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  1. Because they have explicitly stated that it wont necessarily lead to global cooling. You are making conclusions yourself that NASA isn't making and you are ignoring their actual conclusions.
  2. Nobody is quoting cnn...and calling them communist is laughable too. used a terrible source who opined things that NASA didn't actually say
  3. Id love to know what was funny about this post. Was it the administration lying? Was it the administration lying and laughing off the injury to our service members? Was it injuries to service members? Just a bit perplexed about what a poster found funny about this lost?
  4. You both just claiming those officials are the dems and all Trump hating. You literally made things up not in that report. All in order to not actually understand the issues involved with Barr.
  5. Those former DOJ officials are “the Dems”?
  6. If he posted things that were contrary to the report (and he did) he was, by definition, misrepresenting the report. His interpretation was heavily biased, at best. So back to what started this line of conversation...saying his press conference was brilliant or that others framing of the Mueller report was propaganda is not a logical point. It is that which I disagreed with based in the clearly biased (and that is best case scenario) misrepresentation of the facts of Mueller's report.
  7. Its not about a win...I cite sources (not all opinion pieces) that rate well as far as factual presentation and sourcing. You have provided absolutely nothing at all...just a claim that what I said “simply is not true”.
  8. If there are differences between his summary and the could he not have misrepresented it?
  9. True...claiming people are hating this country because we believe in the rule of law and not being lied to about imminent attacks. Especially from this who complained so much about the government claims that Benghazi was about a video. In fact...several stated they were glad this administration was being honest and truthful (until now we know they weren’t). Those same people who were happy the admin was being honest are silent about that part now.
  10. His report and testimony refuted some of Barrs summary. Yes.
  11. The attormey general isn’t trustworthy to be discussing his own summaries. Also...according the media bias, all three of my sources were not biased. And you brought zero sources or links. As usual
  12. Which do you believe to be a biased source? And you have provided zero backup to you mimicking claim of what wasn't true.
  13. Barr making claims is supposed to be reliable?