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  1. Baseball is loving this...
  2. I think they'll stay significantly higher than Queens last year. This euphoria is unprecedented. Even if it wears off a little, it's still a frenzy.
  3. Not sure but I think that's what the officials said.
  4. Knight is the kind of QB who can beat Alabama this year...and he's playing well. Meanwhile Hurts inexperience is showing and Kiffins lack of confidence in his ability to just drop back and throw.
  5. Ball carrier vs defenseless player.
  6. See if you can talk your way into a Cockaboose.
  7. Which again points to hooded attackers being guests, since they wielded axes.
  8. It's actually about 10% higher. We broke all of our Int'l records this year that they set last year. And they buy more jerseys than anyone.
  9. A little more perspective may help. All 4 markets are strong, and larger than KC was last year (and larger than any since '09)...and you know what a feeding frenzy that was there. LA is a big national brand...the Jays have an entire country and large Toronto market...and the Indians fanbase is passionate and out-performing both. That shows you how big that Chicago win would really be. We're also working on some cool new Cleveland concepts working with the Cavs.
  10. It cost $100M to make the first year, and they forgot to update the logo?
  11. The Wyatt gang was wielding axes, which can be used to kill guests.
  12. MLB Postseason business update...World Series 'if wins' are in: Cubs 60% / Indians 17% / Dodgers 12% / Jays 11% The Cubs WS winning orders alone are bigger than the entire Postseasons (PS clinch-Div-LDS-LCS-WS) from '10-'14. It would be the largest 'special event' (WS/Super Bowl/Stanley Cup/NBA/NCAA) in history.
  13. PFF lists the biggest weakness of each T10 team: