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  1. Probably belongs here
  2. Entertainment media, "news" media, political media, social media. The human manipulation of these platforms and the technology itself has outpaced human capacity to rationally manage it. Its exponentially bringing #######s to the forefront and creating more #######s.
  3. wow, had no idea Fitzpatrick was getting benched, don't think he deserved it but sounds like the Dolphins are sticking to a long term plan...which makes sense.
  4. I'm not sure I would disagree with whatever they are now prescribing as the punishment for cheating, but to package it as one of the ways they are combating racism...lessening the punishment for cheating? Because cheating is a non-white thing? That seems...racist?
  5. Like you said, things definitely change depending on roster sizes and starting requirements but this is exactly why in start 1TE leagues I never use draft capital on a TE. If you are willing to wait and stay sharp talent is dropped early.
  6. Carson wasn't supposed to have long term value in Seattle 3yrs ago too (when I brilliantly drafted Rashaad Penny in the 1st round). Carson is 26, Seattle loves is fickle with RB's but hard to not see him starting somewhere.
  7. Ruin? Carson is criminally underrated and worth at least a first...I wouldn’t deal him for a late first alone.
  8. Interesting how everything is written in the context of "Trey Burton returned so Mo's usage disappeared" an update that clearly reads like the guy can't even play physically.
  9. I get it, market sets the price and the difficulty in prying a first out of an owners hand varies league to league...I know in mine it is difficult.
  10. And he's yet to have a full complement of receivers this year, last night was down Davis & Humphries.
  11. How can anyone like this guy