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  1. I played the first Golf Club game and really enjoyed it. I found the course editor to be very difficult to use, which is unfortunate because I was really looking forward to that portion. As far as the golf itself, it became pretty easy but I still enjoyed it. I prefer the old 3 click golf games like Links LS back in the day, but this game is as close as they’ve come in a bit to making realistic golf.
  2. Since PSU fans are lurking... Ricky Skade finishes the year with a stat line of... ?
  3. I think I saw Jon Hamm, which means my wife will have us tix for opening night.
  4. If you were able to see it now, you wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. I’m not saying that to be derogatory towards you, but it’s not meant for you. Just like glam rock wasn’t made for those who got back from Vietnam and Elvis wasn’t cool to those who grew up on Patsy Cline.
  5. Of course they have. It’s weird seeing these types of threads all over the place. You don’t see it because you’re living in it. You think it’s stupid just like older generations before. It’s done differently now. Nobody cares about MTV, it’s youtube and Instagram.
  6. She’s just pissed at the tire situation. I would assume she’s yelling at you because it’s the only outlet and that she’s not really mad at you. Or she has displaced anger issues and I’d hide the knives before she gets home.
  7. 1. Be east of Memphis 2. Be west of Memphis 3. Be north of Memphis 4. Be south of Memphis 5. Climate 6. Nature
  8. Runs a pyramid scheme...
  9. Uhhh... On New Year's Eve 2008, TMZ published a story that said Fitzgerald had been ordered to stay away from [former girlfriend Angela] Nazario. It detailed the allegations, gleaned from court documents, that she leveled against him -- that after the two began quarreling, Fitzgerald challenged her to a play fight. Nazario said she swung at Fitzgerald, who then pushed her. He "grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room." When Nazario tried to leave with their son, she said Fitzgerald "grabbed the back of my neck and slammed me down on the marble floor…. was disoriented for awhile and could not get up, I remember he mumbled something about 'that's what happens when you try taking my son away from me.'" When she made it to her car, Nazario said she realized Fitzgerald had pulled out chunks of her hair.
  10. Warrick Dunn is first ballot of the love and respected Sports HOF. Deshaun Watson is the current generation version to follow in his footsteps. Edit: I’ll add my favorite news story.
  11. I’ll echo what Slax said, prob just need the S. My only caveat is if you’re on the verge of getting a 4K tv and you’re a graphics snob, maybe go X.
  12. The other thing I’d say is that while I did make some good friends in my prior job, by and large my office experience was avoiding gossips and busy body types. I got stuck for an hour nearly every day listening to people’s family problems and stuff like that.
  13. Married, but childless, do have two dogs. I’ve been telecommuting for almost 8 years (ages 29-37). The first year was tough, going from a job with a ton of interaction to basically turning the switch completely off. Now, with time I’ve met people in my company and so the phone meetings provide interaction and I do meet with clients in person maybe 25x a year. After the first year I just got used to it and find it to be a huge value add now. I walk the dogs at lunch, I can keep the tv running during the day or whatever. It would take a lot for me to be fine working in an office again.
  14. I said 40%, probably closer to 50%. I’m not really tied here though and have no kids. Honestly thats about the bump it would take for me to work in an office again. Telecommute 4 Lyf.