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  1. Congratulations. Now are you going to bump this thread every week with updates?
  2. Holm missed on too many of her strike attempts.
  3. I'm putting in an extra 20 minutes of walking each day just for pokemon.
  4. I wish Barbosa didn't let off the gas in that last round. I wanted to see a TKO by leg kicks.
  5. What?? The dual wielding power attack animation is sweet.
  6. There's an assassin guild, I forget where, that gets you some sweet armor when you complete all their quests.
  7. Odd sighting on a late night walk to the local gym. I observed a single player fight his own gym from the lowest level to a level 7 gym (20K prestige) with just one 1100 arcanine occupying it.
  8. Fight the occupants. Or if there's a lit up icon on the bottom left of the gym screen just put a pokemon in it to help defend.
  9. How to mismanage time. aka how to be late for everything.
  10. There's 7 pokemon at the pier that I've never even seen before.
  11. according to pokevision, there ain't jack squat around were I work or live. It explains why my progress has been so slow.
  12. Yes still busted, I saw a pikachu and machop nearby and couldn't track either one.
  13. Wow, I haven't gotten a 10k egg in ages. And my highest pokemon is only a 796cp vaporeon. But my first good shot at a 1,000+cp is a 418 growlithe that I have 48 candies for.
  14. I'm mid LVL14 with 41,874 stardust. I used a few thousand early on (foolishly) to power up something crappy.