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  1. I've bashed millennial mentally as much anyone here. But it's this next generation that's going to bring change and usher us away from the dark violent gun culture that cost us so many innocent lives. Future presidential candidates need to be in touch with this enormously influential voting block.
  2. Your attempt to undermine my post with your troll garbage has failed. Everyone in the FFA is aware of your penchant for stupid analogies. You don't need to direct your anger toward me, the nation's youth will disarm you soon enough.
  3. I can't wait for the day, and I hope it's very soon, that your backwards and antiquated views become extinct in our nation. There's no place for it an advanced modern society. The NRA needs to be disbanded and the 2nd amendment repealed. If our generation can't get it done, the youth will rise up and do it. It's disgusting that so many adults love guns more than lives.
  4. And of course you have the idiot gun-huggers at the march claiming that the students were lied to and brainwashed by the left and the media. And that they were too young to understand. Insisting that schools needed more guns.
  5. Good thing Ole Miss doesn't have to defend against teams of black men this year.
  6. This is the 2nd woman this season to suggest they divorced on a whim. Too bad Stephanie can't divorce her kids cuz they really seem to be a burden to her capricious lifestyle. I actually fell asleep during TC and woke up during the credits. Not sure if the episode was that boring, but it sounded like I may not have been the only one to doze off.
  7. The title of his sex tape.
  8. 1. Pay some young hooligans to make the cannon go away. 2. Release a falcon to the town that will eat the gulls... and maybe even small pets. Be careful with falconry. 3. PM the FFA resident bird enthusiast @squistion for advice. 4. If you have problems with the loud local Bird Cannon... you might be a redneck. Keep us posted on the developments of this saga.
  9. I really like this show. We never watched on TV but binged on Netflix and try to catch recent eps on Amazon(?). If you're not hooked after 5 episodes, it might not be for you.
  10. So sad. I visited the San Diego Zoo a few years ago. And of all the awesome creatures I saw there, a single rhino about the size of a VW van stood out is my favorite animal I saw that day. The photo doesn't do it justice; he is/was gargantuan.
  11. I beat the latest rift challenge (Ice orb wizard) yesterday. They won't let us see her inventory bag so I can't figure out where the sweet wings are from. Can we win wings on season mode?