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  1. I never had the fancy Ataris, Intelivisions, or Colecovisions... My game systems were this and this.
  2. Nah...winterize it and shrink wrap it. It can survive outdoors. That said, I prefer indoor storage myself.
  3. I hear ya, but why not when I call just say "sorry not interested, we are too busy". I'd be fine with that and move along. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me to come out measure and discuss the job and then never provide an estimate. Why waste that time? Why provide a quote, tell the consumer you want the job and then blow off the scheduled meeting to get the ball rolling? Is it too much to ask for an honest/straight forward responses? The higher quote guy was pretty upfront telling me that he wouldn't be able to get to it until Sept/Oct. He didn't string me along in anyway. That gives me info, and I can weigh that info in my decision. Anyway, I made calls to 4 more companies this afternoon. At this point, I just want to get another quote to properly evaluate the others. Left 2 voicemails...1 message with a live person who told me "Frank will get back to you"...and The 4th guy I talked to was out on a job and asked me to text him my name and address. He said he does his estimate work on Saturdays and he'll get back to me. So, let's see where these lead.
  4. I'm having trouble with my Weber Genesis. It is about 3-4 yrs old. Hard as hell to light sometimes. I think there may be a leak somewhere along the connection from propane tank to burners. Wife left the tank valve open recently, and even though the burner valves were all off, the tank was drained. Also, the grates are not holding up well and are rusting. We leave do leave it outside year round (NE Ohio), but it is always covered when not in use...although the cover is now pretty worn and cracking. I expected better.
  5. Belly flop onto the mattress, I suppose, but he got to vertical and came up short. Alcohol is a b####.
  6. How did he not break his neck?
  7. And if this were the case, it would be nice to save the $4k. But a phone call to say "I just can't make it today can we reschedule for ____ " would be nice. It be nice to have a 3rd estimate to know how high or low these quotes are. But that may require contacting 5 more companies.
  8. This would be more believable if we we were talking about the house I grew up in.
  9. You know the NE Ohio area. This company is located in Chagrin Falls and has been in business for 33 years. I wouldn't expect them to have survived like that with shoddy business practices.
  10. These guys must be overflowing with work. 5 companies...and I have 1 viable option?
  11. You're the reason they started sealing all the good stuff in plastic.
  12. Yes that ran through my mind. That is why I was looking forward to meeting with him to discuss some of the details. But this work has to pass inspection by the city (not that they analyze the concrete mixture). The company has no negative reviews on Angie's list and nothing of issue with the BBB.
  13. I am in the market to replace my concrete driveway. I have tried 5 contractors thus far. One never returned my call. Another never showed up to look at the job to provide an estimate. Three of them came to my house. Of the three that actually showed up to look at the job, one never gave me the estimate (its been 2 1/2 weeks). That leaves me with 2 estimates which are about $4k apart. The company that gave me the lower estimate didn't provide me that estimate until 5 days after they said they would. The owner called me and apologized and said he was interested in the job and gave me whatever his story was for not being timely with the estimate. OK, fine, I like the fact that they are significantly cheaper and I decide to overlook the tardiness. I tell this guy lets move forward. He says he wants to come look at the job himself to make sure we are on the same page. It was his son (looked to be in his early 20s) who came by to take the initial measurements and discuss the job. We set up Monday (yesterday) as the day to meet. He said he would call and plan to come by at the end of the work day...late afternoon or early evening. No problem. Well, Monday comes and goes. No call. Did not come to the house. I have got to bail on this company, right? They have F'd up twice now, during the time they should be trying to impress me to win my business. It would be nice to actually get the job done for $4k less though.
  14. I haven't listened to their Citi Field performances, but I would be fine with the setlist from either of those shows.