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  1. Pick the player on the better offense when it's close. More scoring chances
  2. Did you watch the game? The run game was effective in the second half. It's not like they did not try to pass at all and just missed on a few potential big plays. They did pass for a key first down on the last drive to basically allow them to run out the clock.
  3. Packers? They have 12 picks and a need for a speed WR
  4. Packers should send a couple of their picks to the Steelers for Bryant. Would fill their need for a speed WR on the outside nicely. I know he has had his issues but he can take the top off a defense.
  5. Packers have 12 picks and need a speedy WR. Sending a couple picks to the Steelers for Bryant would make sense
  6. I lost and got eliminated by a few points thanks to the Eagles defensive TD with no time left on the failed Rams lateral. To make matters worse I would have been the #1 seed and won easily this week if I had not lost earlier in the year when the Chiefs scored a defensive TD with no time on the clock when the Redskins failed at their lateral play. Highest scoring team in the league, but no luck. I hate FF sometimes.
  7. Nothing wrong with that hit. Something wrong with Bennett's hands of stone
  8. Man am I tired of Bennett dropping the ball. What a waste he has been. Should have been a first at mid field
  9. I lost in my matchup of 3-0 teams on the fumble return TD last night to end the game. I did not have a very good week, but Hunt had me in the lead up until that play. Glad I was not watching at the time.
  10. Agreed. I don't think I have ever seen him not look terrible although tonight is ridiculously bad.
  11. Schaub doing his best to pull me through after I have leaned on Ryan/Luck all year. Glad I spent the money on him after all. Still a long way to go though with a thin team this week
  12. Lynch/Peterson for me with Benson, Mendenhall & Tate possibly out. Need Ridley to score a couple times and Ronnie Brown to catch a handful of passes. I thought 7 RB's was plenty but I will be sweating it this week
  13. Looks like I will advance but I have been dreading week 11. Lynch & Peterson on bye. If Benson, Mendy or Tate don't play, I will have only Ridley & Ronnie Brown at RB. Have not been close to the cut line all year, but will be hoping to skate by next week
  14. This seems to be by far the strongest team I have had in this contest. If Britt & Mendenhall can get up to speed it should only get stronger. Ronnie Brown sucks but other than that, no real complaints Matt Ryan $19 41.45 24.85 30.15 bye Matt Schaub $13 19.10 9.45 36.50 bye Andrew Luck $11 16.35 25.30 30.65 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adrian Peterson $21 21.70 11.00 12.70 bye Marshawn Lynch $19 11.70 18.20 10.90 bye Stevan Ridley $16 23.20 12.50 3.70 bye Ben Tate $12 5.80 25.70 2.60 bye Rashard Mendenhall $4 0.00 0.00 0.00 bye Cedric Benson $3 1.80 15.60 16.40 bye Ronnie Brown $2 8.10 7.40 0.00 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A.J. Green $22 12.00 18.80 34.40 bye Steve Smith $20 17.60 13.40 12.60 bye Mike Wallace $16 13.70 18.40 26.40 bye Kenny Britt $13 0.00 1.50 11.50 bye Emmanuel Sanders $7 9.50 6.30 6.30 bye Davone Bess $6 9.50 7.30 13.60 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vernon Davis $17 14.80 26.80 18.80 bye Owen Daniels $11 14.70 13.70 13.10 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Prater $3 5.00 3.00 15.00 bye Lawrence Tynes $3 5.00 17.00 24.00 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New York Jets $4 20.00 3.00 10.00 bye Seattle Seahawks $4 5.00 11.00 8.00 bye Washington Redskins $3 8.00 14.00 12.00 bye --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL 184.15 193.20 207.90 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 CUTOFF 0.00 139.60 161.90
  15. Does anyone have an opinion on where you would rank Crabtree to whatever rookie WR you like in the draft as compared to the established veteran WR's? That would help establish draft picks value releative to trading for a veteran. At this point I would probably have him at about #15 for WR's. I would have a hard time moving him up much higher until he proves something in the NFL as all of the guys above that point have proven they can put up top 10 WR numbers. 15 may even be high, I am curious as to what others think.