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  1. Just wondering where the line is drawn re: leaking national security information and people being expected to rot in jail for the rest of their lives . the scope of Petraeus' actions may have been less than Mannings, but to be mad at clemency for manning while being OK that Petraeus never saw 5 minutes of jail time strikes me as inconsistent.
  2. Hold your breath.
  3. Assanges tweet said "If Obama grants Manning clemency..."
  4. He's already saying he won't turn himself in. He's claiming he demanded Manning be released immediately and it's not happening until May.
  5. He did. I don't even think it was a week ago. edit, he said he would "If Obama grants Manning clemency"
  6. So, do we want David Petraeus executed for treason as well?
  7. Stay north of I-20.
  8. He got almost 1900 combined yards in 12 games this season. Without a suspension and sitting for rest week 16, that projects (I know, I know) to 2516 yards over 16 games. Chris Johnson has the NFL record with 2506 combined yards. (2009) and Marshall Faulk had 2429 in 1999. Bell is pretty good.
  9. Worked for Bisping when he fought Silva.
  10. CmG would get waxed in a boxing match. Just like FM would get James Toney'd in an MMA fight.
  11. I am really excited for Ben Saunders / Court McGee on sunday night. neither guy will probably ever be a champ, but they're both really likable guys with skills and heart.
  12. Even though I'm out of the loop I ain't dead yet. I'll be following and looking for stuff to add to the queue. Thanks for org'ing again NV.
  13. So, yeah. I'm pretty terrible at this. I just went back to look at my notes from the 2016 thread and as it stands, I have not even listened once to the new Nick Cave, aTCQ, Rob Crow, Savages, or Melvins. And I didn't like the new Tortoise record very much. I sort of feel like I should be kicked out of this club. I liked the new Grays album the most this year, but my music consumption is so down that I don't even think I'm qualified to submit a list this year. On the plus side,mini-Ahrn is now a RAGING star wars fan and we play a lot of lego xbox games together, and we hunt pokemon in the park. Most of my free time is hanging out with him doing stuff that I always figured would be kind of awesome to do if I ever had a son. And the Steelers are in the playoffs. Happy New Year, Fukkos.
  14. Apparently I need to listen to this. :dot:
  15. New Wolf Parade, Spopon, Urrrrrrrl Skweatshirt, Mac Demarco and Arcade Fire are relevant to my interests. Does Modest Mouse have anything left in the tank? I sort of liked the last one but it kind of felt mailed in.