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  1. You're right. Pick 29 coming up... 29.14: Seal - Seal (1991) For the playlist: Crazy and Wild NEXT!
  2. 28.27: Lover's Live - Sade (2002) @Ilov80s sniped Diamond Life, but I'm determined to hear this woman sing no matter the cost. For the playlist: The Sweetest Taboo and By Your Side.
  3. My son and some of his friends just got back from Assateague. Said the mosquitoes aren't out yet.
  4. It is Friday night. I am making my 27th round pick, the 14th of the round. I am way out in front of many others, but somehow their picks seem much...cooler. It is 1994. The Smithereens have released their new album A Date With The Smithereens; however, I am in my yuppie phase and the money I usually spend on music is now going towards buying black and tans at the pub across the street from the mortgage company I work for. Out of nostalgia, I buy the album anyway, but give it only a cursory listen. It is 2004. I am living in my new house and feeling nostalgic again. I spy the long-neglected CD sitting on the CD rack I installed on the wall of my new house when I moved in; it was my first DIY project ever. This thought only occurs to me in as I write about my 27th round pick on that Friday night in 2020. Anyway, I am both happy and sad as I listen to this CD, because there are only two songs I really like, Now and Then, and Love is Gone. My pick has been made, but I have no idea who is really up next; just glad I'm not spending another night in that chamber.
  5. For some reason, whenever I'm ITC, I expect what happened to Dr. Manhattan is going to happen to me. 26.27: Son of a Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett (1978) Except for the lack of money, one of my favorite eras was when I was in college and working at a place called the Terrapin Taco House (any U of Md. alums circa 1970-2000 may remember the place). The last few years I worked there, 2 former employees bought the place from the original owner, and one of them was a huge Buffett fan. There was hardly a time when some song or other of his wasn't playing in the background. I never really enjoyed Margaritaville, but I did like some of the songs that didn't get on the radio, including the two for the playlist: Livingston Saturday Night and Cowboy in the Jungle.
  6. That's a fair point, and I will fully support whichever option works best for our volunteers.
  7. One of the mantras of my life is 'if it ain't broke, don't fit it.' Since I don't see this draft as 'broken', I don't see any reason to change course now. Adding the 3ITC was a good on-the-fly adjustment and I think it's still working.
  8. Steiner's log, May 29th, 2020, 0738: As I emerge from "The Chamber" after having spent a 2nd night there, all I can think of is getting to my next pick, but between reading through so many pages and pages of wit and rambling intertwined with each other, I remain right up to the very last second unsure of what choice to make, so once again I reach for an album that wasn't a consideration until about 4 rounds ago... 25.14: The Ocean Blue - The Ocean Blue (1989) The promising young band who couldn't overcome the grunge, making the album a bit of a breath of fresh air in its time. For the playlist: Between Something and Nothing and Drifting, Falling.
  9. 24.27: Nick Heyward - North of a Miracle (1983) Former Haircut 100 frontman cuts the rest of the band and goes it alone. One of the two picks both make quick appearances in the John Hughes film 16 Candles; see if you can remember the scene. On a Sunday and Whistle Down the Wind
  10. 23.14: The Smithereens - Blow Up (1991) I will celebrate their entire catalog even if it takes me 40 rounds. For the playlist: Now and Then and If You Want the Sun to Shine. #1 Fun fact for you: If You Want the Sun to Shine was co-written by Julian Lennon #2 Fun fact for you: The album cover artwork was done by Saul Bass, whose more famous work includes the artwork for the movie posters for 3 Alfred Hitchcock movies--Vertigo, North By Northwest and Psycho, as well as West Side Story.