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  1. I'm not a member, but really enjoy their $1.50 hotdog and soda when I'm there with someone else.
  2. I hear they revamped their food court menu. Like they have a double stack cheeseburger for $4.99, a turkey provalone sandwich, a acai bowl, and chili now. Any of these good?
  3. I started watching the Mo Amer standup for no good reason, and nearly coughed up a lung laughing. His bells palsy bit was off the charts funny.
  4. I think casuals liked it. I don't follow the boxing media, but the MMA media was insufferable during that world tour. I hated every second of it.
  5. I agree. There have been some pretty terrible people over the years, but only after a few episodes I already hate her more than AIDS.
  6. Can we agree that attacks outside of the octagon are #1 Bullsht?
  7. Could be. But I still wouldn't trade my life for his.
  8. Objectively, that guy is one of the ugliest people in America.
  9. I just watched the replay. It really looked like a heavyweight versus a guy not used to grappling heavyweights.
  10. EYLive

    Transgender People - The Basics

    I wish someone had told me earlier, cuz hooray ignore function!
  11. EYLive

    Transgender People - The Basics

    Is this correct? If so, then we've all been had.
  12. EYLive

    Transgender People - The Basics

    I haven't finished reading the article. But from what I have read, it's not trying to convince people of anything. It's a report of what scientists and doctors have observed in patients. I'm still not sure what's to be afraid of.
  13. EYLive

    Transgender People - The Basics

    Interesting. If you decline to read an article because you've already determined it to be fiction, how do you discern what is non-fiction?