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  1. I never implied it wasn’t. I was saying Asians hating on other Asians. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard Chinese people call Japanese people ghosts and Japanese people making fun of the round faces of Chinese people.
  2. I’m tempted. Is the combat fluid? I tried Lords of the Fallen and didn’t have fun at all. I do have ave a gift card, but at this moment I was just hanging on til Sekiro.
  3. People that never go to the South think we all still live in big expansive plantations sipping lemonade on the porch to keep from getting the vapers every day.
  4. Indians and if you get into the Norcross area, Asians. Of course a lot of that is mainly Asian on Asian racism - holy cow do they all hate each other.
  5. Does this include “Canadians?” When my wife was a waitress in HS, they were all trying not to get the Canadian table... even the black servers.
  6. I’m shocked that 2/10 do to be honest.
  7. Wait, we’re including minorities using it? That changes my answer drastically.
  8. Also my great Grandmother was in her 90s when I was a kid and she told me “I love that colored boy Urkel, he’s so funny.” She was from Massachusetts. In all seriouness though, I don’t encounter open racism often and the people I am around wouldn’t do it privately. My step bro is dating a black girl, my brother went from a Cuban to half Japanese girl, and my wife is Egyptian. The last thing I can remember that even bothered me was actually a black dude asking my wife “hey girl, what you mixed with?”
  9. Actually the one instance I can remember from many years ago was my friend’s dad at my friend’s wedding. He was from NC. Ablemarle? Something like that. That was the kind of guy who kept a sixer in his truck and would drink it during the work day.
  10. Correct. Although they all seem to know my mom if that counts.
  11. I haven’t heard it in person in easily 15 years. I hear it nearly every day on Xbox. This is assuming we aren’t counting music, movies, and tv.
  12. Yeah, this is in my queue. I pretty much only do iBooks now and started the Stand uncut version (apparently 400 extra pages?). Anyway, on 1100 out of 1800 or so digital pages right now. I’m completely engrossed. When finished, I’ll have to go back and see what was added. There was one particularly long chapter with Trashcan Man that had a lot of weird side stories and I found out that had originally been cut. That’s been about the only 30 pages so far where I was reading as quickly as possible to get past, but in retrospect it was ok. After that, 11.22.63 is already bought (loved the miniseries), then maybe The Shining after.
  13. I personally don’t care, but I also can see why someone can get offended sometimes. Yeah sometimes I think people go overboard too, but it’s hard for me to say because I’m not in their shoes. If I make a joke about battered women, hey it’s just a joke. But if I tell it to someome whose mom used to get beat up on the reg, he might not find it funny. I don’t know if it’s jumped the shark either, I think we’re just more aware of things now. I’m sure there were people offended with all kinds of things back in the 80s, but theyd just tell their neighbor, not the entire world.
  14. Older people (opening this can of worms) cannot wrap their head around what’s appropriate and inappropriate to say. I’m 37, dad is 59. He calls me up once a week asking why someone took something as inappropriate (something that’s in the news, family member upset, etc...). Inevitably after 10 minutes circling the discussion, I say “if you were ______ , would you find it funny since the joke is at your expense?” At that point he invariably says “huh” and then we just chat about movies or whatever. Every. Single. Time. Same conversation - doesn’t get it, then it clicks but he forgets the entire thing a week later. Everyone thinks they’re a comedian, the problem is they’re not funny.
  15. You’re getting more mileage from this one flight than the plane did.