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  1. oh. I know vaguely about that musical, didnt know homeboy's name though. I WILL WORK ON GETTING PISSED BEFORE SNL AIRS !!111
  2. I don't know what a Lin-Manuel is. Tell me so I can be outraged!!
  3. It's good to have CmG insulting people not named Diaz for a change.
  4. 205 is shaping up to be what 200 should have been. injury bug: Go visit MLB or the NHL until after this card.
  5. This was my thought coming into today. I'm a believer now -- kid is legit.
  6. #34 about to get the KEisel bow and arrow flag. The NFL is ####### stupid
  7. Spicely's grappling game WAS ON FLEEK TONIGHT AINT THAT RIGHT BROHANS UFC 247 main event: Werdum + Big Country in a handicapped match against Edmond, Big John McCarthy, and Hong Man Choi in a mask under the name "Seoul Man" Cyborg looked noticeably less big and less ripped. Not that it mattered.
  8. Dana White can't want Khabib as a champ. considerably Less marketable than Aldo.
  9. The edits on that are tough to listen to -- what's better about that one, is it just condensed or something else ? edit: nm, I see my link was jacked. here it is, and fixing above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndg-JGmYryA&feature=youtu.be
  10. Joe Rogan podcast with Michael A. Wood, Jr., who was a Baltimore Cop for 11 years. He provides insight into what at least was going on int Baltimore PD during that time. It's scary and depressing. Joe Rogan Experience #670
  11. I realized as I was typing this that we probably agree and it's just the phrasing of "unfortunate" that caught my eye. You are correct that the whole thing is unfortunate.
  12. I'd argue that it's not unfortunate, and that some LEOs have used this formerly-existing luxury and abused it like a 2 dollar whore. I feel bad for honest , well intentioned cops but I don't know what the answer is. But I know what the answer isn't. It's not: ignoring the whole thing saying that there is no problem saying "black people should stop committing crimes" being OK with the fact that an unarmed man being "uncooperative" is too-frequently an automatic and immediate death sentence.
  13. If the alternative was skipping the dog and pony show and getting to the part of the story where Shady banking execs saw jail time, I think I'd be good with that. So far our options are absolutely nothing happens, or Warren does this today. Of course people eat it up.
  14. This is the edited version? Good grief.
  15. Nearly every recent police investigation into dead civilians seems to indicate otherwise.