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  1. Charles Robinson✔@CharlesRobinson #NFLCombine key measurements thread… 57. #Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa Height: 6-0 Weight: 217 Hand: 10 (left), 9 7/8 (right) Arm: 30 4/8 Wingspan: 75 2/8
  2. Overall, the NFL could double its annual revenue from NFL media rights from about $7.5 billion to $15 billion, said people familiar with the matter. Most of this is likely to occur with the tech giants largely sitting on the sidelines. That means traditional media can hold on to positions of power for the rest of the decade. But it also means the NFL knows it has all the leverage in these discussions, and will likely wring every drop of money it can from desperate media companies who simply can’t afford to lose the most popular thing on television.
  3. Rory is primed for a monster year.
  4. Sounds like their target Sark turned them down to be OC for another year, I guess assuming he gets a better offer. P12 is not the place to be these days.
  5. Agreed...but weighing the idea of teaching him how to bail earlier vs his potentially superstar arm will be too much to pass up.
  6. A post ago everyone was cheating, now one of the richest programs in America is a victim? Cam EARNED HIS WAY against Oregon, Georgia, Bama, and Florida...on an even playing field. Unlike the tilted field the Astros won on.
  7. You two may be purposely misdirecting, but you're not getting the point. Schools cheat to get kids in, and they all do it. Then...those kids earn it on the field. That's why they'll always get respect. And why these Astros will never again be wholly respected.
  8. If it were the same thing, fellow athletes wouldn’t be treating them so differently.
  9. Keep telling yourself they are the same thing. Meanwhile Cam will make the CFHOF, and Astros will be getting beaned.
  10. No, it’s because Cam was a superstar between the lines...without cheating.
  11. Kids and coaches are still earning it on the field, which the Astros cheated the game to do.
  12. Auburn paid to get Cam. What they didn’t do was cheat between the lines. The way people look back at Au-Cam will be wildly better than your guys will go down.
  13. That would be if a pro league existed without a cap. The Stros cheated between the lines...and deserve everything they’ll get.
  14. Reality that night was shock-the-world violent.