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  1. Yeah and Tenn and Cleve are on a bye, just like I said.
  2. Week 13 is a bye week this year....dont forget that.
  3. I have one opening in a 12 team redraft. This league has been around since the late 90's. The league is made up of mostly Air Force guys. We do a "mostly" live, in-person draft in Las Vegas (technically Henderson.) This year the draft is 90% live and in person. We have the draft at my house most years. Being that a lot of the guys are still active duty in the military, we have all moved here and there but we try to have the league all together for drafts. We are looking for someone local that is interested in a fun league and can participate in person at the draft. Draft is Saturday, Aug 27th at 6:00 PM. REDRAFT- 12 team PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex, K, D $50 to play MFL league. Mostly standard scoring, nothing strange. Snake draft. This team has the 12th pick in the draft. If interested send me a PM here and I will get you the full details.
  4. I havent heard the trade back for a WR yet. That is new. Trading back in for a QB is all over twitter.
  5. He was "hearing" from who? Watching ESPN and NFL network like everyone else or is he actually in the Cowboys war room?
  6. Both networks reporting the Cowboys are talking about trading into the late first from 2.04
  7. What is Lat Murray worth in a dynasty, 12 team PPR. It seems like I cant give this guy away. I decided to start a rebuild this year, although my team is basically the Detroit Lions, rebuilding for the last decade.
  8. I really like Ramsey but I dont know if he is any type of "missing piece" for this team. The lack of a pass rush makes the CB and Safeties look worse than they really are. I like the combo of guys we have. I would love to see a better pass rush. There doesnt seem to be a dominant pass rusher in this draft. I really, really don't like Bosa. This guy seems like he has bust written all over him. My theory on having a top 5 pick is he better be a guy that keeps you from drafting there again next season. Does Bosa do that? Doubtful. Is it Ramsey? Maybe. The secondary wasnt the problem in 2014, the pass rush was. Is it Elliot? possibly but the running game wasnt the problem and the guys there are more than capable with McFadden/Morris/Dunbar. There doesn't seem to be a top 5 player that this team needs in this draft. Not getting a QB. Not getting an elite pass rusher. Trading back and grabbing a pass rusher makes perfect sense to me. Extra picks, especially if there is a 2nd rounder in the offer, is a great move. Deforest Buckner later would be ideal to me. I am still so pissed about Gregory/DLaw. I haven't been this angry with this team since trading two 1sts for Joey Galloway.
  9. Guys for real. A Peterson is NOT coming to Dallas. There just isnt a way to fit him under the salary cap. Do some research. Read some articles. Peterson isnt taking anywhere near what the Cowboys can afford.
  10. I dont see the Cowboys bringing in one of these retread RB. I just dont. There are already two on the roster and I think they are eyeing a rookie in the draft. I may be wrong but that is the way I see it. This team needs defensive help. Romo/Dez and the O-line will make a lot of RB look really good.
  11. Trying to emulate the pats often sounds better than it works What I meant by that was when was the last time you saw the Pats buy big on a RB? They never do. They keep winning.
  12. How is it dead money, though? There are always a few quality guys to pick up post-6/1. Read your own article. If they cut him he is not playing on the team anymore. They get charged $7.4 million in 2016 for a player who isnt on the team. That is "dead money." He's getting that 7.4 either way, right? So the question is, can we help the How is it dead money, though? There are always a few quality guys to pick up post-6/1. Read your own article. If they cut him he is not playing on the team anymore. They get charged $7.4 million in 2016 for a player who isnt on the team. That is "dead money." It's dead money either way, then. You either pay him 19M to play one season (12+7.4), 24M to play two (12+12). Or cut him and pay 10.4M (4+7.4). Let me know if I'm missing something. I'm not a big cap guy. Oh me neither. This whole cap thing is mind boggling. Just basically repeating how it was explained to me. I am just saying I would rather them get him to restructure. I dont think he is awful. I think he is an average CB that can still be a big part of the defense. I think with a good pass rush you will see Carr as an above average CB.
  13. Just from what I have read, the Cowboys were really high on Ryan Williams. Several teams tried to steal him off the practice squad, he turned down many offers to stay with the Cowboys. The Cowboys eventually brought him up to the team and have high hopes for him. If you dont think he is an option, do your homework. This guy had a 1st round grade by a lot of teams and slipped to early 2nd round to the Cardinals. He is a solid guy who just had some injuries early. Randle/Williams/Dunbar would be a decent three headed monster with no real pressure on any of the three. Look at the Pats. That is what we are looking at. Wont be great for fantasy football but will be great for the cap and for the actual team.
  14. Im telling you right now, Dallas is not going to make any big splashes in free agency. If you are sitting around waiting for that then you will be really disappointed. They dont have the cap room for it. They are being smart and building through the draft and cultivating their own players. Not overspending on free agents like the Redskins always have....and Jerry used to do.