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  1. Daywalker

    The Bill Simmons Podcast

    Bill must not have liked First Man. Offered no opinion. Just how did you do so and so.
  2. I just have trouble buying Jimmy could be so oblivious to how he looks to Kim. I would have preferred Jimmy just straight sabotaging the relationship feeling he is no good for her. It would have been more tragic that Jimmy couldn't even believe in himself.
  3. As a liberal the whole thing is if we are going to have a conservative justice can they not be a slime ball. This in the era of the liberals winning the poplular vote. We just ask not a slime ball. Why gorsuch went through so easily and Kav has not.
  4. That narrow scope. Guess we won't get to the real meat with the baseball tickets.
  5. Kav sounds like Harold Ramis.
  6. Did anyone examine the Coca-Cola bottle in front of Ford?
  7. Durben ate Kavanaugh's lunch. That was delicious. Kav was really squirming there. He was just stuck.
  8. Trump must be so thrilled. "Brett, it's a witch hunt. Just like it was with you."
  9. Schmidt breaking it down nicely on msnbc. Kav declared partisan war on the Democrats.
  10. Joan Allen from The Contender Kav is not.
  11. Surprised Kav did not bring up Benghazi or Uranium One.
  12. Kav said it was revenge on behalf of the Clinton's. What a hack. Also love the part where he said his daughter said we should pray for Ford. Class meet less.
  13. Wow. Still got the fastball.
  14. Maybe already asked. Was that alyssa milano in the back?