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  1. Dale?Mens, women's, youth...jerseys,, orange... That orange 3 jersey is clean. I like the gray hat as well. No doubt - already out of S and XL. I like...
  2. Ugh. Kick the QB can on down the road strategy. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up with Williams DT/DE from USC. He's getting compared to the likes of Richard Seymour and pairing him up with Geraldini might be too much for Lovie to resist. Could be a divided war room... Bucs won a SB with a less than studly Brad Johnson. Killer defense still wins games, even the way the game is today.
  3. Make sure you pick up Aaron Hernandez too. Sure, and Walter Payton since all 3 situations are analogous.
  4. I've seen this mentioned a couple of times now about there only being a few weeks a year that the player needs to stay clean and it doesn't seem to be completely true. The preseason testing period is more than a month. According to the Substance Abuse Policy: So it seems like its closer to a 4 month window they could be tested and if you assume they need to not smoke for at least a few weeks prior to April 20th to make sure they are clean, then depending on when they actually get tested they could end up having to go close to 4-5 months without smoking to make sure they don't get busted. I think its still applicable that a player is either a total idiot or has a real drug problem if they can't stay clean for a few months in the preseason, but just wanted to point out that it appears to be more than a 1 month window that they have to be clean for (assuming they aren't tested very early in the window). I had a close friend who played for a couple of NFL teams in the late 90s/early 00's. Back then, at least, you knew WELL in advance of the testing date. We partied hard and he never had an issue passing. He made the comment to me that you have to be really stupid or an addict to fail the yearly testing. Things may be tougher now, but I still know some guys on a few teams and a lot of guys smoke "recreationally" without getting caught.
  5. You have it backwards. If they were the same you couldn't trust the validity of either. Variability is normal. If two different samples return the exact same result, that's one of the biggest indicators of tampering. That seems weird. But ok. That doesn't seem right. There's only one sample of urine taken. It's split into 2 cups and two different tests are applied. If there's a large amount of variability, that would indicate testing error and should not be expected. A small amount of variation, yes, because one test is more accurate than the other. If both hit the same number, its more unlikely due to the difference in accuracy of the tests, but not sure how that would indicate anything, especially if both essentially test "clean".
  6. Sure the 4.52 isn't great, but he was the top performer in 5 other events, including all of the "explosive" categories like jumping, shuttle, and 3 cone. Before being booted to TTech, he was called a Julio Jones clone. His main issue is in his head which manifests off the field as well as his effort level on the field. I think he's the kind of guy who has first round "upside", but is also one more immature decision away from working at McDonalds.
  7. and any player is one hit away from a torn acl. Sure, so you have the same risk as every other player, PLUS the suspension in addition.
  8. He's not regressing more. He is taking what the defense gives on that play. When they stop running the goal line option, then I'll be concerned. But Tolbert getting a few is simple variance. Why do people keep bringing up Vick? Vick was never used the way Newton is at the goal line. The Panthers are going to run the read option at the goal line. Cam will keep about 50% of those, as he always has. Agreed - I think the fact that Tolbert scored 5 TDs in 3 weeks (on 24 carries), is the thing you'd expect to regress, not continue. Are we assuming Tolbert will score 20+ short TDs this year? I'd expect Cam gets 1 or 2 of those back, not loses more. My only concern long term is him getting help. He's clearly a super talent on a team with mid-grade supporting cast and coaching. If that doesn't change, we may never get to see his best. That's actually kind of scary, though. And can we get bert the weiner texter favre somehow enshrined in the nickname hall of fame?
  9. 2 words: Tampa Bay.There's a reason they abstained from the vote on this matter the other day. That reason is the Bucs benefitted from the uncapped year more than probably any other team by spending about 40 million under what the salary floor would have been last year, then being able to carry all of that extra cap space over to this season. Not only was Tampa not punished, they were one of the teams that was REWARDED by receiving additional salary cap space when these penalties were handed down.Goodell, Mara, and co. are speaking poison with two tongues. I'm a Bucs lifer, but I think they gained a similar competitive advantage by not doling out cash that could be used later. This, coupled with the other, "less egregious" offenders, does make the NFL's decision look capricious.
  10. That's effectively what the Redskins did with Haynesworth. They gave him a huge one year deal in 2010, then traded him in the offseason. Where's the "advantage" if you no longer have the player?You're using the ends to justify the means by playing a what if game. What if he was still around and playing at a 15MM pro-bowl caliber level for 3MM a year? That's the competitive disadvantage that was exploited. Salary was dumped from FUTURE years that WOULD HAVE A CBA into the uncapped year. I don't necessarily agree with it, but so many of you are missing the point of what the NFL is saying.You other guys with all the analogies really need to work on some where they actually are similar. A deck on your house? Reggie White? Really?
  11. Coach Rah has made it clear on his radio shows that ball security and hitting the assigned hole are his two main weaknesses - he called him out pretty badly on last weeks' show. He specifically mentioned the reason EG got the goalline looks was because Blount dances instead of hitting the assigned hole and Caddy got the late game carries because of ball security. Both are curable, though.He runs with authority and is amazingly agile for a 250lb guy (see some of his highlight leaps over defenders this year, including this week). His maturity has always been the question mark, and his major game flaws fall into the same category. If he takes well to off-season coaching and puts in the work, I think he could be a solid guy. He's not a ball-catcher and he doesn't seem to have any instincts to get open when in space, so he won't have any added value in PPR league.
  12. Repeat after me: "Wallace is nothing like Nate Washington." "Wallace is nothing like Nate Washington." As someone who hasn't seen much of Wallace, can you explain to me why you believe this?Wallace and Washington's first year in this role look awfully similar from out here in the "I only saw a few Pitt games this year" seats. Both are speedsters who racked up extremely similar numbers on similar numbers of receptions and targets with similarly unsustainable high YPC rates. Washington's first year in this role on Pitt 35rec 624yds 17.8ypc 4td Wallace's first year in this role on Pitt 39rec 756yds 19.4ypc 6td Really?That was Washington's second year in the league vs Wallace as a rookie. Washington ran a 4.5+ while Wallace ran 4.33. Wallace played in the SEC and was drafted in the 3rd round, while Washington played at Tiffin and went undrafted. Maybe they had ALMOST similar stats based on 'first year in that role', but I'd say Wallace's physical abilities, pedigree, and the fact that he did better as a rook than Washington after a year of watching makes them more NOT alike than alike.