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  1. He grinded out a great win today which will help him continue his growth, but let's not get carried away. He still routinely wavers down the stretch...which frankly most young great players today do...but he also still has a mental issue inside 10 feet, which he hasn't overcome. They mentioned yesterday that he's 198th in short putting on tour. He can fix it, but he hasn't yet...and it gets hidden by his ridiculously great long putting a lot of times.
  2. Am I the only one hearing the annoying breathing by the course commentator?
  3. The Two Faces of Jordan...Best Long Putter in the World...Worst Short Putter in the World.
  4. I finally got everything done this morning to sit down with a beer...and this is the first visual I get...
  5. Compared to this muni track, the US Open was played on Kiawah.
  6. Still heckle my cousins I watched it first with back then when we see each other (summer, holidays)...major malfunction, steers and queers, golf ball thru a garden hose, reach around, did your parents have any children that lived...timeless.
  7. More than revenue close to that but add in tuition revenue, grants, etc (subtract higher expenses) and it's +$100M a year I bet.