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  1. I might get Cracker Barrel day before (chicken fried steak, b & g, large Diet Pepsi ) and then Frank's Hot Chicken the next day. P.S. We have a Cracker Barrel coming to my corner of Oregon this winter. I am on a low carb diet. Son of a.....
  2. Hold up....the Colts went to Nashville and ate Chipotle?
  3. No thanks, I mostly meant I was interested from a curiosity standpoint, not so much interested in investing. Sorry to confuse. I would like a pm of your free twitter line killer though if you are willing to share. If not, no biggie.
  4. Not really a Beavs fan but would much prefer Ken. Just be much more interesting.
  5. Meaning these dudes are making you money?
  6. Are you willing to share what that costs you? Why you did it? How it goes? I am not being sarcastic, genuinely interested.
  7. Allen Eastman Jacksonville (-2.5) over Los Angeles Rams I think that Jacksonville is going to build on its win last week at Pittsburgh. The Jaguars are back at home. This is their first home game in four weeks. And I think that they will have a home-field advantage in this one as the fans get behind this team and its winning record. The Rams have to fly all the way across the country for this one. It is not an early start, but the Rams still have to travel one week after losing their big game against Seattle. The Rams are just 1-3 ATS in their last four games and 2-5 ATS in their last seven. Los Angeles is just 3-13 ATS in their last 16 games and 1-7 ATS after a loss. This team is overvalued. I think that the Jaguars are underrated, and they are 4-2 ATS in their last five games, with one of the losses coming in OT. The Jaguars are 4-0 ATS in their last four games against a team that is above .500. Jacksonville will get the job done.
  8. My junior and senior years, I most often had 2 eggs, or oatmeal, or nothing for breakfast at 5:15 am. Then went to Early Bird Weightlifting at 6:30. School started at 7:30. At 11:30 I'd have a pepsi and an ice cream sandwich from the student store. After school, at 2:30, I'd go to football or basketball practice. Couldn't figure out why I was SO tired every evening. And also ravenous. What a dork.
  9. Also, as a native Oregonian and friend of many Beaver alums, I am greatly (read "not") looking forward to Mike Riley's 3rd stint as head coach in Corvallis. Sigh.
  10. I could be way off. I could think ***I*** look way smaller than I do. But I'm pretty sure peak era Wilfork was 380 and listed lower. I mean...Bielema is wearing circus tents each Saturday.