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  1. And as for 'feeling relevant', I'd stop worrying about that and just be comfortable in your own skin. It took me almost 50 years to get to that point but now that I'm there, I feel better about myself AND my station in life, such as it is.
  2. The trick for me has always been anxiety. no matter how 'great' the times were in my past, I always went through them with a sense of wistfulness in knowing they were fleeting moments anyway. Works kind of like how a shock collar works on a dog: I get close enough to recognize it but if I get to close...ZZZZZZAAAAP. Plus, you may as well treasure those memories before old age robs you of them anyway. Closer to your point, though, I'll share an actual 'moment' similar to what you describe. Over this past Summer, I got together with a few guys that I grew up with, including one I haven't seen since shortly after I got married 20+ years ago. Two of them had moved out of town decades ago and even though we're FB friends, that's way different. When we got together, we actually kind of picked up our old rhythms in our conversations, and while much of it was just catching up type of talk, we also did talk about current events with each other. As far as being involved in each other's lives again, that's definitely out of reach now, as we all have our own interests, but it was still great getting together with them and it didn't feel like we didn't know each other anymore. For me, that last point was the most important. Even though we had basically all gone our own ways, the 'chemistry' we had created growing up together was still there, and as long as we have all our marbles, we're probably going to be lucky enough to keep picking up where we left off each time we get together. Who knows, maybe we'll all end up in Florida together for our twilight years.
  3. More likely after the kid from A Christmas Story that got his tongue frozen to the flagpole.
  4. Sargent is going to be our Andy Carroll, isn't he?
  5. I believe they had her use the accent specifically for the "tanks fer nuttin" line so that it becomes a double entendre.
  6. I thought he said 'Bob', which made it funnier to me that he called the guy by name.
  7. TBH it's how it looks. I usually get so engrossed in just feasting my eyes on it that the plot and the scary parts kind of just wash over me. As for other horror movies, I want to pin that on my brother, because he scared the #### out of me when I was about 5 or 6; my parents were out and I was enjoying watching TV in the basement when I heard a tap on the window behind me and my brother was wearing some sort of scary green mask that freaked me out. I didn't know it was him and just ran upstairs and locked myself in my room. Needless to say he had a great laugh at my expense. Over time, I gave movies with shocking/scary moments like Jaws a chance and by now I figure I'm able to handle the shock and maybe even appreciate the work that went into achieving the effect(s).
  8. Only horror movie I like/watch is Kubrick's The Shining...but I skipped last month so I owe it to you guys, so do what you gotta do.
  9. We're also back to full circle regarding Communism being hip to young folks again, same as it was in that era. What strikes me as odd--though I'll say my knowledge of history isn't as strong as others here--is that what was going on ~100 years ago seemed like it was more of an attempt to return to a more innocent and traditional way of life, and this time around it's the 'disenfranchised' that are striving to establish a new morality that's diametrically opposed to what was, simply because it's 'the old way'. I would also say that identity politics is running amok, and tribalism is more 'rampant' than ever, such that everyone looks to magnify the slightest offense to their identity to the point that humor must restrain itself. Take Don Rickles, for example. If someone attempted to break into the business using his shtick, they would never make it.
  10. Can't speak for others, but I didn't find the time in July and things have been at a higher than normal stress level these last few weeks so I'm passing on the tearjerkers this month. Still following and looking forward to the next round if there is one.
  11. I lost track of how many times they pointed out that Paul constantly tweaked the bot to improve it from match to match. Seems like most of them would do that. Already looking forward to next year and letting my inner out again. Also interested in seeing if anyone can go further with ablative armor next year, so that my Star Trek: DS9 can come out too.