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  1. Dammit, I missed the Invicta show. My penis is sad.
  2. Big buff for Fire blast, good for my ponyta.
  3. If I were to try, pretend that I have non-crappy pokemon, I'd keep battling my gym to keep the prestige up. Maybe I'd be lucky enough to live and work right next to the gym so I could boost it back up if it runs low.
  4. Hey, it's your thread. Go crazy.
  5. Wow, didn't know a simple troll thread could hook so many vets.
  6. It seems like everyone has a high CP vaporeon now. I think electric and grass pokemon do double damage against them, so getting a high jolteon is a good idea.
  7. The wimmin of team handball are pretty nice too. Especially from the blond countries.
  8. I've seen the first 2, They didn't stand out in my mind. The style of John Wick is far better.
  9. I saw it Wednesday night. It was OK. The chase scenes were cool, but just about every action shot was shaky and manic.
  10. Can anyone comment on guests use of pools? If a group of 3 people book a room, Mandalay Bay or instance, will the hotel provide pool passes for just 2 guests or all 3? I just noticed these listed restrictions on some booking sites.
  11. ahhh, my stats are puny. Still Level 15. But judging by the categories, the game thinks I'm a girl.
  12. Where are the stats listed?
  13. OK. And I thought I was being clever by leaving all the junk I didn't want.
  14. Have you guys noticed that after picking up items at a pokestop, the stop gives you all the items that it spit out at you. Even the items you didn't "pop". For example. I'm constantly at or near my 350 item capacity so when I go to pokestops I'll just pop the balls and razzberrys and leave revives and potions. But afterwards I still see Revive +1 and potion +1 in the upper right of my screen. Odd.