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  1. I agree that they are going power 5 but the Pac 12 took a meeting with Houston at UH's request. I wouldn't read too much into that. I was surprised to see how small Maryland's endowment is according to wiki. Not that much bigger than Memphis'.
  2. ACC still could have poached then, but yeah that was just so incredibly dumb.
  3. Good points. I just want to go to Fort Collins for road games.
  4. Exactly, and I guess that's my point. Markets and footprints and that crap shouldn't be a top priority, because none of the available schools move the needle in that regard.
  5. I understand that those are large cities. I should have been more specific. Neither school is close to the top draw in their hometown. I just don't think it's a big deal for those schools specifically. Maybe we should go after Villanova or Georgia State instead. I know next to nothing about UCF and USF, and I don't think it's likely they expand into FL, but who knows.
  6. I don't think any of the available schools bring much to the table in terms or tv markets or anything like that. That's why they are available. They should go after the school's with the best overall athletic programs. Houston is a no-brainer imo.
  7. I hear you, but they have to expand. Big 12 is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order as far as the Power 5 conferences are concerned, nothing they do now will change that. For selfish reasons I really want Colorado State. Very fun place to visit for an away game.
  8. Hell at this point Houston is basically SEC country. I want Houston, Memphis, Cincy, and BYU. If they have to go 16 get Colorado State and UCF.
  9. Can't get rid of these on my phone. Alex Abrines is coming over from Barcelona to join the Thunder. I'm sure he'll make everyone forget Durant by Thanksgiving. If Dion Waiters ever gets offered a contract this means the Thunder will likely not match.
  10. There's actually some good discussion in this thread, no need to engage lod.
  11. Funny you say that. I'm going to be in San Francisco Sunday through Tuesday and in addition to taking a cab to Oracle so I can urinate on it, that museum is on the list of things to do.
  12. As far as where, go to disneyland's website and click on the link to the attraction itself. It will tell you where the fastpass kiosk is located for that specific attraction. If you have a question about a specific ride post it here. They are usually pretty easy to find. When will pretty much be from park opening until they run out. The earlier you go, the earlier in the day your return window will be. As more and more people get passes for that attraction, the return window gets later and later in the day, and eventually they stop offering them.
  13. We love DL/DCA. We were just there a month ago (one week before the new Soarin' premiered ) and it seemed pretty clean to me. I was eating gummies like a fiend the entire time though, so I probably wouldn't have noticed some trash here and there. Splash Mountain is at both DL and MK, but we'll definitely ride it anyways.
  14. I really appreciate your posts, good stuff. I am proposing right before the trip so I want it to be perfect, and I tend to nerd out on planning stuff so I'm hoping I don't go overboard. Universal wisely split-up the two Harry Potter areas between their two parks, so if you want to go to Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley you have to get a park-hopper ticket. The Hogwarts' Express ride goes from one area to the other and you can only ride it if you have a ticket to both parks. I think you are right, we can get that place done in one day and spend the other day at MK instead. That way we don't feel pressured at the Christmas Party to do anything other than walk around and take it all in.