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  1. I thought about Trump going scorched earth on both parties. He is irate that the GOP rank and file haven’t done enough to support him and he could spite them. It would be freakin hilarious if the GOP lost the Georgia Senate seats because of it. I know it’s unlikely, but amusing nonetheless.
  2. Depending on how this plays out, she’s not going to have her position much longer anyway.
  3. How about those little keychain Swiss Army knives?
  4. I’m not going back and looking through this interesting thread to find out who stated that Sprouts chocolate covered (dark or milk) malt balls are far superior to Whoppers, but thank you for enlightening me. I just bought a pack of the milk and dark and they are awesome. Whoppers are #### in comparison.
  5. They meant look worse, right? The ship has sailed on him looking bad.
  6. Why do the Rams away jerseys look like someone forgot to wash them with bleach?
  7. 7 Nights of Darkness Found footage film about 6 contestants who can win a million dollars if they stay in an abandoned and known haunted Ohio asylum over a series of days (7 nights, get it). Skip it. It’s not so good. 2/5
  8. Brightline might get to Tampa in 2050.
  9. I bought multiple and tested on one outlet. It didn’t power up with it installed. I removed it and the outlet worked just fine again. I think the one I tested is on a GFCI circuit so it won’t work. I’m gonna try a different outlet tomorrow.