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  1. Speaking of just getting caught up, I'm like a month late to this thread. Just a nitpick here. I know that time and energy to moderate a place like this is significant. I've done it on boards way smaller and even those felt like a chore sometimes. If I'm reading/interpreting what you wrote here correctly (I may not be) -- you're insinuating that this a lot of work that goes into a free service for us. Which, is true at the surface. But let's not pretend it's an altruistic venture. The ad money made on a board with this much traffic is nothing to sneeze at, or even sigh at. And the fact that crowds iCongregating around here don't hurt their subscriber #s one bit. In any case -- Not yet sure about the return to a hard PG -- but the politics subform is the best thing to happen around here in many years. :confetti:
  2. Maybe, depending on your perspective. The real question is, though... Grosser than Knile Davis? not by a long shot. Bring RM in as a camp body.
  3. You may be right. But, 2 years from now, assuming he stays healthy and matches his current "healthy workload" , he's going to have 1900+ career touches, which is more than Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, or Darren Sproles ever reached in their careers. He will only be 27 but he started young and he will definitely have some miles on him at that point. I'm not saying he won't have a couple good (even great) years beyond that -- I'm sure he will , I'm just not sure it's a smart move with regards to the salary cap to sign him to a long term deal beyond that.
  4. Ramon Foster gives his take on the Leveon holdout
  5. This seems to be a very likely outcome from where I sit.
  6. If he stays healthy and keeps his nose clean, agreed. PIT brass is hedging bets on that with consecutive tags.
  7. Welp Senquez, it was (not much of) a run. http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/08/dulac-senquez-golson-suffered-pretty-good-hamstring-tear/
  8. Look forward to next week when he will be reinstated for road games and then again in October where he can play at home but only on 2nd downs when defending the southern EZ at Heinz.
  9. Money being equal, of course not, But I'd probably rather have Freeman for 5 years at that price at that rate, than a franchised Bell this year and possibly losing him next year.
  10. Falcons make Devonta Freeman the league's new highest paid RB at $8.25m/per. I know DF isn't Bell, but I don't think this help's Bells position that he's worth well north of $12m/per.
  11. No, the dilemma OP asked about is, do you wake her up from stasis before the railing begins.
  12. I don't think you can infer much. May have been part of the agreement -- they just needed to front money and would get a quick exit based on operating revenue after X days.
  13. Forgot Nate Diaz on his red panty night
  14. also 7 guaranteed figures for Cormier is kind of surprising (and nice) to see. Who else have we seen that for? Brock, Conor .. can't remember too many others.