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  1. McDonald's was great in the 90's. We didn't get fat shamed for Super Sizing an order, we got a collectable dream team cup, or Monopoly game pieces. I don't even care if Monopoly was rigged, I still had fun playing!
  2. I wonder if we will start seeing a hunched over generation. Looking down at your phone all day is terrible for you, and I'd imagine worse for young people still growing. I have heard of comedy shows having lockable pouches or something to put a phone in. Joe Rogan often discusses this, and he does it at his shows. It prevents people from recording the shows, but more importantly it makes people pay attention. I'd imagine it gets annoying when you are trying to entertain and people are using their device, or taking pictures. This lockable pouch system seems like a great idea for schools. Back to tiktok, Kevin Hart is pretty funny on there. His schtick is to always say "I'm doing a tiktok". I wonder if they are paying him?
  3. I can't believe kids sit through math class playing video games. Then again, I think we all did that on the TI-83's the games were just terrible.
  4. This is scary, and it's like your fighting a losing battle. Everywhere you turn there are people promoting "influencers" and how great they are. Understandably, kids want to be like whomever is popular. So basically, you have become the only thing stopping them from becoming tiktok famous. Then when they aren't famous by 15, they are going to be blaming you for not videotaping them opening toys at a young age. That's when they start planning to hard delete you!
  5. Fox did a great job, they realized they had gold. They should have left them on just for content.
  6. I guess I'm on another social media platform. I now see what all the fuss is about. Should really help me cut back on my YouTube time.
  7. Southwest seats barely recline. It's hardly noticeable. Never asked, never thought to ask, and never had anyone ask me.
  8. I think that the market is so fragile a little lack of investor confidence could be catastrophic. Maybe it won't last 4 years but stagnation would be inevitable.
  9. By adverse effect would you say the Dow will drop below 20?
  10. I'm torn. I hate Trump but love what the market is doing. The market likely tanks under any Democrat. Bloomberg is a businessman so he may be the only chance. If Bernie happens to win the nomination I don't think I will vote in 2020.
  11. The Tomeka Hart lady is going to force them to reverse the sentence. What a dope, people can't help themselves when it comes to social media.
  12. It sounds like they tricked Liu into giving up her seat to get the treasury job, then rescinded the offer when she gave up her U.S. attorney gig. Life comes at you fast.
  13. There needs to be something a little more concrete that the fans can at least point to. For example, how much does being the aggressor matter? How much do those little leg kicks count? Same as a punch to the face?