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  1. Growing up in Philly, my dad told me we would basically have to move if I ever wanted to drive a car bc the insurance was so ridiculous. That was 1987. We moved that summer to the suburbs of Milwaukee and I could drive a couple years later. Coincidence? Absolutely.
  2. Fill the porta potty with their garbage.
  3. I do like it up there. Just reminds me a lot of FL for the same reason. Tbh, I really like Boulder City. It’s kind of a nice small town at least until the building moratorium is lifted.
  4. Yup. If you like beige stucco, you’ll love Summerlin
  5. Paradise is mostly between Henderson and Vegas proper. It’s south and east of the airport. It’s not a sketchy area from what I’ve seen. Tourists don’t venture there really unless they’re returning a rental car.
  6. Summerlin=Stuccoville. Not interested in Paradise?
  7. More casinos initially excluding resort fees for upcoming opening
  8. Surprised the roads were closed tbh. I imagine it will be over shortly.
  9. Protest going on about 3 miles from my house at a major intersection southeast of Tampa. The major roads are closed, but the protest is remaining calm and quite vocal.