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  1. The point is that its still a big gamble and while a lot of us are not risk averse, you can't be kicking yourself if you have played it conservative. Definitely positive news though so that's great.
  2. Its easy to say this, I wouldn't think twice about it. This may pan out and Chet may be the man but you are taking advice on an OTC stock on a fantasy football message board. The thought sounds insane to begin with.
  3. I'm actively trading around 5-7% of my portfolio. Think that's a reasonable number but I'm far from an expert. I am fairly aggressive with some of my trades though, buying options.
  4. Never mind the growing unemployment numbers but has it been factored in all the people that are going to have to take pay cuts over the next month too. Not that I haven't been surprised before but having trouble seeing how the market holds up over the next few weeks. People are going to be cutting contributions to have a little more in their paycheck and others liquidating more to have cash on hand. This has really been priced in already? Predicting new lows within 10 days.
  5. Once companies realize they don't need to be paying high city rents and that this work from home thing is just as productive, gotta imagine commercial real estate starts taking a hit. I'm sure this is a year or two out before we start really seeing the effects of it but anyone know any good companies that specialize in these type of properties that I can research? Unfortunately Wework is not an option to bet against but I'd be all in there.
  6. Slack is a great product but it hasn't been profitable. There is no question some businesses have added it recently since more people are working from home but not sure about it as a long term investment. They have a lot of competition, MSFT being one of the big ones.
  7. Was really looking to the US Open at Winged Foot, which seems in serious jeopardy right now.
  8. Not adding anymore on long positions until I feel this has settled (which I have no confidence that is has). Have the ones I want to keep that I'm not selling no matter what happens and will look to add and buy others when this inevitably goes lower. Short term looking to make some $$$ on puts so i have added to some of those positions today.
  9. I've said this a few times but if you want to make some money on a short term trade, buy puts a month out on TTD. It's rising in the face of a really bad time for media. There are no sports for forseeable future and brands do not want to advertise against COVID 19 so news sites aren't doing all that great either. I can't believe its been up for multiple days now.
  10. Did we get the results back on those 4 patients that are hopped up on Leronlimab. Need to see those charts.
  11. Anyone not a mod that uses the report function should be drawn and quartered
  13. Didn't take too long to go negative today. Feel like bloodbath is coming over next few days.
  14. Brands are going to be worried about retaining head count in the short run, not buying advertising. You can't underestimate how much these budgets are gonna get thrown out the window.