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  1. Seinfeld Odd Couple Cheers Happy Days (edges out MTM and the Bob Newhart show)
  2. The fact that the Knicks passed on him maybe the first sign of life they have had in recent memory.
  3. Gotta love that deal...Mostert will be 29 in April and has been banged up for a nice chunk of the year...I think you should be real happy cashing out with a second rounder.
  4. Olave really intrigues' me...will he follow in the footsteps of Thomas and McLaurin and be even more productive in the NFL then he was at OSU...Day said he is the best WR he has ever been around:
  5. DeVonta Smith reminds me of Marvin Harrison...he just knows how to play the WR position...he's going to have a great NFL career.
  6. Moore is a little bit of an odd one...IMO he's not so much a buy/sell high or low but a player who's value varies from owner to owner...between that and what you pointed out, there just feels like there a few more moving parts with regard to Moore.
  7. I don't like how they use him...they almost never get him out in space, feels like it is always between the tackles...not what I envisioned when they drafted him.
  8. I keep expecting to see Jack Youngblood or Cedric Hardman...
  9. On another note I don't think I have ever seen a player in NFL history who gets more wide-open then Kelce...week after week it happens, you would think D-coordinators would take note of this by now.
  10. It is beyond know exactly what Brady is but that ol' gambler Bruce is gonna do things his way regardless of what the talent is...I wonder if he even watches film.
  11. Paying closer attention to Tampa because Brady is there and boy am I not impressed with Arians...
  12. A few others: *Paris Campbell...injuries have turned him into a forgotten man but he could be a nice end of bench stash because there does seem to be talent there *DJ Chark...kind of a lost year between the QB situation and the overall debacle that is the Jags but a new QB and Coach could breath some life into both Chark and the franchise in general *Darnell Mooney...mentioned at the top but this kid looks like he has some talent and could probably be had for little *Allen Robinson...still only 27 and a prime landing spot in free agency could take him to another level
  13. It's a legit knock since he has played 14,10,7,11 games the prior four doubt he is a stud if he is on the question about that.