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  1. Galileo

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Oh wow...
  2. Galileo

    Worst food ever?

    They were mentioned somewhere, but I think they a pretty dang good roasted.
  3. Galileo

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Why didn't they go for 2? ETA...NM, I thought it was the 4th Q
  4. Galileo

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Well, there's a quick answer...
  5. Galileo

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Uh Oh! Indiana? Really??
  6. Galileo

    Worst food ever?

    Pizza of any kind never belongs on a worst food list. Even if the pizza had gefilte fish on it.
  7. Just bought an iphone X for my son...16th birthday gift. He has the nicest phone in the house now. I am still rocking the 6, wife has a 7. I think the Xr is due out in a week...probably should have waited. Would have saved $150.
  8. Pretty dooshy to just leave her hanging. She knows your name and number. I hope she's a psycho and this thread really takes off...
  9. Galileo

    FanDuel Week 7

    I like it. I was starting to warm up to the idea of Snead as well. Should be a high scoring affair against his former team. I am not real excited about Kearse or Brate, but I understand the cash flow issue with the rest of that line up. maybe my lack of love for Brate has to do with the fact I have Howard in my placeholder lineup.. Another sneaky cheap TE option could be Clay. Anderson in at QB for Buf, and I don't recall the Indy defense stopping anyone recently. Along those same sneaky lines could be Kelvin Benjamin as a dirt cheap WR. He has some history with Anderson
  10. Galileo

    FanDuel Week 7

    So do I...
  11. Galileo

    FanDuel Week 7

    I think Hilton is set to return this week. Not sure how that cuts into Rogers' opportunities.
  12. Galileo


    It would be more of an underview in this case
  13. Galileo

    Thoughts on this video?

    There is an open spot in the very next row probably 20-30 feet away.