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  1. Neil Gorsuch was on the original list released in May of 2016, which contained 20 names. Gorsuch was nominated in January of '17. Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, along with 3 others, were added to the list in November of 2017. Kavanaugh was nominated July 9, 2018. Barrett was nominated last week. link So what is the point of releasing a pre-election list if you are just going to change it? The original list still had 19 names on it that were not yet nominated.
  2. Good point. Had Cruz, Carson, Jeb, Rubio or any of the '16 primary field ended up as Prez, they likely would have nominated 3 SC Justices with very similar profiles, so yes, this is mostly timing and fate in terms of Trump. The one thing you do have to credit him for, or really his campaign team, was the pre-release during the '16 campaign of his list that he would select Justices from. As far as tactics, this was a master stroke, and likely has already set a new precedent for future presidential candidates. Biden even indicated he would follow suit in June, but has already reversed course on this. But Kavanaugh wasn't on the list.
  3. If I said of Trump what you said of AOC I'd be booted out of here in a hurry. Not sure why you get a pass on AOC. You know why, its just how it is here.
  4. You’re not responding to me there. Oops, sorry LoL
  5. Can we be honest, MOST voters don't see nor care about that type of campaign detail.
  6. I think little pay just makes it less likely middle class and poor can serve.
  7. Collins was fact-checking McEnany about Trump's comments on masks as recently as six days ago, so she presents herself as being an advocate of masks. or facts LoL 😉
  8. I don't know if it was expected, but it is hypocritical and disappointing. I don't know her, do we know what her personal stance on masks are?
  9. Her comments on the Kaepernick situation seemed to be a little tone deaf IIRC Instead of just recalling can you put forth a little effort and post what comments you are referring to? Drive by bashing of someone who just died is not cool.
  10. I’d argue government wanting to get into the business of a woman and her doctor are directly responsibility.
  11. That seems to be pizza shop territory. Not really. Not in terms of scope and not in terms of evidence. I need proof. I can't let myself think things like this are true without evidence. I wouldn't be surprised, but that's not enough.
  12. It appears the disagreement here is over “follow the instructions of law enforcement.” Many of these people in my community that say this are the same ones that violate the mask wearing regulations. They just want black people to “follow the instructions of law enforcement.”
  13. I agree that the mass majority of police officers are good people. #BLM
  14. So, if I read that right, potentially 75 million Americans believe that Democrat politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, are running a pedophile ring in a non existing basement of Comet Pizza? Or has it evolved? Whatever happened to the people that pushed that conspiracy on this site? They still around?
  15. What do you mean? He made choices that he wanted to make and those choices had consequences. I just hope his choices didn’t impact any one else who didn’t make those same choices.