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  1. I posted a video last night about a white man in all black with a $300 LE grade gas mask breaking the windows at the Autozone and casually walking away before being confronted by several protesters and leaving the scene after threatening them. That video was only the aftermath of him walking away, but here's another one from a livestream where you see him actually breaking the windows while some people try to stop him. In the confrontation they ask him if he's a cop and he threatens to fight one of the protestors before leaving. Agent provocateur or anarchist? I'm sure we'll never know.
  2. Sounds like SPPD is in the Midway area trying to keep things under control. This is another area of police tension and another area I've lived near and worked in. It's also somewhat near where Philando Castille was killed.
  3. Random anecdote I just remembered seeing on Unicorn Riot stream last night. For some context, Unicorn Riot is a leftist independent media outlet that has teams of livestreamers who go out in HK protest style gear (often have masks to protect from mace and gasses etc) with cameras and a big bright yellow microphone. They wander around filming the area and let anyone who wants walk up and speak to the microphone and have earned the respect of the locals involved. By about 2am it was mostly only the looters and general rabble rousers left. A group of 5-6 young black men wearing bandanas and masks walked up to talk to the camera, plug their snapchat names, look tough (one of them asks the camera to pan to his waistline to show off a pistol he has in his pocket), etc. They do this for a bit before one of them notices the Unicorn Riot guy wearing a Bernie 2020 shirt to which he exclaimed "Heeeeeey, Bernie! My dude! He for real though. He shouldn't have dropped out man, I think he woulda won!"
  4. They don't want your sympathy. They want change. Purely peaceful protest does almost nothing, and never really has IMO. America was birthed through violence. You have a weekend and 8 hour work days because a bunch workers fought, bled, and died to earn it as a concession from the powerful.
  5. There's also video floating around of the police presence at Derek Chauvin's house out in the burbs -- there were probably ~100 riot geared officers standing out front. I understand that they were there to prevent violence, but given what else happened in the city last night that's a pretty egregious waste of resources to defend a man who should be in jail right now.
  6. It's also within the context of years of peaceful protests in this community leading to no real change. Jamar Clark and the "occupation" of the 4th Precinct, Philando Castille, the various and repeated freeway shutdowns by BLM activists that resulted in charges of 'rioting' that had to be fought in court (and which utterly outraged many whites in the area for daring to restrict their freedom of movement). This has been building for awhile. I also spoke to a good friend who has been involved in those protest actions above, has been arrested in protest, petitioned the city council, sat in meetings, organized, etc. His basic message today was "we're burned out -- there's no leadership organizing this thing."
  7. Which of course is often difficult to distinguish given the circumstances. It is a tough deal, and an unfortunate consequence of this kind of civil unrest.
  8. I honestly don't know the law in MN. I do know they have someone in custody for the shooting. I understand why it happened and I'm not particularly sympathetic to the man who died (assuming he was, in fact, looting). However, I do not believe that protection of property should be valued above that of a human life -- so my opinion would be no.
  9. Danger of having multiple threads open -- posted a politics forum thing here on accident that I just hid. What I meant to say in this thread was that Penny has really fallen off a cliff in value. He's still there nearing the dregs of a dynasty startup I'm in right now. I'll probably grab him in the 15th round if he's still there for me. Edit: He ended up going in the late 13th as RB45.
  10. I've gotten into arguments around here about rioting and the validity of it back in the time of Ferguson so I don't really feel like doing it all again with largely the same people. Suffice to say that I've got a different view than most. I wish it didn't have to happen, but honestly I'm not going to condemn it -- even as it burns down some things that I remember from an earlier part of my own life. Our society is broken for so many people and when society shows it doesn't care, this is often what happens.
  11. Under construction condo building fully engulfed in flames -- huge fire
  12. Seems like things are winding down for the night, thankfully.