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  1. They also have lamps with the same bulbs in 60W. You don't like the lamp you can toss it and still have a bulb for a buck.
  2. I bought a bunch of these at Dollar Tree. Work fine and it's hard to beat 50¢ a bulb.
  3. He'll have one decent game and get all puffed up about how he's the greatest. The next week he'll have one catch for 8 yards. He'll go off the rails and call Brady a bum on twitter, and go all racist on Arians like he did Mayock, but it'll be recorded this time. He'll be cut and no be seen again for two years when he appears on some local second rate Dancing with the C-Level Stars ripoff.
  4. Probably wouldn't do it, but hiring a German specialist that would "dispense peace and tranquility at reasonable rates to deserving clientele" would cross my mind.
  5. Anyone think he'd sign a contract without huge guarantees? Anyone think a team would be dumb enough offer those guarantees? As far as I know he's still trying to get $30 million from the Raiders he thinks he's owed because he didn't do anything wrong.
  6. So far my Zealots team is currently down Barkley, McCaffrey, Chubb, Davante Adams, Godwin, Noah Fant, and his backup OJ Howard. Just going to hang on and ride it out.
  7. I was more disturbed by that guys special power in the mental hospital. The one Kimiko punched with her Bossy ring.
  8. I'm confused on one point. Did Walker shoot through the unopened door, or did he fire after the police had broken it open? Seems like a big point that's unclear, to me anyway.
  9. I went all in on a player nobody else bid on (it happens) in Zealots on the first waiver run a couple of Saturdays ago. I traded a 6th for $40 the next day. There are always a couple of teams that lose around $200 at the ends of each season because they just don't spend it for whatever reason. It doesn't hurt to remind them of this.
  10. I wish. This was about the time it happened last year. From earlier in this thread: Final Player Position Updates (Published Tue Sep 3 11:33:19 p.m. ET 2019) The following player position changes will be made on Wednesday, September 4th, to bring our player database up-to-date with the depth charts:
  11. So if MFL does their final position update early next week, then Clowney signs with a 3-4 team late next week, he stays a DE for the year right? 💰
  12. And this gem: "They think we’re the ignorant ones"
  13. Every time I hear her name I think of "Kamala" Harris, the wrestler, first. RIP.
  14. If this keeps up, the wrong store is going to get looted and there will be bodies. If I were on that jury there's no way I convict a store owner defending himself with whatever violence he deems neccessary to apply.
  15. If a third party candidate actually got the necessary 15%, the CPD would just up the requirement to 20%. I haven't watched a debate since the 80s. They're a sham. The Ds and Rs pretend to hate each other until a third party gets serious traction, then they're best friends.
  16. Do I need a chart to help me figure out what a peaceful protest is, or is it one of those "I know it when I see it" things?
  17. This reminds me I need to find a streaming version of The Great Silence.
  18. I heard on the radio (no link) that most of the family objected to the schedule, not the execution, since they couldn't attend because of Covid concerns.
  19. That's the plan. My starters last year were Cory Littleton, Blake Martinez, and Zach Cunningham. I drafted Cunningham with a 5th rounder, and got Littleton and Martinez at auction for $1 each. A couple that I spent high draft picks on are wasting away on the bench.