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  1. Is this the good discussion you were seeking earlier this morning in another thread? I can assure you I'm not owning the liberals when I refer to Ron Artest instead of Metta World Peace. They also aren't when they call Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce.
  2. What if someone wanted to be called Mike, would you call them that? And why?
  3. Do you call anyone named William, Bill? If so, why?
  4. I've seen my fair share of people who think their ex is dating a loser. Often times it turns out that the person thinking that has a skewed view of the person their ex is boning. I know, unbelievable!
  5. I like AOC and maybe it is just me but what happened to good ole fashioned "Democrats"? They moved to the republican party is the 1960's
  6. Only famous 77 year old I could quickly find was Bernie Sanders, I will kick his butt if he loses to Trump (if he makes it that far).
  7. I don't know the exact day my first account was created, but I do know on 9-11 I had already been here a couple years. I remember when we moved to the new board I think I had member number 230 or something. I think it is a shame that 9-11 thread is gone. I was mid 20s when I joined without any kids, now mid 40s and my eldest daughter is graduating high school in 2 weeks.
  8. Woodstock 50 Loses Venue After Watkins Glen International Announces Decision to Cancel
  9. To me Chick-Fil-A has a higher than typical quality of food and service for fast food, I use to go there quite a bit. But over time their leadership stances on issues has turned me away. I don't care enough about fast food to support places like this. I am sure they don't miss my business and I don't really miss their food.
  10. No, but the solution is to go to the awards ceremony and skip the family meetup. Obviously celebrating my daughter's accomplishment is important. But to me it seems strange that they would select this day. But I have come to realize, in this thread, that not as many people use this as a family day as I suspected.
  11. I feel exactly the same, but I extend that to my father as well.
  12. I wasn’t referring to your event. I figured, but still... 😉