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  1. What is this, the future? put that #### out to production. What's the worst that could go wrong?
  2. sex robots
  3. Howdy-Dowdy down?
  4. You just need a big TV with a bunch of graphs and green lights and a neckbeard to sit in a chair and look at them occasionally but mostly play an MMO on his laptop.
  5. my short list of almosts (didnt want to double up on any artists): in The Coldness of a Dream -- Jedi Mind Tricks I Come From a Long Line of Shipbuilders -- Bastro Meet Me in the Dollar Bin -- Les Savy Fav I got my Thang in Action -- Method Man Thinking one thing and doing another -- miles Davis Out of Step (with the World) -- minor threat Yonder is Closer to the Heart -- Parquet Courts When the World is Running Down Make the Best of what's running down -- police Give the Mule What he Wants -- QotSA
  6. #18 jam for taking a #### in a gas station for the week of Jan 3rd, 1983
  7. Did you see there's a new Guv'na record out? I figured they were long done. haven't heard it yet, but I am bicurious.
  8. Am I supposed to make my own mix? I haven't logged into spotify in 3 years or more.
  9. After their 3rd or 4th record they changed their sound a bit and from there it was hit and miss with me. But man when they hit -- they do it right.
  10. OK. wrapping things up for me: 18.x >> Morphine -- Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave 19.x >> Blonde Redhead >> I'm Taking Out my Euro Trash ( I still get Rocks Off) 20.x >> Jedi Mind Tricks -- Books of Blood: The Coming of Tan
  11. Another "thought I had one, and missed it was picked.". Good stuff here.
  12. Thought I had a late round EUREKA moment here with this only to see it was already picked and I missed it. Nice one, here.
  13. Sorry fella -- thought you were under the "male" umbrella. Just tell me what you did to your bozzack and we're still good.
  14. I'd take a spiked bat and aim for the scrotum. BAAAOOOWWW