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  1. I think Nunez is a competent half of a legitimate main event, but Spencer is not a big enough name as the other half. The card can still be crazy fun, but it's pretty weak on paper.
  2. I'm watching the local Los Angeles news team.
  3. All the news clips I've seen are young masked white males vandalizing and trying to break into retail stores to loot things. These scumbags don't care about anyone or anything.
  4. I've gotten through 4/16 MMA fighters. The top guys are getting more thorough write-ups, so it should speed up somewhat the rest of the way.
  5. Commercial liability, property and management insurance rates are already through the roof this year. This will surely spike rates even more.
  6. Reporters are on TV with video of police firing tear gas at media.
  7. There are opportunists looting. There are also instigators leading the charge on vandalism and violence to discredit legitimate protests.
  8. The HBO Now on my PS4 automatically transformed into HBO Max and the all the new collections of stuff is really cool. Lots of animation too.
  9. She said, "a lot of politicians are scared of the political power of the police". I wondered what the police's political power was that she referred to.
  10. Nice, this category's all done. I'll start the judging in between my hurry-up-and-wait periods at work.
  11. 2001: A Space Odyssey is boring AF.
  12. Is she referring to unions? Lobbyist? or voting blocks?
  13. More offers for HBO Max subscription.