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  1. FAIL. Too much punctuation and capitalization. AI needs serious work.
  2. No FanDuel Slates available in the Optimizer??? Problem? Wednesday 8:47 PM 11/13/20
  3. Things that only happen in Florida: 1) A guy goes for a swim in a Florida lake, and instead of coming up for air, the water pushes his head into the bottom of the lake and drowns him. 2) A couple of guys in the parking lot of the local restaurant get a bit drunk, and when they take a ####, the toilet releases, spilling a large portion of the contents over the front of their pants, which quickly gets washed away. 3) A guy walks into a nightclub in Florida and immediately starts playing with some women's boobs. 4) A man who was doing some kind of shady deal walks into a local bar and starts buying drinks. A young waitress sees him and tells him to stop, but he continues to buy drinks. When he walks out, he gives her the drinks he bought and tells her to get a good night's sleep. She wakes up, finds out that she's pregnant, and she gives birth
  4. Ain't no party like a heckmanm party...
  5. During my college days in Texas, we used to pick them fresh and brew mushroom tea and put fresh caps onto pizza. The tea was awful tasting. The pizza technique was tolerable I digress, but your point is well taken...
  6. How does one reach the point in life when you are willing to eat some strange exotic berry and then follow it up with a particular food you find absolutely revolting?
  7. I think you’ll find a little info here
  8. Glad I worked so hard to get Barkley in my line up. Oh, and I brilliantly replaced Ronald Jones with Jaylen Samuels about an hour before game time. This week is going well...
  9. Third party candidate? Never heard of these...
  10. Ho Ho = better cake Swiss Cake Roll = more fun Before eating the cake, I like to peel the chocolate layer off the Swiss Cake Roll which comes off in a nice single sheet.
  11. Ho Ho = better cake, Do they even have a rolled up creme filled chocolate coated cake?
  12. Well? Which one? Ho Ho Swiss Cake Roll
  13. Currently have Jackson, CMC, Barkley, R. Jones, Pascal, Kirk, Ridley, Smith, CLE