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  1. NFL broadcasters in general take themselves way too seriously. Romo seems to understand that it's just a stupid football game, and he acts accordingly. Some of these guys act like THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is the most important thing ever and it's really annoying. Like anything else in life, he will improve as he gets more experience, but I dig his style.
  2. Yeah, I understand what you are saying. The double (triple?) negative had me confused I guess. I still like the Knicks but am not going to bet it.
  3. The link is blocked at work but that sounds about right, and makes me think NYK is the play. What's your opinion on bookmakers taking sides? I know it's a misnomer that Vegas wants 50% of the money on each side all the time, but in some cases they do, right? They don't get a ton of action on regular season NBA do they?
  4. I'm saving all the good teams for after I'm eliminated
  5. Yeah, I guess if we can just cover NY/LA/DFW that should be enough to churn out a bunch of quality players.
  6. How many countries that cover a huge area and have a huge population are good at international soccer? Just Brazil, right? I don't really think there is a model that we can follow. Sammy mentioned we should focus on our 8 or 10 largest metro areas, which is equal to a huge country, but do kids in big cities play a lot of soccer? I honestly have no idea. I always figured it was dominated by kids from the suburbs. As others have said, until kids are out playing pick-up all the time, I don't think throwing more structure at this is going to change much, but I guess that shouldn't stop us from trying.
  7. Yeah, I make my fair share of contrarian plays, and it makes a lot of sense in the NFL imo where I think Vegas clearly takes sides or wants people to bet certain sides. Early season NBA games though, I dunno. They're probably happy to take their 10% and move on. I wasn't even looking at it in terms of who Vegas "wants" people to bet, I just think the Thunder are a little overrated to start the season is all, and that line bears that out imo. Everyone should take the Thunder as I am a square's square. They'll probably win by 20+ now that I've put all this out there.
  8. Is that the logical conclusion? The Knicks have been a running joke for a few years now, and the Thunder have a ton of hype going into the season. I think the average Joe looks at that line and thinks it's easy money on the Thunder, which makes me think it will be close. I think we are of the same mindset. Anyway, here I go way over-analyzing this now. Betting on the NBA is a dumb thing to do in general anyhow, especially when there's CFB going on.
  9. I dunno, I think people way over-analyze spreads when they start thinking about who Vegas "wants" them to take. NYK is obviously the more public of the two teams.
  10. Toronto isn't trotting out a completely new team though. The oddsmakers know what they are doing (obviously), but that number is crazy high. Just seems fishy, which means NY is the bet imo.
  11. The Thunder are favored by an obscene amount tonight against the Knick, 12.5 is ridiculous
  12. No no, it’s all to get back at Durant, because nothing stings more than a guy who will probably spend most of the season in Tulsa wearing your former number
  13. You honestly think they should retire the number while he’s still an active player in the league playing for one of their competitors? That’s insane. Maybe a few years after he retires, fine, but if somebody on the team now wants to wear 35 then who cares? It’s not about Durant. Nothing more petty than using burner twitter accounts to trash a franchise on twitter after leaving. THAT is petty