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  1. I expect more than 7 total TDs. I’d place the o/u on 10 tds.
  2. What RB, since McCoy could have been anything but a piece of an rbbc?
  3. What looked to be a disastrous exodus might actually be better built: they added a young QB and some special teams. They might have gotten better everywhere! We lost a few studs but what group doesn’t look better than last year? + DB, RB added nice rookie +/- DL, OL, QB, LB, WR (I can see WR, DL and OL actually rating + as a whole) - TE unless they get Rudolph and would it surprise if the TE receptions go up? Blocking took big hit. Liking the off-season
  4. I am psyched for Browns fans. You've endured many tough years, this must be exciting as hell.
  5. Or if set back, Im not worried about longterm, Im worried about him losing grip on the carries this year. They aren't going to give up on Freeman. Linds is still small. I traded for him though.
  6. Sticking with Colts against Oakland. No Lynch, no Cooper
  7. Pull out of the deal at anytime, just don’t get a reputation as a time wasting negotiator. If it’s Sat and I need a WR3 I will go somewhere else.
  8. Well I’m benching him for anyone until he gets back on track. This year seems different. I’m not betting he will be top 10. Baldwin and Locket aren’t enough to get top 5. He’ll need better oline play, his defense to give him good field position and a 3rd weapon to rise up. That’s allot of needs.
  9. One thing I’ve started doing in recent years is building depth over quality because it’s so hard to predict. I want to be able to shift on the fly. I handcuff more now and hoard. Position scarcity is something I look at also.