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  1. the Von Preux choke!
  2. Yeah if this was 2009 Okami, this would be a pretty interesting fight. I don't think he's going to have much for OSP tonight.
  3. And by the way, the 4 way translator daisy chain going on up there.... Ooof.
  4. Yeah, I posted that after round 2 when it was arguably 1 round each. Gadhelia (sp?) didn't have much to after the first round
  5. Best womens fight since Holm/Tate
  6. Gokhan Saki just had the comeback of the year. fight was under one round....both guys on the brink of being KOd. amazing. edit: Reminded me of the old school Terry Martin/Chris Leban fight
  7. Advertisers and and Ad networks have absolutely lost the benefit of the doubt. If I can see that a page or site will reasonably place small some ads that: • Don't automatically launch audio • Don't cover half the screen when you're on mobile • Don't have trick or pretend exit/close options • I can trust don't distribute malware • aren't insultingly stupid ("DO YOU WANT THROW A PIE AT THE PRESENTS FACE??!?! LOL") then I'll gladly whitelist a given site. until then, they can dry up and die. And if sites don't demand the same from their ad vendors for their visitors, then I will not watch any of their ads. And if they block people who use ad blockers, then I just don't return. the internet can be pretty great, and it can really suck sometimes. don't reward the sucky parts.
  8. Crap. I haven't seen this thread in a long time. Sorry to read all this from Parm -- last I knew he was post surgery and having issues but hadn't been diagnosed. Hang in there Parm -- sending good mojo your way.
  9. I saw that yesterday. I would have guessed he was already 20 years dead.
  10. The server is down -- I can't currently preheat / precool my car via my smartphone app
  11. v-e-l-ou-r-i-ayyyyyyyyyyyy
  12. He got too close to them rings and got smoked
  13. Grant Hart bums me out. I think a big part of it is my realization today that I'm reaching that age where now our rock stars aren't dying because of ODs or Car crashes or choking on their own puke. they're dying from Cancer and random old-people related health ailments.
  14. Yep. AKA "you can't out-jog your fork". weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise.
  15. Cardio is good for short term weight loss. It's also good for your cardiovascular system. building muscle via weightlifting is better for long term weight loss than cardio is, though. You can stay the same weight you are now, but if you turn 10% of your body fat into muscle, your base metabolic rate goes up significantly.