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  1. Gators honestly look better than I expected. Even after last week I still didn’t quite buy in, but they look like a legit SEC East winner.
  2. Oh well ####, you didn’t tell me it was on Twitter. to your edit: Snit and Albies called out Acuna too. He deserved to be.
  3. No? He’s sucked this series but he’s hurt. I pretty much guarantee there’s a surgery in the next 10 days. He keeps saying he’s fine but his swings are soft.
  4. Again I just used 50 as a line for the sake of discussion. I agree with what you said above. The difference I see now is that technology is advancing at a substantially faster rate now than in the past. We’re past talking about just efficiencies and onto entirely new rules for which work is accomplished. With that premise in mind, the gap has widened.
  5. 50 can be a terrible baseline. I just used an arbitrary year. I also agree that people’s brains work differently, but I do see a distinct grouping of people completely unwilling to adapt to new procedures.
  6. Discuss. Quick caveat: no I don’t think all older people are useless and I chose age 50 as a random line of separation. Anecdotal evidence: Older people I work with have increasingly become unable to keep up with the technological demands of their job. People who were perfectly capable of working in a white collar field at the turn of the millennium, now spend hours trying to figure out how to find use excel or update apps on their phone. This doesn’t even include the people who come up to me asking about random spam emails and how that person knows their name. When I tell them the emails aren’t coming from real people, you can actually see their brain melting. There seems to be pushback in this demographic to adapting and they feel like their tenure should keep afloat. It’s a problem now and will be a huge burden in another decade.
  7. As a telecommuter, 4 playoff games with the first starting at 1pm is awwwwwesome.
  8. I was a little surprised he was chosen after just one year doing color for the Braves. He’s gotten better as the year has gone on, but he’s not postseason good. It is funny though when McCann hits a homer and starts running the bases and Francoeur says “it’s time for the greatest two minutes in all of baseball!”
  9. That would be odd considering they’ve had the others all year. Also, homer to Grandal in the 2 spot to open up.
  10. I didn’t think the playcall was bad either. If our DE (Xavier Thomas - #1 Def recruit two year ago) isn’t faster than most LBs, then that play works easy. OL today played like swamp ###. 6 false starts, with 4 of them on 3rd and 1 plays? Get better. We should definitely drop in the polls, but hopefully this is the kick in the ### to get serious.