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  1. MAGIC INTERNET MONEY NOW YIELDING OVER 5X. $593. I'm livin Astro on this ####! BTC creeping in on $1200.
  2. Yeah I'd take an invite if you have one to spare. Oink, Waffles and What vet here, was in good standing on each when they got nuked. Been struggling post-what. PM a bruvva?
  3. My RSS feed for Hoof news is BLOWIN UP. whats going on in here guize?
  4. I will cosign to his claims, then. Get me an invite if you can. Also, avatar rules. I have the TShirt.
  5. On a scale from Perez Hilton to Walter Cronkite, how reliable are we talking here? Adam Shefter? Katie Couric? Sam the Eagle?
  6. Hey Yo Listen, I'm about to end this Battauauauahhhhh
  7. serious question: What the F are they going to do in cincinatti?
  8. Super edgy post , bro. I cut myself a little bit just reading it.
  9. #alternativeOutrage
  10. Send em. I'll wear em.
  11. So, just so I have this right -- no one is a nazi until they successfully perform genocide?
  12. Is Richard Spencer a nazi?
  13. Got any deals, sailor?
  14. #######it, this is what I am greeted with when I went to amazon this morning: http://imgur.com/a/WE9le
  15. Or when Sean Penn gets elected president.