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  1. Osaurus

    Worst food ever?

    I would say it depends on what you get, but I get the hate. Gloppy large curd is wretched. Small curd and relatively dry is awesome. Breakstone’s and Frienship are my favorites. Low fat, high protein, and plenty of calcium are what interest me. Tastes pretty good with a bit of fresh ground pepper too.
  2. Osaurus

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Bring back poop emoji!!!!
  3. Strictly crystals in my house
  4. There are way too many good beers to get through in and around Denver. I’m trying, but failing miserably and enjoying every minute of it. Heading up to Fort Collins to a place with 100 beers on tap and then up to Laramie for the weekend. ETA: I missed The Breeders in Tampa last night. That’s a bummer.
  5. True, but those ads are on too late in the day for most old folks. At least in Tampa. FB on the other hand is ideal. So much garbage right at their fingertips. I’m out in CO and I think they’re are as many political ads here as there are in FL.
  6. Osaurus

    The emojis are changing again

    It is unfortunate 🙂
  7. Osaurus

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    Wow. Wtf is going on with Arizona? Rosen should leave at halftime.
  8. Osaurus

    Vote on your top 5 post "Reaction" emojis

    I celebrate the entire emoji catalog
  9. Osaurus

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    I’ll be back to the Florida heat soon enough. I can barely breathe here let alone do anything else yet. 😉
  10. Osaurus

    In the market for a self propelled push mower

    I think I’ve had my Toro mulching mower for at least 6 years now and love it. I even seized up the engine once when it ran out of oil, but refilled and still runs like a champ. This is my 3rd mower since buying my house and it’s 1000x better than the other two.
  11. Osaurus

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    SI is 63 (you read that right) here outside of Idaho Springs, CO. The lodge I’m staying at is at 10,500 feet. It’s cozy.