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  1. This is why I (biasedly) am so impressed this year with Tua...and why the NFL will be I'm guessing...he's blossoming and developing under a new OC, who's focused on improving his biggest weakness last year of not adjusting quickly thru multiple reads.
  2. He'll be a different guy in December...but the talk that NFL teams should avoid the #1 pick this year and tank for next year and annoying.
  3. Only LSU hosting Auburn stands in the way now of the '19 game of the year in Ttown on 11/9...led by the 2 best QBs in the country this year. It'll be the opposite of the '11 9-6 game.
  4. He’s gonna have to slide. Or it’s not gonna be good for him....
  5. I’m on the way to Madison for 4 days...30s for the game?! Shouldnt surprise I guess as they claim the average temp yearly is lower than Anchorage. But I was really hoping for 55 and sunny.
  6. I’d be there again too...but have a 6:20 AM flight and thought ‘man that would suck hungover’...not coming off a win it wouldn’t have!
  7. On a related biased note...does Bama have the best college WR corp ever? Riedel/Jacquez/Ike is the first group i think of...USC, Miami, Oklahoma.. But there are at least 2 first rounders including a top 5 pick, a Biletnikoff, a 4.2 guy, and the 4th best dude just had a 275-yard, 5 TD day.