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  1. "So, that's about $12 per pizza? Not a bad deal." /MOP
  2. Reminds me of the recent Onion headline about Bill Cosby. "Serial rapist disapproves of how you wear your pants".
  3. Your lawn, we will stay off of it.
  4. bitcoin at ~$2200 today. I'm taking my Aug2015 $116 investment and cashing out.
  5. Prior to my move, I had AT&T at 24mps. It "worked" but was sometimes painful. I think the current new definition of broadband (what is it defined as now, 25+) is right. You're a hair under it and saying you're fine, which is ok. But you're also acting like 24mps is the same as 4 or 6mps, which is the "option" for a lot of other people out there who have "options". SD video requires about 2mbps; HD video requires~6 mbps ; 4K video streaming requires ~15mbps. Some people have DVRs and they are advertised to record 2 or 4 shows at once. Then you have multiple people in the household using the internet on phones, tablets, laptops and whatever else. I'm not saying anyone is going to die if they go from HD to SD video, but these are things that are becoming accepted as normal. Do you live alone? How slow do you think your internet could be before you'd be impacted in what you did for entertainment?
  6. Worse than Slavery references, imo
  7. That's true if you're flying/driving from NYC to Boston. That's less True from NYC to San Diego. we're getting sidetracked from the point, but I don't think we inherently disagree. If you stream SD video and are a light internet user (browsing and email), you probably don't care. If you stream 4K video and you work from home and have heavy data transfer to and from your house because you have a server there and when you work remotely you need to pull items, you care a lot more. I don't want to drive from NYC to San Diego.
  8. Either way, you're going to keep your high speed internet. If NN regulations are removed, you will likely pay more to keep fast internet, or pay more for 3rd party services delivered via the internet (Netflix, Hulu, Christo'sBigMuffBaconJamborie####fest.net subscription) to not get crappier.
  9. regulations are like, bad, man.
  10. You have the option to pay $10 to ride a bus to the state line. Who cares if someone takes a #### on the bus seat next to you? For $8, I'll drag you behind a car by a braided nylon rope to get to the state line. You have options.
  11. If it's any consolation to the PWR BTTM community, I wasn't going to listen to it before the news broke, either.
  12. oh yeah. Johnny TEH BIGG RIGG hendrix is upper-tier terrible.
  13. He's now Corey "Overtime" Anderson. Which is not good, but it's magnitudes better than 25/8