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  1. new ABC News / Washington Post national poll: Sanders 32% (+8%) Biden 17% (-11%) Bloomberg 14% (+6%) Warren 11% (+0%) Buttigieg 7% (+2%) Klobuchar 6% (+3%)
  2. He did already release these -- he put out a summary letter from his physician (Congressional doctor of like 20 something years) and two more from cardiologists post heart attack. That's on par with Biden and Bloomberg (who each have released just a single summary letter), and maybe slightly behind Warren (who released a letter + like the result of a blood test or something?).
  3. Yeah, that's some pretty solid counter-evidence. I'm back on the probably not train. Won't kill the rumors/conspiracy though, I bet.
  4. As much as I do like Pete, that's a pretty big oof, and seems like it could definitely be real.
  5. Looking deeper at that Morning Consult national poll that showed Bernie 1st at 29% and Biden 2nd at 19% there's also some notable shifts in the "who can win" numbers: In the "who has the best chance of beating President Trump" question, Bernie takes the lead jumping from 23% to 29%, Biden craters from 29% to 17%, and Bloomberg rises from 18% to 25%. For that same question among black voters, Bernie leads with 32% (up 9 points) saying he has the best chance of beating Trump, Biden dropped 10 points to 21%, and Bloomberg rose to 21%, up 7 points.
  6. I think that's when we transition to the Corporatocracy where a hedge fund owned shell corporation rules from on high by executive memo.
  7. Would you accept that committing adultery means you support it, or are we going to continue to pollute the Pete thread with this back and forth about whether a man who's publicly cheated on every wife he's ever had "supports" adultery?
  8. Actually, I'm curious for more information on this. The quoted article is very pointed about this exchange between Sanders and Todd, but doesn't actually quote any of the words exchanged. After looking up the actual back and forth, Bernie says he's released "all substantive records", the same as every other candidate. That lead me to look a bit more into what others have actually released, and I have to say that he isn't wrong about having released basically the same amount of information as any of the others (aside from Warren). From what I've seen, Warren released a signed letter from her doctor along with some actual medical records involving medications etc. (by far the best transparency). Biden released only a signed letter from his physician. Bloomberg released only a signed letter from his physician. Bernie released a signed letter from his physician, along with two more letters from cardiologists attesting to his health and ability to continue running and living his life. I don't know what the actual expectations are here, but this feels like a bit of a media blowup. Admittedly I've not looked deeply at this kind of info in past elections, so I don't know if these releases are substantively different than prior cycles. Edit: After looking at the Sanders letters in more detail, they do also list prior medical procedures and current medications, but only do so via the letter. Warren's documents appear to be some kind of printout from a medical software system. Here's a WaPo article detailing the various releases from Warren, Sanders, Biden, and Bloomberg.
  9. Total deal breaker for me in the primaries if Bernie won't release medical records. I'd still vote for him in the general, but would very much prefer he released them. A major candidate for President coming off a heart attack is a serious issue that voters should want to know about I agree it'd be nice to have the transparency, but personally I don't really care about the medical records. He's old. There's a decent chance he dies in office (same with Trump). I'm willing to accept that, but I can see why others wouldn't. It's a big reason I been very curious about who his VP might be, as it think it will be very important. Admittedly, my views on this are pretty heavily shaped by my adoration for FDR. If public medical records were a requirement back then, he'd have never had a chance.
  10. In fact, I think Pete's plan is the only one that advocates for re-instituting a fee/fine for those who are uncovered (which was part of the original ACA but was overturned recently under Trump's challenges of it). It would scale based on income, but the idea is if you didn't explicitly enroll, you would be enrolled in the public option retroactively for the year and would owe that fine/fee amount via taxes. I believe there was some calculation done that it could cost up to $7000 a year for those individuals.
  11. Obama definitely ran as a Progressive, as many of the young Progressives who helped him win Iowa in '08 would attest to. He may have governed as a moderate, but I don't see how you can look at the messaging of his campaign and find that he sold himself as anything else but Progressive (for as much as that meant in 2008 compared to 2020).
  12. "How dare you attack us for attacking you" -- is how that reads to me. As a follow-up Bernie makes the same points on this that I've made around here before
  13. "How dare you attack us for attacking you" -- is how that reads to me.
  14. I'm predicting a lot of "I don't recall" and various versions of "not being able to speak on that matter."