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  1. Thanks Ned. You're quick analysis confirms my suspicions. I barely know what the parts of the bow are, but it sounds like some hardware upgrades are necessary to get it right? Does this mean new strings, etc. too? I'd rather get it right now than continue to develop bad habits.
  2. A quick update from this newb, which will meander some. My boy and I took hunter's safety this spring, which was a big step for someone who has never hunted. I have my sights set on learning this year and bow hunting next year. We're members of a local bow club, so have been shooting pretty regularly (usually once per week). Still figuring things out. My son (10) is still all over the board (shooting a Diamond Infinite Edge bow at something like 18 or 20# draw weight) on accuracy. The two of us shot our club's 3D course yesterday (under heavy barrage of mosquitos) and he did pretty well overall. On the advice of other dads/bow hunters I'm not giving too much instruction (we both took a beginning class in Jan./Feb.) since he gets frustrated when I do. I like that him and I are both learning and spending time together figuring it out. For me, I feel like I'm all over the board too, though somewhat more dialed in at least under 30 yds. Shooting a maxed out 60# Matthews Chill-R, which poundage wise feels about where I want to be right now. I just posted a thread over at AT on my draw length/form, so feel free to weigh in on that too. I shot a non-scored 3D round with a couple of members last week (they're in league, I just tagged along), and killed one of the dude's arrow with my first Robin Hood, which was pretty cool. I shot from the markers that were mostly in the 20-30 yd range and hit most animals in a kill zone, though struggled on the turkeys. Am working on just using back tension to fire my thumb release, which is mostly going well, though my shots sometimes seem to take forever. Looking ahead, I am lucky to have a few places to hunt with my brother, BIL, and cousin all having places to go, and have offered to help me learn. Am doing research on everything from camo gear to broadheads to tree stands. So much to learn, and have been listening to Dudley's Nocked On and Gritty Bowman podcasts pretty often. Any other recommended resources are appreciated.
  3. Yesterday was a good learning experience at the club for both me and my son. Was trying out my new (used) Stan SX2 handheld thumb release for the first time. Second pull I had my thumb on the trigger and I punched myself in the face ala Tyler Durden in Fight Club. The arrow had just enough speed to hit the wall below the target about 3 inches off the floor. My jaw was sore as I was left figuring out what happened. My son saw part of this and smiled at my dilemma. I didn't make that mistake again, but had a few other misfires. I'm hoping I figure this thumb release out and still need to watch Ned's videos. Now my boy has had his own issues. He has a modified whisker biscuit sort of rest where three brush rests are on 120 degree angles and the bristles are stiffer. Well up until I watched him at the end of last night's shoot, he had the arrows upside down with the fletches lined up with the bristles, instead of shooting through the gaps thus his arrows were all over the place. Once he made that change things were shooting better for him. We'll be signing up for hunter/bow safety classes in March and have no idea what to expect, but should be fun.
  4. I got a cheap wrist strap from a name company that seems to work well, but just today bought a used Stan SX2 three finger handheld thumb release off ArcheryTalk forum classifieds (the s of the archery world) to dip my toe in the water for a reasonable price (Damn, new ones are expensive!). Probably won't see it until next week. Will pop in here when I have more to share, but watching the club guys shoot was impressive.
  5. I'll give a brief update. My 10 year old and I are going down the rabbit hole. We're still in a beginner class at a local club (which coincidentally also hosts a class for our state's hunter's safety and bow hunting requirement), but in the last two weeks I've bought us used bows (a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro for him that was target shot by a youth and a Mathews Chill R for me) and got them set up at a local shop, along with all the fixin's (sights, release, arrows, etc.). We joined a different bow club ($50 for the year, with 20 yard indoor range, plus outdoor out to 80, plus 3D course) and shot our bows for the first time on Tuesday. My son's draw weight is only 16 pounds (he weighs maybe 60 lbs) and we still need to get his sight dialed in, but it should be a bow that grows with him. I got my sight dialed in a bit, and had a nice grouping around the bullseye at 20 yards by the end (furthest I've shot, since our class is only 10 yards). The pin meandered around the bullseye a bit as I was aiming and waiting to steady in for my shot, and I'm not sure if that is normal or if I am doing something wrong or need to stabilize the bow arm more (I'm shooting at about 56#, but the letoff is 85% so it is pretty easy to hold until ready to shoot). So new I don't even know what I'm doing right/wrong. Class tomorrow will be good to get more pointers. I'm not sure if people bow hunt here. It's unlikely I'll go this year (my family has land to hunt on and more experienced hunters to lean on), but would like to learn. Been listening to Nock On podcast and watching videos on Youtube. I know nothing about hunting and seems like a steep learning curve for everything (would likely focus on white tail and maybe turkeys). I'm 41 years old and it has been a while since I've been as excited to start a new 'hobby' (or obsession, if you will).
