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  1. What is the gravity like on their home planet?
  2. According to this blog it should be soon, but that post is already a few weeks old. I'm hoping it's up and running by December 17th.
  3. I would think even your Huskies are vulnerable in Dickie's bracket. The top few teams have it easy (which they should, it's a reward for an excellent regular season) but there would be more surprises than people think from like 3 down imo. Nobody wants to play ####### Navy in this thing, it would be amazing.
  4. Yep. I guess I didn't put the usual "all conference champs included" disclaimer in there, which is typically the part that most people disagree with.
  5. Time for my annual post that everyone disagrees with on how awesome a 16 team playoff would be. Outside of Bama there is so much parity. Would be great to see WMU get a shot to go on the road and play a top 5 team
  6. If they implement a title game in a ten team league that plays a round robin schedule I think I am going to cry.
  7. You're sneaking in a point or two on me but whatever. I think Indiana is pretty decent. Nebraska is probably one of the 30 best teams in the country, anything more specific than that is a waste of time.
  8. Absolutely, he's no Cal for sure, but I guess the sports are so different in that regard. Saban is just the best at everything.
  9. Never thought of it that way but that sums it up perfectly. Wake me up when Saban retires I guess.
  10. Even that TD was a joke
  11. #### Nick sabans little hobbit ### though
  12. It really is amazing the level Bama has been able to sustain for however long it's been. Feels like they broke college football.
  13. He should not be allowed to throw.
  14. Case in point why rankings this early (and just in general) are dumb