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  1. Was listening to Chicago sports radio a bit yesterday. They were talking about how the defense is going to turn on Trubisky and the offense soon but then got into the defense needing to tackle better. They listed several guys who had trouble tackling Latavious Murray and then said Ha Ha just did on Ole' and wanted no part of him. Shocking
  2. The Lions had used up all their timeouts before the last hands to the face penalty. I was ticked Rodgers threw it away instead of going down and keeping the clock running unless he knew the penalty was on the Lions. Could have run it down to a minute or so and kicked the FG (1:45 - 4th) Timeout #3 by DET at 01:45. 3rd & 4 at DET 16 (1:45 - 4th) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete deep left to J.Kumerow [D.Kennard]. PENALTY on DET-T.Flowers, Illegal Use of Hands, 5 yards, enforced at DET 16 - No Play.
  3. I was shocked the play was not reviewed as it appeared like the defender was clearly there early, especially after seeing the replay. With being a turnover I thought for sure they would take a look at it. I did not really expect it to be changed though since they did not change any of the earlier defensive PI reviews. The PI reviews are not good for the game
  4. I would guess it was after the 3 and out series as the end of the third quarter. Rodgers threw 2 straight into the ground and then threw it away out of bounds on third down. There was definitely frustration and LaFleur came over to Rodgers on the bench after that drive. Don't think it was a huge deal but seemed they were not on the same page that drive.
  5. Pick the player on the better offense when it's close. More scoring chances
  6. Did you watch the game? The run game was effective in the second half. It's not like they did not try to pass at all and just missed on a few potential big plays. They did pass for a key first down on the last drive to basically allow them to run out the clock.
  7. Packers? They have 12 picks and a need for a speed WR
  8. Packers should send a couple of their picks to the Steelers for Bryant. Would fill their need for a speed WR on the outside nicely. I know he has had his issues but he can take the top off a defense.
  9. Packers have 12 picks and need a speedy WR. Sending a couple picks to the Steelers for Bryant would make sense
  10. I lost and got eliminated by a few points thanks to the Eagles defensive TD with no time left on the failed Rams lateral. To make matters worse I would have been the #1 seed and won easily this week if I had not lost earlier in the year when the Chiefs scored a defensive TD with no time on the clock when the Redskins failed at their lateral play. Highest scoring team in the league, but no luck. I hate FF sometimes.
  11. Nothing wrong with that hit. Something wrong with Bennett's hands of stone
  12. Man am I tired of Bennett dropping the ball. What a waste he has been. Should have been a first at mid field
  13. I lost in my matchup of 3-0 teams on the fumble return TD last night to end the game. I did not have a very good week, but Hunt had me in the lead up until that play. Glad I was not watching at the time.
  14. Agreed. I don't think I have ever seen him not look terrible although tonight is ridiculously bad.
  15. Schaub doing his best to pull me through after I have leaned on Ryan/Luck all year. Glad I spent the money on him after all. Still a long way to go though with a thin team this week