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  1. These were wrong, not defending that. Kneeling was right.
  2. I just find him to be phony, or at best unintelligent (which considering his business ventures may be more appropriate).
  3. Political or not, I wouldn’t want to hang in a luxury box and hobnob with someone who has done the things Donald Trump has done. Mel Gibson wasn’t showing upon pics on everyone’s twitter feed after he ranted against Jews.
  4. Drew is phony. Trump allows Charlottesville to happen and refers to bad people “on both sides.” Trump calls those expressing their constitutional right “sons of #####es.” Trump invokes racist sheriff tweeting “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” Trump tweets about sic’ing dogs on protestors as if he’s never studied the civil rights movement. Trump shows exactly who he is for over 3 years in office. Brees hangs with Donald in 2020.
  5. 🙄 It’s sad how people prioritize cloth over people. Not surprising, but sad.
  6. He wasn’t burning the flag, he wasn’t spray painting the flag, he was using his first amendment right represented by the flag.
  7. I guess all it takes it a really talented set of skill position players to get mad at their QB to end racism.
  8. I had it explained like this. Marc has an appetizer. Jon MX has no food. The waiter comes and Jon MX says I’m hungry and would like to order. Marc says we’re all hungry and would like to order. Marc is doing a disservice because he’s munching on his appetizer and keeping nourishment from JonMX. Of course Marc wants to be served as well, but let JonMX get something because he doesn’t have anything.
  9. I’ll say that when I come to your town for business, the Overland Park area seems like a nice place. Downtown area seems oddly empty.
  10. Where was that line of thought a month ago when everyone was irked they couldn’t get their nails done? Georgia reopened a month ago. People can figure out how to protest with masks on. I’d prefer they leave their assault rifles at home.
  11. I don’t think it’ll finish either to be honest. At the very least, teams are going to be short handed with guys quarantined off and on all season.