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  1. You can do a whole lotta walking in Sky Harbor airport. I’ve already had 1 beer. Love me some Four Peaks Peach Ale
  2. Keeping my 15 year non-moving streak alive. You’re all inspiring me to keep it going.
  3. This is someone I’ve actually worked with on another film in the past. People think he’s playing a character in American Movie. He’s not, that’s actually what he’s like. Coven is funny. ETA: iirc, he turned down a role in Riding in Cars with Boys and pissed off Penny Marshall.
  4. Anyone else’s Strava route history get pruned? ETA: nm. My route yesterday was slightly different
  5. SFU seems to be working pretty well for me. I dropped Sling and am relying on SFU once again. MTV Classic is back in case you were wondering.
  6. If you can’t find it, let me know. I have it.
  7. Looks like Nestor finally left my area leaving a swamp and some pretty bad roads. Yay.