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  1. You should have started with this; would have kept me from reading further.
  2. Not saying it wasn't, just remembering that Joffrey also had a crossbow that he had used to torture and kill with, and it's possible that it could have been the same one Tyrion ended up using on Tywin. If so, it would still be ironic, just a different irony than Cersei had in mind if it ends up being used on her.
  3. Qyburn made a comment about Cersei loving irony when he handed it to Bronn, so I would say so, but I also recall Joffrey pointing a crossbow at Sansa and killing Ros with one; maybe it's the same one from all of those scenes, so it could end up being a sort of 'double irony' if she ends up getting killed by it.
  4. Costa would have picked up the ball and shuot from the penalty spot in that smoke. Mueller was high energy and high confidence. I guess being a 4 year college kid helped his game but lowered his profile?
  5. He definitely wasn't playing like Costa, just looking like him.
  6. I hadn't seen him in a while before last night. The beard and wristbands made me think of Costa first.
  7. 2 questions: Is Dom Dwyer still in the picture? When did he start trying to morph into Diego Costa?
  8. You make valid points, but again, without Bran to substantiate her charges, I think he would have weaseled out of it. He just didn't know how to deal with Bran quoting 'Chaos is a ladder' back to him, and that's where his defense failed him. Sansa already had a pretty good case without Bran, but to me, the fact that she brought him into it taints her actions. Without Bran, would Royce Arryn have believed Sansa so easily, given that she had already lied to his face about how Lysa died? He may have gone back to the Vale if it was just one liar's word against another. I still say that without Bran as the 'proof' of her argument, LF's trial would have gone sideways very easily. I think LF would have gone scorched earth and said he killed Lysa because of Sansa, again leaving Royce to choose between two 'liars' at best, or causing a battle right on the spot. Either way, the alliance with the Vale doesn't survive if LF has a chance to defend himself on equal footing.
  9. To be fair, she didn't outwit Littlefinger; she had all-seeing Bran tell her what he was really up to. She gets lots of credit for surviving what he did to her, but she wouldn't have been able to turn the tables on him, as she had no proof of anything other than Bran's account as three-eyed raven.
  10. In part 2 of this arc, George convinces the show producers to give Jerry a walk-on part in his show. Jerry is cast as a the man who hits George's car and in lieu of a financial settlement, he agrees to become George's butler. In the scene in which George tells Mike Stivic about the arrangement, Rob Reiner launches into a tirade about the country's history of slavery and walks off the show, leaving its future in doubt. Jerry and Kramer both angle to replace Reiner on the show, but the part is completely re-written and Mickey Abbott is cast as George's old neighborhood buddy. Part 3 begins with Jerry and Elaine catching up in the coffee shop when a disheveled J. Peterman burst in and tells Elaine that he has sold his company to Amazon, has been celebrating for the last 2 days and asks Elaine to go with him to Fiji. Without missing a beat, she hops up and they run out together, barely missing Kramer coming in, looking unusually well-groomed. Kramer informs Jerry that his mother died and he has to go to Albuquerque to settle her affairs. Meanwhile, on the set of Costanza!, NBC producers are meeting with Mickey, where they ask him to do his lines with an English accent. Cut back to Jerry, leaving the coffee shop. He hails a cab and ends up sharing it with Tina Fey. They talk about their respective appearances on the Tonight Show. Tina asks Jerry if he wants to grab some pie. Jerry ditches the show and the episode ends with the cast and crew of Costanza! standing around, waiting. Part 4 of the arc begins with George's parents arriving on set and a fight breaks out over their exclusion from the show. MIckey's dad has also shown up to with his son good luck, but demands Mickey quit the show when he learns the anti-dentite Jerry Seinfield is on the show. Kramer accidentally scatters his mothers ashes by sneezing when he opens the urn they're kept in while still at the funeral home. Elaine and Peterman marry on the beach in Fiji, but both appear apprehensive after saying their vows. While in his dressing room before shooting the pilot begins, Jerry is watching Entertainment Tonight, where they're doing a piece about Tina Fey announcing a new show called Comedians in Taxis getting pie. Her first guest is Rob Reiner.
  11. The gang all receive applications to join AARP in the mail the same day. George and Kramer join while Jerry and Elaine are in denial about their age and refuse. George and Kramer enjoy all the benefits they can and flaunt them in front of Jerry and Elaine. Finally willing to face their own mortality, they join, but by then George and Kramer are bored with how little it really matters belonging to AARP and let their memberships lapse. The last shot of the episode features the latest issue of AARP Magazine, with Jerry on the cover.