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  1. <----- Lives in Southern VA I looked out my windows, but didn't see Northam anywhere. I'm not really concerned about the Coonman reference. I conjure it's animal related. We use animals a lot in conversation. If I haven't seen someone in a good while I'll sometimes say "I haven't seen you in a coon's age". It's kinda like donkey years. I also have a friend that goes by Brown Mocassin, who is fairly white. 😀 <-- Grinnin' bigger'n a barrel of possum heads.
  2. Read the books twice; not sure I want to watch the series at all. The preview looked terrible.
  3. So if two SB wins is the criteria, when does Jim Plunkett get in?
  4. I hope Mayock remembers not to post his mock draft next Spring.
  5. I think he gets claimed by someone today, does his time and comes back late next year.
  6. Second the "meh" for Stamey's. I used to eat at Bernie's BBQ, but I don't even know if it's still there. I'll recommend Ghassan's for a great cheesesteak over any BBQ in town.
  7. You could have snuck in and peed on his leg, then claimed uromysitisis.
  8. Used to eat it all the time as a kid. I can't make gravy at all, so I eat dried beef on sandwiches now. If fact that's what I packed today for lunch: Bread, mayo, four slices of Armour Dried Beef.
  9. Had bats in the attic once and couldn't get them to leave. Finally sprayed some Hartz flea spray for cats on them. They hate that stuff. They were gone in about two minutes.
  10. My fear after this morning is that Gruden is going to be the second coming of Tom Walsh's second coming. "Commitment to Gamble Away Excellence"
  11. I drive I81 every so often, and it seems like there is always twice the amount of traffic going south than there is going north.
  12. Gave: Beasley, Vic ATL DE; Vander Esch, Leighton DAL LB Got: Lawrence, Demarcus DAL DE; Year 2019 Round 4 Draft Pick
  13. We used to keep them in the freezer. When you put them in your mouth they'd shatter.
  14. Counter the new restaurant by reviving the sauce burger that Kenneys Drive Ins used to have. Everybody loved those things.
  15. 12 Team PPR Zealots Gave: Jimmy Garoppolo, Alex Collins, Josh Doctson Got: Carson Wentz
  16. Not sure which I have a harder time understanding, the Jamaicans in Luke Cage or Brad Pitt in Snatch.
  17. I live in Virginia and we had a ton of rain two Fridays ago. I didn't get any water in the house, but the pressure of the water outside pushed in part of my basement wall by maybe an inch. I didn't even know it until I noticed a couple of the doors downstairs wouldn't close. Then I saw the buckling in the drop ceiling and some paneling popped out. I called a contractor and he came out on Monday and he's betting the wall is cracked horizontally. The plan is to dig around the house to the foundation on the outside, and remove the built-ins and paneling on the inside to expose the wall. He thinks the wall will want to straighten once the pressure is removed. Then put in 3" angle iron on the inside and cover it with drywall, and new drain tile on the outside. I'm also going to have him grade the front and side yard and REALLY slope it away from the house. I can't really afford that now either, but it is what it is. It's really playing on my nerves, especially since we've had two pretty big storms since then with more on the way. I expect to really be freaking out when the digging starts as well. I'm hoping that happens this week if the weather breaks.
  18. I go to sleep easily but usually wake up around 3am and lay there for hours. Doc gave me some Xanax which works okay, but sometimes gives me a pretty short fuse. My current preferred method is a shot or two of hundred proof bourbon. I'm usually back asleep in about fifteen minutes.