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  1. You probably think this thread is about you.
  2. 5 hours and no Also no additional signs of GZ, so there's that. ETA...Oh, and I officially abstain from voting.
  3. Any of you ever go to the Meet Up At The Movies? If so, how was the experience? Is it sort of like watching The Grateful Dead Movie? I was thinking of going this year. Aug 1st...playing the 6/17/91 show from Giants Stadium.
  4. Sawblaze - Blacksmith...another good fight, but it seemed like minimal damage for the number of hits that were delivered by both sides. I guess that speaks well for the durability of both of those bots. I think another minute of fighting and the decision goes Blacksmith's way as it looked like Sawblaze's main weapon had stopped functioning.
  5. The weirdest part is that they clearly have had no problem airing some crappy fights, so why keep anyone off TV. How bad could they have been?
  6. Lock Jaw - Duck...close match. I think the judges got it right.
  7. Bombshell sucks ###. How can a bot be designed without some way of self righting and expect to be competitive?
  8. I wish the camera followed him a little better...looked like he did a somersault at the end of his head first slide into the ditch.
  9. Lighten up, Francis. I was just busting your balls.
  10. Was drinking Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale last night which I had not tried previously. It was OK...not bad. Didn't really excite me though. I probably won't buy it again, but it was drinkable.
  11. How about North Coast Brewing Co in Fort Bragg, CA? It's a couple hours north of SF...too far?
  12. Buy a sack of flour and some berries. Leave it on the counter with a recipe card. She can have 3 or 4 loaves in under an hour for the same $7. Before you do this, make sure you own a comfortable couch.
  13. I am wearing TITANflex M928 in the gunmetal version, but it looks like it has been discontinued.