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  1. Maybe we wont have AOC to talk about anymore after next year...yah, I wouldn't take that bet. Scherie Murray
  2. I think it has little to do with their popularity, because it would have existed to largely the same extent regardless. More some even like them more, but would have liked them anyway. It probably exponentially increased the tweets and whatnot.
  3. Your missing step two that forces banks to lend to those consumers or penalized them for not.
  4. I think you’re right, but it’s not easy to do given how imbedded they are into everything we consume and the ease/cost of comparing origin when making a decision.
  5. Correct, nobody is talking about actually owning humans. When Joe lists himself as owner of FBG, I don't think he is saying he owns the staff (I think he just refers to them as his #####es actually).
  6. Very touchy topic. Whenever I refer to myself as the owner of my team I always preface it by saying that I lawfully acquired the assets with no undue influence, coercion or any other forms of human trafficking and bondage involved.
  7. Maybe we are thinking about mistreatment differently. The FBI reported that 57,180 officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults in 2016. Is being assaulted mistreatment? Is 57,180 times isolated and rare? Do you think that number is not several-fold for verbal abuse?
  8. Hmm, I’m not sure what to think of that stat. 3,000/yr sounds like a lot but 1/250 helps put it more in perspective. Of course, that’s those that lost their badge, actual instances of misconduct would be much migh higher one would have to assume. Agree on your last point.
  9. Wait, you think the Starbucks example was a singular isolated instance of LE mistreatment?
  10. Linking salary to employers does the same thing. Why does healthcare being paid for by an employer limit freedom any more or less than salary coming from the employer? Why differentiate.
  11. It’s not erasing history, it’s re-framing it in a light that makes it unacceptable or at best questionable in today’s environment to celebrate this part of it.
  12. I dunno, I didn’t have anything to do with our liberation either but I’m enjoying the celebration....accomplishments, warts and all.
  13. Funny to see the $15/hr crowd support the $2/hr employer. Nike’s a hero for eliminating jobs and moving them overseas at a fraction of the what they should be paying here.
  14. Republicans are definitely trying to get as many illegals here as possible, so they can torture them, yep.