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  1. Weird...The Spread and Wunderdog both show it opened at 3.
  2. Miami down to +2. A few more rlm specials for today: Mississippi St +7.5 Texas +7.5 Stanford +7. Oregon getting 85%. I love the Ducks but...sheesh.
  3. Little rlm there too. 75% on Duke and line dropped off the 3 to 2.5. I'm rolling with Miami.
  4. Congrats I missed these. Every time I tail Ojeleye scores like 30. So you should be good.
  5. 9-1. Jazz cost me a GIANT parlay. Sigh.
  6. @The Ref Last night NBA 1qtr totals went under 5 of 6 games. Blind bet 1 qtr unders for every game tonight where both teams are on 1st game back? Clips only team that played last night. That's pretty degen, no?
  7. Oh and get the chicken and waffles at Yardbird. Friggin life changing.
  8. I am blatant. They don't care. I've had a few waitresses give me looks but I make sure to tip them well enough to keep glasses of ice in front of me thru the day and they are good with it. Last fall we had a rail of liquor and soda bottles lined up on the table in front of us.
  9. I just bring my backpack full of liquor and mixers. I'm a walking cocktail bar.
  10. Venetian All tables/nice office chairs. Just in front of that bar on the right they line up banquet chairs. Honestly, if you want to get seats I'd go somewhere like Westgate or Soutpoint where they will have theaters/ball rooms open at like 6 am and stake out your spot. Games will start at 9 Vegas time. Screens might not be as nice but I think you'd have a much better shot at seats. Also, buy a fifth of whatever liquor you want and whatever mixers you want at CVS or Walgreens and make your own drinks. Tip the waitress/bartenders well and they'll give you glasses of ice without sneering at you. I save hundreds doing this, and if people think that I look like PWT doing this they can eff off - even if I do.
  11. Beautiful book. Unreal screens. Seems like you have to get there butt early if you want seats. We got there at 7 on an NFL Sunday and grabbed the only non-reserved row of nice seats. They do line up some banquet chairs in the back.
  12. City On Fire by Garth Hallberg. Really enjoying this books. 6 or 8 characters whose lives intersect in 1977 New York. Interesting characters, story is good, and the setting and time is fascinating to me. Highly recommend.