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  1. Buying. Gave the 1.12 for him. I figure it's 50/50 he becomes a lead back again one day, so the 12 sounded right.
  2. Just sign Clowney and save the draft pick.
  3. I would not be really surprised if Simmons fell to 12. He's one of those in between players that some GMs aren't sure what to do with, so they pass on them for a single position player.
  4. You can always trade for a few more dollars if you have to.
  5. Whatever you have left is what gets converted to blind bid dollars, and you lose what you don't spend at the end of the season.
  6. I won't talk your ear off, but... Gave Njoku, Dunlap, and Greenlaw and got Danielle Hunter. Guy then flipped Njoku for Lavonte David. So Hunter = David, Dunlap and Greenlaw.
  7. Will he play without a guaranteed contract? Because I sure wouldn't give him one at this point.
  8. Nope, not even on the same planet close.
  9. I wonder if Mike Mayock was the first person that ever said "no" to AB.
  10. I still sometimes slip and say Baltimore Colts and St. Louis Cardinals. At least the Rams don't make me look senile anymore.
  11. If he ever plays again the only thing I want to see is for someone to hit him so hard that the Raider's two draft picks literally fly out of his body.