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  1. INXS’ Live Baby Live concert video at Wembley is amazing. If you’re a fan, I highly recommend it.
  2. Florida is full, but if you did come down, you’d quickly realize everything else about it bothers you way more than ever wearing socks.
  3. Debbie Harry alleges she hopped a ride briefly with Ted Bundy. She thought something wasn’t right and jumped out of the car. Blondie had a ton of great songs in various styles. I like Rip Her to Shreds and Dreaming
  4. Jared’s gonna figure this out. He’ll make it a key element of the Middle East peace plan
  5. Maybe he likes his Kung Pao spicy.
  6. Really dig their cover of Head Like a Whole for a “newer” song.
  7. Do yourself a favor and listen to their Pioneers Who Got Scalped anthology. A great set of works imo.
  8. Why aren’t they in the RNRHOF yet? Use your freedom of choice!
  9. Just had some serious swamp ### at the gym. Not a good feeling whatsoever, but evidently quite timely.
  10. Been waiting for this. Surprised there hasn’t been any talk yet tbh.