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  1. I missed that. are we each just posting a round pick each day? or still waiting on order here?
  2. My oldest is from 12 yrs ago where @CletiusMaximus was helping me search some law dox, re: a former employer who I would like to sue for punitive damages. That he gave me. Yes. That's right. I still have my shoes and glasses. Another conversation from 2007 with Finless about him getting off the junk and staying clean. So much for that. RIP GB Fin.
  3. I watched a Ray Newton career retrospective documentary last night.
  4. next picks due, since I just looked: 7.5-Northern Voice 7.6-Eephus 7.7-Bonzai 7.8-AhrnCityPahnder 7.9-rockaction 7.10-trogg78
  5. "whines hard". sounds about right. edit: and the timing is pretty close. We were only about a year off from a interstate north-south high five.
  6. AhrnCityPahnder

    UFC wagering: KOotY -- we have seen it.

    Cerrone is really good everywhere but not great anywhere, imo. Any fighter that wants to stand and throw with CMG is probably in for a long night. Cerrone isn't good enough with offensive takedowns to take over the fight that way. Despite how he looked against Khabob, CMG is better at escaping bottom positions than Cerrone is imposing them. Plus, I bet Cerrone believes he's good enough to throw hands with Connor and see what happens. CmG finishes this fight in under 2 rounds.
  7. Grew up in Pittsburgh. Been in Atlanta for a long time now.
  8. When that first FIDLAR record made the rounds a few years back, I expected I would pfft, kids at it. But it actually is pretty ###### fun.
  9. In a dentist chair. Skip me for now.
  10. AhrnCityPahnder

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    It's not lack of enthusiasm. Just no time to multitask at videogames. I am psyched for this. Just pacing.
  11. AhrnCityPahnder

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    I have this in hand but I am going to wait to install it. I'm knee deep in RDR2 right now, and once I leave a game, I rarely come back to it. I know you guys were all just dying for my status here, sorry to keep you all waiting.