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  1. Then you've never seen Will Kirby or Dan Geedling play. Brett's a #######. He calls Scott spineless cuz he got nominated for eviction AND lost the veto to him? What a pansy victim. How long before he starts banging pots and pans?
  2. I guess I'm rooting for a different side of the house than everyone else. Pretty happy that Sam didn't waste her power on one of the duushbros. But if he really was going to switch sides upon returning, I'd be all for it.
  3. And never leave your house. amirite?
  4. For money - baseball. For fun - basketball.
  5. Honestly bummed none of you butholes paid homage to the almighty chicken.
  6. Sexual revolution sounds like something a spinner does to show off for the cameras. :noban:
  7. That monologue was so amateurish and cringey. Absolutely terrible.
  8. You should look up the definition of both before you erroneously declare them to be the same.
  9. I might not even bother. Just move after they're done shooting... their stuff all over your stuff.
  10. Everyone assumes he's referring to Rousey. I just figure Shaub is threatening White with more accusations of infidelity if White doesn't ####. Why people jump to the conclusion that he's talking about Ronda is puzzling.