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  1. Down to $165 (msrp $60).
  2. Not when the NCAA is this far up your a$$. It's hammer time.
  3. Ole Miss is finally coming to a head...2nd NOI received today...with a list of charges including: Bruce Feldman ✔@BruceFeldmanCFB #OleMiss has been charged with the dreaded Lack of Institutional Control by the NCAA. The school said it will fight that charge. 4:52 PM - 22 Feb 2017
  4. Players love it...and it's started off hot at retail. It's 1 of 2 new Authentic styles this spring...which'll see the heathered tech fleece soon.
  5. BAMTech Appoints Amazon Video Executive Michael Paull As CEO BAMTech, the video streaming service owned by MLB Advanced Media, Disney and the National Hockey League, on Tuesday announced the hiring of longtime Amazon video executive Michael Paull as chief executive officer. Paull comes on at a time when MLBAM president and CEO Bob Bowman takes a step back from the spinoff, which was valued at $3 billion, as it becomes an increasingly independent unit. Bowman will remain on BAMTech’s board. Paull, who will start in March and report directly to the BAMTech board of directors, is credited with creating the Amazon Prime video service,’s counterpart to Netflix’s pay video streaming service. “Michael is a talented and accomplished executive who shares our collective vision for BAMTech as it aggressively explores new means to acquire and distribute video content,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. “We are confident Michael will deliver on the incredible potential and promise this venture has for building powerful viewing experiences for its clients and their customers.” Paull will also work with Disney—which in three years can take a controlling stake in BAMTech—on the launch of a standalone ESPN service. “The team at BAMTech has created a best in class Over-The-Top video streaming platform allowing them to develop innovative solutions for their customers,” Paull said in a news release. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with this highly accomplished team and want to thank Major League Baseball and The Walt Disney Company for this exciting opportunity.”
  7. We knew the table was set for the season with all the young guns lined up...but it's coming to fruition so far. JT 3 wins, Matsuyama 3 wins, Speith a win, now DJ...
  8. Dominant...
  9. Any thoughts on the new BP Trainer the players are wearing...3/4 with number on sleeve?
  10. DJ poised to hit World #1 for the first time.
  11. That's Cub tees will be available at retail this week.
  12. No one in the LA school system wanted their kids best option being Orgeron. Seriously though he's supposedly been a problem for a while.
  13. Definitely true..I have a friend in the industry. But some of the crazies are there's that to hold on to...just not sure who are which.
  14. Exactly, and a lot of his guests are actors. College football is 24/7 , 365 in the south on radio...they need help filling the time.