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  1. well, that looked easy.
  2. MW: Diaz / Silva? Rockhold / Weidman? Ntohing really jumps out at me. FW: Was Aldo / Hominick within the last 5 years? BW: Dillishaw / Barão 1 Flw: Dodson / MM 1
  3. GUYS I had PvZ by jumping switch kick in the 2nd round -- just hit on a -7400 bet for 3 RACKS
  4. Punk is fighting Mickey Gall. some young cat who's 2-0. Punk is an unknown. He's been training BJJ off and on for a couple years and has been full time at Roofus in Milwaukee (well, as much as his injuries allow) for about 2 years now. There's some footage of him sparring around the 20m mark of this video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGxRwemxsc His striking defense looks suspect. Who knows. Earlier in the video they show a trainer who's telling him how he needs to turn his punches over for more power. IF that's a recent clip that's not a good sign -- that's one of the first things you learn. My expectations are pretty low for his debut, but I'd love to be wrong.
  5. Yeah I don't know what is going on with Bendo. He just looked lost out there. he's not the same fighter that we knew from WEC/UFC. I hope he gets his head right because when he's on he's clearly one of the top guys in the world. Looks like a broken shin for Patricio Pitbull, which sucks. I've been watching PP for his last dozen or so fights in Bellator. He strikes me as a Jorge Masvidal type , not his fighting style, but just his place in the pecking order and his show-appeal. May always be a "B" tier fighter at best , but you better believe I'm going to tune in every time because that guy comes to fight. If anyone didn't watch Bendo/Pitbull, honestly don't bother. One of the worst main events I can recall. However, the fight earlier was fantastic. Go watch Derek Anderson / Saad Awad. Great offensive and defensive grappling as well as two guys throwing hard leather.
  6. NSFW audio. Bill Burr talks about watching 202. at Conor being "the burger king guy" and Nate Diaz being "like every kid I ever had detention with. You know he won't rat on you" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayqj4Irkdkg
  7. ####. Sorry.
  8. Yeah, he lost to Lawler (probably took 10 years off his life in that fight) and more recently lost the title eliminator vs Wonderboy. If I was him I'd take a bigger paycheck and the Bellator WW strap for a few years and re-negotiate to come back to the UFC after 5 fights. I like a lot of the 170'ers in Bellator (Koreshkov, Lima, Ben Henderson, MVP) -- but Rory should go in there and on day 1 and wreck any of them.
  9. I have no problem with Hendo getting a shot. I mean, sure, Jacare deserves it more. But the UFC knows they can sell this fight. And If anyone is going to get a "maybe they don't deserve this" bone thrown to them, Who better then Dan Henderson? Plus, this. Again. Please. I could look at these all day
  10. I'm not sure there's been a better movie in the last 10 years.
  11. big fan, love this thread every year. SCREECH ON OR GET PECKED UP #####ES
  12. If he can do the same thing against Frankie Edgar or Dennis Bermudez, I'll be a believer. Diaz is a monster on the ground but has never really been known for takedowns.
  13. Just read last night was rumble Johnson's FIFTH under-60-second UFC KO. That's nuts. FIFTH.
  14. I didn't realize they'd been released already. That's awesome. Good for Nate. That's has to be more than his combined total from his 29 previous pro fights, bonuses included.