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  1. This is what is most interesting to me, personally ... I work for an Old Stodgy in a big city and have been slowly building a track record to make my case to move elsewhere and work remotely (w/ some travel). This whole thing has exposed that it CAN work (for now), and I'm fascinated to see what the Old Stodgy Execs will do to deal with it when their higher-performers inevitably start making that ask. I'd also add that remote work setups & technology, while battle tested, will only continue improve as this drags on for what seems like at least another 3-6 months for many.
  2. Good choices ... I've heard good things about the Rowan's Creek as well, but didn't see this in time ... cheers! 🥃
  3. Just finished a road trip from WV back down to TX and convinced the wife we should take a "slight" detour while passing through Kentucky. Swung through the Willett distillery and did a curbside pickup for a 6-pack of their Estate Rye ... one of my faves, and hard to find down here. They said they had a 5-year release coming soon, but wasn't "quite ready" hmmm ... maybe someone knows more about this? Also while in WV I found a shop who just took delivery of Weller A107, so I snagged 3 of those since the contents of only bottle had mysteriously disappeared a few months ago. Great trip! 🤣
  4. Just knocked back a delicious Old Fashioned, Happy Easter, you guys. 2oz Old Grandad 114 (or other high proof bourbon/rye) 0.5oz rich simple 2 dash angostura orange peel + an ice cube
  5. Yeah we pulled down our May 2020 trip as well. Full refunds on everything except I can't figure out the train tickets (FLO-ROM), and haven't heard back from the Vatican re: the breakfast / early entrance for the Vatican/Sistine tours. All in all, just a terrible situation for those in Italy having to live through this. We really hope to rebook everything and try again for May 2021! Thanks for everyone's advice in here, and really hope everyone gets a chance to travel there in the not-too-distant future!
  6. I'm basically 'steeping' the desired ingredient into prepared simple syrup to give it a different flavor. So usually I use a 1:1 ratio of water to sugar to make the simple syrup ( After the SS is done and cooling, I steep the chai tea bags (or chilis, coffee, etc. ... whatever you're making). For the 5-spice idea I just mixed a tablespoon directly into it which resulted in it being a bit too grainy, so I strained it before serving.
  7. Yeah, give it a go and see what you think. I found it necessary to pass my 5-spice simple syrup through a mesh strainer to get the larger spice pieces out before preparing the cocktails. Cleaner look. Enjoy ✌️
  8. Also, I tried this recipe for homemade Irish Cream (Bailey's) for our family's Christmas morning and it was pretty darn tasty / easy to do:
  9. Made these the other night for a holiday party, both seemed to be hits: "Trade War" (on the spicier side) 2oz Bourbon 1oz (or as desired) simple syrup infused w/ Chinese 5-spice 2 dash orange bitters, squeeze of meyer lemon wedge Garnish w/ dried cinnamon stick + star anise, ice cube "Down Dog" 2oz Rye 1oz (or as desired) simple syrup infused w/chai tea 2 dash orange bitters Garnish w/ orange peel and sprig of fresh thyme, ice cube
  10. This topic made me realize all 4 of the places I/we have lived and will be living are each >1000miles apart from each other. Weird. Born / early childhood - Saskatchewan, Canada (who knows why) School years thru college - West Virginia / Ohio (we moved to be near my dad's family) post-college working years - Houston TX (job) next phase - Idaho
  11. that final Julio Jones drive vs. 49'ers has me tryin to dig out of a hole with Kamara and Lutz. not going well. 100yds rushing & a TD from Kamara feels like a pipe dream.
  12. So the Castello di Spaltenna looks beautiful, recommended by both @Chemical X and @Phil Elliott ... thanks! Their family suite would work great for our group of 4. Our current itinerary has us arriving Rome FCO @ 7am on Sunday. It sounds nice to go to start off with a relaxing stay in the countryside (Spaltenna) for a couple of nights, making easy day trips to places like Avignonesi and Siena, etc. before we tackle the larger cities (Florence & Rome) later in the trip. My question - if staying @ Spaltenna, is it easy to get a car to/from Florence or to/from Siena? What about getting back to Spaltenna after a dinner @ Sotto le Fonti in Siena? If Spaltenna is too rural to find transportation, we either need to think about renting a car or just staying somewhere a little closer to Siena.
  13. OK - some reasonable airfare prices came about this week (IAH-DFW-FCO on American Airlines), so we went ahead booked tickets for 09-17 May 2020. Hopefully the weather will be nice and the summer crowds won't be there quite yet. Again, this is the trip where my wife and I are taking our moms ... ages 70 & 65, good travel buddies and good sports despite their lack of international travel. Italy is a bucket list for both of them, and we are going to focus on Rome and Florence for their trip. I'm going to start compiling the awesome recommendations from this thread for lodging, eating and tour suggestions. Because we have a morning departure leaving Rome, we intend on taking the train after arriving Rome up to visit Florence first. The big question I need to answer first is how to divide the 7 nights ... should Florence or Rome get the extra (4th) night? I'm leaning toward Florence as it likely will include one of these Tuscan biking or wine-tasting excursions, but also know how much can be seen in Rome. Will share the itinerary as we lock in our plans.