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  1. I’ve been following this thread since the dip in March as a complete newbie. Between general apprehension and worrying about making it back to Canada while all the travel restrictions were happening, I didn’t really consider setting up an account at first and missed out on the early action. I finally pulled the trigger two weeks ago and it has been a lot of fun and education. Bought a few (DFS, BLMN, JPM) and am already up 18%. I completed my first buy and sell with BLMN (in at $8.95 and out at $11.40 😀). Id like to thank all of you regulars for the tips but would like to say a special thanks to @Todem, as I’ve been paying particular attention to your posts. I appreciate learning from those with experience and take the sharing of wisdom as a true gift.
  2. I agree with this too. I like Jarwin a lot, my only concern with him is whether there are enough targets to go around in Dallas. This isn’t a TE premium league, so I didn’t mind adding him to the deal to make it happen. Hard to estimate on the 1st. I could see him winning it all or not making the playoffs, so I’d put it as a mid 1st. I can’t put my finger on it but I’m just not thrilled with the top end of this class anymore and will unload for proven young talent like Hill if I have the chance.
  3. I am the team receiving Hill and thought it was fair. I don’t have Henderson anywhere near Parker value. I’m in a two year rebuild and not sure how I feel about CEH and thought I’d take the surer thing with Hill. I have four 1sts this year and three 1sts next year.
  4. I keep coming back to this thread because there are some really smart people on here and many provide some very interesting links. But only a few days after @Joe Bryant pleaded for people to be cool and many acknowledged they didn’t need to respond to to everything they disagreed with, these last few pages are just another slap fight. Please for everyone’s sake, if you don’t agree with someone just walk away ... the 7,321st response is not going to suddenly convince them to convert to your thinking. Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and keep your distance.
  5. I’m guessing Joe’s point is that people don’t always have to do this, especially when it occurs over and over and over again with the same person. Just walk away some (or most) times.
  6. Had the front man Rushmore discussion with a group last summer. Almost everyone was my age (50) pr older. Consensus was pretty clear for a top 3 - Mercury, Plant and Jagger. After that, there were a whole bunch of others for the fourth spot but I’d have to go Daltry.
  7. Tough man. Keep the faith. You know all of our thoughts and prayers are with you and your bro.
  8. Isn’t this the very definition of trolling?
  9. Sunday morning coffee, enjoying the sunshine and the company of Mrs. Punk can only be made better with such incredible music. Thank you ...
  10. There is currently no mandatory, or even recommended, use of masks in Canada according to the national website. Im not commenting on the efficacy of masks but rather the attempt by some, including many on the last few pages, to belittle others that aren’t wearing them, even though they have no idea of that persons particular location/situation.
  11. I just don’t get these arguments, as they are so location specific. If I lived in a large metro center where I cannot social distance then of course I’ll wear a mask. If I live where I live - a Canadian province the size of ND, SD and MN combined, with only 260 cases, most of which have already recovered and social distancing is the norm - why would I wear one. It isn’t mandatory nor is it even being recommended for common use. I have only left the house three times in the last 6 weeks and I would peg the mask wearers as less than 10% and I do not think anyone looks down at those wearing them or those not wearing them. I don’t think talking down to those that may be living with completely different circumstances, does anything to add value.
  12. Essential businesses aren’t just grocery stores, etc., at least where I’m at in Canada. Most of my family is considered essential and these are their jobs - addictions counselling, office supply delivery driver, mechanic in a mine, heavy equipment operator. Although my province is doing extremely well, I would bet half of Winnipeg is going about business as usual. Meanwhile my wife and I are locked up inside for the last six weeks and only left the house three times for supplies.
  13. LOL, I usually leave it out but my iPad auto corrected me.
  14. This is too funny. I’m in Canada too and we are finally getting decent weather and hit 10 degrees out. Sure enough two of my neighbours are shirtless doing their yard work. Based on the responses in this thread, I think the OP is in the very very small minority that thinks this is an issue. Please don’t hold this against the rest of us Canadians.
  15. Had a chance to sleep on it some more and I’m even more confident than I was yesterday. From what I’ve ready few teams had Ruggs as their #1, so if the Raiders wanted him, they had to go for it. I can envision a lot of slant and drag routes across the middle, since many say Carr can’t throw the deep ball (I disagree) and then Ruggs taking it to the house. As for Arnett, he isn’t flashy but he is a football player. Exactly the type of player/man that they have been drafting the last two years. Pundits always say they should have traded down but that isn’t always possible. I hope the tried because I agree they could have moved down a little but after seeing all of those CBs going off the board at the end of the 1st, I really don’t think they could have moved down very much and still guaranteed that they got their man. Ill trust Mayock and Gruden over a bunch of guys on the internet and some talking heads that have never had to run a draft before.