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  1. Also, outside of the yinzer accent, I had to leave the area to learn about the missing "to be". Its very much a western and central PA thing that I never even knew was off. "The house needs painted" vs "the house needs to be painted". "This shirt needs ironed" vs "this shirt needs to be ironed" I called a guy out as being from PA just on reading some comments in a code reviewn. he had a missing "to be" in an otherwise well structured and thoughtful sentence. I'd never met him or talked to him on the phone (only on slack). He thought I was a wizard when I knew where he was from.
  2. @pecorino gittaloada dis jag Fuhrlie. Someone needs ta worsh him up & clean aht his ears. 🙄
  3. You mentioned little affect and staying up a little later. My own guess is that part of the problem legit tweakers have with psychosis is that they go on meth benders and just. Do. Not. Sleep. I had to stay up for about 48h once for work and I was 100% sober, and by the end I was hallucinating a little bit. Make that 72 or 96 hours awake and add some of of the dirty #### street meth is sometimes cut with...not to mention the science pedigree (or more of concern, the lack of) of the cook. Yeesh.
  4. It's from you, speeding up and down and all over.
  5. The past year I have been wearing a pair of these Pumas, a pair of Adidas Superstar OGs, a pair of Adidas Munchens, and some velvet Vans.
  6. Breaking news: Ben Askren announces he's only going to shop at Trader Joes, or perhaps Kroger. Editing links on mobile sucks. This is what I was trying to link
  7. If he gave Edwards a three piece and biscuit, that was a ####### steroid infused turducken he just gave to Askren.
  8. "You guys are welcome, for ending that dude" Masvidal is a BMF. Still not sure he has what it takes to get a belt, but I will be cheering like mad along the way for him to do it.
  9. I agree he's a good risk at +185. I hadn't looked at odds but this is almost a pick 'em fight for me. Maybe I'm leaning slightly towards Askren ... but Masvidal is a tough draw for everyone in that weight class. Agree with the point about Masvidal's range and distance management and on top of that -- He's a hard guy to take down (I'm sure Askren can take him down) but once he's down he's a really hard guy to keep down. I can easily see Askren's top game with some GnP getting Askren a decision but I'd be very surprised if he finishes Jorge. I can see Jorge ending this fight with strikes or rocking him with strikes and then catching him in a sub. Very fun fight on paper!