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  1. This feels eerily similar to 2016. I feel confident about Biden leading in the polls but everywhere around me is obnoxious Trump flags. I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Mostly cash, going to watch from the sidelines until election. "Stimulus" is still the magic word. I may jump in some airlines and buy more awk at that time.
  3. What are the chances FL is one of the states that screws up again? Broward County better have it together this time. We have been "successfully" doing absentee ballots now for a while, so the Covid should not be that big of a deal. There has been plenty of notice of an election happening, so people should have plenty of time to vote early. Let it be Pennsylvania, NC, and Michigan in the news next Wednesday. We don't need another FL supervisor of elections to be trending.
  4. Aren't apple fritters called Bear Claws by some people? I didn't even know what a long john was, but I recognize it as the one at DD nobody gets. That may have been one of the donuts they stopped selling.
  5. They really need to implement a messaging format standard amongst all carriers. I'm a big Google fan, but I will be the first to admit their lack of direction on messaging has been their biggest blunder with Android. Much of which stems from their not being an standard format.
  6. Congratulations to the Ray's on being ROI champs! A much bigger feat to make it to the WS with one of the lowest payrolls in the league. They would have easily won the World Series with a little more money to spend. Kind of embarrassing for LA to not sweep imo.
  7. Right now it doesn't change my opinion of Joe Biden, but it's a fluid situation. The only reason I am paying attention is because I doubted the entire thing from the beginning. "Laptop with incriminating photos", meh... Let's see the evidence. Pics start leaking, ok sounds like there may have been something to this.
  8. I already voted for Biden as well but this is like watching a car wreck. Some wild stuff floating around out there right now, and there are pictures dropping every hour. One has a Anthony Weiner like spandex screen capture of him face timing his neice. Another recent one has him smoking a crack pipe in a Govt. vehicle.
  9. The ones out there now are just several of hunter nude and smoking crack. One he is in an orgy, another he is taking pictures of himself, another he is weighing out crack, and another he is measuring himself.
  10. I went ahead and deleted to error on the side of caution. It appeared his privates were blurred out, but there may have been portions that were not. I'm not sure if that was a foot or what.
  11. These Hunter photos are pretty bad, and it's sounding like they are going to keep releasing then all week. I saw the first one yesterday afternoon and there are already a half dozen more.
  12. I wasn't expecting an arm bar or triangle from Khabib. This makes the 155 division way more exciting imo note that he is gone. Great career, and likely the most dominating fighter to ever step in the cage, and hold down a single division. Best pound for pound? Gtfo, go up or down a weight class then beg the ufc again.
  13. I have really been looking forward to this UFC. I wonder if it ends up being a stand-up fight like Covington vs Usman turned out to be. I've watched quite a bit of YouTube's analyzing this fight, and it sounds like the game plan is pretty clear cut for team USA. Stay off the fence, and keep the fight in the middle. Apparently, Gathjes wrestling style expends a lot of energy, but he should be able to hold his own. Did Khabib even make weight?
  14. Imagine yesterday afternoon you got home from work, and the wife already had the self driving RV loaded. You pop inside the house only to take one last 🙂 in a brick and mortar bathroom, then off you go. Your sitting back browsing the FFA and enjoying a beverage. The wife is browsing FB and about to put some appetizers in the oven. You proceed to enjoy the evening, then fall asleep and wake up at your destination.
  15. Dumped my google and some others today and loaded up on NTDOY. The last few holiday seasons the charts begin to go up about now. Whenever the big boys drop a new console, they never have enough and Nintendo shatters records off of their years old systems.