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  1. Crap. You are correct. I am a big Follet fan for his early stuff, Pillars, and WWE. So, should I give Fall of Giants another try? THAT'S what I meant to ask.
  2. So....Tim, I really respect this list. I don't agree with all your picks, but I GET that it's a list of books you enjoy vs books that are "great" which in my opinion would be more dubious. So, @timschochet and @Native, I HATED World Without End. HAAAAAATED it. The whole, "This guy just happened to run into one of Teddy or FDR, and then his BROTHER ran into Churchill, and then, can you believe it!?, his SISTER dated Lindbergh!?" drove me nuts. (That might not have been the sequence, but that's how it felt as I read it.) Was I wrong? Should I give the trilogy another chance? To be frank, I put WWE down about 1/2 way thru and never read any more of the series.
  3. Yeah that moment was pretty eye rolling. Still enjoying it though.
  4. Really has always been the most logical conclusion. Sucks.
  5. Yep this is the worst part of the whole boondoggle.
  6. He drove me nuts as the Niners coach first three years (first offensive play of every game? Delay of game!) but as soon as I knew he was leaving I started missing him. York can choke on a crank. Fool.
  7. Happy Valley season 2 was good. Subtitles needed though.
  8. Help us Cousin Sal. You're our only hope.
  9. Stranger Things I'm intrigued.
  10. Just bustin your balls holmes.
  11. Is that what this is about? User Actions Following FFslickpicks‏@ffslickpicks we 7 nmiq poolm lmoarw