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  1. @ariel assault is on autoskip @Ilov80s is up
  2. 1.8. (Shared Vocals) -- The Temptations -- Ball of Confusion
  3. Yeah some of those 2nd/3rd/4th Interpol records are also completely #### with everything turned up too far
  4. Also , the feel of the Albini/Cloud Nothings record reminded me of June of 44's Tropics and Meridians. I just double checked and I was really surprised to see That Albini didn't record Tropics and Meridians. But, Bob Weston did. So, you know. Kinda-almost.
  5. Attack on Memory is what got me into the Cloud Nothings, but I also like Here and Nowhere Else a lot, too. loudQuietloud was overdone to death , with the benefit of hindsight -- but more than the style of music he gravitated towards (maybe more correct to say the style of artists that gravitated to him for recordings?). but I specifically love the way Albini captures drum sound
  6. That albini-version of IotKT is out there on the innertubes -- I've heard it. I do like it ! But, I also think that with or without Albini, that record was where they started to "fix" the recording issues that really plagued their early catalog. By the time they hit Red Medicine and End Hits they were doing it right.
  7. re: sound engineering -- agree completely with eephus about a lot of those early SST recordings. They're flat-out terrible. Also very bad were Fugazi's first 4 records (they've since been remastered, but the original cuts of those were just. so. flat.) on the flip side -- it's no secret that I'm a giant honk for Albini's sound. Records like Liar and Down by the Jesus Lizard, the Wrung EP by Mule, At Action Park by Shellac -- all make me very happy.
  8. if Meat gets recalled for e-Coli concerns, my genre nomination is for 80s and 90s Industrial
  9. vote: pair cowpunk and psychobilly to be one category. the overlap of them and room they both allow is enough for a good mix of songs.
  10. Barnyard rock: cowpunk pig####, meat, and El Duce songs
  11. just so I understand, the nominations here get voted on before they're officially IN for this draft, right? If so, my MEAT nomination stands. let the meatbags vote on their meaty preferences.
  12. I'm open to the consensus on this. Whatever works.
  13. Or, do we want something that fits better on a CD store section sign? I'm open to to going Vegan for this draft.
  14. Genre: MEAT. in which: either the 1.) artist's name 2.) track name 3.) the album it comes from ...must contain some meat related word. Steak, beef, chicken, pork, fish, grill, etc. Probably like old steak, this genre will have some gray area around the edges, but lets see what happens