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  1. I wonder where his mother, grandmother(s), sister(s), aunt(s) etc. land the list of greatest wife ever? Or is the only answer “MY wife”? Just like the only answer to this question is “MY country”! Hence why this is a ridiculous debate that only those with a Napoleon Complex actually ever try to get into.
  2. That’s what you got from my message ... that I like to listen to people bad mouth my wife? This response in a nutshell is why America is as messed up right now as it is ... people talking past each other for a gotcha. Boy you sure got me good!
  3. But do you go around telling everyone she is the greatest wife in the history of the world? Would your mother, sister, etc. have any thoughts to share about whether they could be in the conversation as “best wife ever”? This is the crux of the issue ... what is the point?
  4. I just don’t get the Constitution and “but what about our freedoms” arguments. Most first world countries have the exact same freedoms. I am fairly confident that Canada is just as “free” as the good old USA.
  5. Very odd that a 46 year old recording would be added in support of a debate about America’s greatness in 2020. This alone is very telling about the state of the country now.
  6. I would think at least a dozen countries could make an argument ... but only one ever does! As a Canadian, I feel I am blessed beyond belief. We have a lot of room for improvement but have no desire to live anywhere else and have no need to debate how we rank. About five spots ahead of America ...
  7. This is easily the most pointless and ridiculous discussion I’ve seen on these boards and one that just doesn’t occur in other countries. Why? Because we know it is pointless and ridiculous.
  8. I see not many of you have been to Sturgis on this weekend. It is a freaking gong show. You are lucky if people are still fully clothed never mind wearing masks!
  9. Add me to the list of those that doesn’t understand the need to define my country as the greatest. It just screams of Little Man Syndrome. America is great. So is Canada. So are a great many other countries. The need to express this just seems so childish and sad ... especially at a time when your greatness has become even more debatable than ever before.
  10. M not sure of your sample size of guys you talked to but for the thousands that I live know, work and live with in my part of Canada, this is ridiculous. The only wait times are typically for elective type surgeries ... everything else is virtually immediate. This is based on my own personal family experience, of which there has been a significant need for health services.
  11. Just tell everyone you are Canadian and they will treat you like gold!
  12. I love all of you guys ... but I’ll never understand you Americans!
  13. Nearly impossible. People think it is like on tv isn’t!
  14. This depends on their training and SOP. You may be correct if their training and SOP align with this. Not all LE agencies would.