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  1. Half our Merch Dept are built the best Merch/Textile school south of NC...coincidentally they are mostly blonde and hot. Go Noles!
  2. Congrats Cap...Elite 8 is a big deal (except in college football)!
  3. More golf FFA threads than ever...wonder why?
  4. He did win though...
  5. That’ll never happen again...the Senior Tour was a different world than the Champions Tour.
  6. He was actually only -6 thru 9. Big deal. -6 thru 16 today for another win.
  7. The 'Team MLB' logo means it's Team Majestic...blanks sold to a small college/high school (such as North Tech).
  8. We just sold them the blank thru our Team Majestic arm...they decorated...that’s an old blank though...pre-late 90s.
  9. probably haven’t been a part of the 3-years running discussion in various Majors and golf threads about how bad he is inside 10-feet, and how it’s not discussed...ever...on TV. It drives me crazy...
  10. They have been better but I just don’t think it’s that easy. They’ve never faced him, or his crazy crowds, or heard roars like they will hear. And JT, DJ, and Spieth have all showed to be shaky in huge moments (while also coming thru in some). I just hope we find out.
  11. I know someone who worked closely with Rory in the late 00’s, and he said he lost focus in a gigantic way after the Nike deal. That combined with injury led to the shaky last few years. The fact that he tossed in a Fed Ex Cup in the middle speaks to his talent, but he seems finally refocused and healthy.
  12. The competition is one of the great potential stories...because outside of the 'older' guys like Garcia, Scott, Rose...none of them have stood toe to toe with Tiger in do they react? DJ, Day, Rose, Fowler, Koepka, Bubba...great players, but haven't really shown they can be the Man JT, Rahm, Hideki, DeChambeau...all the potential but haven't faced that level of pressure yet Spieth...the 2nd best post-Tiger player, with the highest chance of pressure affecting him Rory...the best post-Tiger player, may have shaken the post-Nike slump...most likely to handle it well