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  1. Gave: Beasley, Vic ATL DE; Vander Esch, Leighton DAL LB Got: Lawrence, Demarcus DAL DE; Year 2019 Round 4 Draft Pick
  2. We used to keep them in the freezer. When you put them in your mouth they'd shatter.
  3. Counter the new restaurant by reviving the sauce burger that Kenneys Drive Ins used to have. Everybody loved those things.
  4. 12 Team PPR Zealots Gave: Jimmy Garoppolo, Alex Collins, Josh Doctson Got: Carson Wentz
  5. Not sure which I have a harder time understanding, the Jamaicans in Luke Cage or Brad Pitt in Snatch.
  6. I live in Virginia and we had a ton of rain two Fridays ago. I didn't get any water in the house, but the pressure of the water outside pushed in part of my basement wall by maybe an inch. I didn't even know it until I noticed a couple of the doors downstairs wouldn't close. Then I saw the buckling in the drop ceiling and some paneling popped out. I called a contractor and he came out on Monday and he's betting the wall is cracked horizontally. The plan is to dig around the house to the foundation on the outside, and remove the built-ins and paneling on the inside to expose the wall. He thinks the wall will want to straighten once the pressure is removed. Then put in 3" angle iron on the inside and cover it with drywall, and new drain tile on the outside. I'm also going to have him grade the front and side yard and REALLY slope it away from the house. I can't really afford that now either, but it is what it is. It's really playing on my nerves, especially since we've had two pretty big storms since then with more on the way. I expect to really be freaking out when the digging starts as well. I'm hoping that happens this week if the weather breaks.
  7. I go to sleep easily but usually wake up around 3am and lay there for hours. Doc gave me some Xanax which works okay, but sometimes gives me a pretty short fuse. My current preferred method is a shot or two of hundred proof bourbon. I'm usually back asleep in about fifteen minutes.
  8. I traded OBJ a couple of months ago (before free agency started). 12 team PPR Keep 6 Gave: Hunter Henry, Odell Beckham, and Jordy Nelson Got: Zach Ertz, Derrick Henry, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Amari Cooper
  9. Zealots PPR, 12 Team. Approaching the end of a rebuild I hope. Trading WR depth to build up crap defense. Gave Robert Woods for Kwon Alexander Gave Marqise Lee for Ezekiel Ansah Gave Kiko Alonso and 5.02 for Vic Beasley
  10. Music Machine - K-Tel First ever was a 45: Livin' Thing by ELO Pretty sure I still have both of them.
  11. <--- Adding and to my watch list. Profit.
  12. Will JPP even be a DL when the Giants likely go 3-4?
  13. If I did that she'd have to be on top. *burp*
  14. Sorry to hear this Colonel. Hugs and thoughts for you and yours.
  15. I'm a rebuilding team in a Zealots league and around midseason I was offered Graham for what was likely, and turned out to be, the 3.12. I didn't have any use for him due to his age, but figured I could hold him for a week or two and flip him to a contender for a 2018 2nd. None of the contenders bit on the offers or countered. I then offered him to everyone with a third round pick. He's still sitting on my roster.
  16. Team A: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Robby Anderson Team B: Davante Adams, 2.09, 4.10
  17. If the Browns are serious about helping Gordon, they could hire a Johnny Narron, who shadowed Josh Hamilton to the point of even carrying his cash to keep him clean.
  18. Bortles. I'm strongly considering him over Goff.
  19. Driving. She drives better in reverse than I do going forward.
  20. Just ban rich people. I'd buy an assault rifle if I had an extra $40,000 to $60,000 just laying around. A 1918 BAR would be sweet. I'd settle for an MG-42, but I'd probably just melt the barrel the first day.