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  1. Assuming you are referring to my story and not the OP...I don't know. The seizure was the first sign of anything. That is what prompted the scan that detected the tumor. I am guessing it wouldn't make a difference. This is gliobastoma is one of the most aggressive types of cancer.
  2. Absolutely sucks. Sorry to hear of your friend. Not to distract from your story, but to add a little more misery to this thread and topic... My brother-in-law (just turned 50) had a seizure about a month ago. Diagnosis = Glioblastoma. Had to have brain surgery to remove the tumor. This aggressive form of brain cancer has an average life expectancy of about 14 months from diagnosis. He has a 16 yr old daughter, a 13 yr old son, and an elderly mother whom he cared for who can no longer walk and is effectively blind. Lots of suck to go around when it comes to this dreaded disease.
  3. So, where was the Mercedes that made this possible?? I would assume if the Mercedes blocked their vehicle, it would be in front of their could chase get kicked into it from inside Landrio's car? That's some pretty good english...
  4. Wow. If true, it sucks she has all that baggage to deal with, but it seems rather odd that someone given a 50/50 chance at survival (whatever that means since death seems to be 100% certain for all...perhaps within a certain time frame I guess) would choose to spend their remaining time obsessed with Sasquatch?
  5. That's the same guy from the Netflix series! ETA...and for only $4800, you might be able to join him on an expedition.
  6. She describes being only a few yards away with Sasquatch staring at her, and somehow that indiscernible shadowy blob is the best footage she got?
  7. From the news report... Reporter: "What do you say to those people who do say you are nuts." Claudia: "Well, I'm in the medical profession, so I can understand where they are coming from, cause I was like...I was never sci-fi"
  8. An IFLS article says she convinced the guy who created the Netflix series Discovering Bigfoot to help her with the case
  9. It seems a woman has filed a law suit against California and the Department of Fish and Wildlife for refusing to acknowledge the existence of Sasquatch and not taking action to protect it a likely an endangered species, and the good citizens of California. She says she intends to submit a mountain of evidence in court to support her case. News story here with actual video footage!
  10. You seem to know an awful lot of details, Sho nuff... or should I call you Mr. X?
  11. yeah, that was one hell of a smooth ride for steps
  12. Start hiding money... oh wait... I mean sleep with the bank teller...
  13. - phone or other devices must be surrendered immediately upon demand for random checks when requested - phone or other devices are not permitted upstairs/bedrooms...must be left on table in family room for overnight.