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  1. The office is on Powers Ferry road right by the intersection of 75/285. We would search for homes in the $400-$600k range. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Hello, I have done a search of the forum but couldn’t find anything. I have a possible relo opportunity to Atlanta. My office would be about a mile from Truist Park. My kids are 7, 6, and 3 and would attend catholic school; it seems it would be St. Joesph in Marietta or St. Jude in Sandy Springs or Dunwoody. It seems like the area covering Smyrna to Marietta to East Cobb to Dunwoody would be the area we would live in. Can anyone comment on the quality of either school and the best area in that perimeter or elsewhere to live considering traffic to my office and each school, etc. Ideally we’d like a newer neighborhood with the assumption there would be a lot of young families. Thanks so much and happy Easter!
  3. Could be an ugly day in my region 👎 (Indy) plus tons of friends and family from central to northern IL.
  4. Is your company headquartered in the Indianapolis area by any chance? I have an interview with an animal health company Monday HQ’d in Indy. A finance role too.
  5. When my wife was 33 and diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer. At the time, we had a 2.5 year old and 1 year old. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a single dad or not (or if my children would have their mom) - extremely terrifying - here we are, 5 years out from diagnosis next month, with a third child and cancer free. It has changed our entire outlook on life. In the moment, not knowing what was next was the hardest part, as everything just seemed to be spiraling down hill. There was never really good news. We’re finally to a point where it’s not constantly on our minds; will it come back, will you be alive, etc.
  6. I saw some “Brewdog Stout AF non-alcoholic near beer” at the liquor store and bought a six pack. It’s not the greatest tasting, but the look and smell are really authentic. It seems like a real stout. After googling a bit, I stumbled upon this article.
  7. Walter Payton numerous times. I was in the same grade as his son, Jarrett, at different schools, but we played against each other several times since we were in the same conference. Nicest guy ever. I also went to the same church as Ditka for many years.
  8. I didn’t drink from Jun 2013 - Dec 2018. I had severe sleep issues due to anxiety and drinking made the anxiety and sleep much worse, so I gave it up. In that time my 2nd child was born, my wife survived stage 3b colon cancer, we relocated for my job, had our 3rd child, then relocated for my job again. I learned how to manage my anxiety quite well, and decided to start drinking again for the social aspect of it mostly, but also because I love craft beer. I drink socially now and on Fri and Sat night at home I’ll have a few with my wife.
  9. 80.0 miles in 8 days in February. 390.1 miles in 39 days 2020. 🚴‍♂️
  10. Enjoying a beer now. 🍺 I took off 5.5 years so it’s all good.
  11. 310.1 miles in January. 0.1 ahead of my goal of 310 miles. Unemployment has its perks!
  12. I’m interested. I’m the Scott user that just followed you.