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  1. If you didn't like the movie, you didn't like it. Cool. But you're really reaching here. The porgs had a total of maybe 45 seconds of meaningful screen time, With no 'speaking'. Jar Jar was the worst character by far they've put on screen. The porgs are an afterthought.
  2. Not without problems, still very fun. About on par with TFA. The Porkins throwback made me laugh. Rey/Ren vs guards was awesome. Leia's flying-ET-bicycle space walk was cringe inducing.
  4. For some reason the wife and I went to the theater to watch this. It felt like 2 hours of an alarm bell going off and people running up and down castle stairs.
  5. I own the DVD and have watched it at least 6 or 7 times.
  6. the dumb ##### in the gray sweater dancing next to him in the end is a PIZZAGATER™. who's shocked? I am not.
  7. And, not like there's any shady history of collusion between them. This should just be fine for Joe Sixpack.
  8. I thought I remembered reading that deep packet inspection could show if you were using bittorrent even via a VPN. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that extended to other ID of data types.
  9. Pai is the biggest piece of crap in recent memory. He just served up 18 pounds of bull#### on a platter and told everyone it was prime rib. And the people who voted either believed him, or were paid enough to smile and say it was delicious.
  10. I'm still relatively new there, but the cryptonerds that I trust all use it. Holla at me if you're gonna sign up -- I'll give you my referral link.
  11. Binance has *most* of the small coins available. Just looked and XRP is available there.
  12. haven't watched that show in several years....reference lost on me. sorry.
  13. I use coinbase/gdax, and binance. If anyone cares. which, they probably shouldn't.
  14. Tomlin on Martavis Bryant as a KR: "You guys wondered earlier why you hadn't seen him returning Kickoffs. Now you know."
  15. http://www.trustnodes.com/2017/12/11/ethereum-fees-fall-congestion-reduces