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  1. We did it!! Nice hit for sure. I won all my dfs cash games as well. Nice to be back. When are we going to see Cats?
  2. Won't happen again this year, or anytime soon, but Mahomes now 7-0 ats as a dog. 5 wins straight up I believe.
  3. I do think it means more to Balt. I just can't give more than a fg to Mahomes. Never not covered as a dog.
  4. +3.5 is blissful pre-kick, I'm good. Playing that for 1u too. All the mushes on Countdown just took the Ravens to win. Feeling good about my +3.5 as well.
  5. This was their chat response to me asking if I'd get my money by the 9/30 deadline: Your payout is pending. Regarding time frame, currently there is no accurate response for this question since we are dealing with thousands of requests. However, you can make sure that all our efforts are focused in handling and processing all the customer’s payments as soon as possible. We understand and acknowledge the delay on some of our payment methods, especially BTC, but we will handle the entire requests in timely manner and before September 30th, 2020 as expected by our clientele.
  6. I had to wait for my MLB futures to be graded before I could request the payout. That was Wednesday. Was thinking I might get the "confirmation" phone call this weekend but alas...
  7. Sep 12, 2020 02:01 PM Future NFL Regular Season - NFL Weekly Specials - Will Mitch Trubisky be benched during Reg.Season - Yes -165 Easy peezy.
  8. It's Russ's to lose, but I still feel pretty darned good about Josh Allen at 50-1. Need Russ to run into a rough patch and Josh to NOT.
  9. Kyler Murray rushing yards over 39.5 on that DUMASS app. Better than the market.
  10. I went back and looked. It was when you were looking at the Newport/Lincoln City area. In JANUARY. Eff this year.
  11. My new goal in life is to one day be the future ex-Mr. OH. I hope you're having a great time. Remind me where you went? I feel like I gave you a dive bar rec that I may or may not regret having mentioned.
  12. I put a lot on Rafa and a little on Schwartzman 50-1. If Diego can get that far they'd face each other in the Semis....what could possibly go wrong?