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  1. Numbers.- His 109 receiving yards versus the Rams were the most ever by a Bears rookie in one game. - Langford is one of three Bears running backs to finish a game with at least 100 yards receiving, one receiving touchdown and one rushing touchdown. Can you guess the other two? Dont think too hard: Hall of Famers Walter Payton and Gale Sayers. Thats elite company. - Langfords 83-yard receiving touchdown inside the Edward Jones Dome was the fourth-longest reception by a running back in franchise history ... - Langford also became just the third rookie in NFL history with at least 70 rushing yards, one touchdown run, 100 receiving yards and a touchdown catch in the same game ... But the most important numbers to consider for dynasty purposes going forward are these: - Bargain price: As a fourth-round pick, Langford signed a four-year, $2,823,624 contract that included a signing bonus of $543,624. Langford is set to earn $525,000 next year and count just $660,906 against the Bears salary cap. Forte, by comparison, is taking up $9.2 million worth of salary cap space in 2015, plus grossing a base salary of $7.05 million. Sorry to sidetrack for minimal details, had to look this up though. Ditka had 3 games as a rookie in '61 with over 109 yards. Guessing the stated "facts" were for RBs
  2. Was fun while it lasted. CMike will no doubt be shot out of a cannon by another team soon, his SPARQ score stands strong, and he'll be a must start DFS
  3. This dude will be in my week 16 title game lineup, guaranteed. #Bentley
  4. Michael's rushing has increased in each of his last three games. Dude is warming up
  5. When was McFadden signed? Why would he be so much more adept with the Cowboys passing game than Michael? How long does it take to pick up blitz packages? Is Michael really that stupid (or not able to determine who to block)? Sorry...Not Michael thread. /deletepost
  6. Please give it to McFadden 45 times this least Michael is first in line to replace his broken ### ...I think
  7. Nice 2nd round "hope" at this point. Wasted draft pick, hope he can regain last year's form. If only Gronk had fallen a few more picks...damnit
  8. Too many people trying to tie New England's offense to some sort of traditional reference.
  9. SF is ugly. Can Kaep throw to RBs? We will see
  10. Snap count won't change, NE does what NE wants, regardless
  11. Sadly Abdullah's decline doesn't seem to be as much about opportunity as it does ball security...gonna be a big "what if..." when the season ends. Think David Wilson
  12. Take away Gronk's fluke touchdown and Lewis is leading the Pats in receiving
  13. Belichick knows that Blount will be suspended for pot in a few weeks, gotta run him into the ground. Lewis is playoff gold
  14. Starting with confidence, and plenty of options
  15. He's going full CMike tonight
  16. Randle's leadership will be lauded by JJ today. Last weekend wasn't Christmas for CMIKE owners, more like Hanukkah...just keeps on giving
  17. I'm assuming that Adams will be WR1 in Green Bay...if not, dumping. Stories at this point have him behind Jones at #3 and battling with Montgomery. That's laughable. If Adams doesn't come back as more than a #1 for GB, their offense won't be anything close to what we expect
  18. 99% of this thread is obvious BS, but... Is there anything contrarion about saying Randle sucks, McFadden will get hurt and Michael may be the starting running back for the Cowboys once Dez and Romo are healthy? Not that far fetched. Definitely a non-zero chance
  19. Opinions are like.... Might want to check the author on the Up/Down piece before calling someone out. Also may want to give it a few weeks to play out before making an ### of yourself because, well, this is fantasy football...stranger things have happened
  20. If De'Angelo Williams were to take over for Bell in Pitt, he'd be coveted as the best thing since sliced bread, err...Christine Michael. Similar histories, both have been at the top of the FF world at one point, why treat McFadden different? Just because he's skipped leg day for a few years?
  21. It seems to me like the Patriots game plan coming into the Jets game was going to be pass heavy, it's not the first time they've abandoned the run entirely if they feel they have an advantage in doing so. Hell, much of Brady's short passing game is just an extension of the running game anyhow. Makes sense to just leave Lewis inactive if they had no plans on using him. In regards to today's non-practice, would he be considered "limited" with a sports hernia?