  6. So me and my 10 year old son are doing a beginning archery class through a local club. We both really like it and I anticipate that we would both get bows after the class is done, and join a club. I will be throwing questions in here as I figure this out as I know nothing. Looks like it could be an expensive hobby, but a fun one. Not sure if I will hunt, but my brother does and has land. Looks like a good sport to male bond.
  7. I'll jump in here for a minute. Was a big time smoker in college, cooled off for a dozen years while starting out/having kids. Kids more self-sufficient, so dusted off my bowl, then bought a vape. Got a Pax 2, which was/is great. My wife (a former smoker too) likes the Pax as it is simple and unassuming. I fine grind mine, which vapes beautifully, less smell (I usually do it in the bathroom with a quick spritz after use) but leaves me with a few choices going forward. I have a supply of Pax screens, which seem to really restrict flow after a short while. Then I bought a stainless steel after market screen. While flow is much better, it doesn't actually screen out the fine grind very well, so I am still searching for my unicorn screen. Next buy is probably a slightly larger Crafty (Pax vs. Crafty) for regular personal indoor use, though I like the small size of the Pax for camping/hiking/taking the dog for a walk. Also, be sure to save that already been vaped (ABV) for later use. I got some size 0 caps, did a warm/freeze cycle with ABV and coconut oil (and a crockpot dish), filled the caps and had some easy edibles that were dosed in a consistent manner. I toast my vape pretty well (past "burnt popcorn") but a single cap is a good low-key operational level (while two is too much for me to operate). Enjoy however you roll bromigos! Just spent half a week with a former roommate and his wife (with young kid) who still smoke a tobacco/wacky mix in self-rolled joints, so that was fun after not smoking for a long while.
  8. I donated for the first time after Iowa and again after NH. I can't stand Hillary. Here's a good article on the Superdelegates. Seems really disingenuous when they show the score of these, as the media doesn't explain that they don't get really assigned until the convention.
  9. The problem though is that it sounds like the lawyer might suck. Being a lawyer yourself you probably realize that family law practitioners generally do not hail from the top half of the class, or sometimes even the top 80% of the class, right? He certainly might be smart to ask this lawyer a few more questions about how screwed he is going to be once this goes through. I had an amicable divorce. And I also had a great lawyer. You know why she was great? Because I was the person who came up with the split and helped to draw up the agreement. I paid her $500 to look it over and that was that. If the dude is dealing with a snake; and we should all agree that a person who opens unknown accounts and what not during a marriage is most certainly a reptile of the snaketonian variety, he should be looking at this venture as if it is not amicable at all. If the snake wants to escape quickly, he should let her go if she agrees to provide more than half of the assets and a cash flow guarantee for maybe five years or so. Also, let's not overlook the fact that this guy probably does not have the resources to pay a lawyer much money anyways if he is sitting at 20 K a year with no benefits. The snake knows this. Many years of living under the roof has made the man quite Charmin-esque and ready to agree to whatever the snake suggests 'for the kids'. That is probably why the snake has worked so diligently to not only hide assets but create a facade of cooperation. The lawyers, while probably not being directly in cahoots with the snake, understand that a short 'amicable' process is their best chance at getting paid their full fee and want to steer the stay at home dad to concede. This is because aside from the fact that family law practitioners do not hail from the upper or even middle reaches of their third or fourth tier law schools, they still had to pay the full freight on tuition (150K or more) and rely on suckers like this to agree quickly on rotten deals. The reason these two lawyers probably 'work so well' together is simply because they are cut from the same cloth. They fully understand that the longer they work on this, the greater chance there is that neither of them will get paid for the amount of hours they had to bill, because in the grand scheme of things it does not seem like we are dealing with rich people here. Yeah...there sure is lots to think about for our friend. My BIL recently went through this in a similar situation. He stayed home to raise the kid, was underemployed, she made over $100k, etc.. But he took an exact opposite approach. A) He dragged it out as long as he could. Besides just putting this stuff behind him emotionally, there was NO other benefit for a fast resolution. He was on her medical to why be in a rush to buy his own policy?. She was the one who moved into a local apartment. His lawyer is one of our best friends who I've known for 25 years and has been doing family law since she started. Certainly somewhat in the category what Meatwad said - she has a big heart, but she can be a lion if instructed to do so. B) He fought and fought for every nickel, and then continued to push the envelope. He ended up getting full custody of the kid from the maneuvering, and more money for child support because of this. C) Following the divorce he landed back on his feet - he was getting some money on the side from his ex-wife, started working full time again, and has been dating a hot yoga instructor instead of his ice queen ex. Why you are letting this financial situation go is beyond me. Alimony is designed for exactly this situation, not to mention the unresolved stock situation. Yes, it is much easier emotionally to put this behind you and move on with your life, but think about this - would you prefer to work an extra 5 or 10 years on the back end because you gave up a significant financial income because you and your lawyer want an "amicable" divorce? Your relationship with your kids will be independent of your ex-wife's and will stand on its own, plus they are both practically grown up - we're not talking about a 4 and 7 year old here. So my opinion is to pump the brakes here, let this drag out for awhile, don't get a high paying salary right now until the divorce is final, and get your lawyer to fight for what is rightfully yours since you contributed to her current financial health in your own way. Good luck!
