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  1. Chain I know you subscribe to ESPn+. Willing to share the ML parlay for CFB Chris Fallica put in his column with Stanford Steve? He's usually pretty good at those.
  2. I am either the dumbest person here (likely) or you messaged the wrong guy. I just cleaned out my very popular pm's here on fbg. Shoot me a message here please.
  3. If you have a decent bankroll Ultimate X single play is the ish. Triple play is ok but not as cool. Be prepared to lose a bunch quickly, but if/when you win you will win a BUNCH.
  4. WIth you on Houston. SORRY. Let down spot for Cincy, and the new qb and offense for Houston are starting to click a bit.
  5. UVA +2.5 reeks to high heaven. Someone in the desert knows something. I'm taking UVA anyway.
  6. The rest of my team is hot poo though, so congrats, you got this.
  7. Just illustrates how terrible sports talk radio is.
  8. Congrats to all of you Nats fans in here. Crazy win and a big "getting over the hump" moment. I have to say I am rooting against your team though. I have listened to the Sports Junkies on podcast for years. They are unlistenable when celebrating a good team/result. Nothing but homerism and terrible callers. Last year's Caps run was interminable. So I'm genuinely happy for you dudes in here, but sad selfishly.
  9. We land Thursday afternoon about 3:45. So glad I don't have any need to rush to the book to get a bet down on THAT piece of crap game.
  10. Gonna be quite a few of us in Vegas that same weekend of 25-28th. Hopefully we all sprinkle some FBG gambling magic and walk away RICH! (or richer anyway) ETA: Doesn't get much better for a sports bettor that weekend: World Series games 3,4,5; NFL; College Football; NHL; and early NBA. Gonna be a blast.