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  1. No to both. Recently had out of town guests and they were masked for the whole hour they were in my house. Had a couch delivered Saturday and both guys were masked. Not hanging out for an extended amount of time, but them respecting my space was greatly appreciated.
  2. Big fan of Glacier. I’ve hiked in it on both sides of the border. A great park without the big crowds makes it worth going to any summer imo.
  3. I was setting up my bank bill pay for UWM (first payment of refi due..yay) the other day and I had a question about setup so I called them. They were very nice and I thanked them for saving me $26k right before I hung up.
  4. Possession Has anyone else seen this movie with Sam Neill from 1981. It’s weird af if you just take the plot for what it is, but the underlying themes are interesting imo. 3/5
  5. Are you planning to roll coal?
  6. The Invitation It’s a story about an ex-husband invited to a dinner party where friends get together after a long time apart. It’s a slow burn about cult beliefs and their ultimate result. The ending seems fitting for 2020 imo. 3/5
  7. I refuse to ever have a couch that requires power of any kind.
  8. Wow. Falcons trying to reenact their Super Bowl swan song?