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  1. Feels like we've already had 30 commercial breaks.
  2. I could see three big ten teams making it if UW and Clemson both lose, but that seems highly unlikely. That would be such a cluster####
  3. Yeah. Can't really blame him though for his treatment of that little pissant. Queue the hooker joke.
  4. This Kevin Wilson stuff is weirdly similar to Mangino. Both former OU coordinators, went to basketball schools and did relatively well, fired for non-football reasons. Strange.
  5. No fastpass the night of a Christmas Party, correct?
  6. I use PSVue and seem to run about a full minute behind on sports. I've had a lot of plays "ruined" by text messages and twitter this football season.
  7. I will be there at AK Saturday December 16th. Just tried to make a FP reservation for Rivers of Light for that evening but it wasn't available.
  8. Yeah, I hear you. Okie State looks like the most complete team in the Big 12, we might be looking at Alamo anyways. Obviously they shouldn't have been that close against CMU but it'd be interesting to see where they'd rank if the refs hadn't given the Chips that extra play.
  9. The losses between the three programs were what, 3 and 5 weeks apart? It's not like TCU and Baylor lost at the end of the season, they lost "early" as well. I'm not arguing that people don't care about this stuff I'm just saying this is a point that people only make when it comes to CFB and it's a dumb one.
  10. Both TCU and Baylor lost games in October that year. OSU made it because they were better than both of those teams.
  11. That'll be interesting. If it were up to me? Yes. I would rate CU above both those teams in that scenario.
  12. Please do not make us go play Bama