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  1. Always one of my favorite interview subjects in any format. Noel Gallagher Looks Back In Anger on Hot Ones.
  2. In the last couple of months, I've seen Beck, Spoon, Cage the Elephant, Cake, Squeeze, Massive Attack, and several bands at Riot Fest (Bloc Party, Wu Tang Clan, Flaming Lips, Slayer, Anthrax, The Struts). Now I'm debating seeing U2 in Mumbai this December. I probably shouldn't, but I wanna.
  3. Frankly, I think Dalton was an excellent follow-up to Moore. He brought back the sort of grit/seriousness that'd been missing through most of the Moore era (although I still love a lot of those movies) and, IMO, The Living Daylights was a solid Bond film for its day, even if it seems a little tame today. License to Kill, not so good. Pretty s#tty, actually. Brosnan was a very good Bond, but as many here have said, didn't have the scripts/films to back him up. Craig thus far has been my favorite Bond, with CR still standing as my favorite 007 outing. Skyfall was very good, if a bit dour--do we really need Craig's Bond talking about retirement so soon in his run? Quantum of Solace, though I'd be happy to strangle the editor, is a lot better than the initial reactions it got, but I could be saying that because it stands so high above Spectre. I have high hopes for No Time To Die, however, and suspect Craig will end his run on a very high note. What sucks is that whoever plays Bond next will be the first James Bond actor in my lifetime to be younger than me.
  4. Dalton never drove a Mustang, but Connery did in Diamonds . . .
  5. Got Jeff Lynne's ELO, Beck/CtE/Spoon, Cake, and possibly Chris Isaak in the next two weeks. My feet hurt already.
  6. "Dany looked over the faces of her army, and showed these men of will what will really was." /verbalkint
  7. Awesome. Everything I'd want and expect a Lanegan show to be: very intense, oscillates between rockin' and slow/moody, and the band is pretty killer.
  8. Mark Lanegan Band tomorrow night, Santigold Wednesday night. I already need a nap.
  9. Definitely want a F4 film real soon-like. Funny how the Johnny Storms from both F4 attempts staked their own claims as awesome characters in the MCU. As for X-Men, I would hope they'd let a couple of years pass before bringing back an official reboot film, but I'm sure the $$ in their eyes will likely scuttle that notion. What they could/should do--if only Kevin Feige would listen to me--is hold off a couple of years on an X-Men standalone and either (a) rehire the cast (or the good actors, anyway) from the current X-Men franchise, or (b)recast entirely to transition the X-Men into the MCU via a SECRET WARS Trilogy. Release one SW film every holiday season, like LOTR, and leave spring/summer to the standalone films of characters who didn't get picked to go to Battleworld; those characters can be stuck on Earth or other parts of the galaxy getting into their own adventures.
  10. It was a small show at Sleeping Village (in Avondale) that wasn't heavily marketed, as far as I know.
  11. Just saw Mike Doughty play Soul Coughing's '94 debut, "Ruby Vroom," in its entirety last week in Chicago. Great show. Wheatus opened and was also fantastic, even though I forgot all about 'em. Upcoming, I have tix for Beck/CagetheElephant/Spoon, Mark Lanegan Band, Santigold, a cancelled Massive Attack tour, and I need to see about some Iron Maiden tix.
  12. Another fun factoid--BiA was the first (or one of the first) albums to be recorded, mixed, and mastered digitally, designed for optimum playback on CD, rather than vinyl. As for the Movies vs Brothers argument, due to my age, Brothers in Arms was the first full DS record I ever heard. I didn't truly dig into their back catalog until later one, when I fell in love with Making Movies. I'd say MM is my favorite, but on a list of "classic albums," BiA has to be first at bat.
  13. This is absolutely bada$$. A guy made a strat almost entirely out of colored pencils. If you have 9 minutes, take a look at the build process.