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  1. There's a WalMart about 1.5 miles north on Rt 250 if you'd like to find cheaper water before Wednesday
  2. Joe calls woman a "lying dog-faced pony soldier". ETA...Ooof, old news. I blame my Bookface feed.
  3. So, on a day when a lot of people won't eat meat, you decide to do a reboot of BBQ??? Did you think this through?
  4. Wow. Who would have thought this show would be so polarizing?
  5. Well, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of "real" in reality TV, IMO.
  6. Flush my ###? I do not have a bidet. Those chunks don't wipe out too smoothly with paper. I would have to deal with the clingers while in the shower.
  7. Clearly creamy. If you eat the chunky stuff, you will end up picking peanut chunks out of your ##### the next couple days. Might as well just eat peanuts if that is your goal.
  8. I watched for the first time this past week. Maybe my expectation was too high, but I was a bit underwhelmed. It had some interesting moments and some entertaining shtick by Arnett. The Lego builds were cool to see. There were way too many staged/fabricated moments to create faux drama where there simply didn't need to be drama. I will likely watch again if it is convenient, but won't make an effort to watch.
  9. Brett Michaels, C.C. Deville, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall - rode an elevator with them in a Detroit hotel then proceeded to drink with them and their entourage at the hotel bar. Molly Shannon - I went to school with her...yes, it was a Catholic grade school Brad Sellers - His daughter played basketball with my son on a travel team for a few years. Now I see him around at high school games and other events. I talk to him frequently. Bernie Kosar - My neighbor is good friends with him, So our paths have crossed on a number of occasions.
  11. One product = double decker sandwich: bread - PB - jelly - bread - PB - jelly - bread. Lick knife clean between each application sometimes dipping into PB jar for more to lick off that never was intended to make the sandwich.
  12. Yeah... Ironically, he's a swimmer and hates football. Meanwhile, his older brother at 6'3" 175 lbs has a swimmer's body and started at OT and DE on the football team.
  13. Oh absolutely. I was just joking around. I am proud as hell of all they do. Oldest was actually a 3 sport athlete, now 2...walked away from baseball after 9th grade (much to the dismay of the varsity coach since he is a 6'3" lefty). He still plays football and basketball. Lettered as a sophomore in football. Plays a combo of JV and Varsity right now as a junior in basketball. Not great at either sport, but he is a solid contributor. Youngest son is a swimmer. He earned a varsity letter as a freshman. He is also a contributor, but sort of a middle of the pack guy. At 6'3" and 300 lbs, I think he may a have peaked as a swimmer. Big dudes just aren't going to get through the water too efficiently. Now as a sophomore he has decided to try to shot and disc. Swim season just ended, so he is just starting to get an intro to the track stuff. We'll see how it goes.
  14. It is a garage! Are you sure that when you look out the window you don't see the main house right next to you? For comparison, I live in a private lake community (although not directly on the water) in a year-round 2800 sq ft/4 BR home + finished basement that has a value in the same ballpark. Sounds like awesome memories and experiences for your family...can't put a price on that! Good luck with your sister and BIL.