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  1. That stat:. No one else but Tiger has won back-to-back WGCs...and he's done it 7 times.
  2. Gotta be a DJ-Rahm final...can't imagine Tanihara is ready for this stage vs this player...Rahm just may be.
  4. Just curb-stomping the world now...
  5. I had to look him up to figure it out, but something looked familiar about the All-American hothead baseball player McReynolds from Everybody Wants Some...he's Tom Hanks' son from Road to Perdition.
  6. Archer USA jersey in the mail...
  7. I don't disagree...maybe like Shady said they're trying to bring new people in...I don't think they forecasted it to be this successful either, including in-stadium where concessions were under-planned and created a lot of issues.
  8. I was told MLB didn't offer it out.
  9. Another great game! PR by the way has about 60% of the 'Locker Room' WBC Champ tee orders, but I expect a US bump now.
  10. Great game...US showed heart. We'll see if they have anything left tonight.
  11. Jose Fernandez proven to be the boat driver and BUI...expect lawsuits.
  12. One of our graphics will be 'HODOR...a few lines of related gibberish...HOT DOG VENDOR'.
  13. Mike Trout is in for '21: