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  1. We all have to do what feels right. I just imagine this being stressful ...hell, it’s stressful watching up here safely in Canada. It is by no means all sunshine and lollipops up here but I feel for my American friends that are living through this gong show. It seems apparent some people will just not see what it right in front of them and no amount of proof, facts, etc will ever change their mind So that begs the question ...why put yourself through that? Especially if the result could very well be the end of the board?
  2. I’m tired just skimming these last few pages. I have no idea how you guys do this day in an day out. Just pretend (fill in the blank name ) is your spouse and act accordingly. If any of you kept at the need to make your point to this degree, you wouldn’t be married anymore.
  3. I wasn't sure what to bid for him in these leagues. I git him in a couple for $9 and $7. Although I love the skill set, the dumpster fire that is the Dolphins makes me think his value will drop this year and you might get him as a throw in as part of a bigger trade later in the season.
  4. How small and insecure does one have to be to bring this up now? Is this one of the more ridiculous things you have seen on this board or what? Im just asking questions.
  5. Amen! I couldn't agree more. It was one thing to have 13 year old girls buying up thier local Teen Beat or Tiger Beat magazines to find out how David Cassidy's hair looked that month, but the bowing down to celebrity has now grown to include our entire society regardless of age. It is beyond ridiculous at this point. hope we can recover.
  6. Canadian here that lives a little over an hour from the US border and has travelled to 18 different states a total of about 50 trips. Speaking in generalities, I am pretty confident that the following is a good sketch of now many Canadians think of the good ol USA: * Like an older brother. Look up to you in many ways. Wish we were you are at times. Occasionally you do things that makes us say "thank God I'm not him!" * People are genuinely nice, hospitable and will give you the shirt off their backs if you are in need. * Arrogant when it comes to discussion of your country. There are many amazing countries in this world (mine included) that all have their pros and cons. Constantly pounding the "we are the greatest" drum just seems odd to us. * Many in my circles have recently indicated they will not travel to the US. I do not believe this is out of fear but rather out of spite to the current leader of your country. Whether I agree or not is irrelevant but it is clear to me that your leader is dragging down the overall perception of the country as a whole. There was a discussion in another thread about the freedoms US enjoys over Canada and someone mentioned speech as an example of the many freedoms they have over us. This couldn't be further from the truth but is a perfect example of the odd stance some Americans take without having any real knowledge on which to base this perspective. All in all, I think most Canadians appreciate the US but not many of us really want to trade places with you.
  7. Canadian here who likes to watch you Americans debate these important issues ... I would like to commend the posters who have tried to make their points over the last few days without getting personal. With maybe two exceptions, all have been civil and sincerely tried to have an adult conversation on a very difficult subject. Compared to the moderation thread, you all deserve kudos.
  8. I can't get a 3rd for either. And believe me I have tried. Getting a 1st for either is ridiculous regardless of their reasoning.
  9. This is the most I've seen Gurley go for since before the Super Bowl.
  10. I'm with kutta on this and believe looking back can give one a different perspective in how they approach future deals.
  11. I'm trying to consolidate and make another run at the championship. Adding Allen at WR3 and some depth at TE increase my chances. I think my trade partner did well too in that he has some great pieces for his rebuild.
  12. Got: Allen, Keenan LAC WR; Smith, Jonnu TEN TE Gave: Baldwin, Doug SEA WR; Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR; 1.12; 2.03; Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick (League champ, should be late)
  13. I just read this too and hope it is a go. I'm in Regina today and heard from some locals that they are out of the running because it won't line up with the Riders schedule. Fingers crossed the Bombers don't mess this up for us!
  14. I just made a trade mentioned above, I just sent out another offer in a different league ... Hill for 1.03, 1.06 and 2.06 and was told he would only give the 2nd with this news. People pretty divided right now on his value.