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  1. Lord Baelish was the most interesting character on the show to me. A very well written character and I also think Aiden Gillen was one of the best actors the show had.
  2. The best is the women behind him with what looks to be a safe call as he slides under the tag.
  3. Tumbleweed is my favorite Elton John album. My Fathers Gun may be the most underrated song he has and one of my favorites in his catalog.
  4. I'm all for taxing Greed would have to reevaluate the others
  5. They totally were, people loved this guy. Its one of those things that you can probably convince yourself is not happening for that reason alone. Even as serious as the allegations were, I always thought of it in a joking manner, more in line with the Chris Rock skit, "another kid, Michael??" So probably just as guilty on that one.
  6. I don't think it would take gun to head at this point. Yeah the doc was weird, how could it not be, you've got two guys talking graphically about how they were being abused. Not really sure if there is a good way to do this that's not going to be off putting. This was one of those things I never really pried to deep into. It was kind of like, yeah it could be true but I'm not going to give it too much thought. The less I knew, the less serious it would always be, not anymore. I have no reason to doubt these guys credibility. Safechuck especially, guy seemed very believable.
  7. Pitch is my favorite outside of poker. I"d like to find some others.
  8. Bellagio, Cosmo, Aria, Venetian, Wynn/Encore They don't seem too different to me at the end of the day. Wynn is a little more out of the way so maybe subtract a couple of points there
  9. The premise of Umbrella Academy seems like it could be cool but i watched the first episode and was not impressed. Seemed like there may be a combo of lazy writing and bad acting about to happen which is a surefire loser. Does it get better?
  10. I never thought to compare these two. I think the poll results are valid on a pick one though.
  11. Kraft's name tops Tiger on this one. I think people are probably expecting Tiger to turn up at this point.