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  1. All KC team... Smith - Hunt/West - Hill/Robinson/Thomas - Kelce - Butker - KC Def ... comes in at 93 on the IVC
  2. are speaking to a Cleveland guy. We wrote the book on football related trauma.
  3. Wilson - Hunt/McCaffrey - Thomas/J. Jones/Kupp - Walker - Gostkowski - Cincy looks nice on the IVC... Agree with EPL above that Hunt looks great this week, but most thought the NYG game was going to be special too. Your overall Chiefs prediction of Smith going off along with Hunt may be a little ambitious for me.
  4. Let's roll... Just starting to look. Top QB options all look tempting. Brady and Wentz, obviously, Wilson has a nice match up @ SF...don't mind Cam @ NYJ... Big Ben offers decent value compared to top options at $1000 less than Wentz...Maybe a cheap Matt Ryan vs Tampa (not sure there's enough consistency there for my liking, but this may be about as low as I would go at QB) RB - got to pay up again for Bell which is scary as he just hasn't returned investment recently. I think he is in for a great day vs GB, but who wants to get burned again at that price tag? Obviously, Ingram and/or Kamara are easily in play...Hunt vs Buffalo looks juicy, but see comment on least he is only $7700 compared to Bell's $9400. McCoy is also intriguing in that match up. McCaffrey and Murray peak my interest a little. WR - so many many ways to go. I will need to sift through this in greater detail, but I put AJ Green, Julio, and Kupp in my placeholder line up. Not sold on Julio, but will see how he does tonight on MNF... TE - Usual suspects at the top of the list, but I don't see myself paying up for this spot this week as I will have a lot of dollars committed to the other positions. Someone like Walker at $5900 will likely be in my lineup...or Kroft vs. CLE if he is healthy. Can't get anyone against NYG playing the main slate. K - Succop is my placeholder D - Cincy vs CLE...will likely be a popular play. Paying up for JAX is tempting again...SEA, KC, CAR, PIT are possibilities. No great cheap options like the Charges from this past week, but maybe ARI or INDY could play that role
  5. Much higher cut lines this week in the cheap 50/50s compared to recent weeks. I entered a dozen contests and the lowest cut line was 126.06 and the highest was 133.56. I actually had a decent scoring week with rosters scoring at 125.36, 128.36, and 160.66, but at the end of the day I lost $24 and only won $18
  6. 40+ combined points...
  7. still early...
  8. lol... I actually played him in the freebie Quest for the Holy Grail (or whatever that freeroll was called)
  9. Possibly, but he costs more than Shepard, so you may need to adjust elsewhere to do that. Also, he was looking for non Dolphin options for lineups with Drake in them.
  10. Snow is falling at my house, but they aren't forecasting too much. It isn't too windy yet...was much windier last night, but I am inland. Downtown on the lake shore can be much different. You could pivot away from Drake to a guy like Williams if you want to use Parker more. As was mentioned Lee is another option. I also sort of like Agholor today @ $6000. Another option might be Crowder at an even lower price.
  11. Shepard was one of my core guys. I will need to rethink some things...may pivot to D. Parker. As far as Engram goes, I guess you got to expect a few more opportunities, but does KC even need to cover anyone else??
  12. I would expect a low scoring game for sure. Bortles is prone to make (or limited) I could see taking a flier on the Cleve D on the cheap. I wouldn't invest too much in them though.
  13. No, and good luck with that. 30 mph winds and snow forecast for game time. Not sure I would trust him on a good weather day.
  14. They had Tyreke Smith in town today for a second visit. How many Tyrekes can one team recruit?!?