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  1. Did you think that every year of these speeches when the Republicans sit down when a president says something that makes the dems stand and clap?
  2. Ummm, he probably should. Rather than consulting with only himself and/or Bannon.
  3. My pants are tight!!!
  4. The left may. Can you name a specific time the left used something like the line about a dead serviceman being happy he got a long ovation (as if being critical of Trump is a sign of a hardcore leftist...)? I can point out to you that others have honored people without such a line. I can tell you that others did also use them for political props and I've never liked that. And if they have used such lines they should never have. It's a line that stuck out and some can't even be critical of even that.
  5. He pandered and exploited her. There was a nice moment..but come on with that line. That you all can't even criticize that is very telling.
  6. The line about a dead Seal being happy he got a long ovation is what I was talking about. I don't give a rats ### about squis
  7. So can't even say that. Thanks
  8. That WAS diverse for much of Kentucky.
  9. Can you admit that line was pathetic?
  10. I hope he can. But I'm not going to sit and claim how great this is ful of the same stuff from the campaign that he has shown this far he will struggle with.
  11. Who said I'm against it? I'd lov for it all to happen. But I understand that reality is different than believing in all these campaign promises.
  12. Sorry that you love empty campaign speeches and think their great. Ignore me an others of you don't like opposing opinions.
  13. You think he can accomplish all this...fix everything and lower costs? Ok...Ive seen promises from all of them. Ive seen him promise a lot and have zero to back those promises up. It's basically his same campaign rhetoric with no real plan. He admitted health care was complex just the other day..,but went right back to the basic promises again.
  14. That which says he is killjng it and how can you not like this message and so on.