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  1. Agree. Of the three times in the history of me flying commercial, my checked bags have been lost three times - all by American.
  2. This. Voted “back in” because I will always do it if no one is waiting - which is the majority of the time.
  3. In my defense, there were ongoing DFW PA announcements about an “8 am” catholic mass service. Strangely, at the time of the announcement, it was 8:45.
  4. First comic book convention with my kid created a common bond/love that is ongoing even into adulthood.
  5. At DFW now. Was thinking perhaps some CFA nuggets as a pre-flight snack. NOPE.
  6. What brand of oil? Did they try to sell you additional services?
  7. You can buff those out... So you went to a garage sale to buy a used hoe and instead came across 8000 CDs?? Or are you perhaps selling 8000 CDs??
  8. I think I missed it..... I came in here looking for a story about 8,000 CD’s.
  9. Looking forward to revisiting this thread after the outcome is known..... ....and I think it's safe to start spending your $2K now.
  10. Also, I would say they are actually great songwriters. As a band of musicians, good.
  11. I chose “mediocre band”, but had there been an option between “mediocre” and “great,” I would have voted for that. Perhaps an option of “good band” is in order? Also, one notable song suggestion to add:
  12. After many years of various makes/models, we settled in on Acura and Lexus. We are currently all Acura - TL, TLX, MDX. Will also consider Infiniti next round. Liking their new models.
  13. This sounds like a solution that’s looking for a problem....