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  1. Clone Wars has a couple of Mandalorian arcs too, very solid. In terms of the timeline, Rebels starts about 5 years before A New Hope, The Mandalorian is about 5 years after Return of the Jedi. I missed Rebels when it aired, very excited to run through that over the next few weeks.
  2. I'm talking about the committee. They can easily justify putting Oregon in over Bama despite the fact that they have a common opponent who beat Oregon but lost to Bama. This isn't science, it's a bunch of old dudes in a room, they can come up with whatever they want.
  3. I think the Big 10 is fairly close but don't disagree that the SEC is the best league and has been for quite some time now. However, I'm not sure how much that really matters when you evaluate Bama since they're not going to play either UF or UGA. The SEC in a weird way puts them at a disadvantage with only 8 conference games and one fixed rival in the other division who hasn't been good for a long time. They really need to rethink their intra-conference scheduling, I've seen proposals out there that would be huge improvements over what they do now, and would allow every player to visit each stadium in the conference at least once over any given four year period. It's so wonky right now.
  4. If Oregon beats Utah that's as good as anything Bama has an opportunity to do. They played Auburn in August, they can explain that common opponent away just fine. They are not going to bend over backwards to get Bama in. The Utes are winning and winning easily, if they win out it's a slam dunk for them to be in, won't even be a real discussion.
  5. It happened one time when there was no solid 4th candidate from the Big 10 or Pac 12. Mark my words, if Oregon, Utah, or OU finishes with one loss there will not be two teams from another conference unless #### just gets crazy.
  6. That's a different year. I never know which year to use for the bowls, the year the season took place or the year the bowls happened. When I said 2018 I meant the 2017/2018 season.
  7. I am hoping we get drilled by Canada again.
  8. I've purged 2018 from my memory but that goes along with the first part of my statement. It's going to take losses from all three of the schools I mentioned for that to happen again. In 2018 the Big 10 champ and the Pac 12 champ both had two losses.
  9. Unless Utah/Oregon/Oklahoma totally #### the bed, it's going to be 4 teams from 4 different conferences just like every other year. The justification will be whatever it needs to be. People make this way too complicated every year.
  10. It might show up earlier on some platforms but the official launch is midnight Pacific.
  11. Campbell is interesting. He's an amazing coach, and any warm body should be able to recruit at FSU, but I guess that would be the only concern from their perspective.
  12. Good drive from UF I guess but there needed to be more urgency, way too long. Have to force a 3 and out now
  13. UF and UGA are vastly overrated, neither one of these teams is very good. SEC East continues to ride coattails