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  1. Yeah, that kind of stuff should be fine/suspension worthy. Zero reason to do it, it isn't like he's trying to knock the ball out or something. The only intention there is to cause injury.
  2. Seems pretty light, IMO. But I'm lower on CEH than a lot of people.
  3. Republican-Controlled Senate Passes Peaceful Transfer of Power Resolution Vowing ‘No Disruptions by the President’
  4. Trump again says he may not abide by election results
  5. Definitely a believer now. Kid is legit. Not great speed, but great vision and instincts, and tough as nails.
  6. The Jags haven't really had a downfield passing game this year, but they really don't have one without Chark.
  7. Question for any Trump folks hanging around: If the election results say that Trump lost, and he refuses to accept that and works with state officials to override the results of their elections, is that a red line for you? How far are you willing to let our democracy slip, exactly?
  9. The overreactions are pretty crazy this year. Chark, Jeudy, etc. Lots of threads filled with people proclaiming the end of a player on two weeks of numbers. Chark, for example, had 5 games last year with 5 or fewer targets. He's had two games with 3 and 4 targets this year. We're talking about a target or two off of his worst games last season. Settle down people.
  10. Yeah that was weird. It legitimately looked like he might be dead. Just totally motionless.