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  1. I’m not in this thread much...does Curry get as much heat about being whiny?
  2. One important detail missed from the White Out mastered by the Heat...
  3. Boy...Spieth is not only still struggling mightily putting < 10 feet, he may be the worst pro I've ever seen now over an extended period in short putting. I'm not a huge fan obviously, but for me it's been more about the lack of attention to this it's getting painful to watch.
  4. Big Johnson No Fear
  5. Also good for Baseball...Nike will do it right, and Baseball provides a great platform with the long season and events like Spring Training, Mem Day, the 4th, and the Little League Classic.
  6. Joe the Policeman from the What’s Going Down episode of That’s My Mama!
  7. I appreciate the thought, Rodg...and things are really, really good:
  8. What has to happen for JT to overtake DJ for #1?
  9. This is a course where something crazy can happen...and guys are going low today. It’s a looooong shot considering g how Simpson is playing and putting.
  10. HBO...really good a second time thru for me.
  11. And again...just out of his reach. Can't make it happen at the end.
  12. Hasn't gone LOW during this comeback yet.
  13. Tiger turns with a -6 30, overalll -7.