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  1. the only thing better than Hendricks getting KTFO at home after missing weight is Hendricks getting KTFO on some #### stains at home after missing weight .
  2. Is anyone following this Cody Garbrant vs "Matthew Kline Kader" ####fest on twitter? It's like the one guy in america who may be douchier than Cody found him on twitter and now there CAN BE ONLY ONE. This Kader guy flew into sacramento and is supposedly going to Team Alpha Male gym with a camera crew so these guys can throw down today. https://twitter.com/Shallowking https://twitter.com/Cody_Nolove
  3. Also, as big a fan as I am of Douglas Lima, Rory Mac is gonna smash him. I still want to see the fight and I'll be cheering for Lima. but the only non UFC WW to give Rory a real fight is Askren, and if Askren is able to give him a good fight it would be boring. Stay in Singapore, Askren.
  4. also, once again, F### Jonny Hendricks.
  5. Poor Chandler. https://streamable.com/cz9om I am not a good enough person to not laugh at this again and again.
  6. Not only do I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, I also feel old as ####. it seems like last week that Wozz0rz was our resident dip#### and then out of the he blue popped up with a post that contained actual good advice for our friend Em (now being played by RnR).. Now Em is giving back to the kramoonity. #circleoflife
  7. Here's my version of this thread from 8 years ago. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/477169-middle-aged-fat-guy-to-begin-jiu-jitsu-training/
  8. I know what you're trying to say but I think there's a lot of room for misinterpretation here, re "your level of fitness". A lot of people want to try BJJ, try (whatever) but they think they need to get in shape first. NO. NO. NO. Work on getting in shape while you go do that thing. It will help you get into shape. Clearly, if you're 700 pounds and bedridden, maybe parkour isn't a great choice for your first afternoon outdoors in 10 years, but you get the point. Most peoples "yeah but first I need to..." are things that exist in their head and are not insurmountable at all.
  9. I started at 37. Barring an extremely serious physical limitation, You have no reason not to. Go do it!
  10. How does he talk normally, when he's not clearly mimicking Obama?
  11. what does this mean?
  12. It's even worse than I thought. He's a Formula 1 fan.
  13. It's like Kige Ramsey and a polyester-fur toilet seat cover procreated.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76CTJmTSb3U