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  1. Same thing for me. I'm going in December, I have the ability to click fastpass through my Disney experience, but can only see 30 days out from now. I called Disney just to make sure and that's normal, you'll be fine once you hit the 60 day mark.
  2. Other than that whole war for independence thing, but who remembers stuff like that?
  3. Are you one of those guys who takes huge favorites on the money line? Men's water polo should be fun. Always a good time when the Serbs and Croats get together.
  4. Only a matter of time before Twenty20 cricket is part of the Olympics. Disc golf and squash would be my personal picks.
  5. Somebody tell Jose to cut the Mata crap
  6. Bolt, no doubt. Only reason he doesn't have any long jump medals is because he never tried.
  7. Swansea over Hull for me this week
  8. Does everyone clear waivers at the same time or is it staggered based on what day their match was played?
  9. What in the hell is going on with Hull? I was looking through their lineup and it doesn't look like they've signed anyone this summer. They are going to be really really bad.