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  1. Fair enough, and I do remember the ridiculous set of circumstances that night that led to us ending up in 5th. Still, it's utterly tone deaf on his part
  2. I'm having trouble with the "we couldn't have come any closer" portion of the statement. We finished 5th! We didn't even make the stupid playoff against Australia. I've mostly purged it from my memory but I am pretty sure he did an awful job setting the team up for that last match of the hex. Bruce needs to be out of my life forever.
  3. That's awesome, his stuff is incredible. I've seen his exhibit a couple of times, most recently at the Perot museum in Dallas. Really cool. I like the recreations of famous paintings.
  4. Steele writes the preeminent CFB preview every year, probably spends as much time as anyone watching games. You get the sense he could name every starter at every P5 school from memory. It’s very high praise.
  5. They really have, particularly when Schröder, SGA, and Paul are out there together. I still think they aren’t quite this good though, they have some crazy record in close games which seems more like luck than anything else.
  6. @Kev4029 also jesus I could not have been more wrong about the thunder a few months ago. I’m thinking they might even be able to win a round now
  7. Kendrick Perkins and Durant with a nice little twitter spat tonight, nice. Durant is so weird
  8. Yeah, that’s slightly different than a company match, they phrase it that way for a reason
  9. Yeah, it’s called a “true-up” contribution and quite a few plans, particularly large ones, offer them. That way you don’t have to contribute each pay period to get the full benefit of the company match.
  10. Any chance you can put this in a spreadsheet for me like you do with World Cup Qualification?
  11. Because there is a 6A DI and a 6A DII. It's basically just twelve different classes if you will, but they organize it 6A DI, 6A DII, 5A DI, 5A DII, etc. Within each class the teams are grouped by Region and then District, but each class will contain schools from all over the state based on size. There probably came a time when 6 classifications based on size wasn't enough, but they thought 7A looks dumb or people were already too familiar with the 6 classes.
  12. We’re all pulling for Rutter here right?
  13. Some kid with a weird name decommitted from OU today and now everyone thinks this is happening