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  1. Thanks--For years I'd buy a pedal here or a pedal there, but wind up using only my ProCo Rat, a tuner, and the Electro-Harmonix Line Boost for solos. But I kinda wanna put a board together and dive back in to change it up. Plus, I'm not sure how else to use my gift card.
  2. Kinda looking for specifics--what is your favorite, desert-island pedal (brand & name)? I have $200 in Guitar Center gift cards and wanna put it toward something good. I have a few distortions that I'm happy with (ProCo Rat, Boss DS, Grilled Cheese), a DOD Envelope Filter, Dunlop Wah, DOD Ice Box/Stereo chorus, Boss Compression/Sustainer . . . I've got a few older digital delays (Ibanez, boss), but don't really use 'em in my playing these days. There are so many boutique pedals nowadays, just thought I'd start here with some recos . . .
  3. I pose this question to anyone and everyone: What is your favorite effect pedal*? *not including multi-fx units
  4. As a u2.com/fanclub subscriber since 2000, please allow me to say that--for me--it's been totally worth it. Not only do you get first shot at tix for tours, every year you get discounts off of purchases, the occasional download, and the physical gifts they send are generally pretty cool.* If you're a fan, you can't really go wrong for $40/year. *This year's was a set of lithograph posters, which I don't have a lot of use for, but the previous year was a double-disk vinyl set of a 1980 live show, I've gotten coffee table books with live CDs in 'em, exclusive DVDs, etc. Also, as a heads up, at the Chicago show, General Admission tix are slated at $70.
  5. Last month, I nearly booked a small acoustic show where I'd cover Achtung Baby in its entirety on November 18 (25th Anniversary). Couldn't pull the trigger ultimately because I didn't have enough time to put together interesting acoustic renditions of Zoo Station or Mysterious Ways. Also, no one I knew would've been able to go. Sad, though, because I'd worked out a really good Even Better Than The Real Thing using a looper and a harmonium.
  6. "Governor Tarkin, I should've expected to find you holding Vader's leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board." -- Princess Leia, A New Hope
  7. They introduce Tarkin via reflection in the shadows of the bridge. I felt they should've played that scene out a bit more the same way, then bring him into full view gradually during the movie--it could've been more effective in providing a more sinister quality to Tarkin and his heel-turn/d!ck move when he claims the DS project for himself.
  8. No, you're right. The scene of his phoenix-like death?
  9. Taken from the original drawings of Ralph McQuarrie, it's intended to be Vader's castle, and was confirmed to be his castle on Mustafar. Not saying you're wrong about it just being a sanctuary, but my guess is DV gets to have a few homes on different systems--perks of being the Emperor's favorite little Jedi Killer. Either way, it's really the first time we get to see him chillin' in his crib, rather than the Executor Super Star Destroyer, having a soak in the bacta tank. That he chooses to hang at the site of his phoenix-like rebirth, says a lot about him.
  10. Maybe it was the IMAX 3D, but I found Tarkin's CGI to be very reminiscent of Dobby the House Elf. The mouth movements seemed so artificial and distracting I couldn't quite concentrate on what the character was saying. I'd say the same thing about the Leia CGI, but then her botox job in TFA had the same effect, so I got over that quickly. Hopefully it won't stand out as much in 2D, or they'd be able to subtly enhance it for the 3D Blu-Ray Edition I will inevitably purchase. But those are my only nits to pick. I thought it was fantastic. We saw Vader's house!!!
  11. I'm hyper aware that I owe many, many picks for this draft. And I vow to get to them soon-ish. My apologies, it's been a crazy week. That said, because I know you're all waiting to pounce on it like the sleeper that it is, I hereby select: 4.11. Taking Back Christmas, Shag & Adam, Novelty Song
  12. The Professional (Leon) Kung Fu Hustle