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  1. I get the idea behind what you're saying, but I feel like you're adopting a weirdly strict and inappropriate rule towards it. It reminds me of something like a school expelling a kid for bringing a sharp knife to eat his lunch with. If there's zero room for nuance in discussion, it hurts the overall discourse, IMO.
  2. Not exactly the perfect thread for this, but an example of some amazing reporting and journalism from the "failing" New York Times in the area we're talking about: 12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia. Watch the video, a ton of work went in to providing evidence, including recording one of the strikes as it happened (civilian air spotters provided advance warning that one of the hospitals might be hit, and it was). Also has radio communications of Russian air controllers and pilots talking about the strikes that were acquired from an anonymous source (fake news!).
  3. This seems like a good time to post an old article from 2017: The Russian 'philosopher' who links Putin, Bannon, Turkey: Alexander Dugin
  4. One kind of depressing moment on the protest live stream was when the Unicorn Riot host came upon a large dump truck parked sideways in the street and pointed out that, since Charlottesville, it is a common tactic to do that in an attempt to prevent someone ramming a car into the protesters.
  5. Watching a Trump supporter complain that using "Fight back" as a rally chant is a call to violence is pretty awesome and I'm sure coming only from a sincere place.
  6. To be clear, @Sinn Fein, I'm not trying to attack you and I appreciate the stuff you post, I just think you're pretty off base with that line of thinking.
  7. Wasn't there almost a 6 month gap between the start of Congressional investigating and the "formal" opening of an impeachment inquiry during the Nixon scandal? You're grasping at technical straws that don't exist. Impeachment isn't happening in secret, no matter how much you want to believe it is.
  8. IMO you're looking for a reason to excuse Trump's behavior, and frankly I have no earthly idea why. You don't get a free pass on crimes or corrupt behavior because of a personality disorder. That's not how society works and shouldn't be how it works. Doesn't the general idea of all political corruption revolve around the central theme of "How does this help me?" This isn't a novel situation.
  9. Because the Senate holds the trial. Last time I checked, Pelosi isn't the Senate majority leader. I hope you have similar expectations for McConnell on actually having a legitimate trial, rather than a dog and pony show with a pre-determined outcome.
  10. That's a pretty weird take my dude. So you're basically saying that, because Trump naturally gravitates toward corruption, we should just accept it? What's the point of our system of checks and balances if those balances effectively can't ever be used? Elections do have consequences, and the 2018 election produced a Democratic majority in the House. It is the constitutional duty of the House to provide oversight of the President and (in the face of evidence of wrongdoing) impeach them. You're way over thinking this.
  11. The sitting POTUS actively using back channels and official interactions with foreign governments to interfere in the next Presidential election isn't a "regret" or "policy difference."
  12. Yeah, it got a little rowdy as things were ending but nothing too bad. Some Trump merch was repeatedly burned which the cops put out with an extinguisher. The horse cops were the most aggressive, I saw them lightly trample one guy (he went under the hooves, but emerged from the other side seemingly in OK shape). Some questionable pepper spray use and the cops ended up allowing some cars full of Trump supporters to drive through the crowd (at low speed). One of the passengers in those cars had a gun out and was pointing it at the protesters.
  13. Local live-stream of the protest from Unicorn Riot (potentially NSFW and definitely biased, fair warning)
  14. Protest isn't scheduled to start until 5:30. We have jobs, you know.