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  1. Prodigal son returns:
  2. Thx...but meant the on course comment...I can't make it out?
  3. What exactly did Gmac say? I can't hear it on my computer.
  4. As good as I had hoped, which I was afraid was unrealistic. We had the same set list minus Patience...covers of Godfather theme, Wish you Were Here, etc. I thought Slash and Duff were really on...Axl cracked a little here and there but hit it hard when he needed to. I forgot how much I liked Estranged, which was great live with Axl on piano. The perfect concert for being ####-faced! Hope those rumors of more cities next year, including Tampa are true.
  5. Tailgating since 5 outside the Citrus Bowl...giddy like a 10 year old on his birthday.
  6. Patty Draw charging...needs to learn when to gear back the aggression.
  7. That's not a part of the logo.
  8. We work with them. For us or other entities that need photos for creative use on consumer products, they are a hub that allows us to pay a fee and grab what we need from their well-organized library when we need it...which could be across a huge range. Most of it basic stuff like a pic of an MLB player in the batters box. Some photos they show though require additional approval for use, I assume from the artist/owner.
  9. ASG stuff launched today:
  10. Ending the game on 103.
  11. I'll ask...thought it was 60 min...but worth it...and there are other areas of Pcola maybe closer (Gulf Breeze or north off I10 like Cantonement).
  12. Pensacola is the only normal city there...otherwise it's very small country town or heavily touristy. My cousin commutes from downtown Pcola to Eglin.
  13. It's a bigtime redneck beach town, but you're close to Destin and Pensacola. Pcola has some decent action going on downtown and at the minor league stadium.
  14. John Madden will present The Snake for the NFL HOF ceremony.
  15. @GoBirds Go to Golfsmith, etc and get measured off the machine using different drivers. You'll see some have higher ball flight, some have higher spin rates, some have higher ball speed, etc. You can tell pretty clearly which one you hit the way you want to hit. The TM M2 is getting good reviews for a 'game improvement' type driver.