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  1. 1pm lineup deadlines stink! I’d like to go one week without a late game GTD!
  2. Did you drop Hopkins 3 weeks ago? Had not had a good game since week 1. How about Kelce? Ertz? Gordon? Etc etc.
  3. You’re a stand up guy With me it’s now or never. 1pm
  4. 1 o’clock deadline TD heavy nonppr: DAdams, Edelman, RAnderson i need ceiling more than floor. leaning Anderson. Monty over Lindsey?
  5. Can’t you trade for the Stud WR and then trade again for a better TE? Go get the underachieving TE that someone has a 2nd TE.
  6. As with the points, it’s not 1-1 though. What’s on your wire? Do your league mates usually carry 2 TEs? I’ve churned through TEs this year. From Hooper to Dissly to Fells to Goedart to Henry etc. You can find a top 12 TE, can you find a Top 24 WR?
  7. What the heck are you basing your opinion on? Ty has played how many games with Brissett? And Rodgers to Adams isn’t a strong connection? there’s reasons to favor TY but connection to QB ain’t one of them.
  8. Stupid not run in that TD. Would be up by 5 with less than minute. Too many missed FGs happen
  9. I’m being offered Nuk for Chark and my 2021 1st (5 keeper so like 6th round redraft with top rooks. No ppr) I’m going to take it.
  10. Might have been drooped after last week and he’s been heavily involved Monday night running the Wildcat etc.