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  1. I watched some prelims but dozed off for a bit watched the early main card. Sounds like I need to go watch the roundtree fight. Woke up right as the co-main was starting... glad I did! The hand speed in the first 2 rounds of stylebender/KG was just stupid. I thought a couple times I was having buffer issues where sometimes the video speeds up to rsync with realtime. That fight was so good. And Whittaker/Styelbender is an amazing fight...cant wait. Glad to see poirier get a belt finally. Gotta respect the path and his grit. Khabob will still #### on him' though. We better see ElCucuy - khabob at some point.
  2. We're gonna need MOP in here to clear this up with some fancy trig equations.
  3. Everyone who "dies" by falling down a large open chute doesn't die. We saw it with Maul, now confirmed with Palpatine. This can only mean that Captain Phasma will return in Star Wars 17 as a RoboDolphin with elite Empire training embedded in her DNA and is here to bring a new brutal rule to the Oceaniac floor.
  4. they are out there on intertubes in the right places.
  5. here it is on a single page and not on 54 slides. shout out to deslide!
  6. The simple answer is eat more green vegetables. To a lesser extent, fresh fruit. And if all that fails, get something like a psyllium husk fiber powder. Have a serving with that with 16oz of water 30 mins before all your meals -- you'll be less hungry up front with more fiber, and eating less at each meal.
  7. Stop drinking anything except coffee or water (or brewed tea. No sugar though). Get 75%+ of your carbs from fruits and vegetables. Walk a few miles every day.
  8. That's a good high level overview but there were some pretty gruesome medical details in the piece I read. trying to summarize what I read (keep in mind I went down a rabbit hole with this, and I'm not sure where fact ends and rumor starts here, so don't take any of this as fact -- just my interpretation of a mixed bag of sources) : Police responded to a complaint, when they saw the victim they immediately took her to the hospital. They took DNA evidence. the process with Irish law around the accused is pretty different than in the US (and probably better). They strive to not name names of people who are accused of something -- names can be shared with media once a (conviction is reached? or a case goes to trial? not sure here.). So the Irish media has been generically referring to the suspect as something like "a prominent international Irish athlete" . Here's a sample story from that Frame of reference. The police took hotel security footage from where the attack was alleged to have occured, and specifically took video surveillance evidence from / surrounding CM's room. CM supposedly admitted that he did have sex with the victim, on the night this alleged crime happened, but that the sex was consensual. Then there's a giant post on Sherdog written by someone who claims to run in the same larger social circles in Dublin as CM. It doesn't seem out of place with the douchey behavior we've seen from CM, but I have no way of knowing if it's 100% true, a complete lie and a troll/hit piece by someone who hates him, or somewhere in between. But if even half of it is true, man. Take everything you think about CM being an ### and multiply it x 10. Read for yourself, it's the first post in this thread (it's long!) and come to your own conclusions about how true and horrible, or how made up and libelous it all is. @Punxsutawney Phil , tagging you since you asked for links. There may be others I read last night too, but I don't have time to deep dive again at the moment.
  9. I hadn't paid much attention to that rape/sexual assault rumor -- I read all the details on it last night. Good grief. Whoever is guilty there needs to rot in prison. That def also applies to Conor, if he is the one. The evidence doesn't look too good for him. But he's also a kajillionaire and a celebrity, so align your justiceboners accordingly.
  11. I have gone through the looking glass with hot sauce in the past couple years. Last week I had hot sauce so hot it immediately gave me a nosebleed. that was new.
  12. This week, a guy who sits near me had his Slack notifications too loud. I went over there all scorched earth and I was like "hey Jeff, can you turn that down?" My style isn't for everyone but we'll see who thinks they can beep and chime above an acceptable volume next time.
  13. There's a racial aspect and some pretty bad history being called "boy". For a group of white guys, "what'll it be, boys?" sounds like the server is just trying to be chummy. For a group of black guys, it could be seen as chummy but it also most definitely may not be taken that way. You can complain about PC culture and pine for everyone to have thicker skin, but if you're in the service industry you absolutely should be aware of how your words land on the people who are directly responsible for a large part of your compensation.
  14. I'm just worried about all my mother's new sexual exploits. She's been pretty tame since I stopped logging onto xbox Live, but I'm afraid a platform this large will really open my eyes to all the terrible things people seem to be doing with her.
  15. I get it. But, outside of being a zit-faced angsty 14 year old, I could probably say the same about most points in my life. at 6 I was crushing it on my Atari had neighborhood friends and was happy as a pig in ####. at 19 I was in in college having all the fun that should entail. It was great. didnt want it to end. at 25 I had just started dating the future MrsAhrn, and it was great. lock me right there and I'd be happy. ~30 I got married and bought a house and had a pair of dogs and life was great. at 38 we had a kid and life was great. Nowadays watching my boy grow up and seeing him tune into the world is great and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Point is, I don't know what 5,10,20 years down the road will bring but I have no reason to believe it won't be similarly rewarding. disclaimer: this may be the most pollyanna post I've ever typed out in my FBG career. I better go throw a puppy in the sewer and step in front of a moving bus on the way home just to keep karma in check.
  16. You have a loving family. You have (from what I can see from afar) healthy, happy girls growing up. You can afford amazing new toys and experiences. You should have the potential to be able to retire young (or at least, not-old). You're likely going to have grandkids down the road. You'll have people to change your diaper when you start peeing yourself in in about 4 years. Oh Boo-hoo, you don't get to chase after bar sluts anymore. Boo-hoo, it's been 12 years since you took @Righetti to the hospital because he knocked out 6 teeth after faceplanting when a sweet ### Warrant song came on at some jabronie's wedding. Cheer up GB OATS. It's what you make of it.
  17. You havent lived until you've hated King Joffrey.
  18. I eat two dozen eggs a week easily. sometimes more. COME AT ME, SCIENCE.
  19. Lmao. Jorge is not playing games here. ”I’m doing my interview and this hooligan comes by saying some stuff, like ‘July, get your ### kicked in July, July!’” Masvidal said. “I go ‘Maybe bro, whatever, because maybe I wanna kick your ### in April. Maybe I don’t wanna wait until July. Maybe I don’t want to fight you in a prize ring because you’re not worth the training camp, I’ll just fight you here because you’re a scrub.’ You know?” ”So I tell him to just say it to my face like a man,” he continued. “You’re saying it and walking away? We’re both men, and as I’m walking to him I got my hands behind my back to signal to him that I’m not looking for problems. But he put his hands up like this and he walks towards me. Well ... where I’m from if you do that you’re going to punch me in the face and that’s not going to happen.” ”You are what you are, you’re just a loser in life, man,” Masvidal finished. “You’re not going to get a hit off on me. So I had to give him the three piece with the soda and then just glide out of there, you know?
  20. Just caught the end of this card now. All this. I've been a Masvidal honk for a long time now. Love seeing him get a huge win like this.