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  1. He wasn't Korean, but bad head movement and a brutal one and done UFC fight makes me think of Koji Oishi (he got thumped by Nick Diaz 12 or 14 years ago).
  2. the 15 year old from the internet told me some things to do with my money that didn't turn out like I expected.
  3. I remember that show! I don't remember that being Jimmy Smith, though. interesting.
  4. Jimmy Smith signs with UFC as color commentator Best guy not named Joe Rogan to hold a mic for the sport, IMO.
  5. So long as Miguel was paid for his time instructing on the slopes, I say all's well than ends well.
  6. Funny you mention that, I just had a wet dream wet dreams dream team dream last night.
  7. @dpeease
  8. sounds like a dummy. "Well, go get your pretend car then, smart guy"
  9. Yeah, they're shooting for the BMW5 series. They probably aren't going to hit it with the first gen (if at all) but at 2/3rds the cost and with Korean engineering standards eating the German's lunches lately, It's certainly worth a look.
  10. If you'd have problems stomaching saying that you drive a Hyundai, then stop reading now. But the newly introduced Kia Stinger GT is a REALLY nice ride. They just started getting them in showrooms in the last month or two.
  11. Cargurus.com Search in your area for used 2016 models for sale and then go from there.
  12. If you're going to get a Lincoln, don't get a new one. They depreciate faster than just about any other brand out there. Let someone else eat that and buy one off of a 2 year lease. I don't know if they're still making them but for a while there was a version that MKZ (or MKS? they did a #### job of branding, I don't know the difference between any of these in my head) had the 3.5 Ecoboost engine with AWD (350/375ish HP and Torque). a Taurus SHO with the Lincoln polish on it It's Essentially a Tempurdepic on a rocket sled.
  13. Otis is unimpressed with your view on politics, and offers a nuanced counterpoint
  14. I'm done investing any hope in Jon Jones as a fighter. Don't care. don't want to see him on any more cards. He's a cheater through and through and he's a ####bag. #### Jon Jones. next!
  15. I agree with both posts above. If GSP keeps range and works takedowns, top game, and subs, he wins. If he tries to throw hands he may get knocked into Bolivian.