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  1. What to people think about Golladay? He seems to be a little bit of a forgotten/over-looked WR right now...not one of the young studs like Lamb or Metcalf but not really in the Hopkins/Thomas/Adams conversation as well.
  2. He seems to be going from over-rated to under-rated at warp speed.
  3. I hate to use the name but Fant reminds me of Hernandez...his athleticism is very noticeable.
  4. Firing Line...the voice of conservatives a generation (or two) ago...
  5. Yup...never ran from a fight...taking away the politics (which many can not) what he did was amazing...for 32 years he has been a one-man show with hardly any guests and limited callers...regardless of the content you may not see that ever again.
  6. Pre-Rush there were hardly any conservative voices in the media...he broke that monopoly and I fully expect some of the most horrendous vitriol ever upon his death and my guess is he would want it no other way.
  7. Maybe it's not Shtick...maybe he devoted his whole life to something and will stay true to it until the end...while you may not like him or his politics I don't see why this is too difficult to understand.
  8. The CEH usage is so odd to me...was expecting more creativity being with Mahomes/Reid and what he showed at LSU...gotta believe it is coming but if it is not they may have been better off drafting Taylor for this role.
  9. You would think...but I thought that this year as well.
  10. What are your thoughts on the WFT QB situation going forward with regard to McLaurin?
  11. I love this kid...he's the whole package...would love to get him onto my Dynasty team.
  12. Sounds like the name of a show on cable.
  13. Could not agree more...he is on my Dynasty team and pretty far down the depth chart but between byes and injuries I may have to go with him...definitely not what I was looking to do this year.
  14. In the same spot...the fact Watkins is not playing makes me feel better about the Hardman option...hopefully we get some more info pre-kickoff.
  15. Nice signing by the B's...Grzelcyk will never be an All Star but he's a reliable, quality player tied-up for four years at a nice price...McAvoy, Carlo and Grzelcyk are a solid foundation at the blueline...would be nice if one of the youngsters between Zboril, Lauzon and Vaakanainen stepped up as well...would solve a lot of issues for the future.
  16. What part? You believe there are not well-connected people on both sides of the aisle?
  17. Sorry, but not sure where the crying is outside of it outside of not fitting your ideology or simply attacking someone who may have a different opinion then point is there appears to be some meat here and because there appears to be foreign governments and possible corruption involved it should be treated as a legit story much like many of the stories we have seen the past four years.
  18. A little off-topic and definitely slanted but here is a nice piece on the nonsense that goes on: Another article that points out some GOPers as well:
  19. Very partisan post...neither side cares...the question as I stated in the other post is did they do it legally.
  20. I think they absolutely did just as every Senator or Congressman who's kid goes to an Ivy does (Chelsea Clinton is probably right at the top of this list although I believe she was Stanford...more talking about her TV job)...the fact that many of these children of the well-connected often get to where they are is one of the few non-partisan things in this country...that being said there are times where it is a moral issue and a legal issue so they are not all the same scenario.
  21. I would think Hunter Biden's career would be of great interest to any have someone who appears to have zero qualifications as well as what appears to be pretty substantial personal issues making large sums of money in areas he has no experience and having shady foreign governments far as I can tell that general premise is accepted...the fact that his Dad was VP during much of this time and is now close to being President makes this a very large issue...for anyone who has been concerned about Putin/Trump (or was OK with the NY Times obtaining Trump's tax records or the Atlantic writing that story with no on-the-record sources) this past four years I would think this would be of great interest as well and would continue to dig deeper after a mere denial from the Biden campaign.
  22. If denials were all you needed to make stories go away then Richard Nixon may still be President...the issue here is not just the Hunter/Joe/China/etc. nonsense but the maln-stream media's unwillingness to investigate it and/or actually censoring one who has followed the Trump Presidency can honestly say there is not a double-standard going on here...there is more then enough meat on the bone here to at least investigate this...seriously, does anyone truly believe Joe Biden has nothing to do with Hunter's career...whether it is legal or illegal remains to be seen but to think that Hunter has achieved any of his success due to anything but who is Father is is almost comical.
  23. If this was a movie we would find out Peter Strzok dropped off the laptop...and the plot thickens.
  24. He also advocates that all Cops must talk like they did in the Little Rascals..."say you kids, shouldn't you be in school today."
  25. The fact Scully interned for one of the Candidates should have been an immediate disqualifier...that just seems like commonsense...the fact he tweeted an article "No, Not Trump, Not Ever." in 2016 should have disqualified him from being the Moderator...that just seems like commonsense...this whole thing is a joke.