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  1. And what did you think of 2049?
  2. I loved 2049. I haven't been on Twitter in a while, but I too would use the word "Masterpiece" and wouldn't think twice about it. I understand how some might think it feels overly long, but slow, deliberate storytelling was a hallmark of the first (Director's/Final Cut), and I'm okay with it. By all means allow the camera to take its time on Ana de Armas. For the last two months, I was convinced that Dunkirk would win all of the technical awards at Oscar time. But as I left the theater Friday night, I realized Dunkirk probably wouldn't win s##t. Not after Blade Runner. Shame it didn't perform well opening weekend. I hope positive word of mouth propels it forward---the world needs MORE Blade Runners and far fewer Transformers movies.
  3. Two weekends ago: U2/Beck at Lucas Oil in Indy; third time seeing Joshua Tree Tour this summer, second time seeing Beck in two weeks (saw his Vancouver show). Last weekend: Riot Fest in Chicago (my buddy's a producer so had Deluxe VIP access with free booze ). Day 1: Buzzcocks, Ministry, New Order, Nine Inch Nails Day 2: Mike D, Gogol Bordello, Wu Tang Clan, Queens of the Stone Age Tomorrow: The Afghan Whigs w/Har Mar Superstar (they opened another show for tonight and am debating going as of this posting).
  4. Saw this tour three times and Streets always gets me. Looking forward to the Experience & Innocence arena tour next year.
  5. The Afghan Whigs.
  6. Was at the U2/Beck show in Indy, and Beck did not play 2 hours. He played an hour-and-fifteen. About 15 minutes more than the Lumineers got earlier this summer, but he's way better. And he crushed it--I saw him play a theater in Vancouver 2.5 weeks ago, and his headlining set dragged a bit. Sunday night was all killer, no filler. And he had plenty of more hits he could've played.
  7. Yep. Or I'm misremembering the story (it was 8 years ago). But don't let that stop you--you should totally still go.
  8. Kids are 12 and 9. Neither are pompous, both are hard workers. But my friend goes out of his way to make them both understand that their lifestyle is not the norm, and not how he grew up.
  9. A friend of mine lived there with his family for 3 - 4 years. His kids were also between the ages of 2 - 4 at the time, if I remember right. They loved it. BUT, he was getting paid fat bank for a major multinational company and traveled around Africa/ME for work a lot of the time. They had servants and drivers, etc. and his wife didn't really want to come back. Kids were in a good International school. He said the amounts of money there are ridiculous--the average police officer gets paid @$250-300K, and every other car in sight is a ferrari. Not sure if you'll have time with your job, or what kind of art you make, but there may be good opportunities to create/sell your own work as a side hustle. You should go.
  10. Maggie Rawlins is the one you seek. Water's fine. Hair dryer. Straw hat. Multiplicity. Sore neck. dreamsicle. Nap time. You're welcome.
  11. Sorry, I Googled it and specified "Game of Thrones Show." Still putting my loot on Arya.
  12. . . . that are alive, as far as we know.
  13. Other little siblings include: - Sansa (little sister to Robb) - Hound (he'd have to kill big sibling first) - Dany (little sister to Rhaeghar and Viserys) - Hot, unnamed, heretofor unseen Sand Snake (please be hot) - Euron (little brother to Baelon) - Tyrion (can his hands wrap around Cersei's throat? He'll find a way . . . he IS the hand, m#thaf#cka!) - Cersei's hot chamber maid (little sister to some other peasant, I hope) - Gendry (potential little half-brother to some Baratheon bastards (we've seen a few killed who were definitely younger than him))