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  1. So you are saying something should be done about Trump? I know it's hard to defend the indefensible but try to make a little bit of sense. If you can't do that the best defense is to say nothing. You are basically saying, "I love lamp" in here.
  2. Fox news and drudge actually covering Trump saying Nato a "foe." Was nice to send those screenshots to my trump supporting family. Waiting for the fake news rebuttal.
  3. First episode was boring. Fast forwarded through most. The kindergarten-soldier skit was confusing. Think the people were reading Cohen's script on a new bill. Not sure the context.
  4. Dems didn't show up because they didn't think Trump had a shot. They will show up in 2020. He is toast. The dem candidate won't even matter. Vote? Dems are itching to take to the streets and shut it all down.
  5. Compromising? You mean like reaching across the aisle and taking a conservative healthcare plan and renaming it ACA?
  6. When your policy is taking the opposite side of whatever Obama/Democrats take you end up in dangerous positions. Putin is an enemy of the Democrats so he is our friend. NATO is a friend of the Democrats so they are our enemy.
  7. One of the main "negative" stories Fox News ran on Obama during his whole term was the Europeans/Allies really liked him.
  8. If you think the POTUS should not be investigated while in office, as Kavanaugh does, don't you put the whole Republic as risk? POTUS can rig any election while in office. POTUS can put successor in office who will pardon him. Or, POTUS can resign shortly before term is up an be pardoned. Repeat. Not far-fetched. We are already at the doorstep. These options are already being discussed by Trump and his lawyer. Kavanaugh needs to be grilled on whether he thinks the POTUS is above the law. It's an insane stance. Should be disqualifying.
  9. I'm not giving up my Big Momma's House box set.
  10. #collaboraters
  11. Saying fake news is equal to admitting defeat. I enjoy hearing it now. I just say thank you for finally admitting you have no defense then end conversation.
  12. I have more twitter followers then Honest Abe ever had.
  13. I hired five guys, so far, that turned out to be a thieves and alcoholics. I demand you not investigate them. They are really good people. Wait, I barely know them. They barely worked here. Even if you find out I was stealing with them you can't charge me. I am above the law.
  14. Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and Wray. The far left.
  15. "Guys, investigations that lead to no indictments are just as bad as one that leads to many guilty pleas." #stopembarrassingyourself