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  1. The title of his sex tape.
  2. What's that in English?
  3. 1. Pay some young hooligans to make the cannon go away. 2. Release a falcon to the town that will eat the gulls... and maybe even small pets. Be careful with falconry. 3. PM the FFA resident bird enthusiast @squistion for advice. 4. If you have problems with the loud local Bird Cannon... you might be a redneck. Keep us posted on the developments of this saga.
  4. I really like this show. We never watched on TV but binged on Netflix and try to catch recent eps on Amazon(?). If you're not hooked after 5 episodes, it might not be for you.
  5. So sad. I visited the San Diego Zoo a few years ago. And of all the awesome creatures I saw there, a single rhino about the size of a VW van stood out is my favorite animal I saw that day. The photo doesn't do it justice; he is/was gargantuan.
  6. I beat the latest rift challenge (Ice orb wizard) yesterday. They won't let us see her inventory bag so I can't figure out where the sweet wings are from. Can we win wings on season mode?
  7. That's 4D, I'm not a fan. It feels like someone is jabbing you in the spine whenever there's a fight scene.
  8. It's a brand of 3D typically shown on regular sized screens. As opposed to Dolby 3D or Imax 3D.
  9. As someone that saw it, I can tell you it's not a mess. I saw it in RealD, so that enhanced the viewing experience a great deal for a visually intense movie like this. I've never heard of this before seeing it last week so I have nothing to compare it too. It's just a fun movie, don't expect Gone With The Wind.
  10. The retro references didn't feel shoehorned in for their own sake. It's more like, instead of using a modern or futuristic item in the story, they use something from a video game. They don't disrupt the flow of the movie, but you'll want to watch it slow motion when it comes to home video to see all the characters and references in the background.
  11. Pass. These stories aren't even a little bit believable anymore. Have fun.
  12. Can you scream like a girl while playing Five Nights at Freddy's? Then yes.
  13. I think that's how Pewdie Pie got started.
  14. What happens to weapons and armor won by the season hero once the season's over? Does it become transferable like normal loot?
  15. I finished the Slayer chapter of the season journey. Gotta say that the portrait frame reward isn't worth the effort, but the tasks themselves are pretty fun. I decided to go back to my Shadows Mantel set cuz the 50,000% Impale damage is too OP to ignore. I'm running through GR33 like a hot knife through butter. Rift guardians, Nemesis, infernal machine dual-boss fights end with no more than 3 shots. It might be time for a new game until Season 14 starts.
  16. I saw Ready Player One on Friday. I have not read the books but my friend said the movie is a bit different. If you're a pop culture/video game/comic book fan from the 70s-90's you'll probably enjoy this movie.
  17. No pics, but the 10:45am Viper class at the Westwood, Los Angeles Equinox is 95% yoga pants and 5% boy shorts.
  18. In Soviet Russia, ski lift rides YOU.
  19. I agree with all of this. However, the bolded part is no longer a concern for the UFC. The current ownership doesn't give 2 craps about integrity. They'll book anything that will make money.
  20. 4/10 - feeling mighty smart today.
  21. I'ved dubbed Laurel, "Mac". Not that the contestants this season have been ugly, but they certainly have some odd appearances.
  22. Coworkers that slam their entire bodyweight into the door of a occupied and locked restroom. They could save themselves some embarrassment by just checking the door handle, but no... lets charge into the door - shoulder first!