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  1. Poor guy didn't even get to enjoy retirement.
  2. I guess black face doesn't bother Obama. Maybe we are all a little bit too outraged over black face in general.
  3. This isn't new. Check the date on this article. Basically, Ukraine is the entire reason for the Syrian conflict. A bunch of Politicians from the EU and the US decided to bypass Europe's dependency on Russian gas by building a seperate oil pipeline through Syria. Democrats and Republicans were going to cash in bigtime by investing in the Ukrainian oil companies that would soon replace Russia as Europe's chief supplier.
  4. RIP to a great public servant. He helped transform Baltimore into a global city.
  5. Issues aside, she puts me to sleep. Look at the charisma Pete has compared to her.
  6. These mods suck. Several support universal basic income, Yang cites examples of failed implementation in other countries, and nobody ask for a rebuttal or response to that.
  7. Who has spoken the least? Tulsi or Steyer? Tulsi is good on podcast but she just can't cut through in this format. CNN isn't helping her, but I don't think this is her platform. Unfortunately, this is how you win our political circus.
  8. It's like everyone on the stage is better than the front-runners. Besides Beto of course
  9. Beto looks strung out. He's aged 10 years in the last 10 months.
  10. Yang talks about all the loss of job to automation and Corey Booker suggest raising minimum wage. He doesn't get it... THE JOBS WILL BE GONE!!!!!
  11. And they are burning LeBron jerseys in Hong Kong