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  1. I’ll add Florence Johnston from the Jeffersons and Lamont from Sanford and Sons.
  2. This is awesome Tim ... Mrs. Punk and I are in for the long haul. Great start and already bringing back some fun memories.
  3. Start around 7:30 and get right into it after grabbing my coffee. I don’t do FBG or anything similar at work. I blame my father for my inability to slack.
  4. Depends on what you are in to I suppose. I love nature/hiking so going to many of the Canadian provinces and territories is right up my alley. I’m also from Canada, smack dab in the middle in Winnipeg. Montreal is a beautiful city with lots of historic sites, a great food scene and nightlight. The only issue is that you will get a lot of French there and they are not always as pleasant as the more laid back Canadians outside of Quebec and Ontario.
  5. My wife and I update our Top 10 travel bucket list every year on the first drive out to our cabin in the spring. Here is last years list: 1. All 13 Canadian provinces and territories (12 down, only Yukon left). 2. All 50 USA states (16 so far) 3. New Zealand (going this March) 4. Greece 5. Spain 6. Peru 7. Morocco 8. Croatia 9. African safari 10. Germany/Oktoberfest We have knocked off quite a few within numbers 1 and 2, as well as our top two non North American - Italy and Portugal. Our goal is to alternate between one of the North American trips and one of the international trips every other year. The ultimate bucket list item I’m leaving for when I retire in four years. We plan on touring the US by car and seeing every NFL home team play a game over the 17 week schedule. It will take a lot of planning but it is definitely possible.
  6. Just heard the news. Playing 2112 now of my top 10 albums. Growing up in Canada there was an indifference to Rush that I could never explain. We have such an odd way of thinking when it comes to how we judge “our own” ... back to the Train to Bangkok.
  7. You continue to be an inspiration to your fellow FBGs and I’m sure that amazing family of yours. Stay strong and enjoy the season with your loved ones.
  8. LOL, don’t rush it. My oldest just turned 30 and has been out of the house for 4 years now. He still comes by regularly but you kiss those little random exchanges when they aren’t there all of the time. Sunday football is probably what I miss most. He and 4-5 of his buddies use to hang with me and watch/talk football all day, asking for FF tips from the old man .... good times!
  9. It seems some in here are conflating the idea of making them pay rent (learning there is no free ride, money management, etc.) with whether you like having them around the house. In my case, I was in no rush to have them move out and my wife and I both enjoyed their company and had no issues with them chipping in with cleaning etc. But my wife and I told them from a very young age that they would need to be moved out by 25 unless they were still in school. This wasn’t a hard and fast rule but they had something to plan around. Six months before my oldest turned 25 he sat us down and said he needed to talk ... wanted to “renegotiate” the 25 year limit because he wanted to use some of the money he had saved for a house down payment on a new fishing boat. That conversation was not only a lot of fun (we couldn’t resist making him squirm just a little) but it told me the life lesson was learned. He moved out the following summer after negotiating the extra time.
  10. They are staying into their 30’s these days, so making it too easy only encourages them to stay longer even if they don’t need to financially.
  11. Once my boys decided against college they got into trades a started making decent cash. We started off charging a $200 and raised it every 6 months until they decided it was time to move on (25 and 26years old). We didn’t tell them we were saving it for them, as it kinda defeated the purpose. i don’t think I’d do it any other way unless they were in school.
  12. Absolutely! I charged both of my sons rent as adults. If you aren’t going to school/university, then you will have.a job and pay rent. Neither questioned it and both were happy when we handed them a check of their rent payments when they finally moved out.
  13. We have 2-3 days in Wanaka. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Thanks for the advice on the driving. I’m probably overthinking it and will manage fine. We’ve built in a lot of extra time to get to places. I’m not one for rushing and want to experience the land and people more than anything.
  15. We’ve booked Air BNB’s and driving around both islands. Booked a mid size SUV. Was going to do the camper van but it was kind of pricy in comparison for what you get compared to Air BNB. I love driving but a little nervous driving on the wrong side of the car just as much as I am on the wrong side of the road. We’re planning on lots of hiking and a few wineries. Hopefully still catch some beach weather on the north island.