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  1. See above. Harrison put disgustingly hard headshots on people that were legal when he started playing and the game changed while he played (and arguably to a smaller part because of how he played.) Please point me to James Harrison trying to injure an opponent after a play has been blown dead. Because there are at least 4 instances of VB doing this, and it's pretty likely there's more than I'm not aware of.
  2. Mitchell goes looking for the big lick and sometimes will take a OOB / late hit flag -- but I've never seen him try to rip someone's ACL with an ankle lock after the play, I've never seen him stomp and grind cleats into another player, and I've never seen him truck an old man with a camera just because he could. Let's not paint those two with the same brush. Mitchell is a hard, physical player who toes the line (and sometimes crosses it.) VB is a piece of #### who goes out and repeatedly tries to inflict serious injuries on other players, often way after the whistle.
  3. Bro , how much do you even bench?
  4. Those things aren't exclusive.
  5. The handling and backlash from Ray Rice.
  6. That guy sounds like a pretty smart feller, imo.
  7. How many people were cheering when you finished?
  8. That makes 3 of us.
  9. When White Shoes Johnson did his funky Chicken back in '78, I smashed my Victrola.
  10. So, can we put you down for an 1 or a 2?
  11. He's not mimicking anything. Mrs F: ohhai
  12. Yep. Last year a did a big involved party package at a kids place thing, I was close to RACK status by the time that was all said and done. This year we're doing exactly what you said above. Pavilion rental for 3 hours in the park, playground, pizza, cake. .2 racks. This year > last year
  13. I think Swires has a grandson who is stepping his game up lately
  14. May be my Bisping hate shining through, but I think that line is about right. I expect MB to take a decision but this will not be a cakewalk for him. Hendo at that price is worth a flyer.
  15. whats the line Hendo/bisping?