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  1. Ive done at least 50 mock drafts and Chubb has gone before pick 1.8 exactly once. As for Hunt. He cant play until week 10. Im not wasting a roster spot for 9 weeks on a guy that isnt even going to be the starter.
  2. Priest Holmes gets injured. Fantasy lottery ticket Larry Johnson cashes in and catapults me to unstoppable.
  3. Kamara and Ekeler for Barkley. only keep 3 players so Ekeler is just for the season (he owns Gordon).
  4. Did you call Colston a stud for his first 5 or so years?
  5. Just traded for Evans in a 12 team 3 person keeper league. Cost me Dez Bryant and Carlos Hyde.
  6. Question for those techies... If I use a friends ddress to sign up for teh streaming version of ST will I need a firewall? Or is all that matters that the billing address is a verfied approved address? Do they track IPs?
  7. How did you get streaming? I thought you had to not be capable of getting directv to get the streaminformation without the TV package too?
  8. If Magic Johnson can start at center, no reason Gio can't start at WR for a game.
  9. As a bears fan I can tell you Lovie is loyal to a fault.
  10. ... although the no ovulation needs to be understood, if not solved. I know people mean well when they say stuff like this, but frankly it gets annoying. How many times do you think an infertile couple has heard this? I know there are stories of how couples have conceived after adoption, but its not "inevitable" it will happen. From someone that's been there, it always sounded like, "Hey guys you know what you're doing wrong, blah blah blah." We heard this for 5 years straight, from all the outside well-wishers as well as tons of other "helpful hints". Finally you just say "yes, I have heard that, thanks!"You're right. Conceiving while in teh adoption process is not inevitable. But you know what is ineveitable? getting a baby and becoming a parent. When you go down the adoption path there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You dont know how long the tunnel is but it is inevitable that at the end, they give you a baby (mine took 9 months domestically). At some point the question should be "Is not having a family an option?" if the answer is no, then adoption is a good path, not because one might get pregnant, but because one WILL get a baby.
  11. yeah, but Mrs. TF doesn't know how to relax....serioulsy.If you start down the adoption path she will relax. Through adoption you ALWAYS get a baby in the end. theres no IF so theres no worry. then often while waiting for a baby through adoption women get pregnant. If so you put the adoption on hold and you can always come back to it later.