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  1. KU and Iowa State would have played in the Sweet Sixteen this year, so that can't be too big of a concern anymore. Unless that only applies to teams seeded 1-4.
  2. It's sad that it's not immediately obvious that he's joking. I would not put that past him.
  3. Chris Webber is making it tough for me to watch this USC Marquette game.
  4. Mayfield really half-assed this whole running away from the cops thing, and got absolutely destroyed in the process
  5. Does anyone know of a way to stream Jeopardy after it airs? This is the one thing I miss by not having traditional cable with DVR.
  6. I assume you did this on purpose, which is awesome
  7. 2 or 3 clicks to cancel that stuff. Very easy. I do the same and I rotate hulu in every few months. I have Vue as well, mostly for sports and current FX/FXX shows. Much better experience, I wouldn't go back to cable even if it was the same price.
  8. Did something happen to Oklahoma State that I don't know about?
  9. Fair enough. It's a middle of the pack roster, which I guess would technically be one of the better ones. I have no idea how good of a job Gentry is doing, but point taken. Are you a Pelicans fan?
  10. According to Henry a few pages back the law won't allow you to consider the direction of the transition. I bring up the Semenya situation just to illustrate how complex this issue of gender in sport is. Even the Court of Arbitration for Sport isn't really sure how to best handle these types of questions and they are “unable to conclude that hyperandrogenic female athletes may benefit from such a significant performance advantage that it is necessary to exclude them from competing in the female category" - meaning that they aren't sure if the extra testosterone is an advantage. I was also hoping that by bringing up Semenya people would stop mentioning the "elective" aspect of the whole transgender thing. Even if it isn't elective, people still have a problem with it, and it shouldn't really matter.
  11. Not sure about Denver, but even still, that doesn't make it one of the best rosters in the NBA.
  12. Given their contracts and everything, how many teams would trade rosters with the Pelicans right now?