswalt
  11. I’ll ask again...maybe you will stop the schtick long enough to answer. What does this have to do with Hillary?
  12. It’s more than just Durbin. Seriously...go back a few pages...we have been through all of this with another poster already.
  13. Anything more out of this?
  14. Stealthy already tried this schtick.
  15. I do love that he is constantly trying to use the military as a crutch for everything.