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  1. As negative as everyone is about the NFL these days, the SNF ratings doubled this crap.
  2. Curb stompage.
  3. Cant win without em...Clemson, OSU, FSU all the same. Have to recruit them...Van Der Doos was a good one but surprising they can't get that done.
  4. Glad to see the UAB program back on its feet:
  5. He's Rainman-ish with numbers...but also a great closer...owners in all leagues love him.
  6. My fearless leader...interesting 7 min but 1:45 in he talks about that.
  7. A retail is up roughly 15% YTD. Some of that, if not all, can be attributed to brick and mortar losses. But people are still buying product, just in different ways. Just as they are watching in different ways.