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  1. Been watching the police in Minneapolis on CNN as they have advanced down the street to clear the protest area. They all seem to be coming down one street. Couldn't the protesters just go over a block and circle back in behind the police line?
  2. You didn't accidentally put in one designed for an oven did you?
  3. My wife’s cousin’s deli/restaurant had its windows smashed out in CLE this afternoon. It is located across the street from the Justice Center
  4. Watching police moving in on a crowd that was vandalizing a couple police cars in's only 4 PM there. If this is any sign, I fear tonight may be the worst yet around the country.
  5. I was watching the direct launch coverage and they didn't show it either. The camera on the first stage cut out on decent. Commentators were taking about other stuff and then, boom, cut to camera showing first stage already perfectly positioned on the ship.
  6. Trying to give people more reason to hate and distrust the police??
  7. I think we are interpreting the question differently. The question asked for the probability that a "randomly selected" dad has 2 daughters. The original population is the random sample in my eyes, thus both probabilities need to be factored in. Once you break down to the smaller population, this is no longer a random sample. It is a sample that already met a certain criteria.
  8. I disagree. There are 4 possible cases with 2 children: G-G, G-B, B-G, B-B. 3 out of 4 of these possibilities involve having a girl...3/4. Of that group 1 out of 3 cases involve 2 girls. Both conditions must be satisfied. The odds of that are the product of the two 3/4*1/3
  9. I think 80% of the people at all these locations are just there to capture video on their phones.
  10. Looks like the police have a little better perimeter established now