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  1. Maybe it's regional? Maybe it's the news or social media individuals watch? Maybe it's personal bias? But in the part of the country I live, it's completely opposite of your view. A big blue wave could be the outcome. If we consider polls, talking heads, etc etc. I personally, for the life of me, have no clue which way this could go. November is a long way away by political terms??
  2. I'm going to Fripp Island in about 3 weeks. I hope South Carolina doesn't shut down before then.
  3. This is why I could never vote for a Democrat. What's happening now is a travesty. Peaceful protests, I'm all for. Silence on or allowing things like CHOP or CHAZ or whatever the heck it's called. Allowing mobs to tear down statues. We have a process to remove them properly. The hypocrisy on covid with protests versus rallies. Liberals/celebrities not being "cancelled" for doing the exact or worse things as conservatives. I'm done with all of it. Whatever cause they were pushing for is now lost on me. Straight ticket voter in November. I've never done that before, but I am now.
  4. The Boondocks should never be on tv by today's standards. They use the N word and racial stereotypes worse than any rap song.
  5. I think to many people put "faith" in the federal government. I've been quarantining and social distancing since mid march. I don't need Trump or any government agency to tell me what to do. I'm an adult. I've listened to the experts and acted accordingly. Why is this so hard? If people want to go out unprotected and run the risk of transmitting it to family and friends, so what? EVERYONE should know the risks by now. Let people live and die by their own choices. And yes, that might mean you came into contact from some idiot who caught it from "breaking the rules". Again, so what? If you was following the rules, you wouldn't contract it from them. Just let people be. If you're that afraid or have people in your immediate contact that are at risk, then self quarantine. It's not that freaking hard.
  6. I consider myself an independent, yet there is no way I could vote for Biden or any of the other Democratic candidates they ran out there. To be fair, I'm no Trump fan either. But between Biden or Trump, yuck! I'll hold my nose and vote Trump.
  7. I bet New York or some other hard hit state could use that 25 million in another way. Maybe??? Like I said, not a huge deal.
  8. Joe Biden is a rapist if you are to believe accusers and not give due process to the accused. Bad spot for some.
  9. I get it, it just seemed like this could've been done later. 25 million more to the American people or hospitals or something seems more responsible now. But it's not a huge deal imo.
  10. I guess so. My only point of view is it looks like pork in the time of a pandemic. I understand your view tho.
  11. Probably is, but not necessarily at this time, or with this bill.
  12. Trump's done ok. Nothing great and nothing bad. This was spreading regardless. People need to nut up
  13. So much drama by a handful of posters. If we could ban them, the board would be better.
  14. What is this "fox news" you speak of? I don't watch it. I learned calling a virus from which it came from is racist from the AOC thread???