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  1. As opposed to paying green the max for his 30-35 age seasons when u can get a haul for him now and save 50+ million in luxury tax a year?
  2. I wouldnt want to pay green the max after next season. His value is very high right now. Lots of teams have cap space as well. Resign klay and durant then trade green for mulitiple pieces. Next year is lost anyway. Curry is under contract. He will survive.
  3. Lakers can always trade AD for a haul if things go south. Nightmare scenario not as dire as everyone thinks. Who wants to pay big money to ingram and ball either. Not easy drafting uperstats. Often u end up with a j. Randle and it is better to just let them walk.
  4. Lakers paid a high price fo AD. But people not factoring in if things go sour in 2-3 years you can trade AD for a boatload too.
  5. Showed my 15 year old nephew Almost Famous. He said it is one of his fav movies now. Kate Hudson is amazing in this. Just magic. She was 20 when she made this. It is oscar worthy imo. She never came close to this level ever again. Odd.
  6. The false equivalency between democrats on twitter and the elected leader of the Republican party is why the republicans can do what they do.
  7. I'd say the democrats have the moral high ground. They didn't elect the number one offender of this to run the country and they wouldn't. That's a bit more important than what people on both sides say on twitter.
  8. You ever play with a wedgie? All the pros are doing it.
  9. Hasnt their been like 10 women who said he has just kissed them out of nowhere on the lips?
  10. Democrats should just say if you come out to vote you will get to see Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit. Campaign posters should be a trump mugshot.
  11. Wouldn't be crazy to see someone like reddick take a lot less. D. Cousins too. I'd tell b. Lopez we will sign ur brother too if u come.