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  1. I'm glad you got the sarcasm. CNN, NYT, Wapo... all have been liberal echo chambers for years.
  2. What story about the 14 year old? I googled it and only found it on conservative sites. Bastions of journalistic centrism like CNN and NYT don't have it prominently placed, so it must not be accurate.
  3. That seemed like pretty weak sauce. Admittedly I stopped watching after about 45 seconds of slight mispronunciations. Were there any actual gaffes later in the video?
  4. The president you speak of certainly had a following that had cult-like elements, particularly from the MSM which largely gave him a hall pass during his 8 years. Anthropomorphic global climate change certainly has cult features; has poor Greta won her Nobel Prize yet? But that isn't the purpose of this thread.
  5. Thanks @zftcg. I don't think that we talked to our kids about politics at that young age. Perhaps "mean" is as good a word as any, if you are talking to a 6 year old. I think I'd have just avoided it, or said something about not agreeing with him. As parents we tried very hard (not always successfully) to talk about behaviors vs. labels/attitudes -- preferring phrases like "you are behaving like a raging lunatic" vs. "you are a raging lunatic." Also while I was not a fan of Barack "present in the Senate" Obama the candidate, or of his policies as president, I always spoke respectfully of him. I believe that you can both question a position in power and be respectful of that person. That being said, over the course of dinner conversations as they got older, it was clear that my wife and I leaned right and in hindsight we influenced their thinking. My younger daughter is an empath, very emotional and not an engineer like the rest of us (she reminds us of this often). I feel like she was maybe deprived of the opportunity to embrace the pollyanna unicorn that is Bernie Sanders. She has plenty of time later in life to learn that that isn't how life works in a successful economy. But I'll stop there before I derail my own thread... 🙂
  6. I dunno, politics isn't that far from religion; it is a belief system. Would you feel different if the kids were wearing crucifixes? Or stars of David? Or hijabs?
  7. Oldest (boy) is graduated, an engineer like his mom and dad. He is super conservative, moreso than me, I don't expect him to explore any views. The younger two (girls) are in college, both lean right because of growing up around us but have a lot of liberal influences with the people they interact with in school.
  8. So, how do they know Trump lies? What specific lies?
  9. Hello, Captain my Captain from LW Ronin, I think... I like your approach, respect of opinions on all sides is good.
  10. Hi All, I introduced myself in another thread a week or two ago: I'm jerryskids who primarily posts at FFT and competes in IBL for FFLW for those of you who follow it. I rarely post here but thought I'd throw my hat into the ring with a topic I find interesting. In the "Biden Gaffe" thread somebody mentioned kids and politics... how do you approach the topic with your kids? Obviously age matters. Mine are 23, 21, and 18. I'm conservative (actually mostly from a Constitutional perspective, otherwise more libertarian). I'm not a "Trumper" but I voted for him in 2016 and will likely vote for him again. My wife and I try to not influence our kids' political positions but, they know where we stand. How do you handle political stuff with your kids? Please include ages if you think it is relevant.
  11. Trump is playing 4D chess while the dems are playing bunco. Biden is going to beat Trump by out-Trumping him? While being increasingly unable to put together coherent sentences? IMO this is not a recipe for success. You could have given Klobuchar or Yang a shot, I'd have considered them because they are moderate and intelligent, but Biden has not shot. Again, IMO.
  12. Same. This reminds me of an encounter I had about a decade ago in a pub in London, beers were pouring and I got to talking to a guy who was a high-level consultant to BP on renewable energy. I got into my typical "devil's advocate" mode and started talking about solar flares etc., eventually he shook his head and said something like "if people like you and me actually sat down on this, we could probably solve a lot of these issues." Anyway, I feel like I'm peeing in the cornflakes of the purpose of this thread, so I'll back out unless responded to. If I haven't made it clear, I would never vote for Bernie. I've seen the phrase "existential threat" multiple times about Trump on this site; he isn't an existential threat, but Bernie is. Carry on. 🍻
  13. Also, let me introduce myself. I primarily post at FFT under the handle "jerryskids." I came up with that handle a long time ago at the dawning of the interwebs because it was the name of my deep keeper team; a double entendre between my name and the fact that I inherited a shiotty team. I tried to explain that to Joe a lifetime ago but he wouldn't let me use that handle. I'm still involved in FF and compete annually in the IBL for a now-extinct site called FFLW (long story) against your best and brightest FF minds. I came in 2nd out of 96 owners last year; if D Watson hadn't shiot the bed in week 16... woulda shoulda coulda words... Anyway, I'm a super awesome poster but tend to be conservative. If you are OK with an alternative viewpoint in what seems like a generally liberal echo chamber here, please don't report/ban me. If not, I understand.
  14. Of course I am on board with continuous innovation. That being said, as an engineer, I firmly believe that the perfect is the enemy of the good (which is a personal defect of mine, as I tend to be a perfectionist, but that is a different discussion). Anyway... want to discuss how drugs can be cheaper from Canada vs. getting them here? That seems like a solvable problem. End of life care? I'm not advocating "death panels," but the reality is that there is some room for improvement in the way we approach it. M4A? That is using a jackhammer to bang in a nail to hang a picture. IMO that is nothing close to "continuous innovation." Again, my opinion.
  15. I'm not familiar with the population or ethnic diversity of MA so I can't comment on the efficacy of RomneyCare. My original statement, as I later clarified, was based on opinion since as I clarified it has never been done in a place like America. I'm an engineer and to me, the complexities of ethnic diversities (diets, health pluses/minuses, etc.) seems like a significant hurdle from a systems approach to M4A. But again, it is my opinion. It is also my opinion that to say that it worked in a state so it can work in the country is somewhat lacking in relevant data as well.