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  1. A high school classmate posted a meme on Facebook that said: "Epstein himself DID NOT come into federal jurisdiction! His plane did. Port Authority boarded his plane and arrested him. Epstein never touched foot on US soil before the arrest. Epstein's plan has the warrant on it! That is why his willing to put it up as collateral for bail along with his 77 mil NY location (also under seizure related to Trump EO). His lawyers are forcing the jurisdiction subject while knowing he won't get bail. The lawyer's filing document for bail is not about getting him bail. They are attempting to put the Judge in a box. The Judge kicked the can down the road because he doesn't want to rule on bail. That is why he reaised the 3 days rule for the defendant and sent it to another Judge to hear later. FOLKS! We have our first Military tribunal about to happen! This case is outside the civil court system!" THIS HAS to be IT! Ready the memes for the Great Awakening!!
  2. Scot McCloughan drafted a developmental QB in Nate Sudfeld for us, but Bruce thinks he knows more than the scouts and cut him right after he fired Scot (and threw him under the bus). He's now the QB2 for PHI. My ideal scenario would be to trade Keenum & 2.15 for Rosen, then use the 1.15 on Ferrell, Sweat, or one of the top CBs. If we stay at 15, with no trade for Rosen, I'd be alright with Haskins, Lock, or Jones (in that order). I think trading up to the top 5, giving up draft capital when we already have so many holes on the roster, would be a big mistake.
  3. If you outlaw grenades, bombs, or rocket launchers then only outlaws will have grenades, bombs, and rocket launchers!!
  4. Which is the opposite of what he was saying right before midterms. He was saying the tax cuts were just part 1, and aimed to help the wealthy & businesses, so he was going to sign another 10% cut for middle class. Obviously just empty promises to try to get votes before the election, but there are interviews of him saying his tax cut was not for the middle class, which could come back to haunt him.
  5. I watched the SD @ San Antonio game and really enjoyed it. I went to school at Alabama, so was hoping to watch the Birmingham Iron game Sunday but couldn't get it in Northern Va. I can say, I thought Logan Woodside (San Antonio QB) was better than anyone currently on the Redskins roster, but that definitely doesn't say much. Some other notable players I noticed through the weekend were Brandon Oliver, Matt Asiata, Gavin Escobar, and Quinton Patton. It feels like there are maybe 2-3 guys on each team that could probably be on an NFL roster if they had the right breaks. I think they said 81% of the players been signed by an NFL team at some point.
  6. I disagree. One is bad judgement/bad taste and one is sexual assault. If he grabbed my gf's breasts as a joke, I'd be pissed. If he grabbed them over a bullet proof vest, I'd know it was a joke and laugh about it. You really don't see the difference?
  7. How much "grabbing" do you think can really occur through a bullet proof vest? Do you think his hands would be on her breasts if she wasn't wearing the bullet proof vest? No one knows for sure, but I find it doubtful.
  8. If Trump wasn't involved in this collusion with the Russians, I'm sure he's surprised to hear this was all going on behind his back and will want to hold these guys fully accountable!!
  9. Man, it's crazy how scared the GOP is of her.
  10. Make sure you stock up on food over the holidays, apparently all stores will be closed the last 5 days of December and the first 5 days of January during the "10 days of darkness". 63,300 arrests will be made and our fake constitution will be replaced by the original: Should be fun, I'm sure THIS is it!!!
  11. I think he knows Snyder and Trump are friends and assumes this is why the Redskins won't sign him. We have Josh Johnson starting this week, who we just picked up about 2 weeks ago. Josh is 0-5 lifetime as a starter, we're his 12th team, and he hasn't thrown a regular season pass since 2011.
  12. I live in the DC area and John Feinstein was on the radio this morning . He brought up a point that I hadn't really thought about, he said Dan Snyder will never sign Kap because he he's good buddies with Trump. Feinstein detests Synder but I don't think he wouldn't have said this if he didn't think it was true. Pretty sad, but not surprising.
  13. I know Republicans are fine with misrepresenting statistics, etc. to make a point but I'm hoping this is a wake up call to GOP congressmen about just how far this administration is willing to go to distort facts for their narrative. Misleading Congress about the evidence we have regarding the murder of a US resident, just so his SA buddies don't look bad, is taking things to a completely different level.
  14. Anytime the House blocks one of Trump's bills, they should say matter of factly "We're just following the precedent set forth by the McConnell Doctrine". (similar to the made up "Biden Rule")