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  1. It felt like a strange week to me from the beginning. I did not have much confidence and scaled back my play. I entered two cash lineups in only eight 50/50 contests. One lineup (127.86) had all top ten finishes. The other (108.04) finished from 30th to 39th. Maybe I should have played some I was expecting to watch the 108 lineup slip away during the late game, but it managed to hang on.
  2. In his defense, the produce section is typically a long way from the beer aisle.
  3. Seems to me you need to get some control of your classroom.
  4. Tried Rave apples recently which are a cross of Honeycrisp and MonArk. They were good. Still prefer straight up Honeycrisp over Rave. Have not tried Swee Tango yet.
  5. Well, he's back in... hopefully OK
  6. All you Hyde lovers put the hex on him. I don't play Thursday games, but I have him starting in a couple season long leagues.
  7. I'm sure he will help get to the root of the problem.
  8. Hey, if you don't know what to do with your girlfriend for a week, then I'm afraid you need more help than what can be provided here.
  9. Maria - currently 909 mb with 175 mph winds... Strong, but not very large. The eye is only about 10 mi across.
  10. A lot of love for Kizer in the IVC, I know it is Indy, but that is a big leap of faith for a guy that just turned the ball over 5 times in 2 games.