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  1. Vice City number one? Remember, we gave you Venables, so I feel like I should have some input here
  2. Am I the only one who gives a #### about the rules?
  4. Everton is erroneously marked yellow on the sheet for me Week ending 9/29 I want Liverpool over Hull
  5. What a thorough beatdown. They looked out of their league. I dont think the coaches are doing a great job or anything but I'm not sure it would have mattered who was coaching on Saturday. I do feel like the offense has been a bit unlucky and will get better. They moved the ball nicely last night. They need to get better in the redzone and Mayfield has to start making better decisions. He took one of the worst sacks I've ever seen in that game. The defense is really bad. They have one decent cornerback. Three down lineman and undersized LBs are not going to be able to stop the run against good teams. As bad as they've been, I still think they have as good of a shot as anyone to win the conference. They could also be looking at 1-4 after UT.
  6. Everton over Middlesbrough
  7. Hanson > Siciliano. You'll come around soon enough.
  8. Almost four! Give the guy some credit, this lasted longer than most TV shows. Yeah, the ending wasn't the best, but overall it was still well done. Current TV show comp is Deadwood, but I'm open to other suggestions.
  9. Don't read the soccer thread I see
  10. Arsenal over Southampton
  11. He's clearly just making #### up as he goes
  12. Yes, this person is obviously not Andre and Steffi's kid. It's either bad Tanner shtick or they are dumb.
  13. Either number of people in this thread are confused, or I've lost the ability to pick up on Tanner shtick.
  14. I bought Rayman Legends a couple of weeks ago on a whim because I was itching for a platform game. Holy hell do I love this stuff, haven't played a game like this in forever. What are some other good platformers for the ps4?