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  1. This is the most I've seen Gurley go for since before the Super Bowl.
  2. I'm with kutta on this and believe looking back can give one a different perspective in how they approach future deals.
  3. I'm trying to consolidate and make another run at the championship. Adding Allen at WR3 and some depth at TE increase my chances. I think my trade partner did well too in that he has some great pieces for his rebuild.
  4. Got: Allen, Keenan LAC WR; Smith, Jonnu TEN TE Gave: Baldwin, Doug SEA WR; Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR; 1.12; 2.03; Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick (League champ, should be late)
  5. I just read this too and hope it is a go. I'm in Regina today and heard from some locals that they are out of the running because it won't line up with the Riders schedule. Fingers crossed the Bombers don't mess this up for us!
  6. I just made a trade mentioned above, I just sent out another offer in a different league ... Hill for 1.03, 1.06 and 2.06 and was told he would only give the 2nd with this news. People pretty divided right now on his value.
  7. This was my counter to him and he accepted I'm weak at TE and still solid at WR with Cooper and Juju but with very little depth so I thought it was worth it. He is the league champ and has a solid roster overall. i don't have anything to back it up but this one doesn't feel good to me. I have a feeling it could get uglier.
  8. Just completed: Gave: T. Hill Got: DJ Moore, Kirk and Herndon Feels light but wanted to cash out on Hill and not take the risk of being left with a reduced asset.
  9. Guys with Hill's history make me nervous and I get more nervous with this kind of news. I just traded him for Kirk, DJ Moore and Herndon. Feels light but I'm not willing to take the chance this time.
  10. I should have been clearer - general public, maybe 10%, FBGs, at least 80%.
  11. Keep the faith Randall and enjoy every minute! You are truly inspiring!
  12. As a fellow karaoke guy, I think I have listened to all of your recordings and can say this is your finest performance!