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  1. Bergeron, Chara, Bruschi, Light, Harrison and definitely Willie McGinest...fiery but composed, someone who can settle people down in crazy situations...I just think Smart is way too emotional and can't control it at times (Rodney could be crazy but he was beyond respected by his teammates)...again, I am not knocking him because it is what makes him so good.
  2. We will have to agree to disagree about Smart...I love him but I don't want that personality as "the" team leader...I do want every player to play as hard as him though. Not sure what the deal with Williams is but it just seems Danny and Brad are intent on trying to win without the help of a big man sometimes.
  3. He has a screw loose and it's part of what makes him so his heart and his hustle is second to none but he aint all there.
  4. I always find the wearing of masks as comical by these people...I will harass you, swear at you, call you a racist and I may even beat you but I promise I will not give you
  5. I really like Smart but he can not be your leader because he's crazy (always was and always will be)...that crazy is a big part of what makes him so effective but that is not the personality of your team leader.
  6. You don't rely on 22 year old's to be your team can count on one hand the amount of players in NBA history that were equipped to do that at age 22...hopefully Tatum will get there but that time is not now.
  7. That is some creepy stuff...the person sitting down looks like they are from another planet...amazing that this behavior is seen as being OK by certain people but we are in a means to an ends time.
  8. Stevens really needs to get a handle on this team...ton of talent but you can not allow them to play like it's the third game of the day at an AAU tournament.
  9. There are a whole bunch of these scorecards so you can find ones where she is not seen "as liberal" as these (and I figured I would include Newsweek since it is to the left)..maybe by current democrat party standards she maybe seen in the middle but if you are a Republican or a moderate she is is not gonna be viewed that way.
  10. Violence/threats of violence are becoming the norm when people do not get what they want and social media is gasoline to this fire.
  11. File under another example of what Joe talks about.
  12. The issue in Florida is they did not pay their debt to society...someone else appears to be perfectly legal so I guess I have to be ok with it but please don’t pretend Bloomberg would have paid 1 dollar towards this if if thought that these felons would vote for Trump...this was purely political.
  13. Again, this has nothing to do with Trump because he did not have the questions about him that Biden currently has... two different situations...if you want to say he is playing the 4 corners offense like Groovus said above (or in fact he is actually copying Trump in 2016) then that is a strategy as much as I think it is a mistake along the lines of Hillary taking Wisconsin for granted in 2016.