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  1. If Trump did make that offer to the Ukraine over the phone they would then have a lot of blackmail material. Another reason a whistleblower might feel the need to speak up.
  2. The criminal list. Also the list that keeps track of the people who lied under oath. Trump Barr Lewandowski Hicks I know it is frowned upon to go after political enemies. But eff appearances. All these people who lied under oath need to got to jail for significant time. If Dems win the POTUS next election they cannot sweep this under the rug like the financial meltdown. They need to go after people. The most severe penalties.
  3. The Taliban not 9/11 widows go to Camp David. Season 7- episode 4.
  4. The western world was calling for the banishment of MBS, not the WR, from the world stage less than a year ago for cutting up that journalist. Now he probably has more power over the U.S. military then everyone other than Trump. Anyone think M. Mcconnell has more sway over Trump than MBS? Not hyperbole here. Serious.
  5. It is impressive to see mass brainwashing up close and personal. No behavior in human history leaves me in disbelief anymore. It's brainwashing in plain sight. Basic stuff. Fox/Republicans/Trump can tell their cult one thing on Tuesday and the opposite thing on Thursday. On top of it tell you whoever would believe what they told you on Tuesday is the devil. Scary to think what can be done or is being done with sophisticated methods to all of us.
  6. Neeson, roth, cox, lange and hurt. Rob Roy a perfect film.
  7. I was about to compare Trumps personality disorder to Hitler's but Adolph was a lot smarter. Probably not the same disorder.
  8. Pathetic Oregon performance. Had them +4. Game should not have even been that close.
  9. The Trump weatherman schtick is growing on me. Some skits write themselves.
  10. Republican controlled congress investigated this for 2 years. Found nothing.
  11. It is impressive that Trump has sunk lower. Not an easy task. Sociopaths have no empathy/shame.