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  1. It is possible I absolutely believe changes need to be made, BLM. You said "I [YOU] don’t like it when people kneel when the NA is played or the colors" Seems like case close.
  2. Does he want to do play by play for the Kings? Otherwise, it has no relevance to Napear. We have an entire thread dedicated to him. I dont feel the need to get into it further here. Then don't. I found it relevant so that is why I posted it.
  3. Remember that guy who couldn't get a job in the NFL because he knelt during the anthem?
  4. Does it matter if we know the name of the kid?
  5. It’s funny timing you posted this. Just this weekend I was talking to my wife about how numbers just get thrown around yet people have no idea just how big they are. I used a billion as an example, it’s become almost commonplace to hear “billionaire” etc. yet counting to a billion at a 1 per second pace would take just shy of 32 yrs! It’s an absolutely massive number, an I read that Jeff Bezos is projected to be the first Trillionaire in about 5 years. The fact that one person is close to doing it, doesn’t scare me with the amount of money it is.
  6. No I share the name of an actor who played in Z Lord of the Rings and other major movies. Thought not a common name.
  7. To be fair the pandemic version of unemployment does cover some, though it lets the states make the determination, about feeling safe at work. Heck you can even get the pandemic part is certain states if childcare is an issue because of school being shutdown or the lack of daycare availability. I think it could be considered unreasonable or ignorant to not see this wave of unemployment as a different animal than most others.
  8. While we are at it let's go ahead and mention some of the ridiculous things the restaurants get away with doing. How about charging $2.50 for a soda that cost them 5 cents? TBH, That's a fair line of thought.
  9. Yup. Good year to take a gap year, imo. I am 46 and in January I decided to take a gap year from working and get my masters online. Best decision ever!
  10. Last surviving member of Rockford Peaches, of 'League of Their Own' fame, dies at 101
  11. Covid 19 social isolation, not a mistake. Claiming only 15 people have it and it will soon be 0, would be. Some mistakes in History cause it is in interesting topic Cherynobyl Mexico facination with the Alamo loses them Texas Franz Ferdinand’s assassination Open gate at Constantinople leads to fall of Rome Invade Russia in winter (Hilter and Napoleon) Battle of Karansebes in 1788 Defense of Shao fotress in 260BC by Shao Kuo Operation Bagration (1944) Battle of Inchon (1950) But this game is lame because the premise is faulty
  12. Short memory. Cuomo said some things at the start of this he wishes he didn't and downplayed the severity until it exploded. But since then the govt. there has done much better than most. I wouldn’t say “until it exploded” but he wasn’t calling it a pandemic back in January.
  13. I hindsight with how New York has handled things over the past 2 months I have got to say I am very impressed. The number of lives saved with the measures implemented have been great! No doom and gloom here. Just appreciation for how my state government has handled this.