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  1. mcintyre1

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    I don't get this Joe... what is there to apologize for? By my understanding it is just as likely that she was right as it is that it is "not as close as was thought."
  2. mcintyre1

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    Based on the inherent inaccuracy of the science involved, I don't know how you could take this to mean anything other than "her family anecdote about Native heritage is at least somewhat right."
  3. mcintyre1

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    Wait... did you think Hillary wasn't moderate?
  4. mcintyre1

    The Trump Years

    God forbid people care about how their President represents them to the public and the world at large.
  5. mcintyre1

    We're all Americans first.

    Have to chuckle a little bit as I add the latest alias to my ignore list. Have to give them credit for persistence at least.
  6. I have enjoyed watching the Drudge headline change over the last 40 minutes though. From a green "Stocks Recover" around 10am during the brief upward peak, to a red "Stocks Recover?" as it plunged down again to a red "Dow -300" to the current "Stocks Swing" -- I'm sure there's some intern that updates it, but part of me wants to believe that Drudge himself is sitting at his ancient PC, desperately reloading Netscape Navigator to get the latest numbers and updating his headline.
  7. My "long term" concern is that Trump has no idea what his economic policies will do to the country.
  8. Obviously everyone's situation is different, but I've lost pretty much all gains (including paycheck contributions) since May in the last three days, so yeah, relevant news to me. About the same thing happened in January and it took until July to recover back to that level.
  9. mcintyre1

    The Trump Years

    Watching this Trump Hurricane Michael Oval Office press conference and I just can't help but cringe every time speaks. The FEMA guy and the DHS lady are serious and knowledgable and then Trump interjects with some asinine comment about "isn't this the biggest we've ever seen?" -- "some people are saying this is the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the US, is that true?" -- to which the professionals in the room (appointed by him) have to pretend to not completely shut down what he said as idiotic. Now he's talking about how there's already "thousands" of people lined up for his campaign rally tonight and he isn't sure if they would cancel it in order to focus on storm response. It wouldn't be "very fair to the people already there" if they cancelled it. Stellar priorities.
  10. mcintyre1

    Can Trump be considered a fascist?

    A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany - “If the US has someone whom historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell.”
  11. I know you're joking, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're right. There's a common thread to a lot of the "Internet culture wars" that kind of kicked off with Gamergate; angry young (mostly white) men. Russia's goal is promote social division within their geopolitical enemies by stoking any kind of cultural conflict. The cohort of angry young men from the Gamergate saga has been courted by the right wing since basically day one. Breitbart went heavy on that in particular (I believe Milo Yanawhatever was responsible for a lot of those early stories) and I remember seeing it work for them first-hand on Reddit and other online communities. Posts like "look! Breitbart is listening to us!" etc. This is also heavily tied in to the rise in popularity of people like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, the anti-SJW "movement," and the baffling relevance of 4chan to modern politics and society. The divide among Star Wars fans regarding TLJ follows a similar arc. There are definitely people who hated it for purely for aesthetic or story telling reasons, but many of the most vocal critics on Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, etc. latched their complaints directly on the to anti-SJW train, complaining about forced diversity and the like. I feel like I should also point out that these efforts are not at all limited to the right wing in the West, either. As we've seen, several of the publicly acknowledged Russian accounts/trolls on Facebook were associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, or the Bernie Sanders campaign. Simply put, they really don't care what the arguing is actually about, only that it happens, and that it gets ugly. Of course, this is not to say that Russia is the root of all of these problems. I am personally certain, however, that Russia is actively fanning these divides through the Internet in order to weaken us and the entire Western world that they see as cultural adversaries. Same with Brexit and the rise of various far-right groups across Europe. It seems clear to me that Putin's Russia long ago realized they could not challenge the West economically or militarily, so they actively sought other measures to achieve their goals. It probably shouldn't come as a surprise that their solution appears to be rooted in, essentially, propaganda. Sucks for all of us that the combination of propaganda and modern communication technology is so damn effective, though.
  12. His route running really is top notch, not just for a rookie, but for an NFL receiver. That 30 yard TD last game was just beautiful. Got himself wide open with a hesitation and then blasted right by the poor defender for a wide open shot in the end zone.
  13. mcintyre1

    What happened in Seattle?

    I also remember that Tate rumor. No idea if it was completely unfounded or what.
  14. mcintyre1

    Week 4 Injury thread

    Yeah, that's a real bad one. Given his overall injury history, who knows, maybe he hangs it up after that.