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  1. Nice post, much of it stuck a chord with how I feel. I don't align with a party, disagree with both parties on much, lean right, couldn't vote trump in 2016 but will gladly (and sadly at the same time) vote trump 2020
  2. First season was good but now I find myself hitting the “advance 10 seconds” button frequently to just see how this plays out. agree with saints the tagomi character is good
  3. Centurion lounges are nice, a step above delta, but I find them and the delta lounges to usually be pretty crowded...I can always find a seat so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Centurion lounge airport coverage is pretty limited. Never tried priority pass
  4. Never heard of $TAIL, seems like an interesting way to hedge without having to directly buy options, will check it out...thanks SIff
  5. Daaamn, nice chunk of change. Good luck!
  6. I generally agree with PETA, but they are too extreme. I believe in 50-100 years we wont eat meat anymore for mostly the reasons they advocate. That commercial is terribad The article is worse.
  7. I read it as Chet got his deal to buy shares from existing shareholders. i dont think it will impact the price but not a bad thing to have a new investor soak up these shares
  8. Fraudulent credit cards are still a problem also. The bad guys evolve too 🤷‍♂️
  9. I bought a mattress recently from Latex with adjustable base. Great customer service chat for questions. Super get to select the number of layers, the materials, the firmness of each layer. I thought a great price relative to what else I was seeing for Talalay latex
  10. You don’t like it so accuse the other guy of being corrupt, nice. It was signed in many decades are required to validate effectiveness?
  11. Lol, when my admin assistant was telling me about the cryptocurrency empire she was building...that’s when I should have shorted
  12. Sort of where I'm at, will re-evaluate in early 50's. I've generally been a tightwad relative to spending discretionary income and I'm working on getting better at spending it before I'm too old. I can't do part time or month long in my role like ghost suggested, but I can do a few kick ### 7-10 day vacations each year so I'm focusing on doing those right.
  13. Hard part for me to absorb with early retirement is that at 47 I’ve worked 27 years to get to the point where I am today. With meaningful increase in job scope and income it’s kinds hard to walk away at that point without milking it, even if you technically can.
  14. Not sure I was using a definition as much as building off Bart's comment that its murder if you aren't at war. When we killed Bin Laden, was that murder...I don't recall if there was another attack imminent at that time.