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  1. I just saw Air Force One parked at Patrick AFB. I could tell what is was when I got closer by the empty chicken buckets around the landing gear.
  2. I was briefly in Titusville grabbing a beer and there was a 5k getting ready to start. Mrs. O looked at me and then flicked the back of my head and said “no”. So tempting
  3. You need to get a bird cannon as soon as possible.
  4. Maybe short passes, but the result will still not be good.
  5. Throwing to Browns receivers isn’t really much better than what he had at UWYO either.
  6. Gonna be a great day on the water today. Heading to Daytona and then Cocoa Beach here in a bit.
  7. I was an ASICS guy before I realized how awful they were for me. My Brooks Glycerins are pricey at ~$125 (Roadrunner Sports), but $160 is a hella lot to pay. Maybe they will serve you a very long time like my Brooks do. I swear I was buying ASICS Gel Nimbus like every 3-4 months. They stretched out so bad they were unwearable. My Brooks (rotated) last 8-12 months.
  8. I’ve always wanted to do a relay. Have fun.
  9. I believe it is. I’m not a DVC member either, but I went up there with friends that are. It’s actually pretty cool and usually dead.
  10. I liked French Quarter better. Maybe it was the beignets or the boat launch 4 doors down from my room