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  1. If they bought it in 08 they should be past any penalty for transferring the Funds in the VA into an IRA. It sounds like the kind of annuity with guarantees to step up in value over time as long as they take lifetime payments at the end, but that is not their only option. That may not be a bad choice for them considering his health and their finances. However the run up in value from 08 to now should have been significant so transferring the account value in full could also be a great option. Either way they are most likely at peak value and these annuities are quite fee heavy so just leaving it there seems like the worst option. Just some quick input but I do agree you should meet with a reputable financial advisor in your area for a thorough plan. If you don't know one ask friends for referrals for ones they trust.
  2. I am hoping to get one of these, mainly so I can loom over clients as they sit way below me in their lame regular chairs on the other side of the desk. "Sign here, mothereffer."
  3. And just listen to that crowd!!!
  4. Five straight nights of college football (not to mention all day Saturday) from Thurs-Mon of Labor Day Weekend. I can already feel my wife seething.
  5. I cancelled as of last night. Called this morning, talked about Big Deal email. Got the $45 credit, free ST Max. Didn't care about movie channels. Wouldn't give me visa gift card unless I upgraded to a dvr (we don't pay for that) and 2 year commit. Liked the 1 year commit so passed. Big thing is my bill is $40/month for one year with free Sunday Ticket and Red Zone. Thanks footballguys!
  6. at any doubt it's a work. C'mon, that isn't completely scripted? Of course it is. It's better than any promo on free tv, but it's totally scripted. C'mon guys.
  7. Maybe Bill, Gladwell, and House should do a podcast where they discuss how to make Bill's podcast more entertaining and fan friendly.
  8. So....Simmons is now completely irrelevant isn't he? Latest pod is a(nother ugh) Gladwell appearance where I'm sure he'll "think differently" about the Olympics (the description is that they try to make the Olympics more fan friendly). One of the last Simmons podcasts I listened to was him telling Joe House that the PGA championship sucks and they should only play it on the west coast and the players should carry their own bags or something. I just turned it off halfway through. I'll probably at least start this Gladwell one I guess. I know I sound like a complainer and I am. Simmons does 3 things well, it seems, when he is on his game: podcasts, long columns, and helped create 30 for 30. Maybe that last one will get some sort of play through HBO. But he doesn't write anymore and hasn't written entertainingly for a long time. He has only had a handful of good podcasts on this new network. Apparently Simmons the wannabe tv star has killed Simmons the entertainer. So yeah I'm complaining. Two years ago at this time, Simmons would be doing 3 podcasts a week, many of which focused on the upcoming NFL season, gambling, Fantasy Football, and funny stories. You know, stuff guys like. Now we're reduced to idiotic think-piece pods on improving things that no one complains about, except maybe tv delays with the Olympics, and 25 podcasts about how evil Roger Goodell is cause he doesn't felate Brady and the Pats like Bill wants everyone to. Sucks.
  9. Season 3 of Rectify is up for people who like excruciatingly slow, brooding family drama. Like my wife and me.
  10. Took a break from Seveneves to read A Time of Torment, the latest Charlie Parker from John Connolly. Another fine addition to one of my favorite series. Now, back to Neal Stephenson's speculative fiction tome.
  11. Also a Duck homer. But have two questions: 1) CAN Hoke get the D up to speed? and 2) Can Prukop be good? Because we saw what it was like without Vernon last year. (And without a coach who had the balls to tell his backup QB to get up under center and run QB sneak 3 times in a row and punt to milk the clock every drive in the 2nd half in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl.)
  12. You serious, Clark?
  13. "Neveah...." (Neh-VAY-uh) "It's 'heaven' spelled backwards."
  14. It's worse than shading imo....it's actually shady. If line is Vikings +2.5, when you choose 6 Point NFL Teaser the line might be +5.5 or +6. It's egregious.