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  1. 247 Sports ran ESPN out of college football recruiting and offering a team specific online resource...and now has a monopoly (recently swallowed up Scout). Where consumers want content, ESPN will lose.
  2. CC Sabathia wears the largest pants in MLB history. In case you need an ice breaker tomorrow night.
  3. Congrats Cap!! Awesome news man. So...who cried?
  4. Not even sure how good Dodgers Yankees can be. Houston is in a frenzy now...Cubs are the 500 pound gorilla. But it feels like both LA/NY fan bases are quietly waiting to explode.
  5. Close...the mockery was Admiral Ackbar winning the voting. Landsharks did get votes but Black Bears was chosen. The Landshark was created by the players after a defensive player did the hand signal after a big play...a few years before the vote.
  6. Sounds like Gus and Jacobs are out at AU, barring a miracle run. I’m stunned Tim’s prediction that Gus would overtake Saban didnt work out. With all the potential firings this year, AU needs to be careful...wouldn’t be surprised if the AD is axed and Gus gets another year. @FDAS @ffldrew
  7. From a licensed standpoint, this has chance to be the 3rd biggest Postseason behind last year and '04. And retail in general is soft.
  8. 8 years ago it was Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, Miles, Petrino, Richt, Nutt, Mullen...even Kiffin was exciting. What happened?
  9. Might as well fire Butch now, before Bama...and hope for a spark. Mora probably too.
  10. UF got out coached big time by Ogre...I'm shocked at this game today.