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  1. This one was good because it didn't sound that way. Reminded me of their old podcasts
  2. I’ve not been a fan of the post-Grantland podcasts with Zach Lowe but the most recent one was really really good.
  3. Lol, at first glance I thought he either hit the cross or scored the goal. He is the best.
  4. I mean even an email would be fine. It’s not like he was developed in the US or anything, so while it would sting you can’t get too upset over it. It would be nice to have one of these go our way though. It’s weird that there isn’t more info out there about him in general, especially after this summer. If you google him there are like three articles total and two of them are on ussoccer’s website.
  5. There’s no point but I’m really worried about Dest. The “cap him” stuff can get a little out of hand but it’s warranted imo if he’s willing in October. We probably won’t even call him
  6. I am paranoid but the biggest thing for me regarding Dest is that we cap-tie him ASAP assuming he's willing to do that. I know he's been involved with our setup extensively but he's pretty much 100% Dutch - hard to believe that he wouldn't at least consider it if they came calling. Been no indication that they are intetested but cmon - they watched the U20 this summer. He’s on their radar for sure.
  7. Surprised to learn the Dutch champs don't go straight to groups
  8. Yeah he needs to go straight to the senior team at this point, screw the Olympics.
  9. Screw making Miami better at this point. A Jimmy Butler injury (guy played for Thibs for the better part of a decade) and those picks look incredible
  10. He will finally get a chance to install this ball movement/motion offense we've been hearing so much about
  11. I don't think we have to worry about Busio in the playoffs this year 😩