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  1. Other. Don John in Much Ado About Nothing.
  2. Just got the roof re-done last Friday and Saturday with the Owens Corning system. These shingles have to be at least twice as thick as the garbage 15 year shingles the house came with. Warrantied up to 130 mph, 30 year material, and 25 year labor. This is the last roof I will buy for this house. Very happy, but it was pricey.
  3. Another Soul Another possession movie with far too many cliché moments. Ugh. 1.5/5
  4. It’s worked for me at Vdara and Four Seasons the last few years.
  5. You’re gonna see some slower times (sloth-like perhaps) from me upcoming, but there will be times.
  6. Rent a Honda and get married at one of the drive thru wedding chapels. YWIA.
  7. Disappointed with their fried green tomatoes. I think they sliced them with a mandolin they were so freakin thin.
  8. Mrs. O has challenged the HOA on many things such as rain barrels and artificial turf and won. Only a matter of time before she champions another cause.
  9. Asphalt. I would have gone raised seam, but the HOA doesn’t allow them.....yet.
  10. Day 2 of roof replacement. The devastation yesterday was pretty impressive. Not too much water damage resulting in just a few extra boards. Drip edge and shingles with cleanup happening today. Should be interesting to see how ridge vents work versus the garbage box vents I had before. My dog is not pleased with all of this. I took her out for a cheeseburger yesterday, but she’s gonna want something more today.