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  1. If i was a team owner paying someone millions and they didnt give me a heads up?
  2. If you knew another company was cheating your company you owe it to your employer and co-workers to speak up. Millions of dollars on the line. Huge corporations involved. This is not Bull Durham. This is not that difficult of a decision.
  3. Winning issue. Plus we already do it all the time.
  4. Warren trying to take Amy out to get her bloc.
  5. Universal healthcare. What are some other policies that make Bernie a socialist?
  6. Didn't a handout basically save capitalism in 2008?
  7. Seeing how the Astros hit next year will be intriguing.
  8. I agree it hurts Americans. But less so than letting one party run roughshod over the other.
  9. Does giving all this power to the Executive branch hurt Democrats in the long run? I assumed the Senate was going to be the biggest source of power for the Republicans for a while.
  10. I think they don’t like the pornstar stuff. And making fun of handicapped people. But Trump supporters really do believe the government is a deep state that is out to get him. They believe everyone is corrupt so laws/norms can be easily discarded.
  11. Since everything is equivalent you might as well strap a bomb to your chest and take over the whole plane.
  12. Late to Outlander. Just finished the first season. That was the darkest I've ever seen any tv show go. Show has been way better then I expected.
  13. So according to Trump the military, legislative branch, justice department, and the fbi/intelligence agencies are all corrupt. He is the only one to believe. Ha.