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  1. I just learned that a relative that I'm very close with has a highly aggressive cancer. He's declining quickly and doctors have given him one or two weeks. I'm gutted and still trying to process it. Flying out soon to see him for the last time. I'm not sure what state he'll be in or how long I would be able to converse with him, but do I approach it? Is it ok to reminisce and joke about better times; do I focus on how he is doing in the moment; we have always had philosophical discussions, but do I even go near how he is dealing with his own mortality? Besides telling him I love him, what should be my last words when I leave? What can I possibly say to his parents (my uncle and aunt) and children? Emphasis of course being on words that somehow help them, not necessarily what I need. This is really the first time I've been in a situation like this. The previous close people to me that have passed either went suddenly, happened when I was a kid, or had dementia.
  2. Cornell cover of Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Cornell cover of Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Always thought his cover of Billie Jean was brilliant, but somehow hadn't heard the first one till today.
  3. If that catch had been initially been called out of bounds, does it definitely get overturned? He clearly had his two feet in, but I'm wondering if they would say for sure that he had possession of the ball before his shin went out. I think it probably does get overturned, but we've seen some strange reviews.
  4. Plenty of time for GB. Dallas should start thinking timeouts.
  5. Rodgers about to write some of his legacy here, good or bad.