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  1. I always cringe when people mention Pearl Jam when discussing AIC.Whereas all of AIC's songs (even the sad ones) are badass, Pearl Jam's sad songs always seem all whiny and #####y to me. Like I just want to grab Eddie Vedder by the scruff of his neck and tell him to stop crying and man the #### up. Not sure why I feel this way; I just always have.
  2. Update: I bought and have been using this spatula with my skillets since the summer, and I would recommend it. I am noticing the skillets are getting a smoother surface, and I would attribute a lot of it to using the SS spatula since I haven't done anything differently or given them a good seasoning (aside from rubbing them down with bacon grease and letting sit) in this time. It also makes serving and clean up a lot easier, the plastic spatulas just don't cut/pick up like the SS does.As others have said, no matter what you do I don't think the Lodges are ever going to get that smoothness of the old CIS where the surfaces were actually machined smooth.ETA: Here is the article I mentioned that recommended using the stainless steel turner. Some other good tips as well IMO.Using a stainless steel spatula on an iron skillet is not a good idea.
  3. I am in the midst of giving Mass Effect 1 another shot. Is it normal to go back about an hour if you die? Should I be manually saving a whole lot more?
  4. it's a knockoff website as well i'm afraidNice changing of my post.That isn't the website that is in the original post from aboveThis isWhat the hell? Did he just try to get away with changing your link in a quote? :lmao: Is this guy a shill for the site he changed it to?JFC :lmao:
  5. Just dropping in to confirm that Christopher's intervention scene remains one of the funniest scenes in television history. That is all.
  6. The thing is, they didn't even deny doing it. They openly bragged about it. They recorded themselves bragging about it. Although I do understand the greater point that you're trying to make here, in this particular case, there really is no doubt about what happened. I hope these kids get cast down with the sodomites.
  7. Yeah I don't see anything wrong with this. We need to have all firearms registered, and the ones that should pay for this are the ones who own guns. The more you own, the more you'll have to pay. Those of us who don't own any guns shouldn't have to pay for any of it.Why? You're the ones who want this so bad. Why don't you pay for it?
  8. Is this the thread for guys who aren't committed or disciplined enough to install their own home gyms?
  9. I played it for about 15 minutes, got stuck, and gave up. Just wasn't for me.
  10. Not me. I'm still playing ME3 multiplayer almost daily. It's become easily my favorite online multiplayer game of all time.
  11. I've had a love/hate relationship with my 12" Lodge since I first bought it, about 3 or 4 years ago now. Finally, after at least a dozen or two cycles of seasoning/scrubbing bare, I am convinced that I've got the cleanup down pat. Here's what I do, from the start: 1.) Scrub the hell out of your skillet with steel wool. Strip any existing rust or gunk from all surfaces, including the handle and bottom of the pan. 2.) Give it a good, all-over rubdown using oil and a paper towel. (I use canola oil; other oils may also work, but I've never tried them so I can't comment on them.) You don't want to leave puddles of oil, but don't be cheap, either. 3.) Heat it upside down in the oven at 350 degrees for a good 30-45 minutes. 4.) Repeat steps 2 & 3 three more times, using less and less oil each time. This does not all need to be done at once; you can wait a day (or even a few days) between each cycle if you don't have time to kill. 5.) Cook with fatty, greasy foods - and nothing else - for at least the first half-dozen or so times you use the skillet. Bacon or sausage would be ideal. 6.) Dump out whatever leftover food scraps remain in the skillet when you're done. If you can't just slide it off with a plastic spatula (don't ever use a metal spatula), leave it. Note that you have not turned the burner off yet. 7.) Run your faucet hot. When the water is about as hot as it gets, dump some of the water into the skillet (just enough to cover the surface a couple of inches). Eat your food and let the water boil (or come close to boiling). 8.) Using your plastic spatula, gently scrape the surface of the skillet while the water is still boiling. This should loosen up anything that had been left behind. Dump the water out. 9.) Turn the burner off and set your skillet back down. Give it a quick (very quick - the surface is still hot!) once-over with a paper towel to make sure there are no crumbs left. 10.) Once the skillet is cool enough to touch, wipe it dry (but don't scrub!) with a paper towel. 11.) Give it a very light coat of oil, making sure to hit all surfaces. 12.) Store it upside down in your oven to prevent dust from building up. This approach has been working exceptionally well for me. It is now the smoothest, easiest-to-use pan in the house. Love it! Good luck to everyone else, and don't give up!
  12. I get that, but I don't get the aren't going to win this one. They are coming from an emotional, irrational vantage point, and rational arguments aren't going to work here. It's like debating with a woman.Is it any less rational of a viewpoint than that of those living in fear to the extent that the only way they feel safe is to carry a gun?This is like saying that you live in fear of your house burning down unless you have a fire extinguisher on hand. Is anyone seriously experiencing fear if they don't have one? No, probably not. But it's nice to be prepared, so responsible people keep one in the house.But I know that it feels good to say that the other side is "living in fear" and that it makes them seem irrational, so I do understand your choice of words here.
  13. These guys seriously believe that?Maybe you can teach me something here. What else stops a bad guy with a gun? Kind words and an easy smile? Or were you thinking more along the lines of nonlethal force?Speaking of which - what if we gave teachers Tasers instead of guns? Would that be a fair compromise here? Just seems to be a myopic view of the problem.But you otherwise agree with the statement then?
  14. These guys seriously believe that?Maybe you can teach me something here. What else stops a bad guy with a gun? Kind words and an easy smile? Or were you thinking more along the lines of nonlethal force?Speaking of which - what if we gave teachers Tasers instead of guns? Would that be a fair compromise here?