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  1. Everyone agrees the economy is due for an adjustment. What happens if Trump loses and the economy crashes right after the election? They will be screwed before they even start. The market went up when he won, so I bet all his rich friends will tank it on purpose
  2. I agree, you can't take the high road with Trump. You need to get down and dirty and beat him at his game. He singlehandedly ruined Hillary Clinton's legacy with that stupid nickname.
  3. Iirc, he posted a picture of himself at the Kentucky Derby and he looks exactly like Joe Pesci.
  4. I wonder what the total value is. They could make a ton of money auctioning them off.
  5. Easy Woz. Remember that list of lifelong athletic accomplishments? I think he had like half of them checked out. Dude is a total stud!
  6. People probably still have 4-5 hours of battery left on their phones. After that it's going to be chaos.
  7. If Barr's dad really knew Epstein then Barr should recuse himself.
  8. I can't believe they are still printing these things out. What a waste of paper!
  9. I think Epstein used Dershowitz. I don't think he is the hooker screwing, pedo type, but who knows. It seems to me like Epstein knew what he was doing associating with so many people. Even if a small percentage were pedophiles, everyone ends up getting looked at like a bad guy. I do applaud Dershowitz for getting out in front of this and discussing it.
  10. That didn't take long. I assume the one "Mike the J**" is probably removed as well. I watched that one and a Joe Peshi video popped up right after. They both sound very similar.
  11. What, Chris Morgan's YouTube channel isn't important enough for you? Big guys like you have been looking over his YouTube channel for years!