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  1. Orr was the better vocalist of the two and I tend to like the songs that he sings on better as well.
  2. The Luck retirement last night had to shake up a lot of drafts. We had a guy go with the Andrew Luck-TY Hilton hookup, only to find out in rd 6. that it won't be viable anymore. OJ is not happy either:
  3. I really don't like the Fed Ex format. This tourney next week may be terrible, not into pros starting with birds in hand.
  4. What a terrible year for Spieth. Can't even crack the top 30 and play next week. Does he figure things out in coming years or are his best days really behind him?
  5. Ive been on the fence for this show all through last year. First episode of second season was slow.
  6. The inventor got out of this exactly what he wanted. Get people talking about his format and more importantly him. Do you think anyone ever thought twice about who came up with this format before that?. Its actually just a cheap PR stunt which it seems most didn't fall for in here.
  7. Yep, this is exactly right. Anyone in the industry never heard it pronounced jif until about 5 years after the fact. If the inventor wanted it to be jif, he did a terrible job of rolling it out and didn't correct it when it mattered. Too late now.
  8. I don't like the way they are doing it this year. Has to be a better way. If its Koepka with a 10 stroke lead, give him the money now.
  9. Its always been GIF and while Jif was making its rounds for a little while, I haven't heard anyone call it Jif in a while. I think that Jif has fallen out of favor (although im not sure it was ever really in favor)
  10. Loaded is the best but I also really like the self titled one. Velvet Underground and Nico has been more of a struggle for me to really get into. I rank that one towards the bottom.
  11. The only one that really surprises me is Hossler. He had a solid 2018 and he should still be getting better. Luke Donald and Hunter Mahan are nothing more than an afterthought these days. Im actually shocked Mahan has had his card this long, he's been terrible for a while now. Shneider however you spell his name but may be a touch surprising as well and he will probably be back at some point.
  12. At a local level, I don't know that this will even make a difference. Without having looked at any stats, the places where these legislators are winning likely have the public support on this issue.
  13. Tired of reading about this. Laws have to change, although nothing meaningful will likely come from the change for a long time, still needs to happen. Gun people, you lost, sorry. Your guns are doing nothing to prevent this violence from happening and its only causing guns to get into the hands of the wrong people. Accept it.
  14. I watch a lot of golf but totally agree with this statement.