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  1. I know I've read about it in here, but could you give me a cliff's notes on going about that? What site to use, whether or not I can use a credit card to purchase it, etc?
  2. I thought House of Cards was amazing for about 8 episodes of Season 1. Then it got bad, Season 2 was really, really bad, and Season 3 we were hate-watching. Refuse to go back.
  3. Using the googles makes it sound like getting money out of sportsbook is a real chore (not that I do much other than deposit, but still). Truth?
  4. That's it! Just looked at their menu...Buñuelos de bacalao ("fish balls") were soooo good. We kept asking for more fish balls. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, shot in the dark I know, but: several years ago my wife and I visited DC and ate dinner at a fantastic tapas/Spanish restaurant somewhere down off the Mall area. The food was great and Sangria was amazing. We have friends visiting there now and I wanted to recommend it to them. Any idea where I might be thinking of? Probably idiotic, but hoping to pass it along. Thanks!
  6. Yeah that's the issue. I don't know till football season. And google hasn't been much help.
  7. Any sites you do recommend for player props Goo?
  8. Yep, I am still dealing with it. I realized it's because if you deposit w/ cc, you have to include the last 4 of your SS#. So when they have that they can purchase AND they can call up and eff with your cc info. They tried to get a duplicate card sent to an address on the other side of the country at one point for pete's sake. I'm done with them.
  9. Hit the 3 stacked lines button top right of screen -> account -> ignored users. Type in their user name and wah-lah no more Em.
  10. Does Amazon allow you to do dvds 1 at a time as well as stream or no?