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  1. Do good smart people not apply to be on this show? Or does CBS only cast the dumbest POS every summer?
  2. Q: Hi, I'm going on a cruise, got any advice? A: I don't like cruises, here's why...
  3. How do you even let it get to that point? We had a softball sized nest under the overhang of our garage. I saw a two hornets flying around and I immediately knocked it down with a stick and stomped it out. Gotta nip that ish in the bud.
  4. Well did the dog ever get to go out? WHO LET THE DOG OUT?? WHO WHO WHO LET THE DOG OUT?
  5. We could be here till sunrise. I think I'm out.
  6. I never miss a chance to eat there if I'm anywhere near Santa Barabara. It's so good.
  7. In terms of the amount of things to do, see and eat: Tokyo Las Vegas New York Los Angeles Rome