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  1. I like him but I’m seeing a very deep TE pool. So many could be good. I like Jarwin almost as much. The TEs after the first two tiers and frankly some of them could all be 2019 Hooper, or 2018 Hooper or etc etc. I’d rather pick up all the ones I can get cheaper. Higbee is a hot name right now. He’s a sell for me.
  2. Is the OLine going to improve? Site rankings have them as the 11th best, I don’t get it. I still like Mont. I think he can improve drastically because of work ethic etc. Not sure if the team can rise to the occasion.
  3. I like the kid. But I like a ton of TEs this year. I think it’s deeper than normal. I’m going to take what falls.
  4. I bought and sold this guy 2x over his career. Hope he comes back and goes off somewhere.
  5. Josh Jones was a steal in the 3rd. They still heavily invested in OL. And Simmons might help fix a defense so the Offense gets better field position. As a Murray owner, I was bummed they took Simmons, but I started hoping they would trade up for Jones in 2nd. He fell in their lap.
  6. Just think you could do better, I mean I don’t think the deal is crazy. Shop that pick or an RB sure but Sutton is pretty valuable in my book.
  7. I think I’m sticking with Dobbins/Sutton
  8. Pats might still have interest in OJ, but can’t take on salary, yet.
  9. Rankings are down on Montgomery. Might be able to pry away from anxious owner.
  10. You really think 5-8 tds? He’s able to climb the ladder, able to tip toe around the bounds. He’s a stud who walks onto a team that needs a redbone target. You must think Murray is impressively overrated.
  11. Less than 7 tds? Air Arizona could open up things for Hopkins. The signed their tackle, maybe now draft another. Could be recipe for huge floor. Ceiling may not be Hopkins historic level but that seemed long gone last year anyway. Hopkins needed Fuller to take the pressure off. Now he has Kirk, another 2 pass catching backs and a bunch of interesting young WRs around him. Maybe he’ll never catch 15 tds and lead the league in catches but this isn’t Tenn or Jax. He’s got a young qb that might actually be better than his old one. i traded for him late last year and I’m excited. BO’ didn’t give me much confidence
  12. Ariz seems like a top spot, a big rookie 1 with Kirk and Isabella would go a long way, for years.
  13. I think taking the lumps was the proper result. Roster management is part of our game.