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  1. Lazard this week, Duke longer term. Both lotto plays.
  2. djmich

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Being part of the defense that pitched a shutout will help his case.
  3. Duke Williams if nobody picked him up last week (Bills were on bye).
  4. I don’t think it’s that far off...more than one first for sure
  5. Minnesota has nothing behind Thielen if Diggs is gone, how can they trade him.
  6. I think the Hip pointer has been limiting him the last few weeks. Add in the foot issue and Bears D and he'll find my bench this week.
  7. What a disappointment. The only vestige of hope is that he getting squat because the Steelers are limiting Rudolphs play book to a bunch of short passes and RB dumpoffs, which is true...but still.
  8. Would the NFLPA sue the NFL if a player was banned from the league for "too many penalties".
  9. As a Thielen and Diggs owner that’s an emphatic no!
  10. 10 Team. 1QB, 4WR, 2RB, 1RB/WR/TE flex Melvin Gordon + Larry Fitz + 5th For DJ Moore + Sam Darnold + 2nd + 3rd