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  1. I know it's unicorn hunting as different states and commissions have different sets of judges / etc -- but I'd just like somehow for some consistency. It's super frustrating trying to be a fan when you know what you see but not how it will be applied / scored. But all the arguments that say Jones won this fight didn't seem to matter at all or apply when Carlos Condit ran away from Nick Diaz for 3 rounds. Pretty much the same thing from what I recall (it has been a few year) but an aggressive striker walks down a good technical counter-striker who's more focused on movement that moving forward.
  2. Hayyyyyyyy 🌈 I would say "I'm still around sometimes" but the fact that this tag is a month ago and im just seeing it now may say otherwise. Whats good in here?
  3. Only similar thing I recall is Robbie Lawler after the Rory McDonald fight. I will consider my life a success if my face never looks like that at any point.
  4. I'm almost never in this forum anymore but had to come back to holla at @Clayton Gray for that thugnasty twister. AMAZING!
  5. Just installed an RBK50 in my house this weekend. So far so good.
  6. Yes. Higher career avg on nearly all the metrics. Was clearly the best RB in football for a small stretch.
  7. Are we assuming this is a lock? Matt Stafford is this generation's Vinny Testaverde.
  8. 3 year old bump, now that Gore is the #3 all time leading rusher in history. he still doesn't pass "the eye test" to me, but his numbers and longevity are pretty hard to argue against.
  9. Bipolar disorder is no big deal at all, about a third of the time.
  10. Limas was en route to gank him, but dropped his phone down the sewer and didn't have the address anywhere else