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  1. Clone Wars returning with a new season next year. https://www.channel1138.com/articles/2018/7/19/breaking-star-wars-the-clone-wars-is-back-clonewarssaved
  2. Trinity Killer. the rest of it (that I've seen, anyway) is good enough but ultimately forgettable.
  3. I'm not sure I remember ever seeing a KO like we just saw from Niko Price on Randy Brown. Wow.
  4. I love JDS and I hope he's right that he thinks he has a title run left in his tank...but he hasn't ever looked the same since that last Cain fight. That was one of those Lawler/Rory type fights where you can see CTE moving in and setting up permanent residency. Hope he's got people around him giving him honest feedback...I don't want to see him take too many more bad KOs.
  5. Yeah, Felder not getting a PotN bonus sucks. oh well. Also. Can we get a Costa / Stylebender fight next?
  6. I agree that Stipe beats Blades, but Blades just smashed Overeem. He doesn't need any more tune up fights. He needs a top 5 guy.
  7. Curtis Blaydes probably makes the most sense, winner gets a guaranteed title shot.
  8. Brock can't take a punch. Give me DC in that fight all day long.
  9. Probably won't last long, but... https://streamja.com/dr49
  10. Look at me when I talk to you! I am here to challun you for a worll championship at UFC 226