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  1. The New Yorker has an in-depth article about Franken's resignation and the allegations against him. Definitely casts some doubt on the motivations and truthfulness of his USO accuser.
  2. Id argue most now don’t like her...are doing so because they believe in the propaganda of what they have been told about her by very dishonest sources. Exactly. She's vocal in her disgust with Trump, his Presidency, and what's he's done to our country. To the average Trump fan, that apparently means she "hates America." If that's the bar we're setting, then I guess I proudly "hate America" too.
  3. Also, when he mentioned Pressley at the rally the crowd was basically silent. There was little context to him mentioning her and they clearly didn't know whether it was a cue to cheer or boo.
  4. This is something that I've started to consider after his immediate backpedaling on the rally. It is entirely possible that Trump has created a fascist movement largely on accident (by a combination of his ignorance and personality), and with decreasing control over where it goes from here.
  5. Justin Amash didn't drop the F word, but it seems pretty clear what he's referring to in his tweet:
  6. It's been a little over a year since I started this discussion. In the last week, I think we've started to see the similarities with more clarity, and Trump's most recent rally may have finally crossed a line for some people who were reluctant to draw the comparisons thus far. Today, my own Representative (Ilhan Omar) called Trump a fascist. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the term "fascistic government." Piers Morgan wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail where he said that Trump's rally "bordered on fascism." Yale scholar Jason Stanley, a philosophy professor and published scholar on fascism had this to say to Newsweek: Huffpost has an excellent article quoting several experts on fascism, and many supporters from the North Carolina rally. Just as I believed last year, I think we're living in a critical time for the future of our country, where we need to be brutally honest with ourselves about what our politics has become. I hope we're able to find ourselves through this.
  7. She's my rep and she's saying pretty much everything I would want to say in her position. I think she represents me and my like minded friends in her district quite well. But, we're a very liberal sort.
  8. Or, perhaps it paints the Democratic party as a "big tent" party where people within it can disagree with each other. I highly doubt we're never going to see The Squad and Nancy butt heads again.
  9. Minor correction because I only learned it today, Joaquin is Julian's (the candidate) identical twin brother who is also a politician.
  10. Can't do that until we change our voting system. Third parties are death with first past the post voting. You can even look back in our own history for this exact thing. Teddy Roosevelt started the Progressive "Bull-moose" Party when he didn't believe the Republican party was Progressive enough after he left office. He split the Republican vote with Taft and the Democratic Woodrow Wilson became President. And yet still, there are plenty of modern day Republicans who decry the ideological flip of the parties as "fake news."
  11. I think my rep (Ilhan Omar) was the primary person in mind when he wrote that. The other three + Omar make up a small voting block of young millennial women of color that are often associated with each other, especially on Fox & Friends (which I believe aired a segment on them vs. Pelosi shortly before Trump tweeted this). That and I don't have any reason to believe that Trump realizes Puerto Ricans are American.
  12. Not a police killing, but involves police misconduct and the deliberate framing of a situation as far more dangerous than a reasonable person would perceive it: Officer Pulls Gun on Student Picking Up Trash Outside of Dorm Building From the officer's body cam, we see him describe the black student's trash grabber as "some kind of a blunt object" over his radio call for support. The officer then continues to only refer to the trash grabber as a "weapon" and "an object" - even if we were to be generous and assume that this officer is incredibly sheltered and has never encountered a trash grabber or anything similar before, the resident uses the trash grabber to pick up and place trash into his bucket many times throughout the video. Despite the entire incident being predicated on the fact that the officer would not take the word (or offered college ID) of this man that he was a resident and was working, it is notable that the officer does not later question an older white man who appears on scene and announces himself to be "Director of Safety and Facilites" for the college. He asks for not proof of this white man's identity or association with the college. The officer resigned, but will be paid through early 2020. A review of the incident by the police determined there was no racial profiling and no need to change any policies.
  13. Pete's finally rolling out the big policy proposals, but it seems like he can't catch people's eyes and ears as easily anymore. The Douglass Plan
  14. Yeah, after reading up a bit on it just now, I think it was part of Epstein's "respectable" persona. He donated a ton of money to "scientific endeavors" and the known link for him and Hawking is when Hawking and 21 other bigwig scientists were at an Epstein funded conference on a neighboring island to his infamous private one. There's a picture of Hawking at a BBQ on the private island and Epstein reportedly had a submarine modified such that Hawking could go underwater, as he never had before. He's even recorded as having flown on the private plane for it. I'm sure that's where the plausible deniability defense will come from for Clinton and Trump.
  15. I know there's some kind of connection, but I don't think it's one I'd worry about.