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  1. You want a surprise? Go back to the Michael J. Fox/Sean Penn movie Casualties of War from '89. Yup, he's in it.
  2. He was good as Noah Dietrich in The Aviator, but I voted Cal Naughton, Jr. because that's what always comes to me first whenever I see him, but I think he's criminally underrated overall and hope he gets at least one of the major awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA) for Stan and Ollie.
  3. Or maybe he finally was able to hammer a six-inch spike through a board with his penis and went pro.
  4. I have a feeling that Kaczansky either became one of the Blue Angels or was shot down during Desert Storm, held hostage till the end of the war and never flew again. He's either going to be a politician or working at the Pentagon.
  5. Is Tom Kaczansky even going to be in this one?
  6. I don't know why, but this scene came to me as I read through this thread.
  7. Fair point. However, to me it would have been more timely on the heels of the Edward Snowden/WikiLeaks story when it broke.
  8. I've only seen a few snippets of the one starring John Hurt, felt like it was a hot mess. Don't know anything about any other versions.
  9. Maybe that's why I had a sort of wild idea about M7 with this cast... Since we all know this was a remake of 7 Samurai, I was thinking we could change the setting of the story again, this time to a more modern and urban setting. Have it take place in a section of New York City or Los Angeles that's being taken over by a gang, and Chris a beat cop assigned to that area but due to police budget constraints, he has to appeal to the residents to help him fight the gang. Instead of gunfighters, they're all recluse veterans from various wars; Dern a Viet Nam vet, the rest either from Desert Storm or post 9-11, etc., and the rest of the neighbors are a bunch yuppie/hipsters who don't know anything about fighting and just want to raise their kids in peace. Almost like Gran Torino but with more people.
  10. TBH, Dern's age was an issue for me, but I felt he was a good fit for that character and they could just work around the physical side of the role. The magic of Hollywood and all that.
  11. Casting M7 with the H8 cast: Samuel L. Jackson as Caldera. How great would it be to have a Mexican village being terrorized by a gang led by Samuel L. Jackson? Kurt Russell as Lee. Kurt Russell as a feared gunfighter with a yellow streak a mile long? Yes, please. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Britt. Besides the fact that she could pull it off, it would fit in with our era of women's empowerment. Tim Roth as Vin. I think Roth has the range as an actor to pull this off. Michael Madsen as Bernardo. Without doing or saying anything, Madsen looks like a guy who's down on his luck. Walton Goggins as Chris. I'm not that familiar with Goggins' body of work, but nor do I think Chris is that complex of a character, either. Bruce Dern as Harry Luck. Harry seemed like he was there but was in his own world at the same time. Bruce Dern has always been good at that kind of role. Demian Bichir as Chico. Sort of obvious, but I think could bring a little more gravitas for a more modern audience.
  12. Major Warren -- James Coburn. I mentioned a few pages back that I wasn't very familiar with his body of work, which allowed me to see him in close to the same light as the audience when M7 first came out. To me, he had a subtle sense of menace to him, which to me works great for Major Warren. Obviously, the racial aspect would have to be thrown out but could be replaced by something else. Granted it wouldn't have the same social commentary, but to me that would be an upgrade. John Ruth--Steve McQueen. Kurt Russell brings a level of everyman relatability to his roles, and McQueen, while much 'cooler', did the same thing. Plus, how great would it be to see him smash poor Daisy in the face without apparent provocation? Sheriff Mannix--Robert Vaugh. That's right, Robert Vaughn. Gives him a chance to play the exact opposite of his character from M7, and I think given his other work, he could pull off the self-righteous ##### that was Mannix. Bob--Charles Bronson. Can be 'ethnic' looking enough to pass as Mexican, and given Bob's role in the larger story, would pay off more as the movie progresses. Oswaldo Mobray--Yul Brynner. Don't think I need to explain why he'd be a great hangman. Joe Gage--Brad Dexter. The most archetypical-looking cowboy of the bunch. Gen. Smithers--That leaves Horst Buchholz. Would require a little more tinkering with the character to make him fit, but the 'bravado' he brought to M7 would work for this character as well. When I have time, I'll cast M7 with the H8 cast.