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  1. Take Marshall +28' and then watch the number run up to 31 and know you are gonna get bung raped by LamJax? Yeah I got that one.
  2. Tennessee. Ho. Lee. Krap.
  3. Sorry man. Felt good to me.
  4. I have 1 girl and she hasn't fumbled my butt ages.
  5. Have to wait for Sunday for gratification. Kinda like when your number 7 girl with a big white butt wants to come over and fumble your butt but not for 2 days.
  6. With you on Utah, got it at -2.5 at 5D Wed. First start for a young qb on a short week Friday night at Utah...give me the Utes.
  7. Damn didn't know you were so sensitive to some anonymous terrible internet gambler's opinion/encouragement of the other 21 year old super insecure guy.
  8. Me neither. I'm fat and blond. Still go with that haircut.
  9. Do you look like this guy?
  10. It took Manny P 300 words to make his point. It took Em 8.