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  1. I’m fighting age...and with it the internal debate of Changing my Swing vs Consistency. I hit the ball better my new route...straightening out a pretty aggressive draw. But I’ve brought both misses in with quick hooks or blocks...vs never missing right. But man...striking the ball without a ton of spin just feels so much better...and is longer and prettier. So...hit the ball better inconsistently...or hit the ball worse but more consistently?
  2. The most violent lightning I’ve ever seen just rolled thru Tampa (Lightning capital of the world)....60 straight minutes of explosions. Calmer now but still going 2 hours in.
  3. Worlds Best Ham! I’d weigh 350 pounds if I ate lunches there.
  4. The relationship he had with and reverence he has for Arnold Palmer says a lot about him I think.
  5. What great timing for an all-time 80s movie as in as 80s is these days. And the action scenes in the original have aged well...the action here looks spectacular.
  6. College tickets are surprisingly much harder than Pros, even in larger venues...bigger every game bases + bands + the students + public FOIA type concerns and generally just less corporate access. We specifically lost an UGA deal and ND is...ND. I’ll ask around though Cap! That is a monster game in a top 10 college town!
  7. @Capella you’ll get plenty of advice but I’ve been a few times on different days so will send you what I’d’s even bettter than you picture it by the way!
  8. Well said. Obviously picking Koepka is easy to see, but Rory is pretty clearly the favorite otherwise. The concern is the home town pressure for someone who’s been struggling with it...but consecutive good Major showings and the TPC win show he’s getting thru it.