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  1. That whole offense is a mess. Oline, QB, Nagy. I don’t see Montgomery as the problem. He’s not Sequon so he isn’t the solution either.
  2. I don’t need a WR but I’m using my #1 waiver on him because I think I can get a better RB trading him or my other WR than waiting for a back up RB on waivers. Cream of the crop use of waiver. At least I hope
  3. He’s my new favorite player other than my home team. And this was his first offseason focused solely on Football. And there was no preseason for these guys. He’s a stud.
  4. I have number 1 waiver, need RB bad, Mattison is available but so is Claypool. I’m thinking Claypool and trade for RB depending on Cook injury. (Adams, Metcalf, Sanders, Deebo) Almost grabbed both last week as FA but Covid shuffle had me scrapping
  5. Mattison taking this drive. Cook might be out and so am I. Peace
  6. I’ve got #1 waiver. I need RB bad. Think I’ll hold.