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  1. JT didn’t choke IMO, missed some tee shots but hit some good putts that just didn’t go in. Pressure golf is great to watch...and Tiger made us forget how hard it is and how often the best players fail.
  2. Oh JT...pulling away from the kids.
  3. Which may also end with JT running away with it.
  4. Pretty good young gun duel shaping up w Morikawa, Hovland, and JT.
  5. Good point...but we're also seeing a huge pivot to scheduling OOC Home & Homes with the big boys. Will that make up for some lost non-P5 games (and bring in more revenue to the host town)? They'll have to be aggressive since a H&H will only cover 1 home game over 2 years....and probably still need some non-P5 schools like USF.
  6. Re: re-scheduling OOC games Notre Dame AD Swarbrick: "We look forward to playing Wisconsin at Soldier Field in 2021. Barry [Alvarez] and I are committed to scheduling a game at Lambeau Field in the future."
  7. Case by case I’m sure on rescheduling, home and home moves being the priority.
  8. I think the Ivy goes first because they have no options but all or nothing...can’t cut non-revenue generating sports...Not the case obviously for the P5, as Stanford showed.
  9. Red tape at this point IMO...this just made it clear to the world who makes decisions.
  10. This is definitely escalating the break. The NCAA doesn’t seem to be leading anything.