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  1. I preordered the new COD to try the Battle Royale beta and I didn’t much care for it. I think the COD gameplay has just passed me by. It ran really smoothly so if COD is your game, I’m sure you’ll like it. I canceled my preorder for the time being though. Just too fast and quick twitch for me.
  2. I think Disarm is like a top 20 song all time, so I guess that’s the one. I also like Cherub Rock and Muzzle. Zero probably has the greatest guitar work.
  3. Honestly haven’t done non-parking pass in so long that I don’t even know what the current options are. I’m sure the cousin knows what the deal is, but I’m guessing you’ll be walking a good bit. Way back when I would park by the golf course, but that’s the opposite way coming in from Seneca.
  4. Do you have a parking pass or anything like that, or are you just going general? From Seneca, it’s basically one road into Clemson and one road back out, so be prepared to get there early. I believe that game is set for noon, so most of the tailgating will be postgame. There will be tons of people out, but I’d plan to stick around well after game time. The traffic sucks, so people just hang out all day. I’d head downtown and check things out. It’s a pretty quaint college town, your cousin will know where to go. Grab a drink at TigerTownTavern and just check things out. Another option is the Esso Club but since we’re talking gameday, getting anything other than a drink will be tough. They’ll be packed. As far as tailgating, the biggest lots are right beside the stadium on the west and north sides. The east side is a big hill that leads to campus and the dorms. About an hour before the game the band / cheerleaders will have a parade from their pregame concert down into the stadium and it’s worth catching if this is a one time stop for you.
  5. The defense is stout. We didn’t have our legs under us against the Aggies, but I’m not too worried about that. I do think Lawrence will be the QB by the end of the year, but KB’s legs are kind of an important part of our system, so he won’t be relegated solely to the bench. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t know how we compare to the past few years, obviously we don’t have a generational guy like Watson (TL could be eventually), but I think we’re pretty good. Against a top team, who knows. I hope we get there to find out.
  6. Portal 2 is backwards compatible. There’s like 3 tomb raider games now. Prince of Persia would be perfect, but those are older now and I don’t think compatible.
  7. The discrepancy between haves and have nots is the largest I’ve seen in awhile.
  8. I mean, they look to be in line for a decent season. Best case, 2nd in the West. Worst case is still 4th/5th.
  9. Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and mushrooms. My 4th is spinach.
  10. Funny thing is, if someone came in and decked him I guarantee they’d argue the fair catch and beg for a penalty.
  11. She’s a caricature of “just one of the guys... but really hot.” In some regards, I think that makes me think she’s kind of phony, even though she’s personally done nothing to warrant it. I’ve known that type before though, and after awhile they’ve always wrapped around to the other end of the spectrum, then they microwave your valuables and steal your kitchen knives.
  12. My confidence factors in things like no one getting injured, which is obviously never a sure thing.
  13. 90% chance it’s Tua, 5% Love and 5% Taylor but for either of those they need 2k rushing and no losses.
  14. So many preservatives it’s basically a fossil.
  15. I do think there needs to be some punishment for flailing the ball at the goal line uncontrolled, I just don’t know about loss of possession. Maybe just a 10 yard / loss of down penalty from the spot of the fumble? Something like if it happens on 2nd down at the 1, it would be 3rd and goal from the 11? I think that’s maybe the most equitable situation. If it comes on a long run, make it first down and goal at the 20? I don’t know.