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  1. Will he play without a guaranteed contract? Because I sure wouldn't give him one at this point.
  2. Nope, not even on the same planet close.
  3. I wonder if Mike Mayock was the first person that ever said "no" to AB.
  4. I still sometimes slip and say Baltimore Colts and St. Louis Cardinals. At least the Rams don't make me look senile anymore.
  5. If he ever plays again the only thing I want to see is for someone to hit him so hard that the Raider's two draft picks literally fly out of his body.
  6. They're still weird. I peeked at QB to see if that was better, and Gardner Minshew is at #5 and Mahomes at #8. I've looked at their rankings on occasion since it's linked on the Zealots leagues, but I then do the opposite of their advice. Constanza rankings.
  7. The first epic Patriots meltdown will be Ben Watson declining to give Brown #84. I hope so anyway.
  8. I would be fine with that just to see how hard Burfict hits him the next time.
  9. There's no way the Raiders should let Brown back on the property. He's a faux injury waiting to happen.
  10. I hope not. If the Raiders don't get rid of him, they won't win a game this year.
  11. The Raiders hold all the cards here. AB has probably earned $0 so far (he didn't earn his first $500k bonus), and is $50k in the hole in fines. Suspend him one game and void all the guaranteed money. Let him play week to week until he screws up again.
  12. Here comes the med check, let me eat 2 pounds of fish real fast.