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  1. I don't understand how hard it is, or what type of "anger/hatred/whatever" one must have, that people can't just admit this is very good news for the American people and economy and just leave it at that. Tim's post was a perfect example. Well done.
  2. Thank you for your response. I can get on board with 1 and 2. But I vehemently disagree about 4. And that's ok.
  3. I like reading your posts, Tim. Can you expand on 1, 2, and 4? Please and thanks.
  4. The UK will always be our #1 ally. Anything else is fearmongering and hyperbole.
  5. This thread has not aged well. So many people wishing for failure. Sad.
  6. Handle them like adults. The poor. Help with continuing education or trade skills. Help with government programs. Try to move them forward and not dependence. Lazy. Truly lazy? Nothing. The "given up". That's tougher. Family intervention. Community help. A kick in the butt. Unlucky. Depends? If they fall into the poor, see above. Besides that, nothing.
  7. The Golden State Warriors is a perfectly fine example of a team decision. The Virginia example is not. 2 players said no. Bennett said it's difficult to get everyone back together. Like I said, maybe the majority would have gone. Maybe not. So it's not really a fact that the "team" decided not to go.
  8. I don't post here often, but I think using the Virginia's basketball team is grasping to fit this narrative. 2 players simply said no. One is playing professionally in France, and the other is Turner. Bennett said it's too difficult to get everyone back together. Maybe that's true. Maybe he's being diplomatic. Who knows what the rest of the team wants. Maybe 5 guys wanted to go? 4? Who knows. What I do know is the coverage is automatically shifted to 2 individuals. 2. Not nearly a consensus of the team or what the other players wanted.
  9. I'm one of the lurkers/once a week at best posters. The reason for the lack of posting is the uber strict/unclear guidelines resulting in bannings. I see some people get banned while others troll/mock/not excellent to others and get away with it. This forum is a heavy left leaning board. With both moderation and posting members. The slant to the left isn't an issue, the lack of consistency and balance is. This board has some extremely competent and knowledgeable individuals. It also has castoffs and known trolls from other forums. The known trolls make this an undesirable place to engage in a serious discussion. Almost every thread is ruined by 5-6 posters, yet they are allowed to stay. As a lurker, and only that, those handful of posters are what is driving others away from engaging. Thanks.
  10. So Dreamers aren't still protected by a currently active DACA? Anyway, I should've been a little more clear in my response. I wouldn't sign any new legislation with DACA attached to it after this last stunt democrats pulled. DACA should be a stand alone bill anyway.
  11. Nobody cares about this outside the far left. Alt-left if you will?? Women have a voice. They have platforms. They have power. Any woman in the year 2018 feeling oppressed and not using legal methods to stop it, well, that's on them. They have every outlet of protection as men.