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  1. @swirvenirvin @lumpy19 Eff Fitzgerlad. Especially when swirve has his unders.
  2. You know, uh, one of those manure-spreaders jackknifed on the Santa Ana? God-awful mess. You should see my shoes. Whehh!!
  3. 2 Team Teaser (ties push) T tp 6nfl 6½fb & 5bk Pending7/18/19 9:00pm Canadian Football 690 Calgary Stampeders -5½ * vs Toronto Argonauts Pending7/20/19 4:00pm Canadian Football 694 Montreal Alouettes +11 * vs Edmonton Eskimos
  4. 6 pt tease, Stamps and Als. Getting cute. Hardly ever bites me to get cute.
  5. @ChainsawU, you got more leans for CFL this weekend? Or are you done?
  6. Desean Jackson under 835.5 receiving at 5d. Fading a resurgence with Wentz.
  7. Great point. I'm almost always there in the fall and didn't think about this.
  8. Recovery is never done, it's always ongoing. I'm frankly a bit scared for him of what the ESPN spotlight might do. But I'm also hopeful that he's able to stay strong and "make it" for his and his family's sake. I do enjoy his work as well.
  9. Honestly, I've always been with my buddies and we'll go anywhere. Not sure I'd walk it with my wife, but she's pretty sensitive. We'd probably Uber.
  10. Peppermill's a bit over a mile walk from the Wynn, and it's really cool. Another place that's super casual we have liked is Rockhouse at the Palazzo. Usually have live music at night and it's a very fun atmosphere. Mon Ami is just ok if you're not sitting outside imo. If you haven't been to Yardbird it's a must.
  11. When legitimately corrected, say "Yeah, that's what I said." In a meeting: Me: I was speaking with Karen Miller the other day-- Colleague: Mitchell. Me: What? Colleague: Karen Mitchell. Me: Yeah, that's what I said. And Karen mentioned to me (etc.) Usually leaves the corrector dumbfounded and others snickering.