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  1. When the allegations first arose, she swore up and down that she wanted justice and not money. That was the official stance from the plaintiff and her attorney. But what actually happened? A settlement payout was offered and all of a sudden, justice was abandoned and the money was accepted. There is no doubt that this was a pure money grab.
  2. I think I just needed to give the chrome VPN extension a few moments to connect. It works very well now. VPN + AdBlock = easy HD streaming on 10Play.
  3. At Nassau, Cabbage Beach is really nice, but will be crowded. Pretty much everyone not going to Atlantis will be at Cabbage Beach, cuz there's virtually nothing to do in that port other than wandering the downtown area. The rest of Nassau isn't safe to explore on foot.
  4. I've only been pulled over once in my life. 2 years ago I bought a new car that didn't have its plates yet. I was driving home from a meeting in San Diego and following Google maps which took me on a toll road. Highway patrol pulled me over to check if I had an Express Lane transponder; I didn't. I didn't even know I was on a toll road, I was just following my app. The cop let me off with a $20 fine and I had to go to my local CHP office to show I got my plates. Lesson learned: turn on "Avoid toll roads" on google map.
  5. Could be. But we have more options than ever. Including non-GMO, organic, gluten-free options etc. You're probably right that the over processing of foods is worse than ever.
  6. You think all food has gotten worse? That's an odd take.
  7. Is the Five Points area centrally located and a good place to stay?
  8. My wife and I will be spending 3 days in Denver early March. I was thinking about getting the city pass to see some of the attractions, but would like some recommendations on things to do other than zoos, aquariums, gardens etc. We're from Los Angeles so we're looking for things with more regional flavor than just flora, fauna, and art. The plan is to take ride shares and public transportation rather than renting a car. Hotel recommendations area also appreciated.
  9. Is anyone watching on 10Play with a VPN? I'm on Season 4 Ep 5, but for some reason the videos don't load anymore. I'm not even getting any type of "you can't access this from outside of the country" error message so I don't think it's a VPN issue.
  10. ANSwer MY quESTion!!! I knEWS it, you can't !!!! gwaaaharhar I swear, dumb random innerweb guys are dumb.
  11. I didn't think they could add gimmicks to the 3point contest... yet here we are. And I hope the dunkers make more than 40% of their attempts. Just once this year, please. Kenny Smith could also do us all a favor by not screaming "Lets go home" a billion times.