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  1. Makes sense, particularly the bolded. I’m fine with it either way, just wanted to make sure it had been discussed.
  2. I assume the expectation is we field a full lineup when possible, meaning you can’t bench a player to avoid a negative score - correct? I was actually relieved when I saw the Burnley defender in my lineup didn’t get the start yesterday.
  3. Picked this up a few days ago - it’s incredible. When they get cross saves figured out I’m going to buy it again on PC, they deserve all the money for this one. Never played a roguelike before, always seemed like it’d be more frustrating than anything else, but I actually look forward to dying sometimes so I can get back to base and interact with the NPCs. I think I’m on my 11th or 12th escape attempt. I’m getting to Megaera every time now but have not come close to beating her. Am I really bad? I don’t think I quite understand the whole boon system and what I should be choosing when I get the gifts from Olympus just yet. Trying to avoid tutorials or tips videos.
  4. kind of a throwaway line but right after Beria is killed somebody yells out "Go back to Georgia dead boy" and I lose it every time.
  5. And if you like these, watch The Thick of It and In the Loop.
  6. Zlatan tested positive, so I suspect we’ll be rid of this virus within a matter of weeks
  7. KDB is going to be absurd. Sonny scored 4 goals and only outscored him by 10.
  8. What if I told you it's about a billion times better than it used to be...