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  1. AhrnCityPahnder

    Gillette Commercial

    I get that people don't want to be preached at in advertisements. At the same time, the people who are losing their minds over this whole thing ... BOYCOTT GILLETTE #NOTALLMEN #CUCKSTATE. -- there's a good chance those people are probably who the commercial was talking about. So it's like a lot of other things in this arena -- I appreciate the opportunities given to the looney fringe so self-ID, so I can pay less attention to them next time they're mad about something.
  2. AhrnCityPahnder

    Not Masculine, Masculine, or Toxic Masculinity? Ask an expert.

    When does the expert get here?
  3. Me: Gets super excited at the news Also me, in Atlanta: Dallas, Chicago, and DC are the ####### closest cities? #### Jawbox, I never liked them anyway.
  4. Thank you for playing "Dentist visit: the home edition".
  5. AhrnCityPahnder

    Kickoffs are Stupid and Bad

    quick best of three tiddlywinks tourney
  6. AhrnCityPahnder

    Rent - Too high or nah?

    Maybe you two should get married? Just throwin ideas out here.
  7. "11th kid: Smesh. Merry Christmas and goodnight forever"
  8. AhrnCityPahnder

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    This pretty much 100% where I am with it too. played RDR2 first and then came to this for a few nights and I think I'm done.
  9. AhrnCityPahnder

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Update? I got up to about level 10 here in F76 and I'm not sure I even want to play this anymore. Underwhelming would be an understatement.
  10. few things I've seen in the past few pretty cool, one satisfying, one hilarious nice NPR piece on RDR2 Micah getting KTFO by a big bearded NPC: Dept of Homeland Security puts out a facebook post about becoming a border agent, the pic they used felt very much RDR2-y, so of course us nerds came out in force and ruined the entire thing
  11. AhrnCityPahnder

    The ***OFFICIAL*** 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    Does he still have a 5 star mullet? If he cut it off already, that's a dealbreaker IMO
  12. AhrnCityPahnder

    Mike it time to go?

    That one was brutal. But I console myself with the likely reality that the 49ers team that year (Young, Rice, Norton Jr, Deion, etc) would have beat the brakes off of any team the AFC took the the SB that year.
  13. AhrnCityPahnder


    It would require either: one of them to admit the other is doing something better and adopting their method or the two of them working together on a shared solution. Hell will freeze over before either of those happens.
  14. AhrnCityPahnder


    I think it's only if you're on an android and they're on an iPhone, but yes. And not only do you get a text back that it was liked, it also repastes your entire original text. like, I send @mr furley a text: "Furley, you smell like balls" He, on an iPhone, clicks the "LOL". Then, on an android, I get a text back that says "Mr Furley LOL'd at '"Furley, you smell like balls"