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  1. Star Lotulelei out for the game.....
  2. Yes its maybe a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Less if you compare it to the Dark Tower series or The Stand.
  3. Hate to lose him on my college fantasy team, he`ll make some NFL team happy. Love to see the Panthers get him.
  4. Yahoo lists him to only take Charles's place one week.... what do they know?
  5. Really hope it's less. I'll take the 8, happily. But gotta think the NFLPA is gonna make this work even better than that. fingers crossed I think so too Soulfly.
  6. I am looking to pick him up off waivers. Who might you start him over? Would he make a good 3rd WR or bye week fill in?
  7. Don't see it happening, but their middle would be downright nasty for years. yeah me either,
  8. Another one picked out of NC. This is really bizarre to watch given both UNC and NCSU are here. I don't know what these schools are looking for if not the talent in this state.As I normally hear from Heels fans: "Who cares about football?"There are other schools here though. I read an article saying the top 13 recruits in the state went out of state...that's unreal.UNC still had a great class today especially considering we are way past due finding out what sanctions are coming our way. Thats a big reason to miss out on recruits in state this year.
  9. Make it where only three of the wheels touch the track. Have the front right wheel up just enough where its not noticeable. WINNING!
  10. Seems like a good enough hire. He seems to be a good offensive coach. He's also good looking, which is basic quality for a good college football coach. He's got a hot wife too, which is equally important. It could turn out to be a great hire, I guess, but any UNC football fan should be bitter enough at the this point to know not to get excited. Most likely, he'll suck. Maybe he'll be mediocre, then face an NCAA investigation. Maybe he'll be great, then go to Texas. It's UNC football, so I know it won't end well. I'm not sure how just yet though. Sums up my thoughts. I don't think his floor is down at Torbush/Bunting level, but I think his ceiling is Mack Brown, i.e., if he puts together a pair of 10-win seasons, he will be lured away by a football school and the search begins again.Now my question, looking at the recent history of this thread, does it reflect a) the general lack of interest in UNC football by the UNC fan base? b) the "obsession" of all things UNC by fans of rival schools? or c) a little from column a and a little from column b? I can't speak for others and I've been relatively active in this thread anyway, but I know personally I haven't posted in this thread as much as I might otherwise because it turned into an NC State fan thread devoted to basking in the perceived glow of the UNC football scandal. I have no particular desire to read a bunch of Packpride articles and other opinion pieces trashing UNC and over-dramatizing the scandal- sometimes even seeming to celebrate it- and don't know what purpose it serves for me or another UNC fan/alum to respond to them.I've got no issue with them doing that, by the way. They can have a thread about anything they want. Just not sure why I'd want to read it and be a part of it. I can talk UNC football in the ACC football thread. This. Whats the point? I like our new hire and hope we get a great new staff. Now just to wait for next year....
  11. If the bond was "unsecured" , all he would have to do is sign a paper that more or less states "yes I will pay this amount if I don't go to court". No money, no property, no bail bondsman.