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  1. Does that really have a chance to happen at the P5 level? Success kind of builds on success since those schools keep pouring money into the program. I guess someone like Nebraska could make a resurgence because football is important to them, but I think a lot of middlle of the road teams are likely to be content staying there. Someone like Duke, IU, Arizona, etc... they care, but they are about other stuff a lot more. They may have a special season here or there, but they kind of just are who they are. If you mean non-P5, well it’s whoever finds a great coach and then can maintain once they leave. Boise St cMe up under Hawkins and continued under Peterson and on and on. UCF had frost, now they’re maintaining under Buddy Lee and maybe it continues too.
  2. bigmarc27

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    This is my problem too. When I was like 25 it was like clockwork that around 8pm, it was COD or Battlefield or whatever time. That’s not a thing anymore for me, it’s stealing an hour when the wife is shopping or getting a haircut. If that hour matches up with anyone, it’s just coincidence. Thats actually one of the huge reasons I’ve always like FO (and tES). I could just get immersed in a world and didn’t need to check with Bry@n4-2-o was able to play with me.
  3. bigmarc27

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    They need real quests with real consequences. That’s why New Vegas is so beloved. What you did mattered and it made the game a true role playing experience. Also at this point, there’s no excuse for such a buggy engine. They should be embarrassed that this is the best they can come up with by now.
  4. bigmarc27

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    It’s not just this guy, the game is currently sitting at 49% on Metacritic with the highest review among publications at a 74.
  5. Even if it’s not gimmicky, I just don’t see myself sitting in a room with a headset on playing games. My youngest brother has a Vive and it’s neat for like an hour, but then you realize you’d rather be sitting on the couch with a controller. Im great with it as an optional peripheral, but kind of like the the Kinect for the Xbox, I don’t see it catching on. Let me caveat that by saying if anyone could make it work, it would be Sony because they’re so dominant in the Asian markets where I could foresee the VR stuff catching on.
  6. For anyone that doesn’t think he’s full on stalking me, he’s following me into other threads... I guess since people got tired of it here, he decided to shift more of his creeping elsewhere.
  7. Bought a Roomba 9something for $450 on Amazon - normally $700.
  8. ...and while I was messing around at lunch, victory #9. Its a decent example of what I was talking about with strategy. I know the last few people are in the little village waiting each other out, so I flank to cover on the far side of the circle. When it starts closing, it was like shooting fish in a barrel (although I was a little mad I didn’t get credit for killing both of the last two guys). At no point did I need to worry about a jet pack or someone spamming a grenade launcher, it just makes it more fun for me. gunner/ad3d319c-6e79-4576-a7b0-3d65738bf6a1
  9. Ahh, that may be. It’s rarely an issue here (no kids) so I never really investigated. Thanks!
  10. Right, I know an ND guy and it’s always USC and Navy. Obviously USC isn’t an option for the ACC, so they have to turn the other annual game into a conference game, then ND can play USC as their OOC rival every season. Big 10 seems like a better fit, but contractually I don’t believe that can happen for a very long time.
  11. For WVU, I think it was always academics but then we pulled Louisville so who knows.
  12. I haven’t followed along to your original question, but I do have two Xb1s in the house - the original which is in the living area and is mainly a glorified Apple TV at the moment, and the 1x in the gaming room where I actually play games. You may need to work something with Xbox live logins, because it’ll log off one Xbox if you use the other. Like if I’m playing and my wife decides to watch Netflix downstairs it’ll kick me off.
  13. Was playing RD2, went back to PUBG. Up to 8 solo wins now. I find my gaming niche at this point to be the more strategic multiplayer games. I like the multiplayer aspect because there’s something satisfying about beating another real person, but I like the strategy of a R6 Siege or PUBG, where it’s not a coked out 9 year old running circles around everyone.
  14. Navy is the only way the conference gets ND though. ND will never not play Navy - they’re tied together, so it would have to be a conference game for them to accept an offer. I don’t think that happens, or happens anytime soon, but that’s item #1 on the list if they ever did join the as a full member.
  15. I think UGa is actually a bit overrated. Their playcalling on offense is actually pretty poor and when they played the best defense they’ve faced, they got shut down. I’m curious how they’ll do against Bama.