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  1. Grape Ape. Grape Ape.
  2. Any recommendations on Twitter follows or Twitter lists, to assist in tracking this storm?
  3. The Florida thread is over here: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/703235-things-that-only-happen-in-florida/#comment-16452687
  4. Absolutely atrocious run blocking by Seattle offensive line tonight.
  5. They wanted to backdoor Corey. But, at the urging of production (yes, this is true - Natalie let it slip on live feeds), James and Natalie look like they are deciding to pair up with Nicole/Corey. Paul won POV, and the current plan is voting out Victor (regardless of who the replacement nom is).
  6. Oh, sweet irony.
  7. I guess your responses lines up directly with my question/thinking... Did this verdict, even though it seems fairly clear OJ was guilty, actually result in a net positive for society in general?
  8. Random question: Regardless of whether or not you feel OJ was guilty, or whether you believe jurors chose "innocent over guilty" despite the evidence (strictly because of race)... As we, as a society, better off because of the actual overcome, or would we be in a better place now if OJ had been found guilty and the aftermath of that alternative result would have taken place?
  9. The greatest myth on these reality shows, where previous seasons' players return, is that those returning players are somehow experts or have some sort of extreme advantage. It's just not true.
  10. Bellator = Straight Trash What a joke of a decision.
  11. Anyone know the best spot to look for top current deals for laptops under $500? Is there a site i should be checking regularly? Family member has some health issues and wants a laptop that is lightweight, but sturdy, which will allow her to browse/email/streaming video, but also do some photo/website editing. Because she's confined (for now) to recliner, she's planning on setting on lap/legs while using. I'm trying to find her one that best works with all of the above, with a focus on price. Is smaller laptop better option than a 2-in-1? Are there certain features I absolutely need/would want? Any advice would be appreciated, as I know very little about this type thing. Thanks.