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  1. mcintyre1

    Can Trump be considered a fascist?

    Well, this is something I never imagined I'd be able to say... Ammon Bundy and I have some thoughts in common.
  2. I've been starting him basically all season as the last of my 3 available flex spots in the one league I have him in... finally paid off! Super weird league that has double head to head games each week, our playoffs don't start until week 15, and I'm in 5th place needing wins in both match ups to move up to 4th. My match ups this week are against the #1 team (22-4 record) and the 4th place team. His 61 points (1.25 pts per rushing yard) almost assuredly put me in the playoffs. Thanks Derrick!
  3. I don't know about the "fear" part, but it shouldn't be terribly surprising that Russia is now a friend of right wing movements across the globe. Post Communism, Russia has tried to prop itself up as a sort of "last bastion" of Christianity and conservatism, fighting against the perceived cultural corruption of "multiculturalism" and "globalism." Without the historical Cold War baggage, I think conservatives across the West would be openly and gladly associating themselves with Putin's Russia.
  4. mcintyre1

    The migrant caravan

    Typically, it is abused to replace highly-paid/experienced American tech workers with candidates from lower income countries like India. My understanding is that H1-B visas are meant to be used to hired foreign workers who have skills or talents that cannot be found locally, but from what I've read they're frequently used to cut labor costs instead.
  5. mcintyre1

    USA Shootings

    For the record, this isn't true. The man who was killed was killed by the police, and he was a veteran with a license to carry.
  6. Assuming that's a real quote... It's still shocking how often I read a Trump quote and think to myself "if I heard someone talking like that in my office, I'd think he's a moron."
  7. mcintyre1

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    I'm pretty certain D Baseball got banned yesterday as an alias of a banned user so he won't be responding, but to the point, this was a huge deal while at my college back in the day. We were a little bastion of radical left-wing politics in the middle of a sea of red and the state Republican party tried again and again to eliminate our ability to vote in the place we lived a majority of the year. They never did succeed though.
  8. mcintyre1

    Just who are the Facsist?

    Merkel and the UN Secretary-General didn't use the "F" word, but it is pretty clear that's what they're talking about at the WWI Armistice events this weekend: Hint, they're not talking about Antifa.
  9. mcintyre1

    2018 Florida Races

    I do find it somewhat amusing that someone with an account seemingly named after Karl Rove is pearl clutching about possible election shenanigans.
  10. mcintyre1

    Sessions ......he gone

    The marches are for protecting Mueller and the Special Counsel investigation, not for Sessions. I'm sure you know that, ren, but that doesn't allow you to troll about like you love to do.
  11. mcintyre1

    2018 Florida Races

    Bay county has a population of 183,000. Broward county has a population of 1.936 million.
  12. mcintyre1

    Just who are the Facsist?

    Yeah, I loved it on and was really sad when they nuked all of their video programs. Was really happy to see them strike out on their own and become so successful.
  13. mcintyre1

    Just who are the Facsist?

    You chose the little blurb that comes at the top of the Wikipedia article. If you would bother to read any of the previously mentioned thread, or watch any of the videos I provided, or hell, just read more of the Wikipedia article, you'd know that there are many different definitions of fascism. The videos I linked to are based on the writings of Umberto Eco and Robert Paxton, two renowned scholars on the subject (and both referenced heavily in the Wikipedia article). If either of us is using an "arbitrary" definition of fascism, I'd think it is the person using literally the first thing they googled. I've provided ample material for you to get an understanding of why I believe Carlson (and anyone else associated with Trumpism) is a fascist. I'm not going to devote any more of my life to doing so if you're unwilling to go to the least amount of effort to take in what I'm putting out.
  14. mcintyre1

    Just who are the Facsist?

    The reason I'm not keen on getting in to all of this again is that (despite your dismissive attitude), this actually does take a long explanation. It takes a long explanation because fascism is a difficult thing to define, by its own nature. It takes on aspects of the country in which is arises that results in structural differences from other forms of fascism. As such, there aren't examples of what you're asking for; but, I (and others) argue, that doesn't mean Carlson hasn't allied himself with a fascist movement. To show you where I'm coming from, I'm going to link to a series of videos. I'm skeptical that you'll watch them, as they combine to nearly an hour and they are not in any way unbiased (they were produced by a liberal parody news show that spun off of However, I do think (as did, I believe, @Maurile Tremblay, who no one would confuse with a socialist like myself) that they are a good attempt at explaining why I believe that Trumpism is an American variant of fascism. These videos were produced after I made the original post I linked to in this thread, and did not form the basis of my own belief on this, but they are a more well produced and sourced method of explanation than I have the time or ability to compile on my own: Trump Isn't Hitler Trumpism Is Just A Synonym For Fascism If You Don't Want To Be Called A Fascist, Stop Supporting Donald Trump, A Fascist
  15. mcintyre1

    Just who are the Facsist?

    No, you don't "got it" -- but I'm not re-litigating that entire thread in here. Edit: Suffice it to say, to not completely abdicate my responsibility to clarify my own position, I think there is a distinct difference between conservatives of the Bush/Romney/McCain ilk and the crowd of Trumpists that dominate today's GOP. Tucker Carlson is proudly within the Trumpist sphere, and thus I label him a fascist.