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  1. Another one: Auburn getting 22%, but have gone from -7.5 to -10.5 favorites. Not sure I can pull the trigger on that one though.
  2. RLM special: New Mexico getting 29% of bets, but line has ballooned from -12.5 to -17.
  3. I'm so small time it won't matter. But yeah a real bettor should stay away.
  4. I actually read EVERYTHING in that CF thread because I am stupid. I like to read the takes of the Ducks homers because I'm am too. 68% of bets on Cal, line has dropped from Ducks +3 to +1. Was on Cal earlier this week, but doubling up on Ducks ML instead. QuackQuack emmereffers.
  5. Fri 10/21 5955 D.Webb pass receptions over 9½ +110 10:30PM 5956 D.Webb pass receptions under 9½ -140 ETA: And when I punched it under moved to -150.
  6. Man I'm just going back and forth on under, just on principle. Seems like there was TCU/Baylor game in the last couple of years that was this high and covered easily though. Ugh.
  7. Trust me hag, it ain't you.
  8. Until recently it was considered bad form to bump your own winners in this thread. I guess that has changed.
  9. Denver for me. Considered KC as well.
  10. Yep. A little to win as well.
  11. Best, cheapest way to get tix for Spade/Romano on Nov 12 at Mirage?
  12. "Ok, Mr FBS football player. We know that your life is very busy, what with lifting, practice, meals all planned and prepared for you, going to one of your 2 or 3 classes this term, being shot up with growth hormone, having your tutor do your homework, and sexually experimenting with a different coed every week. You must be exhausted. But we have a proposition for you: if you could play two more games between now and January 10th, but if you played in them it meant you had a chance to win a national championship, would you choose to play those extra games? On national tv? With a billion people watching?" "Where do I sign, sir?"
  13. Thanks Saw for Dodgers and Under. Thanks Em for the HRE under.
  14. Life, liberty, and a truly awful and nutritionless school lunch.