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  1. If someone gets a link to the first stage landing on the ship please post. CNN never showed it. They were pretty bad overall.
  2. Oh good, Cuomo humping the microphone in defense of the looters.
  3. One of the reasons I don't like her very much at all.
  4. Fox showing looters. CNN interviewing Klobuchar. lol
  5. Not all have agendas. I don't even know what you're asking.
  6. My God. Please don't respond to the firecrackers thrown by the instigators.
  7. There is gonna be an issue at Laffy Park in DC SOON. It's coming.
  8. My wife was like, "Holy crap, Al is drunk." And that is with me slurring ALL MY WORDS.
  9. They are looting the Dollar Tree? What, you want all the spatulas and Fiddle Faddle you can possibly grab?
  10. Huckabee just called him "George Flynn" on Fox. That's not going to play well.
  11. I wish he was leading this. It's a worthy cause. The crime SUCKS. I feel like he was noble enough to keep it from becoming a social-media look-at-me frenzy and call for justice in a healthy way.
  12. "All Cops Are Bad" sign on CNN for a bit a few minutes ago. Sigh.