  10. Nutter - I'm 38 too, and I agree that it seems pretty conservative. My wife and I are in about 18% in fixed income (bonds/TIPS), which feels right to me. However, if you read some of the legendary investing books out there, like Benjamin Graham's Intelligent Investor (the best book on investing according to Warren Buffett) , he says 25% as the minimum for the bond allocation (with a stock bond allocation that should range from 75%/25% all the way to 25%/75%, with 50/50 as a baseline only adjusting based on pricing of the investments.
  11. Unless you paid down a ton of principal and have a huge mortgage I don't understand how you could save $300 a month when your rate only drops by .4%. With closing costs and the threat of still having to pay PMI that makes it even less attractive. Can you please show your math?Sure. Run the numbers on any mortgage calculator and you'll come up within spitting distance of what we pay/will pay. I don't consider our mortgage huge by any means (though more than I ever dreamed of as a youth). Original: 4.0% interest, $321k mortgage. New: 3.60% mortgage at $300k. PMI must be based on equity to value (which increased a fair amount just do to basic overpayments), or maybe insurers changed, but using the same bank (assuming I still have PMI after reappraisal), PMI dropped roughly by half from $200 to $100. Running the calcs (independent of my bank), I drop to close to $300 difference when factoring in PMI. HTH.
  12. Thanks for this thread folks! I've been in my home (expect to be here forever) for about 3 years. At that point I was thrilled with a 30 year at 4.0%. Home values have gone up here, but I'd have been stuck with a PMI for a few more years, even paying extra each month. I locked in today for a refi at 3.60% for a 30 year at my local bank (same one that holds my current mortgage), still potentially have PMI (depends on appraisal and if we throw more cash into the mix), but even if I have PMI, it still saves me $300/mo, and will be $400/mo savings once I knock that down. Close end of February.
  13. My non-fiction book just dropped today: Average Married Dad's Guide to Health, Wealth, and a Sexy Marriage (kindle, hard copy live, B&N, Apple, Kobo should be along shortly). I'm a long time member, even was a member in the old yellow-and-black days, but mostly just lurk today. I didn't want to pimp my book in the Shameless Plug way this guy did (not thinking it's wrong, just feel a little weird about that), but wanted to share with this thread. I've shared and gotten good suggestions here, and appreciate my fellow readers. I have been blogging for a couple of years now, but writing a book was different and took a long time to do it right. Check it out if you want.
  14. Greatest condolences Mr. Ham. Terrible and devastating. I am thinking about this, as a father of two around that age as well i can't imagine your pain. But will take some extra time with the kids tonight and do my best to exercise patience and love.
  15. Agree, the fallacy of "You need to love me regardless of how I behave" is a difficult one to overcome on her part and is (and should be) a deal breaker on your part. The others who say she wants you to change (your views) while she continues on doing nothing are right on. I think it's unsalvageable unless there's a quantum leap in how she views herself and the world. I am a proponent of staying together in marriage, but only when both sides are making efforts to be an attractive person for themselves and for their spouse, and doing whatever they can to have a healthy relationship and bond (sex). If both these things are not in place, you're just roommates raising kids or friends with benefits. That's not a marriage. Good luck, I've been following this for awhile. I think Bogart finally pulled the ripcord (for different reasons) and is much happier now. You only have one life, too short to mess around with this and she's shown no inkling of ever changing. Just my $0.02 from a married dad.