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  1. It didn’t happen on his watch so it’s cool evidently.
  2. Saw Ant-Man and Wasp last night. I liked it. Raspberry danish
  3. Haven’t had one yet. I had a Sournote Fruit Punch instead, but planning on cracking one open today.
  4. Waiting out for Cracktus from Hidden Springs. My first release wait line. I got here early and it was already 20-25 deep.
  5. I go to my dermatologist quarterly for one thing and one thing only: an injection I am not allowed to give myself. My pharmacy screwed up my prescription ship date so I had to reschedule my appointment. They suggested I can still come in at the scheduled time if I want to see the doctor still and then schedule another appointment for the injection. WTF? Obvious money grab? Turrible all around.
  6. Did you buy these?
  7. I was browsing though my YouTube history and came across this gem: Chuck E. Cheese Hell. It came from someone here, right?
  8. I assumed everyone uses butter. :mindblown:
  9. ICE

    I feel duped. Thought this was an @Arizona Ron thread.
  10. Yeah. His latest ad running is awesome. What a guy.
  11. Oh yeah. Too many times to remember when I lived there.