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  1. A vote for Klobuchar is a vote for Trump. Hillary didn't get the black vote, and Biden sure as hell isn't going to get it with a white running mate. Especially after his comment "if you vote for Trump your not black". Gillum would have been great, but I think Abrams & Harris are meh at this point. Michelle Obama is likely the only one who can save the ticket at this point.
  2. In FL the unemployment disaster is far worse than the coronavirus. Ron can pay himself on the back for FL not "becoming the next Italy" but he has an absolute dumpster fire going on now.
  3. I want to hear from the dude she is stalking and sexually harassing.
  4. Everytime my wife goes to Target it just says "Target" on the credit card. I have been very suspicious that some of these charges may be fraudulent, because how exactly would I be able to verify what exactly my wife bought? They could easily add an extra $3.99 here and there and nobody would ever know. I wish they would itemize all of the items she bought.
  5. Has anyone ever built a bird feeder? Joe had posted a link to a squirrel proof feeder pole, and they are like $150 on Amazon. I'm thinking I could make something better for a fraction of the price. I'm thinking a piece of metal conduit with a feeder mounted on top. I currently have a hanging one and it makes the pole sag when it's full, and the squirrels can empty it in a day. I also want to incorporate a tray to catch the falling seed. I'm thinking that I could put an outer sleeve of about a foot of pvc to create a baffle. Drill a pin hole through the conduit, then attach the bigger pvc with a rubber band or something to make it hang kind of loose. Or maybe go with a pvc 4x4 and make a seed catching tray big enough to prevent squirrels from climbing around. They may have a hard time climbing the PVC anyways.
  6. I wouldn't downplay her coding ability. It's really easy to learn.
  7. At the end of the day all the numbers should be available to scrutinize to see if what she is saying is legit.
  8. If only there was a place to go and see pictures of stuff you ordered.
  9. Whoa that looks legit! I have heard that the truegreen companies don't spray for crab grass.
  10. I have tried the pre-emergent. Not only is it pricey, but I didn't notice much difference.
  11. They also reported that a pixel 5 should be coming in the fall with best in class camera. Probably $700. The 4a May or June
  12. And if anything the hate should definitely not be directed at the drivers making peanuts. I feel bad for all of these guys as their jobs will all soon be displaced from drone delivery.
  13. I just saw an article that the Pixel 4a is supposed to be $350.