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  1. I saw Hidden Figures last night. It was good but I don't understand why people love it so much and why it got a bunch of Oscar noms. Maybe it's due to the current political climate. Very similar to: October Sky, A Beautiful Mind, The Imitation Game. Lot of other movies that explore similar themes of undermined genius.
  2. If I ever play through this again, I need to remember to put more perk points into hacking and lock-picking early. I pass over so many safes and doors that I know I'll never circle back to.
  3. Yep, Blissey's with hefty HPs are packed in my local gyms. I don't even bother.
  4. You don't want to do that, FantasyDerp might make fun of your weight.
  5. He's so insecure that he even projects it onto the other gender.
  6. I'll check with Preston. From what I recall, I did a lot of missions for the BOS but recently Teagan and the technical doc guy won't talk to me. I wouldn't mind F'ing up their S###.
  7. This is my first episode listening, good fun stuff.
  8. I knew #3 and #6, but I'm watching The Crown so I should have known #4.
  9. The Minutemen and I attacked the institute and I chose to blow it up. Is that the unofficial end of the game? I still have all my other quests to do but I may move on to another game unless I also get to smash the BOS.
  10. Agreed. And how much crime are they experiencing that they need full time security? Hopefully nothing that one or two full time security guys can't handle.
  11. Or private security. A full police department is excessive.
  12. Oh, I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding.
  13. I evolved a (decent) 543CP eevee into a 1771 espeon, and a (strong) 572CP eevee to a 1246 umbreon. espeon seems to be better for evolving.