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  1. I'm gonna be practicing this all week.
  2. Bipolar disorder is no big deal at all, about a third of the time.
  3. Limas was en route to gank him, but dropped his phone down the sewer and didn't have the address anywhere else
  4. edit -- all this was said already -- I didnt realize I wasn't at the bottom of the thread. DAMN YOU ANTONIO, THIS IS YOUR FAULT
  5. I don't think I understand how you're seeing Switzer as the problem and Moncrief as part of the solution.
  6. Old man achievement: UNLOCKED several months ago I was taking a dump and my sack touched the water for the first time in my life. Slap it high?
  7. Also, outside of the yinzer accent, I had to leave the area to learn about the missing "to be". Its very much a western and central PA thing that I never even knew was off. "The house needs painted" vs "the house needs to be painted". "This shirt needs ironed" vs "this shirt needs to be ironed" I called a guy out as being from PA just on reading some comments in a code reviewn. he had a missing "to be" in an otherwise well structured and thoughtful sentence. I'd never met him or talked to him on the phone (only on slack). He thought I was a wizard when I knew where he was from.
  8. @pecorino gittaloada dis jag Fuhrlie. Someone needs ta worsh him up & clean aht his ears. 🙄
  9. It's from you, speeding up and down and all over.
  10. The past year I have been wearing a pair of these Pumas, a pair of Adidas Superstar OGs, a pair of Adidas Munchens, and some velvet Vans.
  11. Breaking news: Ben Askren announces he's only going to shop at Trader Joes, or perhaps Kroger. Editing links on mobile sucks. This is what I was trying to link