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  1. I'm not following. He was kneeling to promote what the flag stands for? Is this real? Here's a quote from Kaepernick: "“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Mediaafter Friday’s game. Granted I googled for all of 2 minutes, but I googled what you wrote and didn't find a quote that supported that.
  2. Serious question because I'm not a Kaep flag historian. His kneeling had nothing to do with the flag of the USA?
  3. I think those classifications are sort of in line with what I thought you'd say. Thats not a bad or good thing necessarily, just to say I can see it. I think where I struggle the most is the AOC vs Owens conversation. AOC is heavy on the ideology and she has personally benefited from it (power, money). Candace Owens is heavy on the ideology and I can only assume she is personally benefiting from it (at least financially). Where I struggle is that one is seen as an opportunist and one an ideologue. At what point is a black opportunist that leans conservative just code for Uncle're bowing down to the white man for financial benefit. Is that fair. Is it productive. Does it move us forward. If theres reference to Owens changing her opinion over time, its that "oh she must be doing it for the money". Is that not what AOC is also achieving? AOC proves you can be an ideologue on the left and gain power and money. Candace Owens is talented if nothing else, if she wanted to be a version of AOC on the left she could be. Could it be that she doesn't believe what the left is selling? No way, shes an opportunist. Has Joe Bidens opinion not evolved over time when it comes to say race and sexism. One could say it still has some evolving to go. But he's not an opportunist for his opinion evolving? Do you believe his evolution is in no way influenced by the desire for power (some would say the greatest power on the planet, president of the US). Not to bring Drew Brees into it (sorry saintsindome), but he's being hailed as some great person but really, he's an opportunist, the opportunity was greater for him to contradict his core beliefs (but he turned left so hey...great guy!!).
  4. Yes to all this, particularly the last paragraph. Sucks
  5. To be honest I don’t get very upset about these things (flag kneeling or drew brees’ deep thoughts). But to your point about having a country together. Flag = country. It represents our country. If you can’t have the flag together, if you can’t rally behind the symbol that represents our you really want the country together. Every country has done wrong. Just like no family is perfect. Unlike past countries, past civilizations ours is trying its damnest to progress. 300 million people. If you can’t rally around the most prominent symbol of the country, of the family together...that what exactly are you or can you rally around. Whats really cool to me about the nfl games is when at the end of the game groups of players get around, kneel and pray together. At least I think they’re praying...and to be clear I’m atheist so don’t get all “religious nut” on me. How cool would it have been for the players to use that forum, to expand that forum, for the nfl and the networks to support listening to the players rally around this during that forum. So, so many other ways to be constructive rather than to protest a symbol that should bind us. We’re talking a lot about leadership here. Leaders unite. If you want to win you unite. Not being able to rally around our collective symbol, the flag...that was never going to unite. Lost opportunity, more division, more deaths. Congrats on the leadership I guess?
  6. Why is Candace Owens being called an opportunist? Is Hannity an opportunist? Is AOC an opportunist? Is Maxine Waters an opportunist? Biden?
  7. Haha, sorry, was just kinda a damned if you do, damned if you don’t setup.
  8. Guess we shouldn’t let them become self sufficient then
  9. Good thoughts. I think the problem to solve is that it seems the narrative on racism is not changing for the positive. Maybe, it is hard to tell, social media probably not a good barometer
  10. I get it. Honestly I don't know the "answer" and there certainly is not one answer but a collection of reasons why, old and new. But, there seems an unwillingness to critically look at the "advances" over the past 60yrs and attempt to reconcile them relative to the outcomes. To your last point. The black family started downhill earlier. It started downhill at a relatively higher point. But, taking that into consideration, despite the advances over the last 60yrs the acceleration is increasing. To just simply say, well we need more of the same and that can be the only answer is puzzling. We need more laws? Lynching must be illegal? Is more affirmative action the answer? Is increasing welfare the answer. Is reducing jail time the right answer? I really don't know. What the author is proposing, is that those are not the fact he is saying more is detrimental. To use your snowball rolling down analogy...where does that go if you just keep adding more snow to it.
  11. To your last point, see the graph to the left of this wiki link. It shows that white single parent households have increased about 15% since 1965 while black has increased about 50%. That is enormously destructive. I'll ask again what has worsened in terms of equitable treatment to drive that? Are you saying that in 1965 the black man would have gotten off easier compared to you if busted for heroin and now harder?
  12. Thanks, when you said "are being pulled from their families" that was written in the present tense. I dont think your original statement is true in the present tense (in a way that is driving the overall deterioration of the black family datapoint). Completely understand if in the context of a 100+yr historical aggregation, although that is much harder to use as a meaningful datapoint today. Maybe here's a more specific angle, and along the lines of the original authors thinking (in the spirit of keeping the discussion on his hypothesis). Are we moving "forward"? Generally speaking, have we over the course of the last 70yrs equalized our laws? What law is still racist? Have we created safety-net programs and taken anti-discriminatory measures? Has policing improved at all over 70 yrs (less racist for lack of a better description). My presumption is yes, there has been improvement. Given that, with all this positive change, has the destruction of the black family continued to accelerate? Why? From wiki....In 1965 the out-of-wedlock birth rate was 25% among Blacks. In 1991, 68% of Black children were born outside of marriage. In 2011, 72% of Black babies were born to unmarried mothers. In 2015, 77% of Black babies were born to unmarried mothers.
  13. The bolded really stands out to me. Maybe the word "many" needs to be clarified. Black males are being pulled from their families and thrown in jail...some cases where they made poor choices. Are you saying that the primary determinant of the deterioration of the black family is that black makes are being wrongly pulled from their families and jailed for crimes they did not commit?
  14. All fair. Republicans have dropped the ball so many ways. Both parties really have and the people (particularly black people) suffer.