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  1. 9.2: Jack Tripper-male lead, comedy, '71-90 Despite being up against some heavy hitters, Jack was both current and timeless as he traces his roots back to Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball and even Harpo Marx, while also leaving a legacy that <names removed to avoid spotlighting> carry on to this day.
  2. I don't want to pimp someone else's pick, but I had this one in mind as well. One of the most remembered characters of that era. Congratulations.
  3. Good morning campers. 7.02--One for the Road-finale (Cheers) I remember watching it and thinking they were doing it for themselves as much as for the audience. I believe that puts @timschochet up next.
  4. Sorry we're going right up to the deadline here, bad timing on my part. 5.2: Jean-Luc Picard-Hero