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  1. You are missing a big part. Once we get to the point where having these livable wage jobs and they create a better quality of life then welfare systems, people will be more driven to work to have more things. The is the crux of social reform. However, if you disenfranchise the poor, then you give them handouts no reasonable path forward ... you get what we have today. To be fair there are people that want to remove the hand-outs too.
  2. I didn't, but it was out of line. I actually commented on it, then I hid it, when I saw a Moderator took care of it.
  3. To be fair it could also be on the high end as we get more accurately able to determine who is exactly infected and realize we are under counting the infected.
  4. He’d be running on smoke and mirrors man. It’s better to correct instead of what’s been going on. He has a lot of people totally fooled (still). I don't disagree. But some accomplishments would be nice for our country 😉
  5. I think that's fake
  6. Not a funny prospect, to be honest. I would much rather Trump have the economy to run on if it keeps things afloat. Also would love him to have eradicating coronavirus on his accomplishments too.
  7. Thanks Obama. I don't think we should give presidents credit for the stock market.
  8. 500 million cases were reported and had clinically apparent illness. The actual infection rates would have been much higher. Thank you for the explanation
  9. Agreed almost as good as half of Obama's percentage growth in his first 4 years.
  10. I don’t know what you’re looking at, but that’s not consistent with any research I’ve ever seen about the 1918 Spanish Flu. My apologies, there were anywhere between 40-100 million deaths of the 500 million cases. I am sure I am missing a step in calculating mortality. sorry
  11. But to be fair in 1918 they were not as aware on how these are transmitted so we are able to better slow down transmission rates. And I think you are really low on that mortality rate. ---------------------------------- 500 million infected with a death toll of at least 40 million so at least 8% mortality (as high as 20%)
  12. You talking about the virus? They’ll get it under control eventually. I doubt it’ll be years. I am talking about bad economic conditions and the virus would just be the catalyst for starting things. Oh sorry! I misunderstood.
  13. This could be something serious that lasts years. I know some will say I’m fear mongering but it’s the truth. I think it is almost guaranteed to last years, the question is at what growth.
  14. He also stated publicly today that he believes this is a problem that’s going to go away. Money doesn’t help without an actual plan. This money should have been requested weeks ago. There should be actual boots on the ground right now. And mere days ago the admin doubled down on cutting CDC funding. Didn't he also say a vaccine was almost done?