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  1. Yeah, he lost to Lawler (probably took 10 years off his life in that fight) and more recently lost the title eliminator vs Wonderboy. If I was him I'd take a bigger paycheck and the Bellator WW strap for a few years and re-negotiate to come back to the UFC after 5 fights. I like a lot of the 170'ers in Bellator (Koreshkov, Lima, Ben Henderson, MVP) -- but Rory should go in there and on day 1 and wreck any of them.
  2. I have no problem with Hendo getting a shot. I mean, sure, Jacare deserves it more. But the UFC knows they can sell this fight. And If anyone is going to get a "maybe they don't deserve this" bone thrown to them, Who better then Dan Henderson? Plus, this. Again. Please. I could look at these all day
  3. I'm not sure there's been a better movie in the last 10 years.
  4. big fan, love this thread every year. SCREECH ON OR GET PECKED UP #####ES
  5. If he can do the same thing against Frankie Edgar or Dennis Bermudez, I'll be a believer. Diaz is a monster on the ground but has never really been known for takedowns.
  6. Just read last night was rumble Johnson's FIFTH under-60-second UFC KO. That's nuts. FIFTH.
  7. I didn't realize they'd been released already. That's awesome. Good for Nate. That's has to be more than his combined total from his 29 previous pro fights, bonuses included.
  8. What are we guessing Diaz made for this fight? O/u at 500k before PPV shares and bonuses.
  9. The same occurred to me. It's a high risk gamble though -- if your opponent doesn't take the bait then you've just taken a major red mark for that round in the eyes of the judges.
  10. I'm convinced those thai guys kicking tree videos I've seen are just CGI.
  11. low kicks getting checked seem routine but can go very wrong. Ask Silva or Corey Hill.
  12. The prior shot that connected had Story's body rotating -- his head is 90deg from direct and his hips (while not that pronounced) are headed in the same direction. I don't think he hit him in the exact sweet spot for a liver punch but it appears to me that he hit him right of his gut, and he fully sat down on the punch and drove through it. Story's body language after that combo says "liver shot" to me more than it does "wind-knocked-out" or "bell-rung" I also may be 100% wrong. Someone send Story a fax and see if we can get this cleared up. I was commenting last night how he seems to be basically a night / day different person from who he was 5 years ago. He used to be a whiny irritating little girl. He seems like he's really grown up a lot. I used to find him really annoying but he's grown on my quite a bit with his past couple years of attitude and behavior.
  13. Liver is under and behind your lower ribs under your right arm. If you're facing someone , their liver is on your left. edit: I don't think we disagree on where the liver is. Maybe we don't agree on where that shot landed on Story.
  14. http://i.imgur.com/QJ29INU.gifv That second shot was it -- Right hand to the liver. Had him stanky leggin.
  15. I know you're filled with self loathing being from Stockton and all, but let's keep it on the level here, fella.