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  1. There's a reason we refer to her as Marissa the yoga instructor.
  2. Someone should start the ***OFFICIAL FBG WifeSwap*** thread. :not it:
  3. Youtube pays content creators for views and subscribers. The top youtuber makes $6million a year, and he makes videogame content.
  4. I'm curious to see how Evans looks at 185. Good chance he gets smashed, no?
  5. Tate vs Pennington now official.
  6. Is it odd that Nicole wore the same jumper at the finale as in the intro video?
  7. How awesome/spooky would it be if Marissa "WOOOO"'s during orgasm.
  8. In other news, Cyborg made 141lbs this morning. Crazy.
  9. I listened to a bunch of this. I don't get the hype.
  10. Agreed. Even if Jessica (that's the red eye girl right?) loses 15 lbs, at best she's Sophie, in an oddly attractive sort of way.
  11. Kimbo was another guy that got paid off of marketability (sort of). If Conor gives up on the FW division entirely, what happens if/when he loses to Eddie? Is he just another mediocre LW? Cuz that division is pretty stacked.
  12. But then there wouldn't be an incentive to hype a fight or do extra media to sell PPVs.
  13. $20 got us upgraded from a standard king to a junior suite at Caesar's last month.