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  1. Tanner will be better, but for our son we did acronym type phrasing for sets of 5 (to Obama when he was learning): We (Washington) All (Adams) Just (Jefferson) Made (Madison) Money (Monroe) When he knew the first letter he could attach it to the name, and in the correct grouping after enough practice.
  2. Not going online? Our district is doing a 2 week ramp up to online here in Oregon, starting Monday.
  3. I see MLB sims on BOL for tomorrow. Are those the same as you are referring to?
  4. Live betting the sims is next level. over corrected. I went 4-1 again today. 3-1 on bov. Will post tomorrow. Lamby, let's got ###-a-### tomorrow on our respective "books."
  5. Umm.....yeah. Get a tray of 12 rolls. Peel the rolls out of the tray in one piece. Peel the tops off the bottoms in one piece. Skippy's chunky on bottom halves. Strawberry Simply Fruit on top of that. Replace tops on sheet of rolls. Tear, eat, indulge, drink, self-dread. Repeat.
  6. A lot of wonderful options here. I'm more of a martin's potato bread guy. I really don't get fancy with my pb&j. I love some preserves and sourdough is obviously great, but I tried going that route before and it just didn't work for me. Martin's, regular skippy and grape jelly is where I'm at. I've never tried the uncrustables. Worth a go? I pictured you scarfing Uncrustables in the car, like a slice of pizza each. OR... Making PB&J's in the car. Didn't even consider you'd take it all home and have half a dozen pb&j sandwiches at home. If that is what we are doing, I could peel apart the top layer of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls from the bottom layer, spread with chunky and Smukcer's Strawberry Simply Fruit and MOW DOWN. Might do that tomorrow. I mean, what else am I gonna do? EXERCISE?!
  7. Dude. You buried the lead. Did you buy these? Or did you buy a loaf of crusty sourdough, a jar of chunky Skippy, and a jar of Smucker's strawberry preserves and spread the pb&j with your finger? If it's the Uncrustables it might change peoples' answers drastically.
  8. One of the best ideas I've had had to do with Joe. When we were in Africa on a mission, the local churches would have us come in and share with their people. They were long, hot, dusty meetings. At the end, they always gave us a cold Coca Cola as a treat and to honor us. At first we protested that we didn't need it, but we could see how pleased they were to honor us that way. I got the idea to do that for the men in our church on Father's Day. So every Father's Day I talk about that experience, how it's an honor to be given an ice cold Coke. And we show the Mean Joe commercial, and compare husbands and dads to Mean Joe, having given it all, limping off of the field of battle. Then we open the coolers, pull out glass bottles of Coca Cola (Mexican version now, with real sugar), pop the tops and hand them out to the guys. Of course the older ones love it especially cause of the Mean Joe commercial. I take pride in that.
  9. 4-1 today. 5 more tomorrow. Lowest total yesterday was 26.5, and that was the one that went over. Next was 28.5, other 3 were in the 30s. First game today (Skins/Giants) the total is at 23.5. are no dummies. No longer an auto bet.
  10. You will soon be right. Here we go. Kinda shocked it took 517 pages. Probably didn't, but I've skipped most of the last 120. Gonna need an FFA sub-forum for church bashing I think. The people still gathering in churches are dumb to do so. Not all people who participate in "organized religion" are the same.
  11. Add in "tough" "troubling" or "trying" times and you'll die of alcohol poisoning.
  12. I know nothing about that place but I'll ride with you holmes. I just heard we got at least another 30 days at home. Give me some fun.
  13. Just riding Hernandez (no pun intended). 2 for 4 (won last 2) so far today, and did well yesterday also.
  14. Good luck bud. I'm on 49ers -115 and under 51.5 in Niners/Hawks on