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  1. Do you need a refresher on Colton or J'tia? Just trash people.
  2. EYLive

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    Sounds like an office culture problem. Most of my coworkers are pretty chill and when there's drama it's fun for watercooler banter.
  3. EYLive

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    I work from home. I don't have set hours but am essentially always "on-call" even though I have a desk job. I prefer this to having to go into the office 5 days a week. I miss having coworkers but it's a positive trade.
  4. You think it's wrong for a woman to approach a man? Why?
  5. But Davie didn't take her on the reward so... LETS COOK A BUTT TON OF MY SACRIFICIAL RICE TODAY!!!
  6. This is a classic employment practices liability insurance claim. There legal fees were probably up the wazoo as well.
  7. I'd put Big Little Lies in the great category.
  8. I put my socks on in my bedroom while getting dressed standing up. My shoes are on a shoe rack next to my front door where I have an accent chair. I pick out my shoes, sit down, then put on my shoes.
  9. I'm really hope Cousins makes the Warriors much much worse. Even better if the team implodes from the locker room out.
  10. Knowing braille and getting a sex robot would make 30 days fairly easy.
  11. Here's an idea: Read the article BEFORE commenting. It saves you from looking stupid.
  12. EYLive

    Diamond earring guys

    What city do you live in? I recommend browsing the jewelry district if there's one near you.
  13. A similar thing happen to me in college. I was at the school gym (I never go to the gym) messing around on the pectoral machine thing. A cute Asianed girl I had a class with started a conversation with me and put her hand on my shoulder for balance as she did leg stretches. I didn't know what to say so I asked about homework and papers. I probably could have made some EY juniors if I wasn't so dense.
  14. I put on socks before I put on pants, so I stand for both.
  15. EYLive

    UFC wagering: KOotY -- we have seen it.

    I'm predicting a Valentina victory but rooting for Joanna. :nervous: