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  1. Sirius had a Town Hall with him last hour...but its over and I haven't found anything else yet.
  2. My top 2 all-time...loved them in college especially...some good times equated to GA...amazing he kept it going all these years post-Duane...RIP.
  3. We're going thru an acquisition and are thru Week 5 of 8 weeks of consultants...and have been quoting the Two Bobs and Co relentlessly...some of the younger crowd doesn't get it, which makes it even better.
  4. Forgot that Soundgarden opened for GnR in the early 90' the height of the GnR frenzy. Not surprisingly Cornell and Axl didn't hit it off.
  5. That part is ridiculous. You can't make it through the college S&C program he excelled at without being dedicated and a hard worker. Not loving football? I guess that comes from a perceived less-than-100% effort on some plays? Not sure...the system was certainly a little frustrating to him.
  6. 6k people on average for the Fireflies...more for others like Dayton.
  7. '96 SNL...Burden in My Hand....
  8. Anyone using the Pistol grip from Super Stroke? I'm going to try the weight, as I have a heavy mallet Scotty and want to balance it out some.
  9. Has Vedder said anything?
  10. Cotton is the enemy (although there will be some blends). No one knows anything about on field yet.
  11. We'll be managing the UA on field and fan gear lines...with a partnership from UA. All UA product will be distinctly UA. Going to Baltimore next month. KP is intimately involved.
  12. Thanks for the link! And just watched the HOF performance good as that ceremonial show can get.
  13. UA will take over on field from Majestic a year early, in 2019: Guess who is involved in 'engaging and exciting the leagues incredibly diverse fan base' in '18.....