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  1. Venables set to sign largest assistant coach salary ever (total not AAV).
  2. I have no clue what Dressage is at all, I’ve never heard of it in my life. Of course those are sports games, but games being the pertinent part of that equation. Also I never said it was going away, I hope it doesn’t go away. I’ve watched some Fortnite and PUBG tourneys and those are great fun. I think they’re super entertaining and watching them play is fun, it’s just not a sport. Anything where you are literally sitting on your ### in and air conditioned room in front of a monitor isn’t a sport. It’s a skill.
  3. Best Dexter villain.
  4. Xbox summer sale went live. Looking at Doom for like $13, and maybe something else.
  5. Not to go all Websters but a sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion. This isn’t that. Im not diminishing the amount of skill it takes, but it takes zero physicality. I get the name from a marketing standpoint, but I still think it’s goofy. Just call it digital competition or something.
  6. I actually agree with the first part. Pop warner numbers in decline which will lead to less talent all the way up.
  7. I think you’re severely underestimating how much better these players are than someone like you or me. Again if it’s not your thing, that’s cool.
  8. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. What in your view is the difference between video games at a competitive level vs something like basketball? You’re a passive participant in both.
  9. Oh I agree with all that, I just think the name is goofy. Call if the Halo world championship or the COD professional league or whatever. I just think using the term sport is pushing the envelope a bit too far.
  10. So I had this mentality for awhile but I started watching a few different people on twitch and I enjoy it. They play at such a substantially higher level than I do, that it’s easy to appreciate. I domt watch people play single player games, but I can see the value there if you just enjoy the person. It’s just reality tv without networks filling out the roles with stereotypes on each show. Edit: let me add though that I think calling it “ESports” is ####### goofy.
  11. So in the morning there’s a little more traffic and I’m going against gravity to the office upstairs. There’s some traffic around the coffee maker in the kitchen because the dog treats are close and my buddy thinks he needs one. At that point, I move around him and it’s 16 steps and down a hallway. On a good day, 30 seconds til I’m at my desk. Finishing up the day is a bit easier. I’m going with gravity and it does most of the work.
  12. I said this after Josh Allen too, but how the #### do these agents not have someone comb through the social media immediately after signing someone? Just go back, read the ####, delete the ####. I dont know what the Brewers do with Hader at this point. The locker room culture is probably more important in the MLB than any other sport.
  13. So I’ve kept it downloaded since I bought the digital copy, but I would think it would be in your purchase history? They still support the game, it’s very easy to grab updated rosters.
  14. I bought a new backing to my 360 controller from amazon. It came yesterday, I downloaded 2018 rosters, and fired up NCAA football 2014. I bought it digital for $5 not knowing they would discontinue the series. Best $5 ever.