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  1. And if ya'lls on a budget - tin cans and string. Imagine the pillow talk!
  2. If you're still nervous, practice with the other neighbor on the opposite side of you. Clean their gutters, grind your junk on their door knob, grab their boob until you're comfortable with performing easily with the hot single mommy.
  3. When is the update coming?
  4. You're probably right. But I think the poll would be a landslide because it would be akin to murdering a family member if they decided to go back and not have the child/children.
  5. This is terribly sad news, Shady. I will continue to pray for your family during this difficult time of grieving. And like many others here, I will mourn the loss of your baby daughter. You are an awesome father. Riley and Justin are very fortunate to have you as their dad.
  6. No thanks. :barf:
  7. She looks like Diane Lane and is a yoga instructor.
  8. I think so too. I'd love to see a match up with MVP. Benson will move back down to 155 to fight a Pitbull brother after getting smacked around at 170.
  9. Wow. There are so many killers in the UFC WW division, I can see how he would rather take more money and easier path if that's what he chooses.
  10. Well whatever you do, do it quick. A hot tamale like that doesn't stay available for long.
  11. 7/12 CP37 Drowzee He's probably still there cuz it's the only one I've ever caught.
  12. Yeah, supposedly, win or lose, he retires after the title fight. He doesn't sound especially excited about it either way. But Hendo's always been a mellow monotone guy, so who knows.
  13. So blacks are the only people with color? Oh, ok. Maybe the term "easily offended people" is more accurate.
  14. By all means, don't post a photo of the woman in your article.
  15. Who knows. But I doubt that people actually care, regardless of what the media chooses to cover.