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  1. I’m guessing this scumbag has no good info to ‘give’, but I’m also guessing that won’t limit the effort to help him give it.
  2. Thanks buddy...and the ripe age of 46...we've been trying for 7 years. Excited to say the least...and enjoying Cap's blog!
  3. So found out a few days ago that my son will be induced on Friday 12/15. Downside is who knows when I'll see the movie...upside is he'll be forever connected to SW (which I'll make sure we don't overlook). If it were a dog or something I'd go with a name like Lando...not happening here!
  4. I thought Neuheisel's point this week about the need for the Oregon coach to have CAL connections for recruiting made a lot of sense.
  5. Yea I think they are the two most tenured under Saban...Kirby 11 years, Pruitt 8...Kirby younger and advanced earlier. Both molded early and follow Sabans path more than the others, defensive backfield specialists and born recruiters. Opposite of Mac.
  6. This game is college-esque.
  7. Did Quinn understand what he was deciding there?
  8. Vols seem thrilled that Pruitt said 'a'ight' 50 times during his intro PC, which is a Saban trademark. Part of why you hired him was to bring some Saban, but this doesn't seem healthy.
  9. I was squinting to make sure I caught it...that was so blatent, Noonan gasped. Has to be on purpose to screw with the masses.
  10. Dabo asked why he voted OSU #4 and Bama #5 in the last Coaches Poll...while standing next to Saban (obviously this poll is serious business): “You want the honest answer? It was a moment of insanity,” Swinney said. “It was 3 o’clock in the morning driving on a bus and I said, ‘Oh, I have to do this bowl thing.’ I looked at it and saw Ohio State had 11 wins, Alabama had 11 wins, but Ohio State had just won the Big 10 Championship … It was a moment of insanity.” “He was just disrespecting his alma mater,” Saban said.
  11. I want one that can start as Christmas themed, then with a turn of a dial flip to football/CFP/Super Bowl, then Valentines, then St Pats Day, then MLB Opening Day, then Mother’s Day, then Memorial Day camo, then Father’s Day, then Stars and Stipes, then Back to School, then Labor Day, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving.
  12. Every year pre-CFP. I doubt he stays like Kirby did. Lupoi slides in but we’ll have to pull from somewhere to fill a big hole (especially DB oriented).
  13. He’s actually moved up the coaching ranks quickly....this year is only his 5th at the Coordinator level, and really only spent 3 as a position coach...and has never been a HC, even at Hoover. He has been successful everywhere though.