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  1. If that catch had been initially been called out of bounds, does it definitely get overturned? He clearly had his two feet in, but I'm wondering if they would say for sure that he had possession of the ball before his shin went out. I think it probably does get overturned, but we've seen some strange reviews.
  2. If Heath went for the ball, it would be out.
  3. Only question is if they get a TD or FG.
  4. Wow. Dallas still has plenty of time
  5. Packers should stay aggressive.
  6. Plenty of time for GB. Dallas should start thinking timeouts.
  7. Rodgers about to write some of his legacy here, good or bad.
  8. Amazing performance. His vocals and command of the crowd did more justice to Freddie than any of the other performers at the tribute concert. Praying for Time was probably my favorite of his. A sad and darker song, but brilliant.
  9. I've been watching this and am now on season 3 - it's excellent. And it's nice to have a show with each episode having a stand alone plot/characters, and basically amounting to a short movie.