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  1. I'm finally seeing my universe explored % climb. The only thing stopping me is my yomi bottleneck.
  2. what was your Von Neumann Probe Design point distribution at the end? I'm still at 0.0% explored.
  3. My combat victories are really snowballing with 14 points in "combat". I wonder if I should scale back a bit and put more in speed and exploration. I have 40 trust.
  4. Yep, easy gifts.
  5. When your Operations is maxed, creativity is added.
  6. Monument to the Driftwar Fallen requires 50 nonillion clips. I've topped out at 8.98non. There's no more matter to acquire. my million probes have no work.
  7. slowly grinding at 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 At this point I should just be adding as many drones and factories as I can afford, right?
  8. I'm considering leaving my office browser on overnight.
  9. I have 86,000 yomi, do I still need to run the autotourney?
  10. Clip factory, wire production, drones, MW production/storage. I have no idea what's happening...
  11. Nevermind, I need 100 trust to release drones, stuck at 93. Might need to pay the stock market...
  12. How important is money later in the game? I'm buying lots of goodwill to speed up operations. I can stop adding memory after 70, right?
  13. I'm at 19 processors & 70 Memory. Waiting for the Ops to fill up before I launch hypnodrones... I've been putting off going to lunch for this thing...
  14. Hmmm... on greedy I got 691, on generous I got 416.
  15. I guess I'll give it a try and see how it affects my yomi.
  16. Why would I ever chose the Generous Strategy?
  17. Well, I'll be damned...
  18. What is the effect of quantum computing? What do the numbers mean?
  19. Processors increase operations generation?
  20. Go Doyers!
  21. I swear to Xenu if this is Onslaught all over again I'm gonna kill all of yous. Trying again when I get home.
  22. Nice, Page 1 of a Google search is long list of his duushbaggery. Have fun being unemployed, loser.
  23. Is this is like office supply Onslaught? I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
  24. When the F are more Castlevania coming out? It's almost Halloween and they're missing the boat.