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  1. Was ok. Would never watch again though. All i heard was about Phoenix performance and not much about the movie. I took that as a bad sign. Was hoping to be surprised. Was not. The physicality of the performance was impressive. Was also way too much.
  2. I would be surprised if something leaning towards that is not added to the call memo. Trump will just say I was on the call so I can add to the memo. I remember saying x, y and z.
  3. Lakers lack depth but when they stagger Lebron's and AD's minutes so one of them is always on the court it is less an issue. Team is having fun. I hope Iguodala is taking notice.
  4. What could be a bigger crime than one political party teaming up with a foreign country, perhaps an enemy, to take over the country?
  5. Surprised the actor who plays Vera hasnt made a bigger mark yet. Gonna happen.
  6. Sondland was involved in the bank heist. He has admitted it under oath. It is game, set and match as far as what happened. The whistleblower about as relevant to the situation as any of us in this thread.
  7. “Whistleblower” is just another Pavlovian term now. It is the Republicans new “Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice.” Red line, emails, benghazi, deep state. Now it is whistleblower. They all mean the same thing.
  8. Recount of the loss for a few weeks not bad for dems.
  9. We will see if it holds. ”I tried. Would have been a blowout without my support. Bad candidate.”
  10. Can we get rid of the whistleblower term in the thread title. Might as well add the janitor to the title. Everyone saying the same thing. Whistleblower not relevant anymore.
  11. On episode 5 of Jack Ryan season one. It's decent. Homeland has had it's up and down but the production value is noticeably much higher than Jack Ryan.
  12. Seemed like their were a couple of points in Strasburg career where it really could have went another direction. Good for him reaching the mountain top.