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  1. Except for factoring the risk that all his stuff will gone in the morning...
  2. Sayers was a little before my time for any live action memories (I was born in '68). Watching Brian's Song was really my first exposure to Sayers. To this day when I hear his name, an image of Billy Dee Williams actually pops into my head first. Powerful movie.
  3. @KarmaPolice First of all, thanks for adding your insights...always interesting to read. I am much more of an "eye test" or "from the gut" type DFS player. I'll tinker around with the line up builders for a little while, but I don't typically dive deep into the stats. Where are you mining your share % data from?
  4. Singers: Jerry Garcia, Geddy Lee, Sting, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger Guitar: Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn
  5. Now looks like this... Jackson, Henry, R. Jones, Taylor, Adams, J. Jones, Campbell, Reed, ARI
  6. I moved off of Zeke when I heard the news of Tyron Smith being out. Zeke may still get his, but I decided to go cheaper there and upgrade my WRs
  7. Current version... Jackson, Elliott, Henry, Hines, Adams, Slayton, Campbell, Reed, GB
  8. I heard a stat on the radio today that the Browns have had 7 straight nationally televised prime time games that have landed on the under side of the total. I am being tempted to bet the under on the 45 pt total, but then I remember how bad the defenses are...
  9. True. Teams around these parts are not going into locker rooms. They are traveling with pants on, and putting other gear on outside/in the stadium. We limit the # on buses too, so our football team takes 4 buses to an away game. Band is not traveling to away games because of these limits. Everyone in the stadium must be masked too, even though it is outdoors. The state high school athletic association sends a observer to all contests to see that protocols are being followed. If not schools risk cancellation/forfeiture.