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  1. Look at the freakin ball...
  2. Got a look at the proposed Little League Classic jerseys today... Exciting ideas on this game and beyond on the table...we'll see what comes to fruition.
  3. You're and smart...hope Turner uses her in some sports coverage too.
  4. Looks like Kaylee survived...:thumbup:
  5. Good opp (appears you are somewhat taking) to learn about one of the great American bands...
  6. That world is called Oregon.
  7. I definitely can recite every shot...clubs used...not exact yardage though.
  8. I did that also. With the new SM6...but different Grinds between wedges. Went with more bounce (M Grind) with my 60 and 56...less (F) with my 52. Taking some getting used to...but they do feel really good.
  9. Sorry @belljr....I bought a new Scotty! I'm going back to a more crouched putting stroke...and straight back and through. So I got the new Newport 2 feels first brand new Scotty.