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  1. her punishment should include a 'Cinemax movies only' clause.. typecast as a sex-starved criminal.. who never wears a top..
  2. no longer get Good Friday off.. so now it is just "Friday"
  3. Sheetz is trying to be WaWa.. I will say though, that the newer Sheetz are pretty good too
  4. yeah, and the Grand Canyon is just a pothole..
  5. seconded! My advice- i was laid off 9 years ago.. took me 7 months, but landed a gig paying nearly double! (through networking). Be patient.. Also- this is very important- don't let the search consume you. Send out a couple apps a day, maybe make a few phone calls, and then try to enjoy the free time you have been given. I took my opportunity to hike just about every trail in my county. Nature had a very calming stress reducing effect and, as a bonus, I got in shape. Also got to catch up on reading some books that I never seemed to have time to read. Good luck!
  6. but can you film a John Mellencamp video there?
  7. Hawaii and/or New Mexico not in a bad way, they both just seem 'different'
  8. PA or Virginia.. Illinois isn't bad, but i think it should be one of the original 13
  9. we're the savages.. George Washington was in a cult that was into aliens, man.. and Martha was a hip hip hip lady