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  1. List of players with a usage rate above 30% and at least 1000 minutes played, who had negative win shares for a season.
  2. End of an era For me, it signifies the ending of a great era of superstars - Duncan, Kobe, Garnett, Nowitzki, Nash, Pierce, Iverson, Allen, McGrady - the last ones drafted before the turn of the century. Though Duncan and arguably Garnett were better players, Kobe was the most visible and the face of the league. Their careers were just taking off when the Jordan/Olajuwon/Ewing/Malone/Barkley era was coming to a close. Both groups were drafted over a relatively small period and centered on the strength of all-time great drafts, 1984 and 1996.
  3. "There is no subject on which more dangerous nonsense is talked and thought than marriage. If the mischief stopped at talking and thinking it would be bad enough; but it goes further, into disastrous anarchical action. Because our marriage law is inhuman and unreasonable to the point of downright abomination, the bolder and more rebellious spirits form illicit unions, defiantly sending cards round to their friends announcing what they have done." - George Bernard Shaw
  4. Kanter knew it was good even before it went in : https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/9447E8CC531315584747275440128_vb0b1f7b31c.mp4?versionId=R7Sv2cwQNaI6L5vqGy0xfWMgIoBcMYHz
  5. Roberson must have missed the many clips of Curry hitting 30 footers. But he probably would have made it anyway. Curry's offense is unreal, better than anyone ever.
  6. In that last scene when Jimmy and Kim were eating pie, Kim had on a University of American Samoa sweatshirt
  7. That Manning exposed himself to her. The statement about there being physical contact was made in 2003.
  8. Was he corroborating her initial claim in 1996, or the latter in 2003?
  9. I would think so. And I don't see why any other team would want him as their starting QB for next season.
  10. The ESPN all-time rankings are up to #16. Curry and Durant being at 23 and 22 is too high, but not surprising given how much they seem to prioritize peak value. But then somehow Stockton gets ranked ahead of David Robinson and Garnett.
  11. Pretty good season, but not great. Steve Murphy was the weakest part of the show, particularly for being one of the main characters. The actor for the part wasn't great, but it might have been because there was little room for character development and the dialogue he was given was at times cringeworthy - I just didn't care for Murphy much at all during his scenes. And I don't have a problem with narration in general, but the lines he was given was cliched and also at times seemed to state the obvious, as if the viewer couldn't follow.
  12. Kurt Thomas might have too, or at least was close.