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  1. Ariz seems like a top spot, a big rookie 1 with Kirk and Isabella would go a long way, for years.
  2. I think taking the lumps was the proper result. Roster management is part of our game.
  3. Bad weather, an established running game, perhaps the only way to stop GB is to stop AJones. Could leave the pass game open. Hoping so. I’ve paired him with Murray and had fully planned to run the kid out but that hammy. I think most of the comments about him are missing the fact the running game is doing so well. Along with a solid defense, they should be running and are having much success. Russel Wilson dealt with the same thing in the past few years even though that was more based on lack of defense and pass pro. They are 8-3, Rodgers had to embrace the running game and has. I think the lack of balance is based on that and the lack of good options beyond Adams and Jones. The #2 and 3 WRs don’t scare any defense. And Graham is what he is.
  4. Until a team can stop their RBs I suspect more of the same. That said, I’m starting Adams in 2 leagues and Rodgers in one.
  5. 1pm lineup deadlines stink! I’d like to go one week without a late game GTD!
  6. Did you drop Hopkins 3 weeks ago? Had not had a good game since week 1. How about Kelce? Ertz? Gordon? Etc etc.
  7. You’re a stand up guy With me it’s now or never. 1pm
  8. 1 o’clock deadline TD heavy nonppr: DAdams, Edelman, RAnderson i need ceiling more than floor. leaning Anderson. Monty over Lindsey?