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  1. Well fck that then. Nevermind.
  2. They're not twins? They look the same to me.
  3. Bellator streams live on spike.com right? Anyone gonna tune in to watch Fedor tonight?
  4. Are there nasty pics of that dude Serena Williams? :Barf:
  5. Not when 6 guys are stacked on top of each other in front of the goal while laying down.
  6. And if they don't abandon the strategy it's a shut out.
  7. Couldn't the baseball team put 6 guys in front of the goal to defend? (I don't know hockey rules) What could a hockey player possibly do to not get his pitches repeatedly smashed for dingers? Or walk in a ton of runs?
  8. What's a good way to end a lease with a tenant? I have a good relationship with my tenant of 10 months but I think I want to move my parents into that home in May. Are there state specific laws on what the tenant's rights are? Or can I just sent a friendly email telling them I'm no longer going to rent the place at the expiration of the current lease?
  9. I'd be OK with not ever seeing Silva fight again. He just doesn't have it anymore. GSP needs to go pick a fight with a welterweight, cuz I really want to see Bisping get pulverized by Romero.
  10. People age slower the further west you go. It's a scientific fact.
  11. I haven't even seen Rogue One yet.
  12. 90% of it's content seems to be ads. What a better free app to clean junk files, and refresh the cache?
  13. The razzberry and ball type options while catching is a good feature.
  14. If I dismiss a companion do I lose their perk until I bring them along again?