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  1. This is exactly what I thought but I'm hoping that maybe it's just b/c it was a small area in a food court at school. So I'll try what an actual full-fledged restaurant offers.
  2. Everyone's going crazy in the Chicago suburbs over three Chick Fil-A restaurants coming around. They had one at my college town and didn't really do much for me. Am I missing something?
  3. Really? Starting with the second hotel, when he finds the transponder in the bag and the lights go out in the hallway, all the way up until they lose each other....Man. I was white-knuckling. More so than any movie I can think of in a long, long time.That's what some of the people I went with said. I mean, there were some scenes that were OK. That scene was quite a ways into the movie, first off. But also, I thought it was clever of the guy to turn the light off. But did you not know what was about to happen? That he was going to come back after he turned the lights off? I thought it was cool when the receiver started beeping and that got me going a little bit. BUt I was too far gone by then, I think.Again, I'm not trying to bash anybody but the movie lost me early and I really think I have to watch it one more time to see if my perceptions change.
  4. POSSIBLE SPOILERS OK, I have to say I saw it and it didn't impress me the way it did many of you. I am definitely intending on going to see it again before really deciding what I think. I may like it more a second time around. THere was definite suspense but I thought the first 30 minutes or so dragged. And after that, I was pretty much lost. Not lost in the way of I couldn't follow but lost as in I had no interest in what was going on anymore. I do like the thought someone had about ambient sounds being the main soundtrack, kind of giving a feeling of real life going on as this game is played out. Some scenes that served as bridges from one scene to another seemed unnecessary, again giving the feeling of the movie being dragged out. The group I went with, for the most part, enjoyed the movie and we agreed to disagree. But the suspenseful scenes, to me, were not suspenseful enough to make up for the first part of the movie. Finally, there are also some scenes that are so movie-like and unrealistic, that when paired with the realistic feel the movie is going for, just punctuates how unrealistic they are. It all started with the first scene. Why would a police officer at a small police department where he is the only one there make a phone call with his back to the prisoner, who is not detained other than handcuffs? This scene also turned me off immediately.
  5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well at least you have an objective source.
  6. Wait, is there a history I'm missing here? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> betwixt me and Arctic Edge?or between Arctic Edge and common sense? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Arctic Edge and common sense
  7. The Minutemen are an embarassment the government does not want to deal with. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A side note, if the border patrol would do their job we wouldn't need the Minutemen. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We don't need the Minutemen. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, because the federal government is doing such a fine, stand-up job with this. Gimme a ####### break! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why don't we just declare war on Mexico? That way, armed conflict with citizens from another country will be legitimized and the Minute Men will be doing legal things. Remember, legality doesn't matter as long as they are shooting brown people.
  8. How would the team acquire players? I already have a no-trade policy, FAs and drafting is the only way to acquire new players. I meant take players from the draft, of course. Free agents only where absolutely needed. Or maybe limit yourself to 1 or 2 free agenst a year. IF these are already your rules, then sorry. I haven't been paying attention since I found out in the beginning how many FA you get.
  9. Are you still signing everyone to your team? Try to play it with minimal free agents and rookies drafted to see if you can actually put it together.
  10. Powers Boothe and Paula Malcomson are the only two, I believe. Michael Beihn (Johnny Ringo) is not in Deadwood. I checked IMDB about that guy and was proven wrong. Bulluck kind of reminds me of him, though.
  11. Ok, I checked out the 2nd season premiere last night ON DEMAND. I am now going to buy the 1st season DVD. I am sure this has been convered quite a bit in this conversation so my apologies but how many Tombstone actors are in this? Ringo, Curly Bill, I thought I saw a couple of the women from Tombstone and I think I remember one other. Can anyone enlighten me?
  12. First marshmallow cereal is in round 2? You guys are too mature for this draft.