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  1. #bofo
  2. McMaster was on his way out but the timing was dictated by Trump not liking the bad press due to his lawyer quitting. Priorities.
  3. Going to be hard for Republicans to comment on patriotism going forward.
  4. Even that is schtick for the most part.
  5. Would the Giants pass on that package and not draft a qb?
  6. We are in the Germany WW II territory of self-delusion among millions of people supporting this guy. Maybe not in the ballpark. But in the parking lot outside. I'm talking psychologically. Incredible to witness. A dancing plague is in play.
  7. #bananarepublic
  8. We are in danger.
  9. Season one was an all-timer. Had huge buzz and a critical darling. Which made it odd when it completely fell off the pop radar in season two. Even I just stopped watching after the season two premier. Good to hear it got better. Will pick it back up.
  10. Counterpart Everyone should be watching this. After tonight's episode you can hand the Emmy to JK Simmons. Nice eye candy too. It's on Starz.
  11. L. Lynn's contract is the biggest head scratcher for me. 1/12mill How does every contender not beat that offer?
  12. Was that something that was added in a recent labor agreement?
  13. Wouldn't trying to change to popular vote basically be the old "bait and switch" to many states? These protections to smaller states were necessary to get them to join. The cost of doing business.
  14. "Bush."