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  1. You can take your gameday thread and go straight to hell
  2. Any chance Honduras does us a solid tonight?
  3. 10-15 is way too light for me
  4. I'm getting nervous just thinking about a playoff. Need to stop talking about it. At least it's not CONMEBOL this time
  5. Yeah, I think whoever gets third out of Japan/Saudi/Aussie will win that first playoff. Australia had a huge win against SA yesterday, they were probably playoff bound without it. Playing Japan sounds awful, I don't think we'd be favored to advance there.
  6. Do both third placed Asian teams have a playoff (and then the winner gets to play CONCACAF) or do they just take the third place team with the most points? If Australia had to play a home and home against the Uzbeks, followed by a home and home with the US, they'd be too jet lagged to do anything.
  7. Great game. Hopefully we get at least one more
  8. I'm ashamed to admit that I've found myself pulling for the Warriors really hard tonight. I'm a terrible person
  9. Yeah I'm gonna have to go to Jack Stack for dinner tonight
  10. His statement says he's staying in Norman, please update the thread title
  11. Switzer is on the radio completely stunned. Said he was in Stoops' new office the other day and Bob was unpacking and showing everything off and telling Barry how excited he was. So weird.
  12. So weird. He couldn't announce he was going to retire after the season and that Riley would take over then? Just decided he didn't want to F with it this year?
  13. I might have to fire up the WWLS app this afternoon so I can hear Eschbach.